Finally An Act of Rationale By MLB And In Particular Bud Selig Who Shows That He Might Indeed Have A Backbone

Finally An Act of Rationale By MLB And In Particular Bud Selig Who Shows That He Might Indeed Have A Backbone

I’ve read with a great deal of glee where the MLB —- hierarchy has now chosen to intervene and take over the day to day running of the operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers and not a moment too soon ! Given the financial situation of the organization and wherein the league hierarchy under MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has sat idly by as Frank McCourt has brought the organization to the brink of bankruptcy . In the last eighteen months two major ballclubs have been placed within the bankruptcy in order that they may have a stay from their creditors while being able to reorganize themselves . First off were the Chicago Cubs whose previous owner billionaire commercial real estate developer Sam Zell placed the team into bankruptcy protection in order to stave off creditors of the Cubs’ parent company (The Tribune Group) at the time going after the team to make the debt payments due. And while this maneuver worked it did cause and cost the company financially a great deal of bad PR that it could have well done without. But what might be even more gave glaring, it gave further credence as to the fact how dire the financial situation was for a number of teams around Major League Baseball .


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Selig to Appoint a rep to oversee Dodgers

By Ken Gurnick ,

LOS ANGELES — Major League Baseball has taken over operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Commissioner Bud Selig announced Wednesday.

“Pursuant to my authority as Commissioner, I informed Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt today that I will appoint a representative to oversee all aspects of the business and the day-to-day operations of the Club,” Selig said in a statement.

“I have taken this action because of my deep concerns regarding the finances and operations of the Dodgers and to protect the best interests of the Club, its great fans and all of Major League Baseball. My office will continue its thorough investigation into the operations and finances of the Dodgers and related entities during the period of Mr. McCourt’s ownership. I will announce the name of my representative in the next several days.

“The Dodgers have been one of the most prestigious franchises in all of sports, and we owe it to their legion of loyal fans to ensure that this club is being operated properly now and will be guided appropriately in the future.”

McCourt issued a brief statement late Wednesday night that read: “Major League Baseball sets strict financial guidelines which all 30 teams must follow. The Dodgers are in compliance with these guidelines. On this basis, it is hard to understand the Commissioner’s action today.”

In an e-mail message sent to Dodgers employees on Wednesday, McCourt said, “In light of the Commissioner’s announcement today, I ask that you please continue to conduct business as usual with our complete dedication to the game and our loyal fans. Each of you has represented this organization with class, and while this is no doubt a challenging time for all of us, I truly appreciate your efforts.”

McCourt, owner and chairman of the Dodgers, bought the club from News Corp. on Jan. 29, 2004, and the club reached the postseason in four of his seven seasons as owner.

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If one of most renowned teams in baseball has to be forced into bankruptcy through the financial mismanagement of its parent company then what must that forebear for other organizations around the league at the time ? Given the Cubs’ history and perceived financial resources as it was believed to be , this was nothing more than a shot across the bow of the teams who faced much starker situations but who’ve yet to make it known to the public. I’ve heard it said that the hierarchy of the league wouldn’t be prepared to contract teams but that it is utter stupidity by anyone who believes that it can’t , or won’t happen. If it is the league’s wish then it will happen especially in the light of the economic uncertainty and the whole financial mismanagement of teams around the league at present. With the Cubs having been reorganized whilst in bankruptcy protection it was bought by Tom Ricketts and his family (founders of online stock trading company TD Ameritrade) for an unprecedented $ 850 million . Paring down costs to an extent while still trying to remain competitive has been of the highest order for the Ricketts as they seek to make the Chicago Cubs relevant again within the league .

The second such team , with which bankruptcy was forced upon them, were the Texas Rangers who at the time were jointly owned by Texas multi millionaires Tom Hicks and Ken Gillette . Their combined worth an estimated $2.5 billion but somehow they couldn’t make this organization a viable going concern , from a financial or competitive standpoint but yet somehow through their idiocy they managed to offer Alex Rodriguez what was at the time the richest contract in professional sports , a ten year $250 million contract . Rodriguez barely lasted three years with the organization although he managed to win AL MVP award with the Rangers . I can only surmise that Scott Boras as A Rod’s agent at the time , proved what most people may well have known , that in the state of Texas not only are the businessmen dumb but they lack real business acumen also ! Once again through financial mismanagement by an ownership group another team was brought to near extinction and each time MLB Commissioner Bud Selig sat idly by . Having been forced into bankruptcy for failing to meet their financial obligations the team was bought by consortium led by Nolan Ryan and former Rangers’ executive Chuck Greenbeg . A much needed change in fortune has taken place for the Rangers both financially and competitively on and off the field of play but it doesn’t change the fact that the game’s hierarchy and team owners have been less than truthful as to their overall financial plight .

It’s becoming increasingly clear for all who care to take notice that the game isn’t as financially sound as Selig makes it out to be , nor are the owners being financially prudent and fiscally responsible. It’s not just about the economics of the game or the fact of the now overall plight of the economy at but all but the lack of financial oversight and sound business practices that is taking place in almost every aspect of the game. The GM’s around the league have become opulent and ostentatious and it would appear that the owners alike choose not to pare down their expenses but if anything in number of cases pass on those costs to fans through higher priced tickets and in the prices that they pay for concessions and memorabilia . Well now that fans in large part are refusing to meet those demands , it is now becoming clear that the owners and in particular the league hierarchy have seen the light . Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case for Frank McCourt and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ front office who’ve amassed a debt now close to $1.3 billion collectively and who this past month borrowed in excess of $30 million from the local Fox tv station affiliate in Los Angeles to meet the team’s budgetary expenses for the month. Need one ask what would have happened had the MLB hierarchy chosen not to intervene and bring some sanity back within that organization ? Because clearly the likes of McCourt , GM Ned Colletti and Tommy LaSorda have lost their frigging minds if they think that they can continue to exist in such a way while trying to play down their financial plight !

And although it has been reported that McCourt will seek legal action in US Federal Court to stop the league from intervening and taking over the day to day running of the Los Angeles Dodgers I think that given his recent lack of success in the courtroom and the the financial maelstrom that he has brought within the organization , I find it hard to believe that any presiding judge hearing hearing this case would in fact choose to side with the plaintiff ! If anything the judge might be more likely to side with the defendant in the case given the severe financial problems that McCourt and his fellow executives have placed the organization in.

Now while all of this plays out as a comedic and public spectacle there are also calls for the O’Malley family to once again assume control of the Los Angeles Dodgers . As the previous owners of the ballclub I certainly don’t think that they would want to re-enter the fray of owning the organization once again, on any level, be it for the long term , or short term merely as a custodian ! If anything this situation is best left in the hands of Selig , the hierarchy under his authority . If anything it’d open up his eyes and that of the owners now knowing as such that they could be on the hook for the organization’s debt and mismanagement . One thing I do know, it’s highly unlikely that the Dodgers’ creditors would be liable to write off the vast majority of that cumulative debt as it presently stands as they too have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders and board members . Obviously that’s something that McCourt and his fellow executives didn’t take into account in terms of their own fiduciary responsibilities as it relates to their own consortium of partners in the Dodgers’ ownership. Living big and spending big doesn’t guarantee success if you simply don’t know what the hell you’re doing to begin with !

It’s certainly funny that given the Dodgers’ plight and that of the New York Mets who have their own vast problems from a financial and competitive standpoint but this might be one of the rare times that Bud Selig has chosen to show publicly that he indeed has a backbone ! God knows that this man has cowered his way under pressure and has acted oblivious to many of the problems that he has either created within the game through lax oversight or showing his complete naivete’ ! One only has to look at his handling of the steroid issue and the fact that he was absolutely powerless because he chose to be confrontational not only with the MLBPA but also with the Congress and in particular with two of its most powerful legislative bodies in the House Government & Oversight Reform Committee as Senate Judiciary Committee . You piss off the hand that feeds you in terms of providing you with your sole reason to exist throught antitrust exemption , you often in the end tend to make even more enemies than you actually want or need . Something that not even Selig would now care to openly admit to at this juncture .

Courtesy of The New York Times

Madoff Profits Fueled Mets’ Empire, Lawsuit Says

By Alison Leigh Cowan & Richard Sandomir

A lawsuit brought by the trustee for the victims of Bernard L. Madoff’s multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme contends that the owners of the Mets used the profits from their years of investing with Mr. Madoff to enhance their personal fortunes, enrich a number of family trusts and financially fuel their array of businesses — all in the face of repeated warnings that Mr. Madoff’s investment firm might have been a fraud.

The lawsuit, unsealed in federal bankruptcy court in Manhattan on Friday, says the owners, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz , their families and their businesses “made so much easy money from Madoff for so long” that despite the many warnings — from within their own inner circle, and by other investors and financial institutions — they “chose to simply look the other way.”

“There are thousands of victims of Madoff’s massive fraud,” the lawsuit states. “But Saul Katz is not one of them. Neither is Fred Wilpon.”

Since Mr. Madoff’s arrest in December 2008, Mr. Wilpon has portrayed himself as a victim of the fraud, one he conceded was carried out by a man who had been his friend for many years. On Friday, in a personal statement and through their lawyers, Mr. Wilpon and Mr. Katz decried the trustee’s legal assault.

“The trustee’s lawsuit is an outrageous ‘strong arm’ effort to try to force a settlement by threatening to ruin our reputations and businesses, which we have built for over 50 years,” Mr. Wilpon and Mr. Katz said.


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If ever there was a cautionary tale to be learned as to the world of sports and how the excess of greed can turn a once beloved spectacle into a crevasse of bungling ineptitude then Major League Baseball would be it. From the cheating , lying and bungling ineptitude of the owners , players , union and the hierarchy itself and their overall unwillingness to act in a proactive manner whenever there is a real problem within their midst. Instead they each tend to act as if there’s nothing wrong at all , until it’s all too late and by then the damage done tend to be irreparable . And when I say damage done it’s not only to the game in terms of its competitiveness , financial stability but also to its very own image and the fact that the vast majority of the fans can and do no longer trust what the game says it stands for or the very people who are entrusted to oversee and maintain its very existence and livelihood .



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Do you feel that the intervention now undertaken by Bud Selig and the league hierarchy will ensure the Los Angeles Dodgers’ long term existence and livelihood. Or do you feel that the Dodgers ought to have been left to their own devices and let them sink or swim dependent upon what they chose to do in order to survive ? And do you believe that in the long term contraction within the game will become more likely in light of the financial problems that are now coming to light concerning a number of teams within the game of baseball ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts on the matter and as usual thanks for the continued support .

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(1) MLB commissioner Bud Selig (left) watches the 81st MLB All-Star Game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on July 13, 2010 in Anaheim, California. Getty Images North America / Michael Buckner ……

(2) Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt (R) greets Don Newcombe, former Brooklyn Dodgers teammate of Jackie Robinson, before the game with the St. Louis Cardinals as Major League Baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson Day on April 15, 2011 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images / Stephen Dunn ……..

(3) Cubs GM Jim Hendry (left) is seen here alongside team owner Tom Ricketts at the team’s headquarters at Wrigley Field , Chicago , Illinois , speaking to the convened press . AP Photo / Tom Scott ….

(4) Nolan Ryan team President & lead managing partner of the Texas Rangers is seen here with Chuck Greenberg a former executive with the Texas Rangers . Greenberg a respected sports attorney and agent abruptly left the Rangers’ organization earlier , this year. Dallas Morning News / Michael Ainsworth ……

(5) (L – R) Saul Katz, CEO of the Mets, Fred Wilpon, president of the Mets, GM Sandy Alderson and Jeff Wilpon, chief operating officer of the Mets pose for a photo during Alderson’s introduction as the general manager for the New York Mets on October 29, 2010 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Getty Images North America / Andrew Burton ……


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22 thoughts on “Finally An Act of Rationale By MLB And In Particular Bud Selig Who Shows That He Might Indeed Have A Backbone”

  1. If the MLB hierarchy has the rule in place whereby no team can have a debt in excess of 10:1 in terms of their profits then how is it that the Dodgers are allowed to amassed a debt in excess of $ 800 million without there being any prior intervention ? Especially if as is being reported in some cases McCourt was using the team and other entities as collateral .

    ‘Saul I’ve got to admit liars and cheats never prosper I can’t understand what Frank McCourt was thinking ‘!

    In the case of the Mets they’re looking at a situation that’s going to become real nasty as neither Katz or Wilpon have been that open as to how they came away with such profits from their alleged investments in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme . Instead both are crying foul that they’re both victims and have lost in excess of $500 million but they’ve yet to show proof of that .

    tophatal …………….


  2. All I can say is thank god we didn’t have to wait as long as the A’s have for the ruling on San Jose for a site to build a ballpark. I guess it also shows us how bad it really was for baseball to move this fast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything happen this quickly in baseball from instant replay to a lame rule change…


    1. chappy

      God knows I’ve worked within high finance from the banking , international investment and stockbroking field . And never have I seen such a mess as what I’m now seeing and hearing concerning the Dodgers and the front office led by Frank McCourt ! . I've worked after my stint in the military as a research and economics analyst and witnessing this sh_t has been unbelievable . This couldn’t have been scripted any better by Hollywood or anyone else for that matter . How Selig and the league hierarchy could have allowed this to happen is beyond anything I could have imagined !

      Don’t judge me mutha’ fu_kers ! Dodgers’ Frank McCourt

      Is Frank McCourt that conceited and irrational to think that he’s simply done nothing wrong when it’s on record that he’s used team assets to pay for his lavish life style and repeatedly used the team as collateral in business deals ?

      Mets’ team president Saul Katz (left) and lead managing partner and owner Fred Wilpon .

      Now it’ll be interesting to see what he (Selig) does concerning the Mets and their situation involving Saul Katz , Fred Wilpon and their company Sterling Equities as there’s every reason to believe that they may well have committed fraud themselves in receiving and then disbursing that money to many of their various business entities knowing full well that the money was gained fraudulently .

      If anything the explanation now coming from Selig concerning the Dodgers is asinine ! And what’s even more disturbing is that he hasn’t addressed the Mets’ problems as to my mind that is far more tenuous given the fact that the team could be forced into bankruptcy should the judge presiding in the mediation process side with the plaintiffs as there’s a lot at stake in terms of the damages award which could be as high as $700 million .

      tophatal ……….


  3. I’m gonna be dead honest, I haven’t really followed all the details of McCourt’s divorce fallout; but I have no idea why the MLB didn’t do the same to the Mets either. Either way McCourt has proved to us that he isn’t fit to run a mlb franchise and it is best that he goes.


    1. jgome

      My advice to you should you ever decide to get married get a damn pre-nup and make sure it’s legal and binding unlike Frank McCourt’s situation where apparently his divorce attorney is alleged to have made changes in the original of which McCourt says he had no idea . That’s got to be a damn lie as any lawyer then pleading guilty that he’d changed a legal document without the knowledge of either party surely knows that they’d be disbarred and lose their law license . That’s one of the many unsavory things that has taken place during the trial that has led us to what we’re now seeing unfold .

      The situation has become real ugly but it could pale into comparison when the shit hits the fan concerning the Mets and their present predicament as there’s every reason that both Saul Katz and Fred Wilpon the owners of the team may well have acted fraudulently themselves.

      There’s some methodology to her madness don’t you think ?
      She may not be able to sing but my God her rack seems to be able hold up the headphones .

      This is why I for one think that Major League Baseball is in need of a major overhaul in terms of its financial template and how it operates ! . The teams , their owners , MLBPA (union), league hierarchy and the GM’s are completely out of touch with reality ! How else can you explain the bulls_it that has happened concerning the Dodgers and Mets ?

      tophatal …………………


    2. jgome

      I’d say that 90% of baseball fans would want to see a big rig /tractor trailer backed over Frank McCourt’s ass ! And not to be left out I’d dare say that they’d want the same thing for both Saul Katz and Fred Wilpon of the Mets ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      ‘So why can’t I have sex with each of ’em before I back my truck over ’em __ over ‘ ? “Peggy what’s your handle again big bitch needs lovin’ too ” ?

      If Peggy can’t run ’em over then I can I have sex with ’em first and then eat ’em ?

      No I want to have all three underneath my gorgeous body at the same time . Just think of what they could be doin’ within my rolls and folds as I suffocated them to death ?

      tophatal …………


  4. Someone has to save the GAME. For sundry and various reasons all sports’ teams seem to experience financial difficulties…..except maybe the Steelers. Course now there are those who will take me to task on this, but the Steelers do not overspend one iota. They have held true to the way the “Chief” ran the show. Same could almost be said for cheapskate Nutting. To remain viable money-wise teams most control their spending…..the bidding wars have to stop and owners must begin to act with some responsibilty and decorum.

    How’s that for a comment….is Bg Ben worth all that money?… anyone???


  5. al clements

    I concur with what you’re saying the Steelers and their front office led by the Rooney family ! Players come to play there because they want to and the fact that consistently each season they can be considered legitimate contenders for the Superbowl .

    Dan Rooney (right) alongside Big Ben and Dan’s son Art Rooney II .

    Being fiscally and financially responsible is something that they Rooney’s could teach the rest of the NFL and the three other major professional sports that make up the sporting landscape . Baseball is a complete mess in spite of the idiocy of the owners and in particular the GM’s , league hierarchy led by Selig . The NBA under David Stern has now become a complete joke with teams they’re now projected to lose close to half a billion dollars ( $500,000,000) this year alone and close to $1 billion ($1,000,000,000) in the last three years . How’s that actually possible in this day and age unless they’re spending ostentatiously for players that aren’t worth a damn ?

    I intend to stand upwind of Frank ’til this sh_t dies down cause I still wanna be paid ! Dodgers’ GM Ned Colletti

    Needless to say the NHL is still on life support in terms of its own financial stability and viability !

    What Nutting is doing with the Pirates isn’t a cost cutting measure at all …… he simply has no ambition to win and would rather in large part keep the money the team receives via the tax sharing revenue scheme and place it in the pockets of the front office executives . It’s not as if the league hierarchy actually enforces the teams to use that money as it’s meant to and that’s to bolster their rosters to begin with . Instead they merely turn a blind eye to what they do !

    Selig and the league hierarchy is in for a contentious and costly fight with Frank McCourt of the Dodgers because he simply doesn’t want to lose control of the most valuable asset (est value 2010 $700m) he actually has beyond his estimated wealth of approx $1.2 billion which by the time of the finalization of his divorce court proceedings in terms of the judge rendering his verdict could very well be half of that figure .

    tophatal …………….


  6. According to Plaschke, L.A. fans are ecstatic that Major League Baseball has stepped in to run the team.

    That’s how bad things have gotten.

    On a side note, I know you’re a Stern-basher, but do you think he would ever let anything like this happen?


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I’m a Stern basher for a reason ! The league and its teams are on track to lose close to $400 million this year and a projected $500 million for next year . In the last two years they’ll have lost close to $800 million and less you forget 20 teams last season received close to $300 million as a bailout from various financial (retail and investment banks) concerns that was guaranteed by the league hierarchy . So you tell me what Stern , the league hierarchy and team owners have been doing wherein they’re now in such a mess and considering that their situation with the union is about to become confrontational ?

      You seem to think that Stern has been doing a really fantastic job ? If that’s the case how the hell can he suborn the lies that he can the Thunder ownership got away with in moving the Sonics’ franchise from Seattle to Oklahoma City in the way that he did and at the same time allow the Maloofs to move the Kings’ franchise out of Sacramento like thieves in the night. It came down to money and the way that the Maloofs had simply been spending it over the years without getting anything tangible in return .

      The only real thing that Stern latched unto was to ride the coat-tails of Jordan and Nike Inc in order to make the NBA real global brand . Now look at the mess where 22 of the league’s 30 teams are on track to lose money this year . You tell me what the hell is going on there and don’t simply put it down to the economic climate because this malaise has been going on way before that, it was only that Stern and the league hadn’t made it public.

      Wake up Chris and stop looking at the world of sports through rose colored glasses because it’s really fuck_ed up at present ……. far more than the owners and the governing bodies would freely care to admit .

      tophatal ……………


    2. Chris Humpherys

      As for Selig , league hierarchy the team owners and the union they collectively have about as much common sense as the members of House and Senate combined ! If truth be known both you and I know that in quantifying that is like trying to count number of grains of sand on a beach . They’re all too friggin’ stupid for their own good !

      As a bye note you mention about the league MVP in the NBA and your recent piece ? If a valid case can be made for Dwight as you claim then how is it that both you and Seth overlook the season by Kevin Love who if anything has been just as impressive if not more so than Dwight ?

      I don’t get it I’m a white guy playin’ ball in the NBA but I can’t get no love not even from a sista’ ……….sh_t !

      He (Love) got his consolation prize as most improved player playing on a woefully inept team . Beyond that there’s not really much that can be said than the whole MVP adjudication process is deeply flawed and a joke !

      tophatal ……


      1. Kevin Love will likely picked up some votes but he played on a lousy team.

        And why do I have the feeling that MLB and the court system will allow the next owner to come in and buy off that debt for cents on the dollar to rescue that franchise?


    3. Chris Humpherys

      Plaschke would say that because it delights ’em (local press) and the fans to see an a_shole like Frank McCourt get his come uppance but this situation is far from over . The Dodgers have amassed a great deal of debt and there’s no way that the league and owners want to be on the hook for it should they completely take off the hands of McCourt . I mean that team is allegedly worth close to $750 million by all estimates but they have non-collateral and subordinated debt that exceeds its value . So you tell me how much do you believe that team now worth in light of those fact ? And would you if you had the money think it a viable investment much less worthwhile competitive concern ?

      Colletti and the coaching staff know that they’ll be hard pressed to entice anyone to come and play for that team given its present and long term situation.

      This shit goes to litigation in Federal Court and look for it to get very ugly . McCourt will say that he abided by league rules but the league will counter that he used the team as collateral , as his personal ATM and as collateral in business deals repeatedly since he assumed control of the team from Fox Corp and Rupert Murdoch .

      I can tell you this also there’s no way in hell that anyone from the O’Malley family wants back in , into that friggin’ mess !

      tophatal ……………..


    4. Oh yes Chris, I can tell you from first hand experiences with Dodgers fans around here, they are ecstatic that the MLB took over the dodgers. I think the good part for the fans though is they know this team ain’t moving. Same can’t be said for New Orleans in the NBA.


      1. chappy

        I hear Mets’ fans are praying that Selig intervenes there also . As for the Hornets minority stake holder Gary Chouest had agreed in principle to buy the team from George Shinn but somehow the whole deal seems to have fallen through . However Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindahl is trying to drum up support to try and keep the franchise in New Orleans and within the state of Louisiana . He'll be be hard pressed to do so given the economic climate within the state at present. .

        Are the Maloofs being ostracized and vilified there in Sacramento given what’s about to take place with the Kings ?

        tophatal …………..


  7. I think the league is taking no chances concerning the Dodgers. That market is just too big for them to lose.
    Have a good weekend Al.


    1. aero

      Anyone dumb enough now wanting to invest in that team might as well dump their money in the middle of either the Atlantic or Pacific ocean to see if it floats ! That organization has been ran into ground not only by Frank McCourt but by the entire front office of the Dodgers . There’s no excuse for the shit that has gone on there and the league hierarchy under Selig has suborned the inept handling of the team and organization for far too long !

      If there’s found to be any criminal activity that’s said to have gone on and enacted by McCourt and the executives there then they ought to be punished to the full extent of the law . But knowing Selig as usual he’ll sweep it all under the carpet much in the same way he tried to do with what went on during the steroid era .

      As for the Mets and their situation they can’t really intervene as of yet because of the now ongoing litigation but once resolved both Katz and the Wilpon family should be asked to relinquish complete control of the team and their ownership of it .

      Rub on Sweet Krissy’s assets for good luck and see if ultimately your luck changes in anyway ?

      You have a great weekend buddy and my regards to you and the immediate family ! Have a safe and fun weekend .

      tophatal ……………..


  8. Chris Humpherys

    The Dodgers’ creditors will want 100 cents on the dollar after all they’ve a fiduciary duty to use to diligence and they’re answerable to their shareholders above all else . They could well go after McCourt if there’s found to be any criminal activity on his part but for the moment we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out not only in the court of public opinion but also within the judicial system itself.

    By the way have judge in the Bonds’ case announced his sentencing as of yet ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!! A slap on the wrist and probably a monetary fine and 18 months house arrest with Bonds wearing the latest fashion accessory courtesy of the prison system a nice expensive ankle monitoring device .

    I hear Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin wants the prosecution to hand over evidence have in their possession from the Mitchell Report and the testimony given by his former personal trainer Brian McNamee so that they can attack McNamee’s credibility and that of the Justice Dept’s gross prosecutorial over zealousness in indicting Clemens . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Gross prosecutorial over zealousness ?

    Batter up or should I say ‘roided up ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Didn’t Clemens throw his wife under the bus in his own testimony to Congress saying that she’s used PED’s and HGH in order to get ready for a photo shoot they both participated in ?

    ‘Now listen Roger don’t say anything that can be misconstrued as that you’re lying . You can’t tell ’em you simply don’t know what HGH or PED’s are because that’s a lie . And for God’s sake you can’t use any profanity during your testimony by calling Brian McNamee a fu_cking bastard and a mutha’ f_cker ‘ ! Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin (right)

    Here’s another fiasco that MLB won’t ever be able to live down with regard to both the Bonds’ and Clemens’ trials in light of the idiocy surrounding both the Dodgers’ and Mets’ nightmare situations .

    tophatal ………..


  9. On the Mets – Eventually, the league may have to do the same thing it did with Dodgers, but the time is not yet quite right. First, if you are Bud Selig you really want the Wilpon/Katz ownership team to sell without your having to get involved – face it, once they are gone, Selig’s problem with the Mets is gone as well. The working assumption is that as long as you starve Wilpon and Katz from any further loans, eventually financial issues will force a sale. The franchise is already a train-wreck, so waiting doesn’t hurt. Besides, now you already have the Dodger issue which is now the league’s problem.

    On The Dodgers – As far as the timing of Selig’s intervention is concerned, my question is this: Why did MLB allow McCourt to buy the Dodgers in the first place? He tried to buy the Red Sox before that and was rejected, but just a few months later he was cleared to purchase the Dodgers. McCourt didn’t fix any of the concerns which caused the sale to him of the Red Sox to be derailed (namely, he didn’t have the cash up front), so what was the factor that made baseball let this guy in?

    On Stern and the NBA – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it is time to let the less-talented owners fail and be forced into selling so the league can get new blood in the ownership ranks.


    1. JW

      If you remember the fallout of when Jeffrey Loria sold the Expos to MLB in an exorbitantly overpriced deal ? He then borrowed from the league a further $200 million at 2 points below the base rate offered on businesses seeking a loan in order for him ot buy the Marlins only putting up a mere $50 million of his own money . This from a guy with an estimated fortune in excess of $2 billion and who has one of the priciest and most diversed art collections in North America .

      What Selig doesn’t want is for Mets to be on the losing end of this mediation case should they have taken over the day to day running of the team . The team owners and league hierarchy can ill afford to be embroiled in further litigation not of their own making . Because I doubt that they will go after either Katz or Wilpon if forced to should they be found guilty in the legal proceedings brought against them by the plaintiffs’ attorney Irving Picard . Now with the league having taken over the Dodgers it’s a further expense and burden on an already cash strapped group of owners within the game especially amongst the small market teams .

      The real ineptitude hear lies with the MLB hierarchy led by Bud Selig and their complete naivete and gullibility as they show about business insight as a blind man playing hopscotch in a mine field !

      As to the question why Selig would allow McCourt to buy the Dodgers ? The quesion you ought to ask is who does the background investigations of these potential bidders for these teams ? Having worked within the financial field for years I know that in the case of M&A (mergers & acqusitions within the investment banking field) when I worked within investment banking no stone was left unturned when it came to thoroughly looking into the background of the companies making bids . With MLB the moment they get whiff of money they’re acting like vultures circling a dead and rotting carcass .

      Need I say intimate anymore on the matter ’cause I think you know what I’m getting at ………. in other words the owners and the league hierarchy are a bunch of greedy fu_king bastards !

      tophatal ……………..


  10. Chris Humpherys

    Kevin Love for President as he’s a far more viable candidate than Palin, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump ! Personally I’d like to see him have porn star Mary as his VP running mate ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    I’d be at Kevin’s beck and call to do as he pleases whatever capacioty and under any circumstance whatsoever ! His will is my command !

    tophatal …………


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