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Ah the rather self absorbed Jason Whitlock once again espousing views that simply at times has no rhyme or reason. Whitlock in his latest masterpiece has written that the NBA’s ” most dynamic duo “ of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat are now a better duo than Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were at their best with the Chicago Bulls . For a duo that has yet to win anything of relevance within the NBA I get the impression that Whitlock’s love the duo might well be bordering on being homo-erotic rather than based on anything tangible. Never let it be said that his idiocy also has no boundaries when it comes to Whitlock and his ideas .


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This season the Heat have been efficient not necessarily spectacular in making their way to the Eastern Conference semi finals where they’ll meet the Derrick Rose led Chicago Bulls . Kind of ironic don’t you think that in the midst of subject on the Bulls Whitlock as such would take a mocking jibe at perhaps that franchise’s best duo in its history ? Jordan , Pippen and their cast of supporting players won six NBA titles within an eight year span and during the season they won a record <a 72 games that season as well as winning the NBA championship . If the Miami Heat indeed are to prove their worth then this team will not only have to vindicate themselves by winning this season’s title but do so in a convincing fashion .

Whitlock for his part has done little to state succinctly his reasons behind this thought process , other than to suggest that the two Heat players are athletic , dynamic and entertaining . But my question to Jason Whitlock since when have those facets won anything in the NBA ? As impressive as the Heat have been in dispatching the Boston Celtics in their conference quarter final series this is still somewhat a flawed team . The Heat’s ‘Big Three’ of Chris Bosh , James and Wade have been placed under the microscope , dissected , analyzed and criticized to the nth degree . In the midst of this all team President Pat Riley has hit back at those critical of the organization’s moves that brought both Bosh and James to the Heat in the offseason. Erik Spoelstra as coach of the Miami Heat knows that a great deal is now expected of him in leading this team to what many now feels is their destiny. As one of the quintet of coaches left in the latter stages of these playoffs , Spoelstera, Scott Brooks , Tom Thibodeau , Lionel Hollins and Rick Carlisle are now aspiring to be first time winners of an NBA title as a coach. And given the fact that with the impending retirement of Phil Jackson there are only two other coaches in the NBA to have won an NBA title. That duo would be Gregg Popovich and Doc Rivers and then beyond that the cupboard as they say …..” becomes bare ” .

The substantive issues raised by Whitlock goes a long way in showing how much I believe that the NBA has changed as a league over the past decade and a half ! Players during this decade, if anything aren’t necessarily as skilled as their predecessors . More is made about hype over substance concerning today’s players and the image that’s portrayed , albeit that the league now more so than ever is very much consumer driven. That could very well be the premise behind Whitlock’s perspective on making these comparisons or the very fact that he genuinely believes that James and Wade are that much better than Jordan and Pippen. Granted , Jordan had yet to win a title at the stage where both James and Wade now find their careers . But bear this in mind , Jordan led by example and that’s something that is clearly missing from LeBron James’ resume’ as a player. Indecision or not , the way he bolted from the Cleveland Cavaliers left a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans and in particular within the front office of that organization . It left Dan Gilbert an angry owner whose behavior in the aftermath of what he felt was a genuine betrayal by the player. If anything that situation was handled badly by both parties as James came off as being immature and petulant . Whereas, Gilbert simply acted out as enraged, owner who’d lost the team’s biggest asset in an unsolicited takeover bid that simply broke up the company merely leaving him with the remnants of a shell company. Incumbent coach Byron Scott has his work cut out for him in turning this team around and it will take a great deal of work by him and his immediate coaching staff .

To my mind Jordan and Pippen have epitomized what a duo and a team are about and although Jason Whitlock chose the duo to make this comparison it has me wondering how it is he came to this judgment ! This journalist’s work over the years has raised eyebrows as to the volatility and emotions he chooses to put on display with regard to the themes he chooses to address . He has been vilified by many and has the respect of others but in large part he’s either someone that you either love or hate as a journalist.

If one remembers the idiocy of the displays after James and Bosh’s arrival the trio talked of themselves winning ………. not one , not two but five or six championships . As of yet the Miami Heat with this trio in lock have yet to win anything of merit but it has been Whitlock’s idiocy and his piece that makes his subjective article to an extent all the more ridiculous in its premise and what he’s trying to substantiate as a case in making his argument . But in this day and age where journalism no longer has any real integrity to it , rather it being about the journalists simply wanting have you bear witness as to what they believe to be right rather than allowing the readers to make a judgment for themselves with the facts being laid out there for them all to see. Inasmuch as there are somewhat controversial journalists out there such Jason Whitlock , it has to be said without his smorgasboard of morsels to offer the public I seriously doubt that anyone would take the genre of sports journalism with any degree of sincerity !



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What thoughts if any do you have on this piece and in particular Jason Whitlock’s comparisons between the duos of James and Wade , Jordan and Pippen ? Simply chime in with a comment on your thoughts concerning the topics raised within this piece .

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(3) Chris Bosh , Dywane Wade and LeBron Wade seen here just after their formal introduction to the Miami Heat fans this past offseason at the AA Arena ,in Miami , Florida . AP Photo / John Raoux …..


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7 thoughts on “ABCDEFG ……………”

  1. Hopefully Whitlock’s next ode will be ’bout how the white man has a bigger penis than his . I mean when has this guy ever written anything that’s worthwhile reading ?

    This mutha’ fu_ker makes plagiarist Jayson Blair seem enlightened !


    I was really stressed out and when I wrote those things I really hadn’t imagined the idiocy of what I’d been writing Larry !
    -Jayson Blair speaks with Larry King

    tophatal ………….


    1. I don’t understand why he hailed Wade and James as the better duo compared to Jordan and Pippen, that claim is baseless.

      Pippen and Jordan won six NBA championships while D-Wade and LeBron has NOT WON anything yet. End of story.


      1. Robby Lim

        You have to understand that insight or intelligence were never one of the finer points that Jason Whitlock had been instilled with at birth or even upon his alleged maturity . He is to journalism what Bin Laden has been to world peace .

        Wade has won his sole championship when the Heat defeated the Mavs. While the only thing LeBron has won has been Olympic gold (men’s basketball team USA ) and two league MVP’s . That’s not how your legacy is adjudged when it comes to the NBA and he had to cry off to do that by leaving the the Cavs to play alongside Wade the third wheel in Bosh with the Heat .

        tophatal ……..


  2. Send me a link to the Whitlock article, will ya’, Al?

    Jordan set the bar so high that any comparisons to his legacy are almost pointless.

    Had Kobe won another title this year, then maybe he’s in the conversation.

    There’s no denying Wade and James are sick, sick talents but let’s wait until the chapters are closed on their careers to compare them to the man.

    Then again, Whitlock’s just trying to sell newspapers.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Once I find it I’ll do that . One of the most recent pieces written by Whitlock was a piece also where he stated that Riles shouldn’t have obtained Bosh as the third wheel as he didn’t feel he was that good to begin with.

      I agree with you on Wade and James but I do believe that before they can even be placed in the same conversation as Jordan and Pippen they’ve got do prove they’re even the equal of the likes of Kareem , Magic and Worthy when the “Showtime Lakers” were reigning supreme over the league . Or for that matter Bird , Parish and McHale it’s somewhat condescending I believe Whitlock’s inane comments . This being the same guy who stated that the most dominant female in women’s tennis over the last decade is fat …………… Serena Williams has won more Grand Slam singles titles , singles’ titles …. period , and more prize money than any over her peers over that era . Who the fu_k actually thinks that Whitlock actually has any credibility when he comes up with this bull_hit ? . Jason Whitlock isn’t a journalist much less a op-ed contributor , he’s simply a talentless hack and a wannabe journalist ! Like I said he makes Jayson Blair the well known plagiarist seem like a guy we could all empathize with .

      tophatal ………


  3. Interesting take by Whitlock. I don’t see how you can compare legacies when Lebron and Wade don’t really have one yet. If your drafting from those four players in a two on two game you’d be insane to take anyone but Jordan first. Dude wins at everything he does, and this would be no different…


    1. chappy

      My thing with Whitlock is when was the last time anyone read anything of his and actually thought it made sense ? This guy simply ought to shut the f_ck up because he’s making himself look to the complete ass and doing the profession of journalism a real disservice . At this point I’d take a plagiarist like Jayson Blair over him any day of the week !

      Until LBJ wins multiple titles I won’t even consider him even amongst the top ten players to have played the game ! All he’s simply given us are highlight reels and shown us the fact that he’s still immature !

      tophatal ………………


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