Can Baseball Save Itself ?

Can Baseball Save Itself ?

As much as I enjoy the game of baseball I can’t help but wonder when the game’s hierarchy led by Commissioner Bud Selig will actually come to a decision regard the game’s most hallowed records. With the both the all-time home run and single season records having been broken by Barry Bonds and the player himself having been found guilty of perjury and obstruction of Justice by a Federal Court jury with a sentence still awaiting , it remains to be seen what stance will be taken by the league concerning the player’s sentencing and the very fact that those records remain in tact and are still recognized . The game has been tainted by a vast array of controversies over the years but certainly the stigma attached to the “steroid era” will be the one thing that defines this game for years to come . It has been bad enough that Selig showed as much tenacity in going after the players who broke the rules as a Klansman would have an aversion in speaking out against one of his own members . The idiocy of it all, is while icons of the game see their records be surpassed the league hierarchy , team owners and the MLBPA have made out quite handsomely from a financial standpoint while those records were obliterated .


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Hank Aaron the former home run king and the late Roger Maris I feel have been done a great disservice but clearly until with no real action being taken those records now await a new player to come along and surpass those marks . Amongst the active players in terms of the home run tally it now lies in the hands of Alex Rodriguez to take aim at the 762 home runs set by Bonds . For the present it doesn’t appear that the single season home run mark is in imminent danger but it is becoming increasingly clear that once broken by a player , that feat will come under even more intense scrutiny . As time goes by history will judge the feats and the fans as of now can only either show their disdain or approval as the case maybe. The idiocy of it all is that for some players having retired their sole aim after that is to be an enshrinee in Baseaball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown , New York joining the other illustrious Hall of Famers within that hallowed edifice.

Rodriguez isn’t without controversy himself having first lied about his use of performance enhancing drugs only then to come clean in rather contrived interview process that left a lot to be desired and the player coming off as complete embarrassment to the New York Yankees’ organization . And even in light of that contrived apology things are still unclear with his name also being linked to Orlando medical professional Anthony Galea who is under indictment for the illegal transportation and sale illicit substances including HGH , anabolic steroids , oxycodone to name but a few . The Justice Department’s ongoing investigation may well lead to other indictments but given the idiocy of prosecutors in charge of many of these cases I do believe that the taxpayers’ money is simply being wasted on these cases . The Bonds’ episode including the investigation of BALCO has cost an estimated $15-$20 million from start to finish in an investigation that has shown little tangible evidence that the indictments and guilty verdicts levied against Bonds , former track stars Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery has effectively stopped the misuse of PED’s within the game or sports in general . Case in point , as wide as the net has now been cast by the Justice Department in its investigation there still seems to be the belief by some athletes that they’re indeed above the law.

Money if anything has been the cursory issue as the players here chase after what they deem to be baseball immortality and financial bounty. And as we know with the ever increasing salaries and the mere fact that the owners as well as general managers act as if they’re completely oblivious as to the financial vulnerability of the teams and stability of many of these organizations.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong the seven time winner of the “> Tour de France is now under investigation by the Justice Department and it appears that the tip of the iceberg as there appears to be an onslaught as they now Armstrong within their sights . The cyclist has always denied his use of performance enhancing drugs but with the latest statements attributed to former cycling teammates George Hincapie and Tyler Hamilton in their testimony to authorities it appears that the cycling champion’s credibility could now become all the more questionable given the weight of evidence of the testimonies of both Hamilton and Hincapie , whereby they each state that they have seen Armstrong use PED’s. Sooner or later in spite of the denials Armstrong will have to face the facts and tell his own story verbatim to the authorities rather than merely issuing rather terse statements through his legal representatives.

At the start of the season it was felt that the Boston Red Sox would be hanging tough and perhaps walking away with the AL East . Having got off to an inauspicious start through their first eleven games left many wondering if this team would be good enough to be challenging the likes of the New York Yankees and others within the division . Terry Francona and his coaching staff came under a great deal of scrutiny as did GM Theo Epstein after the organization’s big off-season acquisitions of Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez . Things being what they are , the Boston Red Sox struggled as many questioned the travails of the team and the fact that they were problem areas manifesting itself all over this roster . Slowly but surely as their confidence grew the Red Sox played themselves back into contention .

Now as the month of June approaches it will be interesting to see if the Boston Red Sox can maintain their momentum . The month of May has been if anything a very benevolent one for the Red Sox , having won seven straight and 8 of their last 10 games the team now finds itself a 1/2 game behind the division leading Tampa Bay Rays (25-20). And based on Friday night’s evidence where the team summarily dispatched the Chicago Cubs at Fenway Park in an emphatic 15-5 victory over the beleaguered Cubs .

The series between the Red Sox and Cubs resumes as Francona’s team looks to make that leap over the Tampa Bay Rays and take control of the division. The Rays in an inter-league game take on the Florida Marlins at Landshark Stadium , in Miami , Florida . If anything what has been remarkable about the Red Sox’s within the league has been the play of Adrian Gonzalez as he now leads the league in RBI’s . But this hasn’t been simply about it being a one man show as it has been a collective effort from all the members of this team in one form or another. The pitching is starting to pay dividends and Jonathan Papelbon seems to be back to his customary self . And that if anything has to be an added bonus for the Red Sox and their overly boisterous fans .

There’s still a great deal to play for this season and I’ve no doubt that the AL East as a division is still very much a competitive one . It will most certainly be a three horse race to my mind and in all likelihood the third placed team at the end of the season will be the one to miss out on a postseason playoff berth. The wildcard berth will most certainly come from within the division as there doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe that from within the AL Central or AL West there is contender playing anywhere good enough to be thought of as contender for that playoff spot.

As the months of June , July , August and September approach we will continue to learn a great deal more about the teams and their play . And for the likes of the Boston Red Sox , New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays , they are about to make that AL East all the more enticing as a spectacle to be observed from afar as a discerning baseball fan. As to what the outcome will be is anyone’s guess at this juncture but I know that it will be all the more entertaining to find out over the coming months as we see how things actually pan out.

Inasmuch as I have asked the question within this piece ” Can Baseball Save Itself” I might also add …….. has the league done enough to even assure the game remains safe and a viable going concern ? It’s a question that I think we all seek an answer for but in reality the answer itself has to come from the league hierarchy and not from the fan ! We may well have our own idea on the matter and how we’d like to see things change for the better but as I’ve alluded to earlier it will be left in the hands Bud Selig and his subordinates to lead this game into the direction that needs to be taken.



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What thoughts if any do you have on the points raised within this topic ? Simply leave a comment or comments as you deem fit on anything you feel to be pertinent to this article .

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(1) Three giants of the game from left to right Roberto Clemente , Willie Mays and Hank Aaron . courtesy of …….

(2) Chicago Cubs’ Carlos Pena (22) walks back to the dugout after grounding out against the Boston Red Sox in the ninth inning of an interleague baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Friday, May 20, 2011. The Red Sox won 15-5 . AP Photo/Elise Amendola ………

(3) Kevin Youkilis (20) and David Ortiz (34) of the Boston Red Sox celebrate after they scored against the Chicago Cubs on May 20, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.on May 20, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox have not played at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images ……

(4) Kevin Youkilis (20) 20 of the Boston Red Sox hits a two run homer in the fourth inning as Koyie Hill (55) of the Chicago Cubs defends on May 20, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.on May 20, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox have not played at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images …..

(5) BOSTON, MA – MAY 21: Carlos Marmol (49) of the Chicago Cubs celebrates the win with teammate Aramis Ramirez (16) on May 21, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Tonight the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox are wearing replica uniforms from 1918. Before this series, the two teams haven’t played at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series. The Chicago Cubs defeated the Boston Red Sox 9-3 . Photo by Elsa/Getty Images ……

(6) BOSTON, MA – MAY 21: David Ortiz (34) #34 of the Boston Red Sox celebrates his two run homer in the fourth inning against the Chicago Cubs with teammate Kevin Youkilis (20) on May 21, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Tonight the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox are wearing replica uniforms from 1918. Before this series, the two teams haven’t played at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images …….

(7) Koyie Hill (55) of the Chicago Cubs holds David Ortiz(notes) at third base after tagging out Adrian Gonzalez (28) of the Boston Red Sox on May 20, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.on May 20, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox have not played at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images ……..


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11 thoughts on “Can Baseball Save Itself ?”

  1. Bonds,McGuire, era etal is now know as the juicer era or steroid ball. Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer. Look these players are human. These people are not heros just baseball players. Ty Cobb was a racist. Kenasaw Mountian Landis hated blacks and never wanted Roger Maris to break Ruth’s single season homer run record.Many of MLIB players were and are drunks.
    The Mick cut his career short due alcoholism.
    Boxing isn’t clean. The PAC man is a juicer.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Since when did breaking the law trump playing by the rules or is that the type of idiocy you try and justify for their rationale ?

      Landis is an ass and him trying to be contrite after he’s made money from what he’s done simply is laughable . Armstrong has some explaining to do that even his lawyers know is inescapable .

      Boxing is an adulterated mess !

      Beyond the racism we’ve seen within the game of baseball it wasn’t as if the owners at the time or the league hierarchy actually did much to stop the misdeeds of the players then . Now it’s the same even in the steroid era as Selig and the owners in conjunction with the union have shown how short on intelligence they really are !

      tophatal ……………


  2. I’m not sure how long baseball can survive, but I hope I’m not around to witness it’s demise. Baseball is the game of my youth and my favorite sport. Somewhere it’s being played by kids just for the love of the game. Bless them all.


    1. aero

      I concur with what you’re saying ! I personally believe that the league hierarchy simply hasn’t been doing enough to market the game and many of their promos have been ineptly executed . At the same time because of the financial ineptitude shown by the owners and GM’s we’re now seeing more and more teams simply baton down the hatches because they’ve simply no ambition to win .

      I can tell you this before long contraction within the league won’t be just a source of conversation but a fact and one or two teams will ultimately have to bite the dust . They can’t carry on with the current idiocy and expect to survive in their present format . The union (MLBPA) doesn’t want a hard salary cap but yet the league carries on as if their financial viability isn’t at stake but when it’s becoming abundantly clear that the majority of teams in the game can barely survive they are not prepared to do anything at all.

      Kids not only idolize their heroes but they also want to be like them but unfortunately just like any other major professional sport baseball has its own litany of miscreants in terms of the ‘roiders and cheaters .

      tophatal ………….


  3. The 50-game, 100-game, ban-for-life is a pretty stout penalty for drug use in major league baseball.

    I’m curious to see who the next big name to be caught is and how soon that will happen.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Stout ? Did it stop Manny ? Hell no ! He simply went out failed a second drug test and rather than face the consequences of his actions , he retired . Baseball is being ran by a bunch of fuc_ing numbskulls who have no balls ! There ought to be a monetary fine imposed also on the players as a punishment but because the union (MLBPA) has so much power the league hierarchy comes of looking like a bunch of pussies which is exactly what they are !

      I’ve seen and read some idiotic bullshit within this medium on the subject by individuals who claim to be knowledgeable on the game but in reality they make about as much sense as a child eating a piece of dog turd and claiming it’s delicious !

      Less we forget also A-Rod acknowledged he took PED’s then lied about it to the Yankees’ organization before apologizing with his less than contrite apology and his name has now been linked with indicted Orlando medical professional Anthony Galea who’s been charged with the transportation across international borders ( Canada into the US ) and selling of PED’s , HGH and steroids to players not only in MLB but also the NFL , NBA and NHL .

      The investigation there is still ongoing as of now so we’re sure to see quite possibly someone being indicted who’s a high profiled sport’s figure .

      And to think that the Bulls’ Derrick Rose recently recanted his statement about there being a possible steroid abuse within the NBA .

      Some of the guys talks sports but they simply don’t know sports not from the business side or in fact from the actual real sports side to realize it’s all about money and not much else . The purity of sports at all levels has completely disappeared as it has all become so corrupted . Isn’t there anyone out there with the friggin’ balls to realize that ?

      tophatal ………….


  4. AND…..should I care??? Overpaid and overhyped athletes who couldn’t hold Ruth’s or Mickey’s jockstrap


    1. al clements

      You should do if you’ve been paying out your hard earned cash to attend games thinking what’s being served up was actually legit. To me when I hear about these records having been broken I simply think about the idiocy of what we see being staged in the WWE ! And look at how scripted that bullshit is ?


      Eve Torres

      About the only thing that might be worthwhile watching is seeing the chicks and jiggly bits jump up down !

      tophatal ……………..


  5. For the most part the new steroid suspensions have stopped players from doing it. Manny is an exception because he is just stupid. You can see by the huge drop in power numbers and the fact that it has been the year of the pitcher for like the past 3 years. With that being said, I think that’s the only good thing Bud Selig has really done for the MLB. I would like to see an expanded playoff so I hope that comes around because more competition is important rather than having so many teams out of the race by the end of May. I love baseball so hopefully it sticks around.


    1. Chris Ross

      Baseball has been oblivious to the steroid issue and they only began to take note when pressed by WADA and the government . That being said the policy hasn’t actually completely abated the situation . If Selig had any balls he’d also impose a direct monetary fine on the players alongside the statutes imposed 50 game , 100 game and then a lifetime ban . If the players knew that they’d also be hit financially in their pockets that’d be even more of a deterrent apart from the suspension invoked .

      But as we know the union holds so much sway as to what the league can and can’t do that they’re mainly lap dogs to begin with !

      We won’t really see things start to take shape until I believe around June or mid August !

      tophatal ……………


  6. Wonderful gesture by Bonds in stating that he’ll pay for the college tuition of Brian Stow’s children . That’s something that you’d have thought that the Dodgers as an organization would have willingly done . But I guess not as they’ve got no fuc_ing class to begin with from the ownership on down !

    tophatal …….


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