The Greasy Wheel Is Being Oiled But Would You Would Be Surprised By Who’s Involved In It All ?

The Greasy Wheel Is Being Oiled But Would You Would Be Surprised By Who’s Involved In It All ?

If there’s one thing I know it is that once a sport becomes so corrupt at the highest levels possible it is certain that the executives involved in any wrong doing are likely to want this all covered up. In what appears to be the most egregious of acts two senior executives within FIFA have been suspended by its President Sepp Blatter . The two individuals in question Jack A. W Warner an executive (President) with CONCACAF and Mohammed Bin Hamman another senior executive within FIFA. Blatter for his part has stated that FIFA will become more openly transparent in light of the scandal which involved Hamman and Warner having accepted bribes in order to secure their votes related to the hosting of specific FIFA tournaments . Most notably the World Cup in 2018 (Russia) and 2022 (Qatar). Brazil will stage the event in 2014 and though there is nothing to suggest that the host country in South America is said to have been involved any impropriety concerning these latest allegations. There now seems to be a feeling that there may well have some form of impropriety to have taken place by one if not a number of high ranking officials within FIFA .


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Thomas Warner and Mohammed Bin Hamman are two of Sepp Blatter’s most trusted allies and it would appear that Blatter while not being immediately embroiled in this latest scandal may well have known about the duo’s activities . The FIFA President was recently re-elected for a fourth consecutive term having succeeded his predecessor Jaoa Havelange in 1998. Since Blatter’s ascendancy to the position there have been a litany of allegations that have come to light not only about senior members of the FIFA Executive Committee having accepted bribes but also misappropriations of funds . Soccer has become a complete laughing stock in light of the allegations but what might be even more idiotic are the claims now being made by US Soccer’s President Sunil Gulati that having endorsed the re-election of Blatter , he sees it as a chance for FIFA to reassert itself in the eyes of the public and become more openly transparent . Blatter has shown little sign of that given the repeated allegations and misdeeds that have taken place over the course of his tenure. Sepp Blatter has become autocratic and brow beats those who oppose him , while at the same time making sure those who are supportive of his ideas benefit financially. If nothing else , Blatter has eschewed the idea of real reform within FIFA but he may well now be forced to do so if as is being claimed Interpol will seek to get involved by conducting their very own investigation .

Now while there have been rumblings that several affiliate organizations would like to see a re-vote take place but that would be very unlikely as Blatter was the only candidate who sought the position as FIFA President . My question is how in hell is this meant to be a democratic vote when there simply is only one candidate ___ Sepp Blatter who sought to become FIFA President ? This body from top to bottom has become the laughing stock of the sports’ world given the fact that the only other body which shows this sort of ineptitude on such a scale might just be UCI which governs the sport of cycling internationally. That particular body headquartered in Aigle , Switzerland has been so complicit and culpable in not making a serious attempt in stemming the prolific abuse and use of steroids and other illicit drugs within the sport. Two of the sport’s most high profiled and visible riders , Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador both Tour de France champions have been embroiled in allegations of having the banned substance EPO (Erythropoietin) as well other illicit substances . In light of WADA now working in conjunction with UCI to have a strict and comprehensive drug testing policy in place I simply cannot see this sport ever making a serious attempt to clean up its image or the very sport .

Armstrong is now the subject of an ongoing investigation that is being conducted by the US Justice Department . The cyclist has proclaimed his innocense , states that the allegations against him are groundless and are without any foundation. But herein lies the caveat to this madness, George Hincapie and Tyler Hamilton both former teammates of the seven time Tour de France champion have stated that they saw the cyclist use not only EPO but also several other substances banned by UCI . Hamilton in a recent interview granted to the CBS news magazine program 60 Minutes reiterated his claim that not only had he seen Armstrong inject himself but he also part-took in the subterfuge in the taking of various steroids. Radio Shack team manager Johan Bruyneel for which both Armstrong and Hamilton rode categorically denies the claims being made by Hamilton and he furthermore emphasizes that at no time was there any use of any banned substances being used by any member of the Radio Shack team over his tenure as its manager. While there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that Bruyneel’s claims are false , one has to ask the question are both Hamilton and Hincapie lying , given the fact that their subpoenad testimony to the Justice Department has to be taken with some credibility ? Only an idiot would think to lie to a federal law enforcement officer knowing the legal ramifications of such an act. Lance Armstrong for his part has brought together a powerhouse , in terms of a legal team. Such has been the rider’s staunch defense of his image and credibility that he knows that if indicted he would face a monumental task in trying to prove his innocence . Granted , the rider has never tested positive while in competition but the questions still remain as to the veracity of Armstrong’s innocence as see his image and accomplishments being tarnished in the public domain as well as in the print and television media.

I have long held the notion that once the claims of corruption or wrong doing by a governing body or athlete within a sport there is no denying that once the claims are out there it is indeed very hard to try and disprove them . Cycling much like soccer has become corrupt and it has manifested itself in not only the actions of the riders but also the sheer incompetency of UCI . Doubt my word then simply look at how that governing body has simply conducted their investigations and how little the sport has actually changed in terms of trying to abate the prolific use of illicit substances with cycling ?

FIFA President Sepp Blatter for all of his new found resolve and wish to see the body he governs become more transparent . Herein lies the idiocy of those claims , two of his most trusted allies were caught with their hands in the cookie jar . It begs the question as to how deep those went and what if anything Sepp Blatter is said to have known or suborned with his own actions ? Numerous times Blatter and FIFA have been embroiled multiple scandals while simply doing nothing but tarnish the game’s image .

Being an ardent and avid soccer fan I am now at my wit’s end to understand how damn naive and stupid the affiliate organizations are within the FIFA ! To not even have a challenger to Sepp Blatter in the voting for that body’s most senior executive position shows not only the lack of intelligence within the organization but also there isn’t any real democratic process in place . There was very little chance that there would have been abstention or a vote opposing Blatter’s re-election . This is now how perverse and corrupt FIFA has become and will remain . Sepp Blatter claims he seeks transparency but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.



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In light of the allegations that have come to the fore concerning FIFA and Lance Armstrong what thoughts if any do you have with regard to those claims ? Simply chime with a comment as to your thoughts .

Alan aka tophatal ……………

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(1) Sepp Blatter President of Fifa speaks during the FIFA Ballon d’or Gala at the Zurich Kongresshaus on January 10, 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland. Getty Images Europe /Michael Steele ……

(2) Senior FIFA Executive Mohammed Bin Hamman who has since been suspended by the Executive Committee of FIFA for the improprieties concerning the accepting of a bribe and alleged vote rigging . Bin Hamman is a close and trusted ally of FIFA President Sepp Blatter . AFP/Reuters /Christoff Karlsson ……

(3) FIFA vice president Jack Warner, right, with Sepp Blatter, the president of the international soccer governing body. Warner also holds the position as being the President of CONCACAF which governs international soccer for the region covering North America , Central & South America and the Caribbean . Paul Chiasson/Associated Press ….

(4) Pat Quaid President of UCI is seen here with Johan Bruyneel . Photo © 2010 Fotoreporter Sirotti …. Copyrighted material all rights reserved …

(5) ADELAIDE, Australia, Jan 23, 2010 (AFP) – Lance Armstrong’s simmering row with Tour de France champion Alberto Contador (left) is “healthy” for cycling and better than the usual doping controversies, the sport’s chief said on Saturday. Both riders are still embroiled with allegations of doping within the sport of cycling. Contador recently had a suspension lifted by the CAS but it now remains to be seen how he will be viewed by his fellow competitors and the fans of cycling alike . AFP ……..

(6) US Soccer President Sunil Gulati felt it prudent in voting for the reelection of Sepp Blatter rather than voting in opposition or abstaining . The reason given by Gulati is that he felt that Blatter is sincere in changing the environment within FIFA after all the major controversies that have come to light within that esteemed body . This is the sort of idiocy now being shown that clearly the problems that have befallen FIFA are in fact also due to the gullibility of the affiliated organizations around the globe . AFP/Reuters / Paul Castle …………



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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

10 thoughts on “The Greasy Wheel Is Being Oiled But Would You Would Be Surprised By Who’s Involved In It All ?”

  1. Sepp Blatter and Pat Quaid are one of the many reasons why I can’t take soccer or cycling seriously at the international level ! These two have their heads stuck so far up their own ass that they simply can’t tell whether or not it’s night or day once they decide to pull their heads back out .

    ‘Hell is there anyone home ‘ ?

    Isn’t enough to that both sports are simply fu#ked up without them adding to it all with their own ineptitude and stupidity ?

    tophatal …………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Only if the women are playing bare breasted and we can get a flash of their quiffs ! Women’s World Cup ? Hell that’s about the only thing that resonates here with regard to the sport because the men’s national team still sucks ! They had their ass handed to them on a silver platter this past weekend by Spain in an international friendly at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro , Massachusetts

      I can see why Heather Mitts is a part of the US women’s team ! I’d love to get my mitts on her and my ‘meat’ inside of her !

      tophatal …………..


  2. Do you we think we condone what’s going on within our respective sports simply because there’s a lot of money being made ? Your damn right we do and we’re simply loving it !

    Sepp Blatter FIFA President

    FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s thoughts and that of UCI President Pat Quade .

    Pat Quade President of UCI

    tophatal ………….

    tophatal ……….. 😦


    1. chappy

      I simply keep abreast of the game at the club level in Europe because it’s something I grew up with in my youth. But what’s now happening at the international level stinks to high heaven especially in light of the allegations .

      As for Lance Armstrong can anyone now take the guy at his word with the evidence that appears to be mounting and it all looks contrary to what he’s been telling us all along ?

      It could well be true that the reason why he and singer Sheryl Crow were on the outs was because he couldn’t satisfy her sexually because of minuscule member .

      PED’s and EPO tend to do that .

      tophatal …………….


  3. That’s perfect picture. a head up his ass. This is what FIFA is all about. They just like the NCAA. The players need to form a union. FIFA is bad as the Olympic committee. It is all about the money.


  4. Bobby Gee

    You’re right hence the reason I posted the picture . And as far as the IOC is concerned at least Jacques Rogge the IOC Chairman is actually now making a legitimate effort to clean up the hierarchy there after years of improprieties by many of his numerous predecessors .

    Can Blatter be trusted to do anything right ? I guess not !

    Sepp Blatter like his counterpart UCI President Pat Quade counterpart have condoned and suborned many of the acts that have gone on within their respective sports and now they’re trying to act with so much righteous piety .

    Is it any wonder there has been so much controversy surrounding both sports ? The leadership of each and their respective hierarchies are gutless and spineless shitheads !

    tophatal ……………


  5. Yeah, even soccer seems to have become uber-corrupt (wink). It’s a shame that the U.S.,at the earliest, won’t be able to host a World Cup until 2026 (or even your England!), but I suppose that’s what happens when money talks, right?


    1. smurfed

      Soccer at the international level has always been corrupt way before Blatter assumed control of FIFA as its President . His predecessor Joao Havelange would’ve made a the Mafia seem amenable by comparison.

      I don’t want to see the World Cup being held in the UK until the economy is fine and at present with the Summer Olympics of 2012 coming up I think it could well be a complete cluster fu#k of monumental proportions !

      I know that the government in conjunction with private enterprise have spent countless billions on the infrastructure and the refurbishing and building of venues but in the end I hope it’s all put to good use .

      Money when it’s spent to do the morally right thing it’s fine it’s when it’s being used for corrupt means that’s when there’s a completely grey area as to what deems to be right and wrong .

      You can ask a female if she wants to have sex with you when you’re asking her in a public place but God forbid you should ask her and then suggest that you’ll pay her for the privilege as it’s against the law . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      tophatal ………………..


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