Ten Questions For The MLB Commissioner ……………

Ten Questions For The MLB Commissioner ……………..

I have always maintained that Bud Selig merely serves only one master and that happens to be the MLB team owners rather than serving in the best interests of the game ! . In doing so he’s presided over the ” steroid era” , where he the league hierarchy , team owners and the MLBPA have simply chosen to look the other way until the government chose to intervene and force the league to clean up its damn act . Now with the financial instability of the teams around the league and his rather asinine tax sharing scheme little if anything has changed . But in large part we simply have the owners of many of the small market teams that this scheme was meant to have aided actually profiting from it all by pocketing those funds rather than bolstering the rosters of their respective teams.


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Inasmuch as the woes of the Los Angeles Dodgers are firmly being laid upon the shoulders of team owner Frank McCourt and certain board members within the front office much of this all could have been avoided had the league hierarchy used due diligence in allowing the sale of the team to McCourt in the first place. Having failed to acquire the Boston Red Sox when the league voted a resounding no ___ Frank McCourt would later return and be allowed to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2004 from Fox Inc and parent company News Corp . With a unanimous vote by the owners and league hierarchy would allow McCourt to become a part of their fraternity.

Courtesy of Fox Sports

Report: Dodgers seek to blame Selig

Attorneys for Dodgers owner Frank McCourt asked a judge Tuesday to order Major League Baseball to submit documents they claim will prove the league has treated the debt-ridden franchise more harshly than other teams.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the filing on behalf of the embattled owner, who filed for protection under Chapter 11, hopes to paint commissioner Bud Selig as someone who wanted the Dodgers to run out of money.

“Contrasting the treatment of the Dodgers to the velvet-glove treatment enjoyed by other teams with financial questions will help this court and the debtors to evaluate the full extent of MLB’s conflict and animus toward the Dodgers,” McCourt’s attorneys wrote in the filing.

The filing requested documents pertaining to the league’s handling of the New York Mets’ current financial woes, including the “contributions or loans from Bernard Madoff” and an explanation for “the commissioner’s decision not to appoint a monitor to oversee the club or conduct an investigation of the club.”


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The unfortunate thing here for the league was that there were already signs to show what Frank McCourt was really about as a businessman to begin with but somehow this was all overlooked by the league hierarchy and owners the second time around . The Dodgers’ owner had been involved in a number of business deals that fell through from lack of financing or where he and his partners at the time were either litigants in a case or defendants . I can’t help now but wonder how lucky the Red Sox fans and the actually ballclub are knowing that McCourt did not become the team’s owner ! Can you imagine what might have happened had he been allowed to run amok there as he now has done with the Los Angeles Dodgers ? Let’s just say that Fenway Park the team , NESN the cable broadcast outlet owned by the organization would have been plundered of its reserves by the now beleaguered owner .

With McCourt now having taken the Los Angeles Dodgers into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings it allows the organization time to reorganize itself financially knowing that the Federal Courts allows it ” a stay ” while they and their creditors seek an accord to resolve the team’s financial plight. Much of this could very well have been avoided were it not for the lackadaisical hands off approach taken by Bud Selig and the league hierarchy. The signs were already there for all to see but like a blind man in the dark without the aid of a walking stick the commissioner chose to ignore those facts as they laid themselves bare for all to see . Misappropriation of funds whereby McCourt used those monies for lavish expenses on numerous residences , automobiles and jewelry for his now ex wife Jamie McCourt . Never mind the fact that the ballclub was repeatedly used as collateral in several business deals all contravening and violating league rules . But somehow this all escaped Bud Selig’s notice ? I can’t help but wonder what it is that Bud Selig does during his down time ! Perhaps trying to bend over and lick his own ass or actually seeing if he can actually render himself unconscious by first smelling his own flatulence then inserting his head into his own rectum is how the commissioner may well choose to spend his time ?

For the life of me I can’t think of anything really positive that he has actually brought to the game since he began his tenure ! Oh , I know that there are a number of fans who’ll say that he brought us the wildcard system for baseball further elongating what already is an a long and arduous season . Now there’s even talk of league realignment because many feel that it will create a more balanced and competitive spirit within the game . What really needs to be done is for the game to rein its expenses and stop with the idiocy of offering up gargantuan contracts that are guaranteed over the course of their time . But that sort of progressive thinking doesn’t seem to be on the radar of the owners much less the league hierarchy or the general managers within the game. If anything they probably feel that the idea is rather redundant and would be of no benefit to the teams or the players . Purists always seems to talk about the legacy of the game from where it was to what it has now become . My question , what actual steps has baseball really taken wherein it still actually resonates with the fans as much as it may well have two or even four plus decades ago ?

The game has now become bereft of creativity from an executive standpoint and what heroes of the game over the last two decades will somehow will always be associated with an era of cheating and the use of PED’s (performance enhancing drugs ). Much of which has all happened under Bud Selig’s tenure and wherein there still remains a stench within the game when players such as Alex Rodriguez having admitted his use and then having given a less than contrite apology goes unpunished but still has his name cropping up repeatedly subject to a still ongoing federal investigation as to the illegal use and trafficking of steroids.

With Barry Bonds having been found guilty of felony perjury charges in his trial of which he now awaits sentencing we now have the commencement of the seven time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens and his trial within the Federal Court system. Clemens and his lawyer Rusty Hardin will do all that they can to paint the prosecution’s case as weak and without substance . And they may well be right , given the fact that the prosecution’s case rests with whether or not the jury will believe in the credibility of witness Brian McNamee . And given the witness’ demeanor during his subpoena testimony in front of Congress to the members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee I’m not so sure that all of what McNamee during his own testimony stated can be taken as fact . I know only a fool would seek to perjure themselves in front of a Federal body these things are known to have happen and will continue to happen even when those testifying are fully aware of the penalties involved . Meanwhile Clemens’ own veracity comes into play and the very fact that he saw fit to throw his wife and son under the bus on several occasions during his own testimony given to the committee up on Capitol Hill. One now simply must ask the question will this trial be actually about justice or simply another parade as to the complete stupidity of the Justice System and how it is that they have to act when game’s hierarchy actually refuses to do so .

Here are ten rather innocuous and simple questions I’d like to pose to Bud Selig in the hope that he’s liable to answer each with a great deal of honesty !

(1) Why did you undertake the position as commissioner to begin with even having served as interim commissioner for several years ?

(2) Would the league not have been better off had you chosen to step down and actually interviewed a list of applicants in terms of a successor to Faye Vincent ?

(3) At what point did it actually occur to you that something was awry in the game with the advent of the rumors surrounding the rampant and prolific use of steroids in baseball ?

(4) Did it never occur to speak with the owners and in particular former MLBPA Executive Director Donald Fehr about this all openly , with the public being made aware what was actually going on rather than being so damn secretive on this particular issue ?

(5) In allowing the union (MLBPA) so much power do you not feel that the league itself is now weak and merciless knowing that the union simply makes you cower like a child who’s afraid of the dark ?

(6) Given the fact that players have come out and made public apologies as to their use of illicit banned substances why no course of action on the part of the league or in fact by the team owners ?

(7) We know that you are still implicitly dead set against seeing Pete Rose be inducted into the Hall of Fame but should the player come and speak to you openly as to his actions, will you reinstate Rose thereby by making him eligible for the game’s biggest honor that it can bestow upon a player ?

(8) Will league realignment really help the game any when the real problems don’t actually relate to the competitiveness of the game but in large part it has to do with the overall financial imbalances that there are within the game amongst the teams ?

(9) Why after having refused Frank McCourt the opportunity to buy the Boston Red Sox would you allow that very same individual the opportunity to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers ? There was enough evidence to suggest that McCourt did have numerous problems in raising the financing to make that original bid never mind his legal issues at the time.

(10) In your honest opinion has the World Baseball Classic actually been a monumental success and also do you foresee in the future where the actual scheduling and the format of the event will change ?


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These are the ten questions that I would pose to Commissioner Bud Selig with regard to the state of the game and the issues that I have with his tenure ! What questions if any would you have posed to Selig and would like to see him answer succinctly ? Chime on in with a comment as you would deem fit .

Alan aka tophatal …….. https://tophatal.wordpress.com

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(1) MLB Commissioner Bud Selig whose tenure as the game’s highest ranking official has led to a great deal of controversy . AP Photo / Richard Cross ……

(2) MLB commissioner Bud Selig at the memorial for Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew on May 26, 2011 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Harmon Killebrew passed away on May 17, 2011 after a battle with esophageal cancer. Hannah Foslien/ Getty Images North America ……

(3) Beleaguered Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt who took the team into Chapter I1 Bankruptcy Protection in order to reorganize the team’s solvency problems. The owner now is apportioning blame for the team’s woes squarely upon the shoulders of the MLB hierarchy whom he believes is treating the organization unfavorably. In this dispute McCourt’s lawyers have asked that the league to forwards any documents in their possession relating to their actions as it currently relates to the New York Mets and their situation. No word as of yet as to whether or not the league will acquiesce to the the lawyers’ wishes . A subpoena however from the presiding judge on behalf of the Dodgers could very well force the Bud Selig’s hand in this matter . AP Photo / Jeremy Marks …….

(4) New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez throws out Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Santana at first base in the sixth inning of a baseball game Tuesday, July 5, 2011, in Cleveland. AP Photo / Tony Dejak …..

(5) Roger Clemens arrived at Federal District Court in Washington on Wednesday, where he faces charges of making false statements to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Courtesy of The New York Times / Doug Mills ……

(6) Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens (R) and former Major League Baseball strength and conditioning coach Brian McNamee testify about allegations of steroid use by professional ball players before the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Capitol Hill February 13, 2008 in Washington, DC. The ‘Mitchell Report’ named several former and current major league baseball players, including Clemens, who are accused of using steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. Chip Smodevilla / Getty Images North America ……..

(7) Pete Rose, at a book signing in 2004, was banished from baseball in 1989 for betting on games. Courtesy of The New York Times / Mark Lyons ……….


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

15 thoughts on “Ten Questions For The MLB Commissioner ……………”

  1. If Selig does step down as commissioner (in late 2012 or 2013) who should his successor be ? Should it be anyone within the league hierarchy or perhaps another owner or someone outside the realms of the game but an individual with a sound business acumen and succinct resume` ? Chime in with your thoughts on the matter .

    Ice T’s main squeeze Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin

    tophatal ……


  2. I have a question for the commissioner.
    Mr. Selig, do you now or have you ever felt remorse or guilt over the young men who have died or will die from your failure to ban steroids and other performance enhancing drugs from the great game of Baseball!


    1. And Selig’s response might well be …..” what’s a steroid ” ? That guy is a dumb asshole and anyone who seeks to defend him in anyway has to be absolutely friggin’ nuts ! He’s done more to harm the game than racial segregation may well have done . Along with these dumb ass team owners they’ve simply placed the game on the edge of a precipice . One more whiff of scandal or a team’s financial ruination and I can tell you that all bets are off when it comes to the contracting of a > team .

      There’s a reason Selig hasn’t yet intervened in the Mets’ mess because he knows if the league hierarchy takes over the team in the advent of them losing that civil suit a number of owners may well call for him to one of two things concerning the franchise . Seek an option of finding a buyer and selling at the going price or perhaps again either filing Chapter 11 and seek the team’s financial reorganization which may well getting rid of players with large salary contracts as well as a number of aged veterans on the roster .

      tophatal ……


  3. Selig is a joke. Who approved the Dogders sale to this McCourt clonw in the first place. These idiots should have dug into his background me. MLB is the joke.


    1. Bobby Gee

      The fact that the hierarchy and owners voted against selling the Red Sox to McCourt to begin with should have proved to be a forbearing of things to come . At the time he (McCourt) could not initially raise the financing and he was also the defendant in an ongoing litigation. That’s never a good sign at all but somehow these idiots then turn around and approving his purchase of the Dodgers . Good ! Because the bullshit that has gone down with McCourt and that organization is so indicative of how corrupt and fu_#ing stupid these owners and the state of the game is now to begin with !

      What sort of message does this now send to the fans out there when it clearly shows that the game’s highest ranking officials are so damn clueless ? Never mind the owners themselves !

      All of these purists out there now trying to see some good in the sport are looking at the situation through rose colored glasses .

      tophatal ………….


    1. al clements

      I think that the whole hierarchy of baseball ought to be fired ! They’re all a bunch of fu##ing morons ! There are fans out there who believe implicitly in these bunch of idiots who claim they know a great deal about business and the game itself . Well if it means that you simply sit idly by and merely quote player’s stats as a way of making a case for your argument then it simply shows you know jack !

      As for the team owners and the MLBPA (union) they’re none too bright to begin with !

      tophatal ……………..


    2. al clements

      There’s a rumor going around that Selig ought to be sent to Iran and exchanged for the two imprisoned US citizens there at present . Do you think that the Iranians will be amenable to that at all ?

      You give us Selig and we give you the Americans ! In Iran we love baseball . But we hate the Zionists and we know how to treat them .

      tophatal ……………


  4. You know what Selig brought to the game? He brought the owners lots of money, err, except for the money the owners are having to pay to keep the Dodgers and Mets afloat…


    1. chappy81

      Precisely my point ! All of these stupid idiots out there talking about Cuban coming in to buy the Dodgers . What potential owner do you know goes into buy a business unless his wish is to break it up and sell off the sum of its parts in order to get a return . And last I looked the Dodgers were a mismanaged fuck#ed up organization that wasn’t worth shitting on !

      Selig knows he’s fu@@ed up concerning the Dodgers and Mets and the only thing now is to in part let things run its course . If Bud Selig intervenes now in the Mets’ situation and the owners will castrate him !

      My question repeatedly ten times over to Selig would be …. ” how much of a friggin’ asshole are you ” ? How the hell can he say no to McCourt owning the Red Sox but less than 5 years later he’s allowing that prick to purchase the Dodgers ? There’s no common sense at all amongst the owners or league hierarchy within baseball .

      tophatal ……………..


    2. chappy

      The things Bud has brought to the game is the same thing one is liable to get from a hooker after having unprotected sex ………….. a nasty odor around the genitals and God knows what else in terms of a sexually transmitted disease ! He’s been a complete joke from his start as interim commissioner until being granted the job full time !

      ‘ I’m telling you that itchy feeling in my crotch wasn’t from sleeping with LeBron James’ mama but I can tell you this she does a mighty fine Monica Lewinsky ‘ ! ‘But commissioner what about the cold sores on your lips did you get that from kissing the a#s of each of the MLB team owners ?

      tophatal ………


    1. jgome

      Do we really need to be reminded of that event at all ? The achievements of Bud Selig , the entire league hierarchy over the last decade and a half can be written on the back of a stamp placed on a post card and sent to Timbuktu for all of the use it would be .

      Now you’ve got fans talking about realignment of the divisions as if it’d be the savior of the game and make it all the more competitive ? That’s not the problem that is now hindering the game but they’re too damn stupid to actually realize that so they’d rather look for an easy option . It’s all about the imbalance as it relates to the financial behemoths within the game. Baseball needs a hard salary cap and not the asinine tax sharing revenue scheme that now exists ! Idiots like Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian do the game a great disservice by simply obfuscating their responsibilities as they’d rather kiss porcelain throne that Selig takes a dump in !

      ESPN makes Fox so called impartiality , Fair & Balanced premise seem like the KKK’s view of minorities at large . They’ve never shown impartiality to the league at all. And Fox themselves are simply no better when it comes to actually dealing with this particular issue either ! They’re all a bunch of “yes men” who’d rather kiss ass !

      Elisha Cuthbert and Mila Kunis lookin’ real hot !

      Apparently if this year’s game ends in a tie in order to decide the result the two sets of teams from the AL and NL will then have to spoon each other . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      tophatal ……


  5. I have ten questions for the Commish….

    1) Why are you such a douche?

    2) Do you think it’s fair that a former team owner become commissioner? Wouldn’t he have an agenda?

    3) Which one, if any, of the players associated with the steroid era would you vote into the Hall of Fame?

    4) Can I borrow some money if i promise to spend some of it on MLB gear?

    5) Do you read SportsChump.net and explain to me in 250 words or less why it’s your favorite sports website.

    6) Have you ever heard of the expression “A tie is like kissing your sister?”

    7) When’s the last time you were in a bar fight?

    8) Were you in any way aware that drugs were running rampant through your sport?

    9) If you did, do you think that’s grounds for impeachment?

    10) Why are you such a douche?


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Given the improprieties that’ve cropped over the history of the game should we at all be surprised that there’s now cheating on a much grander scale beyond what happened during the “Black Sox” scandal ? Fuck it the “steroid era” saw the league hierarchy , team owners , union and even the press turn a blind eye to it all. Never mind that we had the members empaneled on the House Oversight Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee merely kissing the ass of the players who gave testimony to them up on Capitol Hill rather than press them on their malfeasance . And then you have assholes (patrons within this forum) trying to portray the game as still above reproach ? Fu_k ’em all as they’re the biggest bunch of hypocrites out there !

      Bud Selig at his best don’t you think ?

      Bud Selig should have his testes removed with a Japanese katana (sword) and a red hot poker shoved in his rectum for all of the damage he’s caused the game ! He may well have initiated the wildcard and divisional realignment in recent years but beyond that what has he really done ? A steroid policy that’s still a joke to begin with ! Never mind the fact he’s the main reason why baseball was actually dropped from the Summer Olympics as it had nothing to do at all with there being waning popularity or the uncompetitiveness of the nations participating . The IOC asked why it was MLB failed to adopt a coherent and comprehensive drug policy and his response to them was because of the …… ” privacy issues” . In other words the union (MLBPA) had him by the balls ! At the time he was being pressed by the game’s international governing body (IBAF ) to institute some form a testing policy in line with WADA and duly recognized globally .

      Even the fans or kids can chime in and that’s great !

      Selig at his best and worse is when he’s actually doing not a god damn thing !

      Bud and I use to be friends ’til he took my team away from me but I’m gonna have the last laugh with the mother f_cker ! Come get some Bud ! McCourt

      tophatal ……………


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