Hashish Is The Spice of Life …………

Hashish Is The Spice Of Life So Says Deron Williams

Let’s get one thing clear and stop with the utter stupidity that the statement in which New Jersery Nets’ point guard Deron Williams whose choice to pursue and offer his talents to top Turkish basketball side Beseitkas BC is all about money. The player who left the Utah Jazz in a trade transaction that was a multi player deal to make his home with the Nets . Multi billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov and the front office had to have given his blessing for this deal even with the advent of the NBA mandated lockout. The vested interest that the organization has in the player and the fact that GM Billy King knows that they would rather have a happy player rather than a discontented one .


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Williams simply doesn’t need the money as he’s the thirteenth highest paid player in the league and has sizable endorsement contracts that simply gives the player all the money he could simply ever wish for. What most patrons who’ve proffered up a commentary on this issue fail to understand is that the NBA players are not covered their teams’ insurance coverage during a labor stoppage so it makes prudent financial sense for a player to seek plying his trade elsewhere. The caveat being however , it does give an NBA team the right to void the player’s contract should they have a serious injury that could curtail their career during their sojourn. In the case of Deron Williams he will be financially rewarded with a $ 5 million one year contract , an assistant , the lease of a brand new car , a luxurious home for the player , his immediate family , round the clock security and all of his living expenses will be paid for by Beseitkas during the player’s stay in Turkey. The team itself is one of the top club sides in Europe alongside Maccabi Tel Aviv of Israel .

Nets’ team owner Mikhail Prokhorov is seen here with minority equity stake partner Jay-Z . The two will combine their resources in bringing the team to the Barclay Yard Development in Brooklyn , New York in two years . Courtesy of NESN.com copyrighted material @ all rights reserved ….

Now with Williams’ wish to play abroad it remains to be seen whether or not any of the league’s marquee stars will seek to ply their trade abroad . With all of the rumors currently circulating that Kobe Bryant is said to be interested in playing in Italy , I for one find that premise somewhat misleading with the mere fact with the player coming off surgery , it is highly unlikely that Bryant would seek to have a re-occurence of injury while playing abroad . If anything the player is more liable to rest and recuperate while awaiting an outcome of this work stoppage initiated by the league hierarchy at the insistence of the NBA team owners .

Courtesy of Foxsports

NBA stars going overseas a bad sign

By Dan Wolken

So Deron Williams wants to play in Turkey if the NBA season doesn’t start on time, which is certainly his right. In theory, it’s a decent way to spend a few months: Hang out in Europe, make money and play basketball while the NBA bickers its way through a lockout. It sounds so good, in fact, that within minutes of Williams’ agent confirming the agreement, superstars ranging from Carmelo Anthony to Kobe Bryant indicated an interest in joining him overseas.

But just by entertaining the idea of a European exodus, NBA stars are already showing the kind of selfishness and greed that will ultimately undermine the Players Association in what could be a long, ugly labor war.

A number of basketball people reacted the same way to the news Williams had agreed to play for Besiktas: They’ll believe it when they see it. But even if Williams never makes it to Turkey, the mere notion of it has already caused problems for players on the margins of the NBA.

With the possibility that legitimate NBA players and even some All-Stars could sign for the duration of the lockout, there are some early indications that players who typically go overseas may be squeezed out until European teams see who they can get.


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With that in mind this can’t sit well with the owners knowing that their players would seek to ply their trade elsewhere while the league itself is in the midst of a labor dispute . But so asinine has been the situation that it is hard to see how David Stern , Adam Silver as Deputy Commissioner can seek to resolve this situation when the league hierarchy and the NBPA are so far apart in renegotiating the collective bargaining agreement which expired on the 30th June.
The union’s Executive Director Billy Hunter along with union president Derek Fisher and its <a href=”http://npba.org/leadership”&gt; executive committee are insistent they have no wish to accede and make any concessions to the league unless the owners and hierarchy are prepared to acquiesce and reciprocate in kind. That at present doesn’t, appear to be an option but it remains to be seen over the ensuing days and weeks how things will work themselves out . This much is certain if the hierarchy and players aren’t on the same page by the time by the mini camp and preseason starts , we could well be seeing a prolonged stoppage with the possibility that the 2011-12 season not starting on time until either January of 2012 or perhaps the season being completely abandoned altogether .

The NBA’s teams at present are hemorrhaging money with more than half the teams in the league now said to be incurring multi million dollar losses . A patron of my site tried to allude to the fact that much of what is being stated concerning the teams’ losses is mere subterfuge on the part of the NBA and the fact that there are clear indications that the teams are in fact making millions . A recent article in noted financial publication Forbes Magazine states that much of the NBA hierarchy’s claims are a fallacy but herein lies the caveat with regard to those claims , it is merely that the contributor of that article merely remarked about the fact that much of the revenues derived by the teams are in fact from season and general admission ticket sales and that of concessions during regular season games . Not much was made with regard to revenues streams derived from the NBA’s own marketing and branding operations . Now inasmuch as I’ve a great affinity for Forbes Magazine and what it at times bring to the table I found the article on the NBA’s finances something of a faux pas on their part ! The article failed to touch on the very fact that in 2009 and 2010 respectively the league received cumulatively in excess of $550 million in loans which was shared amongst 22 teams around the NBA . If that is not indicative of a league that is said to be in dire straits then can someone please explain to me what is ? David Stern in his formal statement in 2009 concerning the first series of loans made the suggestive statement ….. ” that this should not be viewed as a financial bailout of the teams in question but merely a way of assisting them in their financial difficulties”. Over this last decade the league’s teams have borrowed in excess of $1.6 billion from major financial institutions across the nation. Clearly a situation that the league now needs to address as to the financial acumen of its teams and their general managers .

After a nine year career much of it filled with a great deal of disappointment Houston Rockets’ center Yao Ming we’re told will make a formal announcement stating that he will retire from the game. Recurring injuries and ill health throughout much of his career led to this decision where the 7′ center feels it necessary call it a day. Drafted in the 2002 NBA Draft first overall by the Rockets Yao Ming would make his home in Houston leading the team in a number offensive categories over much of his career .

The faith shown in Yao Ming by general manager Daryl Morey and owner Leslie Alexander has been implicit but it has been the growth of the game in Yao’s homeland of China that must first be appreciated . Granted , the population (1.6 billion and counting) may well have known about Michael Jordan through jersey , other sports apparel sales and the presence of Nike Inc which has several manufacturing plants dotted all over the country gave a heighten awareness to the game and NBA brand in the Far East.

With Yao’s apparent wish to step away from the game it has to be said that league hierarchy will see this as something of a sad loss . Commercially the player had the second highest jersey sales in his native land behind Kobe Bryant but without the Chinese native’s rise to the top of the game and the legions of fans within China that now follow the NBA , this has all been due to his presence within the professional ranks in North America.

Success though fleeting for the Rockets with Yao’s arrival and the awareness of the Sino American community within the state of Texas and in particular within the city of Houston laid the foundation for the organization and its selling of the player to the community at large . Yao Ming played his role in that task and it became clear that the Houston Rockets and NBA at large would profit greatly from this endeavor. And though it is questionable as to how Yao Ming’s career will be viewed by the fans and analysts at large . A great player in his own right on both ends of the court it has to be said there will be those who will debate overall whether or not he has actually been a success in the NBA . Debate it at will but there will be those who come out in favor of the player and those who will also question where he stands within the game. The preeminent centers within the game as Yao’s peers were Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard once he became a force in the league but it has to be said the thinning of the position with O’Neal now retiring leaves us with not much by way of the prototypical center within the NBA.

From my own perspective with the retirement of Yao from the game it now leaves a large gap of what I believe to be truly good centers within the NBA ! Certainly amongst the centers now playing the game Dwight Howard immediately comes to mind and that of Andrew Bynum with the latter yet to refine his game and live up to the perceived expectations as to how good he can really become. I think that comes more out of conceit on the part of Bynum , the fact he is self absorbed and believes himself privileged . And if the Los Angeles Lakers are to be resurgent once again then he will have to raise the level of his play.



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In your opinion do you feel that the departure of Deron Williams to play in Europe will be sign that other marquee players will seek to ply their trade elsewhere ? Also with what is said to be the imminent retirement of Yao Ming what thoughts if any do you with regard to play of the centers that are now playing in the NBA ? Do you believe that it is on the decline or is it your opinion that this is merely a cyclical situation and we will once again see a dominant player at the position ? Simply chime with a comment as you deem fit .

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(1) FILE – This Feb. 24, 2011, file photo shows New Jersey Nets’ Deron Williams posing in front of his poster at a news conference, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Turkish team Besiktas says it is close to reaching a deal with NBA All-Star guard Deron Williams. The New Jersey Nets say they can’t comment because of the lockout. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ……

(2) New Jersey Nets draft pick Jordan Williams speaks during an introductory NBA basketball news conference as Marshon Brooks looks on Monday, June 27, 2011, in East Rutherford, N.J. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

(3) New Jersey Nets general manager Billy King speaks during an introductory NBA basketball news conference as draft pick Bojan Bogdanovic , left, looks on Monday, June 27, 2011, in East Rutherford, N.J. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ……

(4) Nets’ team owner Mikhail Prokhorov is seen here with minority equity stake partner Jay-Z . The two will combine their resources in bringing the team to the Barclay Yard Development in Brooklyn , New York in two years . Courtesy of NESN.com copyrighted material @ all rights reserved ….

(5) This file photo taken on June 27th, 2011 shows NBA Houston Rockets’ Chinese basketball star Yao Ming listening to a question during a press conference in Taipei. Chinese media was rife with speculation on July 11, 2011 about what basketball icon Yao Ming might do next, after reports the country’s most famous sporting export is set to retire. AFP PHOTO /Getty Images / FILES / Sam YEH …..

(6) LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 26: Yao Ming (11) of the Houston Rockets looks on during their opening night game against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on October 26, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images …..


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10 thoughts on “Hashish Is The Spice of Life …………”

  1. People players don’t get voted into the Basketball Hall of Fame because they are or were nice they are given that honor for their contributions to the game. So all this talk about Yao Ming being an inudctee is simply naivete’ at this moment time . What because he was born in China and its populace were so enthralled by his fame he’s deserving of that honor it means he ought to be on the ballot in five years having met the criteria ? . If that were the case then we might as well be throwing in the likes of Michael Olowokandi and Manute Bol to name but a few .

    Let’s get real and stop it with the naivete and utter insanity of proposing such an argument !

    tophatal ………..


    1. When we frequented the Red Light District in Frankfurt, we found the Turk’s and the “brown pencil sticks” that went a hell of a lot further than some worn out poontang ever did.


      1. WW

        Anyone going to the Red Light district of Frankfurt for poon-tang has to have some serious psychological problems . The best place isn’t for …. “tang “ ain’t Frankfurt by a long shot ! Berlin is the place !

        tophatal ………


      2. WW

        Another great place is Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Ostende in Belgium . And if you know exactly where to go you can find some of the best hits available bar none !

        Could she be your friend with “fringe benefits” ?

        tophatal ……..


    2. This was 1988…..Berlin was still the HOT zone……Frankfurt rocked….all the pubs….and the German’s were just beginning to hate US…..

      The airshow crash in 88 didn’t do US any favors either…..

      You kind of saw the envy they had for our culture and lifestyle……

      Now you have countries like Turkey poaching NBA stars much like Russia’s KHL snagging NHLers…….

      Will Dwight Howard make good on his promise?

      Just like Frankfurt……Turkey is still miles behind our culture and lifestyle…….A nice place to visit……It won’t take those guy’s too long to grow tired of playing overseas….


      1. WW

        I’ve served in the military ( British Royal Marines) and prior to entering the military I traveled extensively all over Europe as a kid even had the pleasure of living in Paris while working there for 18 months for an investment bank. That being said it’s not about where you are as to the night life but actually knowing the real hot spots .

        The marquee stars going to Europe aren’t doing it for the money , it’s simply because in doing so they’re effectively covered by the team they sign with in terms of insurance. That’s not the case when the NBA lockout is ongoing as it’s then left up to the player to insure themselves rather than being covered by their respective NBA teams . The likes of Dwight Howard and Deron Williams are amongst some of the highest paid players in the league as well as on their respective teams , in this case the Magic and Nets .

        If Kris Humphries goes abroad then perhaps he can take Kim Kardashian’s dumb ass with him ?

        tophatal …………


  2. For players that don’t get hurt much I see why they’d go overseas. I kinda hope durant goes over. I never get tired of seeing him drain threes in people’s faces.

    As for Yao, there’s no denying what he brought to the table in terms of money and marketing. I mean, everyone of his rockets teammates got nice little shoe contracts because they were on his team. Not sure he should be in the HOF, but as an ambassador of the game he deserves it…


    1. chappy

      Here’s the problem though for players who seek to go abroad unless you have an amenable owner and general manager , should you have an an injury then your contract existing contract with the team can be voided . Hence the reason why I stated that both Prokhorov and Billy King had to OK’d Deron Williams’ wish to play in Turkey. They’re not paying the guy over $15 million next season should there be one for his ass to seated courtside seated on the bench . Not with the team having such an awful year last season .

      The team struggled even after the acquisition of Deron Williams and you can see their struggles with regard to the overall results and final seasonal standings .

      I feel sorry that Yao’s career was cut short due to injury especially wherein they (injuries) were recurring ! He’s been a great ambassador for the game here as well as internationally . But that doesn’t mean it justifies him being enshrined in the Hall of Fame . If he gets in merely for being a nice guy then what does that say about the likes of someone like Robert Horry ? How many rings does “Big Shot Bob” have ?

      ‘Kris I think I just felt your penis ring ‘ ? —- “No Kim that’s no penis ring I’m circumcised and you’ve had it in your mouth twice now so you should know how it actually feels ! ” .

      Put a caption to this picture if you can ? Here are my own thought as to what’s happening between the two ( Kim K & Kris Humphries )

      tophatal ……..


    1. Chris Humpherys

      We all know if Yao were inducted it would give credibility for allowing in the likes of Shawn Bradley and Bryant “Big Country ” Reeves . You’re not inducted for being a nice guy but for your contributions to the game . That’s what some of these kids don’t understand especially the ones who think that he’s in with a chance .

      Yao through no fault of his didn’t have the longevity to his career and that will undoubtedly detract from his resume’ no matter how impressive it may well seem . All Star appearances asides , when you look at his stats on the face of it , it is impressive but look at the number of games missed throughout his career and the very fact he was so susceptible to even the most innocuous of injuries beyond the plantar fasciitis and repeated reoccurring knee injuries .

      Granted Yao Ming is from a country where the population is over one billion and counting but this asinine notion that he alone single handedly changed the profile of the game within the region is so ludicrous to begin with !

      Before Yao even became prominent internationally Jordan was well known in the region because his name and brand was already synonymous with the game and so too was Nike who had a commercial and manufacturing presence there to begin with ! What the hell is wrong with some of the individuals out there ? Are they that clueless to begin with ?

      The players who seek to play abroad especially those of the caliber of Williams do so of their own volition and it’s not about greed. Dan Wolken’s piece inset within this article shows the writer’s naivete and lack of real knowledge . Players earning way less than Williams are more inclined to go merely because they’re guaranteed additional benefits such as insurance coverage by the teams they’ll be playing for which is something that Wolken fails to point out in his article because once the stoppage came into being they were no longer insured under the league’s CBA (collective bargaining agreement).


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