Put Up Or Simply Just Shut The Fu#k Up !

Put Up Or Simply Just Shut The Fuck Up !

I’ll say this repeatedly when it comes to the analysis being provided within the sports’ world can be so ridiculous and no amount of asinine jingoism and xenophobia can hide my disdain for many of these commentators. The third major of the season on the PGA Tour The Open has no rhyme or reason when you have the likes of Andy North be ing so ridiculous with his analysis in insisting that the American players have what it takes to be dominant in the majors and win . When it mattered most other than Phil Mickelson no one amongst the American players thought to be in with a chance had the stomach to show what they’re capable of in terms of facing real adversity.


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The British Open is by far the most difficult of the four majors to win and where a player simply doesn’t rely on his talent alone but also with their mental abilities . Well with the workman like effort of Darren Clarke and along the way Ireland secure its second successive major after Rory McIlroy’s historic 2011 US Open win . The course at the R&A’s Royal St George at Lytham St Anne’s , Sandwich , Kent , has always proven to be a very difficult with its numerous obstacles on this par 72 course . And for the competing players who sought to tame the greens and fairways on the fourth and final day of the tournament , well let’s just say if you choose to play with fire then you are liable to get burned .

It would appear while being passionate about the game Andy North’s insight of it tends to be inflated and over the top ! I’d hate to think how he will try summarize Clarke’s win and what it now means to the game . What I do know, it simply will prove that America’s once dominant stranglehold on the game is now slipping . The world rankings would suggest that its upper echelons that tree now is more diversified than ever before . And with the PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club, Johns Creek , Atlanta , Georgia , being the lone major left on the Tour schedule it will be very interesting to see who steps up to walk the walk .

Are my eyes mistaking me ? But scouring the papers in search of the latest tidbit of new within the world of baseball I almost fell out of my seat. But low and behold, it would appear that the once lowly Pittsburgh Pirates are riding high within the NL Central and are out to prove that they’re capable of challenging the likes of the Cincinnati Reds , Milwaukee Brewers , St Louis Cardinals . And what might be even more scary is that Clint Hurdle’s team is playing above .500 ball , enjoying themselves and they could very well be on their way to posting their first winning season almost two decades . Strange as it may seem the eyes of the world now appear to placing a great deal of scrutiny on on this team assembled with a mixture of youth and some veteran experience . Hurdle and his coaching staff along with GM Neal Huntington have to be very pleased what they are seeing from this team and their play this season at PNC Ballpark in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania .


HOUSTON – JULY 17: Center fielder Andrew McCutchen (22) of the Pittsburgh Pirates is congratulated by Neil Walker (18) and Alex Pressley (44) after making a sliding catch on a fly ball off the bat of Clint Barmes (12) of the Houston Astros in the eighth inning at Minute Maid Park on July 17, 2011 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

If there’s a star on this Pirates’ team then one has to consider it to be Andrew McCutchen the outfielder and the exuberant leader of this young roster . As eventful as the season seems to have be for the Pirates the very thought that the organization could possibly be a part of the postseason now seems to be dawning on their fans as what could be in the offing . From my own standpoint I think that the biggest surprise would be to finally post winning season for the first time in over decade and a half . If that were to happen then you cannot deny Clint Hurdle the NL Manager of the Year Award in having led the team to a winning record for the season . Now over the final two months of the season we may very see the true character of this team and how they acquit themselves down the final stretch of run of the season .

The Pittsburgh Pirates through a great deal of resolve have proved themselves worthy adversaries for their rivals within the NL Central as well as the rest of the National League at large . And though I do believe that the team in its present guise are very good, I simply do not believe that they are good enough to win the division ! However , with that being said with the undoubted character and it appears the maturity being shown , it does bode well for the future of the team. I still have my doubts as to the intention the team’s owner Bob Nutting and his partners as I view the senior partner as being nothing more than a predatory raider or more akin to a vulture hovering above the dead carcass of animal looking to gnaw away at its remains ! For years Nutting has literally complained and plead nothing but poverty as the team has struggled to be competitive on the field of play and also from a financial standpoint. And having bought the team from the McClatchy family every effort we were led to believe would be sought in turning this organization around.


Bob Nutting has made sure that the team’s payroll has remained amongst the lowest in the league but while that facade has continued the team has profited greatly from the league hierarchy’s tax revenue sharing scheme . If only one could simply take Nutting at his word when he continues plead his case that the team isn’t making any money. But the benefits reaped from paring down the the salary of the team and then reaping the dividends of the revenue scheme leads me to believe that the owner has less than economical with the truth ! So much so that now with the team now playing with a great deal more zeal it could very well be that the organization will be forced to become a buyer in the free agency market if they are to prove to their fans that there intent is to win. And with that very deadline due on the 31st July it could determine what we are to expect from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

As the NFL lockout continues and with both sets of lawyers for the league and union now intent on working out the legal verbiage for what will be a new 10 year CBA (collective bargaining agreement) , I would like to think that the owners within the NBA and league hierarchy are carefully taking note of the events taking place between the two sides. If it’s apparent that the NBPA is not at all interested in conceding to any of the requests being made of the by the league then the fans will bear witnesses to what very well be a very contentious battle .

Commissioner David Stern and his opposite number within the union executive director Billy Hunter are now looking for the league accede to their wishes. And once again both sides are showing their intransigence while at the same not wanting to back down in the eyes of the public. It seems abundantly clear both sides are underestimating the goodwill and patience of the fans and much like the idiocy shown by their counterparts in the NFL it may well take a prolonged lockout before we see both sides actually come to their senses.

From being a scoring champion to perennial All Star the fall from grace of Tracy McGrady simply has been astounding . Last season the player simply slipped further down in our conscience from that once formidable offensive threat to someone who if anything has become more of an enigma and conundrum all rolled into one. The player this upcoming season should there be one will be a free agent and he has stated that he feels that he can be a contributor to any team willing to take a chance on him.

In 2010 we saw Tracy McGrady as a member of the Detroit Pistons and as we all know the team had a miserable season . GM Joe Dumars had a contentious relationship with coach John Kuester and it has to be said with new owner , billionaire Tom Gores now in place I for one seriously doubt that the Pistons in their present guise will be a team to be reckoned with. Dumars’ own position within the Pistons’ front office could very well become somewhat tenuous as I firmly believe that the new ownership could very well be intent on bringing in someone who they feel that they are more likely to work alongside . Kuester was summarily fired by Dumars after last season’s disappointing record and lack of play all round.

At this stage of his career , as a fifteen year veteran in the league I seriously doubt that Tracy McGrady has that much left to offer a team , other than his experience . Most notably as a player his skills simply have declined to a point where he has become more of a liability rather than an asset to a team . And that to my mind simply doesn’t bode well for any franchise who might take a chance on the player .

The coaching position with the Detroit Piston still remains vacant and with Tom Gores , incoming as the new team owner , there’s no doubt that he will assess the situation and needs of the organization before coming to a decision as to who ought to succeed John Kuester . Joe Dumars may well feel that it is either time to step down or continue to work within the Pistons’ organization in conjunction with the new owner.

And so the Women’s World World Cup comes to an abrupt end with Japan defeating USA on penalties 3-1 in a shootout after regular and then overtime play. What gave anyone reason to believe why the US ought to be deemed favorites is completely beyond me ! They may well have the experience but in straight laced terms , there were not the best team in the tournament and certainly not based on their play ! If truth be known the Japanese having beaten the two best teams in the quarters and semi finals simply showed why they were deserving of this victory. And this is not meant to demean the achievements of the US team in this tournament . Emotions and the fact that with all that the tiny nation had been through in the aftermath of a natural disaster may well have made Japan an heartwarming favorite . But I believe them to be favorites coming into this game solely based on their play. Throughout the tournament you simply see the Japanese team raise the level of their play and wherein they just played to their strengths and showed that technically they were that much better than their opponents and most notably so in the final match of the competition .


Bob Ley (left) , Brandi Chastain and Tony DiCicco discuss the role of nerves in the Final, and how this team fits into the legacy of US Women’s Soccer. Courtesy of ESPN ……..

As is usual in such cases ESPN brings in what they deem to be people with knowledge of the game of soccer . Granted , the game still has its detractors and supporters but in all honesty if they are bringing in analysts with insight , then let it be someone whose bloviated bias won’t be so pronounced that you simply are going to be resoundingly bored by their observations and commentary . And that has certainly been the case throughout their coverage of the competition. Brandy Chastain , Briana Scurry and Tony DiCicco simply have been an adulterated busts as commentators and analysts . No amount of impartiality could be shown by either of the trio even if their lives depended on it . Whether or not you are associated or have been associated with the teams as each have at least have the temerity to provide the viewers with something more than your blatant bias . With the loss came the perfunctory excuses as to their views as to why the US failed but their lack of candor in acknowledging the team on the day was simply outplayed leads me to believe that they viewed Japan as a minor hurdle in what they felt to be a victory that was guaranteed prior to the start of the game ! Don’t get me wrong if you’re going to state a reason why a team ought to win you have also got to be prepared to state the reasons why they could also fail . Something I feel that ESPN and their so called analysts seemingly forget whilst on air !



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What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment as you deem fit .

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(1) Northern Irish golfer Darren Clarke poses with the Claret Jug on the 18th green the morning after winning the 140th British Open Golf championship at Royal St George’s in Sandwich, Kent, south-east England, on July 18, 2011. AFP PHOTO/Getty Images/ Peter Muhly ….

(2) SANDWICH, ENGLAND – JULY 17: during the final round of The 140th Open Championship at Royal St George’s on July 17, 2011 in Sandwich, England. Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images …..

(3) Scott Van Pelt (left) of ESPN is seen here with co-host Andy North a former PGA Tour professional and two time Major winner . Courtesy of ESPN/ABC ……

(4) HOUSTON – JULY 17: Right fielder Xavier Paul (38) of the Pittsburgh Pirates leaps but can’t make the catch on a home run by Humberto Quintero (55) of the Houston Astros in the eleventh inning at Minute Maid Park on July 17, 2011 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images …

(5) HOUSTON – JULY 17: Center fielder Andrew McCutchen (22) of the Pittsburgh Pirates is congratulated by Neil Walker (18) and Alex Pressley(44) after makeng a sliding catch on a fly ball off the bat of Clint Barmes (12) of the Houston Astros in the eighth inning at Minute Maid Park on July 17, 2011 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images …

(6) Former Pirates CEO Kevin McClatchy and Chairman of the Board Robert (Bob) Nutting discuss the “change of control” within the Pirates ownership. The McClatchy family who owned the team outright sold the concern to Bob Nutting and a consortium of investors in 2007 . Phil Rombach/ Pittsburgh Post Gazette ….

(7) In this April 10, 2011, file photo, then-Detroit Pistons coach John Kuester reacts to a call in the first half of the Pistons’ 112-101 win over the Charlotte Bobcats in an NBA basketball game in Charlotte, N.C. The Los Angeles Lakers have hired Kuester as an assistant under new coach Mike Brown, reuniting the duo who worked in Cleveland together. AP Photo/Chuck Burton ……

(8) Pistons’ owner Tom Gores is seen here with the team’s GM Joe Dumars at the Palace of Auburn Hills , Auburn Hills , Michigan, home to the basketball franchise . Gores purchased the team from the Davidson family whose patriarch Bill Davidson died in 2009. AFP/ Chris Gould ……

(9) Tracy McGrady (1) of of the Detroit Pistons drives against James Jones (22) of the Miami Heat during a game at American Airlines Arena on January 28, 2011 in Miami, Florida. Getty Images North America / Mike Ehrmann …..

(10) TOPSHOTS: Japan’s midfielder Homare Sawa (C) celebrates with the trophy and teammates after the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup final match Japan vs USA on July 17, 2011 in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany. Japan won 3-1 in a penalty shoot-out after the final had finished 2-2 following extra-time. AFP PHOTO / PATRIK STOLLARZ

(11) FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY – JULY 17: (L-R) Homare Sawa of Japan winning the adidas golden shoe award as the best player of the tournament and Abby Wambach of USA, winning the adidas silver golden shoe stand on the podium after being rewarded during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final match between Japan and USA at the FIFA World Cup stadium Frankfurt on July 17, 2011 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Japan against USA 5-3 after penalty shoot-out. Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images ….

(12) FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY – JULY 17: Tobin Heath of USA (3rd R) comforts Sahnnon Boxx of USA (R) after failed shooting a penalty during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final match between Japan and USA at the FIFA World Cup stadium Frankfurt on July 17, 2011 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Japan won 5-3 after penalty shoot-out against the USA. Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images ……

(13) Bob Ley (left) , Brandi Chastain and Tony DiCicco discuss the role of nerves in the Final, and how this team fits into the legacy of US Women’s Soccer. Courtesy of ESPN ……..


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

18 thoughts on “Put Up Or Simply Just Shut The Fu#k Up !”

  1. If the Pirates do somehow upset the apple cart and win the NL Central then should we expect a miracle of some sort next season should the Royals manage to end up with a winning record ? I guess not because the chances of that happening are bordering on us all witnessing Lindsay Lohan managing to stay sober and off opiates .

    Well I’m not drunk and we don’t do drugs but we are into into girl on girl action !

    Andy North now makes Johnny Miller seem intelligent and that’s when Miller isn’t trying to stay say how much better he could have been than Tom Watson . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal …………..


    1. Even the lowly Indians look decent…..

      Some sort of shift in the earth’s axis?

      Now if the Cleveland Brown ring’s come out of the gate on fire…then yes….I’ll buy into the 2012 end-of-the-world garbage…..

      These golf commentators are just as pathetic as those who praise Danica Patrick’s every move….

      “Bob Nutting”? Really?…..Sounds like a killer porn star screen-name……

      As close as I get to watching golf these days is the long drive circut…..

      Even that series has become OVER SATURATED with doofus commentators and cornball analysis…..

      Maybe explains why I pop in here?……Need a freash take on stuff…..


      1. WW

        The Indians will probably find a way of screwing things up by losing the AL Central . God knows that the team has been so uneven in their play .

        Winning ? I think not ! The only thing winning about Sheen is that he’s no longer of real interest to most !

        The Browns ? Why not throw in the bumbling Bengals as well ? Are you mad ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Both teams have about as much chance of winning as Charlie Sheen has of being taken seriously as a valid reason why booze and drugs are said to be harmless ! Is there anything worthwhile coming out Cleveland much less the state of Ohio at present ?

        Johnny Miller and Andy North two has beens whose best days are behind them certainly not ahead of them that’s for sure !

        When was Danica Patrick ever relevant ? Well that’s unless she’s half naked !

        This is meant to be a sound check ? Or meant to assist this guy get over his fear of enclosed spaces ?

        I’m sorry but when it comes to the owners within baseball Nutting , Frank McCourt , Saul Katz , Fred Wilpon and David Glass epitomize absolutely everything that’s wrong with the game ! Clueless and frigging dumb ass greedy owners !

        Thanks for chiming in with a comment and you’re always welcome !

        tophatal ………….


  2. Darren Clarke had a great tourney. It was cool to see how emotional he was on the last couple holes. I drank a beer for him Sunday night.

    I can’t believe Pittsburgh is doing so well. It should be interesting to see what they come up with from trades. They haven’t been buyers in a LONG time, maybe they don’t even know how to do it!


    1. chappy

      What Darren Clarke did during the tournament was great ! He played steady golf without taking too many risks and that is needed on a course like the R&A in Sandwich , Kent . The Open is by far the toughest of all the four majors to win much less play consistent golf for four consecutive rounds .

      “I’m telling you all now that this is simply a genetic problem inherited from the patriarchal side of the family that causes me to fart each time I open up my pocket book to spend money”

      If the Pirates win the NL Central then it could be viewed as an apocalyptic sign that hell could be freezing over and the end of the world is near ? What do you think ?
      If they (Pirates) are buyers then team owner Bob Nutting had better clear the cobwebs out of his pocket book first . The guy is so averse to spending money that each time he has to open up his pocket book there’s the sound of flatulence from his ass in disappointment , in having to spend money .

      tophatal …………….


      1. I was reading about how the Pirates attendance is skyrocketing. Maybe Nutting will be more inclined to spend to keep those people going through the turnstiles!


        1. chappy

          Nutting may well start to spend money once the Pirates’ operations actually turns a fiscal profit without the aid of the league hierarchy and that’s accountable for more than half the teams in MLB ! . He has to do something because he could very well start to lose players such as McCutchen once their arbitration clocks stop . As for the Missouri lad when he pulls his head out of the sand and realizes that the Pirates aren’t doing it with smoking mirrors perhaps he’ll begin to get a god-damn clue !

          Smoking mirrors means it’s all an illusion and thus far it’s not been that as far as the Pirates are concerned as they’re beginning to make not just the rest of the division sit up and take note but the entire landscape of baseball which is something that most haven’t yet began to believe . If they should fall by the wayside at season’s end then so be it but you can’t simply count them out when they are actually now being more than competitive . Has he looked at the NL Central lately ? He’s all about stats and the future , baseball isn’t about fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm and supposition but real sh_t !

          McCutchen in full swing

          tophatal …………….


  3. The Pirates have got to be the story of the year so far in baseball. It’s got to be cool for those Pittsburgh fans who have never had a good baseball team, finally with a team in the hunt for October. Hopefully they make some acquisitions for an outfielder and pitcher and solidify their chances.


    1. Diehardsport

      And hell is now about to freeze over as this could well be a sign of the oncoming apocalypse should the Pirates end up with a winning season and winning the NL Central . I’m not averse to ” Cinderella stories ” within sports but after all these years of Bob Nutting shafting the fans with the premise that they’re (organization) broke this is not the sort of thing that I like to see happen to one of the most despicable owners in baseball !

      Ava Devine adult entertainer r extraordinaire



  4. ESPN is a joke. My Grandmother knows mroe about futebol than those idiots. She’s been dead since 1976. Look The real truth women’s soccer has gone by the wayside of political correctness. In actuality women’s soccer is not that popular. The folks at ESPN make it so. In brasil and the rest it was who gives a shit. The only reason why Germany had any interest it was played in germany. In all commentators are over blown wind bags. Full of shit and hot air. That’s why they stink.


    1. Bobby Gee

      It’s not a prerequisite to be bright or intelligent to be employed by ESPN much like it’s the same over at Fox News ! Stupidity makes up for what they actually call talent at both broadcast outlets !

      The fallout is that while the tournament was on the fans were somewhat enamored but in reality it won’t create a heightened interest in the WPSL the professional female soccer league now playing here in the US . They average a mere 2,500 per game and the top players barely earn in excess of $25,000 a year . So much for that experiment don’t you think ?
      In the MLS the top team in terms of avg attendance happens to be the Seattle Sounders FC not the LA Galaxy and there they (Sounders) average over 35,000 per game .

      It’s not about being politically correct or incorrect it’s about money and how sponsors spend it in the process . Women’s soccer has yet to reach that mass appeal in the consumer market and ’til it starts to drive the needle wherein advertisers take note then not much of a seismic shift will actually begin to take place . In the case of the men it all boils down to the fact that the national side isn’t that good to begin and no player other than Tim Howard is actually recognized as a world class player .

      tophatal ……….


    1. al clements

      I’m not so sure that the owners of the team can afford that ! Do you think you could go lower on the price ? After all you do get to have fun with your teammates in the communal showers after the game .

      Women’s soccer in the WPSL would be so much more interesting if the team uniforms were somewhat skimpy and slutty looking don’t you think ?

      And if your Pirates win the NL Central then I’m consulting anything written by Nostradamus to see if this is one of the signs of the apocalypse .

      tophatal ……………..


  5. It is pretty wild that the Pirates are somehow leading that division, but there is still so much more baseball to be played. The Cards and Brewers are breathing down their necks and Cincy isn’t too far behind, but who knows, anything can happen in this crazy sport.


    1. jgome

      I know that there are certain parts of the country undergoing a heat wave but hell has now begun to freeze over with the prospect that the Pirates could win the NL Central .

      But then again it might not be that bad especially if something like this could be on offer ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      tophatal ……..


  6. jgome

    Who’d have thought that the Pirates would be challenging the likes of the Brewers , Cardinals and Reds for supremacy within the NL Central . To me it’s not a sign of how good the division is said to be but how piss poor the play of the Brewers , Cardinals and Reds have been this season !

    The race isn’t as exciting as some believe it to be ……….. a lot of it as I have said has come down to the poor play of the teams within the division . If you want to look at a real divisional race then look to the AL and NL East at present . The teams in the upper echelons of both divisions are playing far more competitive and exciting ball ! The NL wildcard entrant will come from the East and not from either Central or the West ……….. bank on it !

    Shame ’bout USA in the World Cup but that’s simply the way things go !

    But here’s something to cheer you up .

    tophatal …………………


  7. It’s really too bad the women’s soccer team fell short of their goals, kind of anti-climactic toward the end there, but maybe that just saved us all the endless and certainly nauseating media coverage that would have accompanied a victory.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      As great as the Women’s World Cup was and the excitement provided for the US women coming back to play for their professional teams within the WPSL it’s going to be a major letdown with regard to the fact that they were playing in front of packed stadiums and a global audience of millions . The reality will be that there will be barely 2,500 at most games and hardly anyone watching via tv . The game has little support from a commercial standpoint here to begin with ! Not unlike in the Far East and Europe where a number of the teams there have a tie in with the clubs with their professional male counterparts . Not the case here with the WPSL and MLS

      What I found about the coverage on ESPN was the unadulterated bias and the very fact that analysis provided was nowhere as succinct and knowledgeable as one would think. DiCicco , Scurry and Chastain were simply there to cheer on the US and do not much else at all . They (ESPN and the analysts) made Fox News looks as if they have some morsel of journalistic integrity as we know that’s a frigging hard thing to do given Fox’s present problems and issues within that organization .

      Now they’re rewarding the players for failure and futility ! What does that tell you about the whole situation to begin with ? They were deemed the favorites , came up embarrassingly short and they’re now being treated like conquering heroines in the advent of a loss and that’s simply bullsh_t and has now become representative of the idiocy that’s now becoming associated with the country as a whole !

      tophatal ……………………..


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