Did Hell Freeze Over ? The Ryans Are At It Again …… Well At Least One Of Them Appears To Be ….

Did Hell Freeze Over ? The Ryans Are At It Again …… Well At Least One Of Them Appears To Be …..

So Rob Ryan feels that the Dallas Cowboys are not getting the respect that he feels the team rightfully deserves . The defensive coordinator brought in by head coach Jason Garrett to improve the defensive capabilities of the organization feels aggrieved that the Philadelphia Eagles are now being lauded over as the team to beat within the NFC . As Ryan would suggest in a public statement ………….. ” we Ryans walk the walk and don’t simply talk the talk ” . Perhaps Rob Ryan should remember his brother Rex Ryan’s own mea culpa last season in predicting that the New York Jets would win the Superbowl . And as we all know the Jets fell short once again at the penultimate obstacle .


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Rob Ryan should now spend what time he has coaching this Cowboys’ defense and get them playing with some brevitas rather than the sheer ineptitude on display last season . And as good as this team believe themselves to be from my own standpoint I find the Dallas Cowboys simply over-rated ! And it certainly hasn’t helped that Jerry Jones as the team owner , whose own persona is almost as big as the stupendous Cowboys’ Stadium . In his tenure as the team owner this organization has seen the highs and the lows . If nothing else it would appear that the idiocy of the tv pundits remain as if look to place the Cowboys amongst the teams they believe to amongst the contenders for the Superbowl.

Courtesy of ESPN.com Dallas

Rob Ryan takes swipe at ‘all-hype team’

By Tim McMahon , ESPN Dallas

SAN ANTONIO — New defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is well aware that the Dallas Cowboys’ signings of Marcus Spears, Kenyon Coleman and Jason Hatcher aren’t sexy, but that’s fine by him.

“I don’t know if we win the all-hype team,” Ryan said after Monday’s second practice, when asked about the Cowboys’ defensive end rotation. “That might have gone to someone else, but we’re going to beat their ass when we play them.”

So who would win all-hype honors?

“I don’t know,” Ryan muttered, then excused himself from the media horde.

Might Ryan have been referring to the NFC East squad that signed an All-Pro cornerback (Nnamdi Asomugha), a Super Bowl champion defensive lineman (Cullen Jenkins), a Pro Bowl pass-rusher (Jason Babin) and a former third overall pick/backup quarterback (Vince Young), plus traded for another Pro Bowl cornerback (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) in the past week?

Jenkins, who signed a five-year deal with the Eagles Saturday, responded late Monday night via Twitter: “Talk is cheap. Let them talk. We are focused here and I could care less. We are worried about ourselves n getting better. He must be nervous.”

The Ryan family has fired plenty of shots in the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry, which features an entire chapter about Rob’s father Buddy Ryan’s days as Philadelphia’s fiery, foul-mouthed head coach.

However, this might have been the first shot fired by a Ryan while defending the Cowboys, although it wasn’t a direct blow.

The Cowboys visit the Eagles in a nationally televised prime-time game Oct. 30, and host Philadelphia Dec. 24.


I think that much of Rob Ryan’s resentment comes from the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are not the primary story on the sports pages as the Philadelphia Eagles through their moves have usurped “America’s Team” with the publicity they are now getting . And as we all know Jerry Jones and this organization have never been publicity shy. Granted , as one of the teams within the always competitive NFC East the Dallas Cowboys will be up against the New York Giants , Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins . Both the Giants and Redskins appear to be works in progress and with the contractual problems that now seem to have arisen concerning Osi Umenyiora it would appear that Tom Coughlin’s team could well be in for a pretty inauspicious start to the pre and regular season . Umenyiora for his part would like a contract extension but that doesn’t appear that the front office is amenable to the player’s request at present . The defensive stalwart has asked to be traded should the New York Giants fail to meet his demands . So as with numerous teams who tend to have a situation where a player feels dissatisfied with his contract situation , it then becomes a premise of the the player in this case Osi Umenyiora seeking a trade or holding out of training camp seeking to force the issue .

The Cowboys’ season will be predicated on the play of Tony Romo , as he goes , so does this team . With the moves made by Jerry Jones during the off-season and their draft choices it will be very interesting to see how the Dallas Cowboys acquit themselves over the course of the year . There’s no denying that the team can be as prolific from an offensive standpoint but in reality apart from the injuries suffered last season it has been their inconsistency that in many respects led to the team’s complacency and downfall. If there was one thing I found abundantly clear about the Dallas Cowboys it has been the very fact that Jerry Jones does not always know what is best for this organization. As shrewd as businessman as we know him to be and that he stands heads and shoulders above his peers when it comes to the branding and garnering the publicity for a team . The franchise itself now amongst the most valuable sports teams in the world and by far the most valuable team in the NFL .

The Dallas Cowboys currently valued at over $1.85 billion , Jerry Jones knows that he’s sitting on a gold mine as the organization looks to make the organization resurgent both on and off the field. Cowboys Stadium the vast edifice built to Jones’ grandiose requirements with its large jumbotron screen and a capacity to seat 100,000 fans has become the doyenne of the NFL market place. The venue itself staged several major concerts and sporting events. But the long held feeling of the owner Jerry Jones was to have his team host the Superbowl . That hasn’t happened and it’s unlikely to happen for the foreseeable future , until the Dallas Cowboys are able handle whatever is thrown their way in terms of real adversity.

Jason Garrett along with Rob Ryan and the coaching staff will have their work cut for them this season as the team looks to make themselves credible contenders. Jason Witten , Dez Bryant , DeMarcus Ware , Miles Austin and Tony Romo himself will have to lead the team with a great deal of authority. Inasmuch as the quarterback is viewed amongst the elite players at the position within the league . Romo in name only and his fans may well feel ranks up there with the elite quarterbacks but from my own perspective , Romo while competent , when there’s real adversity in their midst , it appears the moment he’s beset by a real threat ___ he along with his teammates will simply fold like a cheaply made suit !

Jason Garrett in particular will come under a great deal of scrutiny and given the fact that his predecessor Wade Phillips may well have been the sacrificial lamb after the team’s disappointing season in 2010 . With Phillips’ firing and Jerry Jones’ admission that mistakes had been made on his part he knows that the 2011-12 season numerous questions will be asked answered not only about the team but the entire organization as a whole. If there are no answers forthcoming then clearly it tell us a great deal about the character of the players and in particular about the Dallas Cowboys.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

From your own standpoint do you see the Dallas Cowboys being a formidable challenge within the NFC and league as a whole ? And as such is Rob Ryan justified in his criticism of the Philadelphia Eagles ____ and the fact that he views team as getting far more publicity than they deserve ? Leave a comment as you would deem fit and thanks for the continued support .

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(1) Dallas Cowboys running back Lonyae Miler, left, moves agroun Andrew Sendejo during a scrimmage at the NFL football team’s training camp in San Antonio on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2011. AP Photo/San Antonio Express-News, John Davenport ….

(2) Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, left, is slowed by Orlando Scandrick during NFL football training camp Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate ……

(3) Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks on the field during the NFL football team’s training camp Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate …….

(4) Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett talks to reporters during NFL football training camp Monday, Aug. 1, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate ……

(5) Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, right, talks to Cowboys’ Victor Butler during an NFL training camp practice, Sunday, July 31, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate …………….

(6) Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo runs drills during NFL football training camp Monday, Aug. 1, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate …….

(7) Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo passes the ball during NFL training camp, Saturday, July 30, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate ……

(8) Jason Garrett (left) and Rob Ryan seen here sidelines at Cowboys’ Stadium during the team’s practice sessions. Ryan the newly installed defensive coordinator along with the other members of the team’s coaching staff are looking to make the Cowboys more competitive on both sides of the ball during the upcoming season . AP Photo/ Paul Barnes …….

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5 thoughts on “Did Hell Freeze Over ? The Ryans Are At It Again …… Well At Least One Of Them Appears To Be ….”

  1. Rob Ryan is a carbon copy of his brother Rex ……… he like his coaching sibling can actually make bull_hit walk . Because as we know the Ryans have yet to be ………. “money when it matters most “ ! And it’s not happening this season either with the Cowboys , not by a god-damn long shot or any other perceived cumulative odds . The likes of Schlereth and Jaworski can still kiss the porcelain throne that the Dallas Cowboys’ players pi_s in but that’s not unusual given the incredible homo-erotic love-fest that goes on concerning ESPN’s analysts and the team (Cowboys ) .

    tophatal ………..


  2. I loved Rob when he was the Raiders Defensive Coach. He’s got that fire that players are drawn too. Doesn’t really matter what he says, but whatever it happens to be you know he belives it! I feel like Garrett has them moving in the right direction, but I hope that’s not actually the case…


    1. chappy

      Rob Ryan had better have the ‘nads to back the sh_t up instead of mouthing off like a petulant school kid because no one simply isn’t taking notice of him or the team . I mean it’s not as if over the past five years the Cowboys have actually achieved anything worth acknowledging in the NFL to begin with . So why should the fans now be overly enthusiastic to believe that he of all people will be the one to make this organization be relevant once again ? Jerry Jones > has a tried and tested message when it comes to failure he simply won’t delegate and that’s what has led to the Cowboys being a never ending monstrous joke within the NFL !

      If both Ryan and Jason Garret can’t lead the Cowboys to a winning season and postseason berth I can assure you that it will be thought of as a complete failure !

      “I’m not telling you again Romo may well be effeminate but I’m not about to find out “! Jason Garrett

      The Dallas Cowboys will be under pressure to compete not only within the NFC East but across the league as a whole . The team looks good on paper but that means nothing as it’s what you do on the field that counts in the end. Unfortunately for the idiots within ESPN who continue to make them perennial favorites for the Superbowl you can clearly see that there’s not an an a##hole within the Cowboys organization that they won’t simply kiss !

      Both Jerry Jones and his son , Stephen Jones will be watching both coaches under the scrutiny of a microscope this season .

      tophatal ………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      To assist me in the analysis I’ll be consulting with the following ratings’ agencies Fitch’s , Moody’s and Standard & Poors as well someone who may well know something about the game . I think that they can spot a winner don’t you ?

      Rob Ryan is simply dumbfounded as to why the Cowboys aren’t getting more pub in light of their past two disastrous seasons . He’d better get this team ready to play some top notch football this season not only within their division but also as a whole . Anything short of the playoffs and Jerry Jones will once again start to clean house not only amongst the team but also within the coaching ranks and that includes Jason Garrett as well . The owner’s tolerance level is now like a volcano that’s close to erupting . The head coach may well be thought of the boy wonder but if he doesn’t measure up then he could be gone without a doubt .

      Jones has been embarrassed enough as it is already and the longer the mediocrity continues even with the new stadium in place the more likely it is he will seek a remedy for the situation . Granted , they can stage other events there and turn a a profit but the main purpose of having the venue built was for the team to stage not only a Superbowl there but with them being part of the very event itself . It hasn’t happened yet and I don’t believe that it’s about to anytime soon !

      The team looks good on paper but that’s not where the games are played . Romo had better show that he’s able to lead by example and not continually come up with excuses for his and their repeated failures .

      It’s always good to be on or by the beach don’t you think ?

      tophatal …………


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