Jim Thome A Real Baseball Hero ?

Jim Thome A Real Baseball Hero ?

So over the course of the season much had been made of the Derek Jeter watch was on and his march towards 3,000 hits and the feat achieved by the player. With that being said while Jeter and his teammates tussle with their venerable rivals the Boston Red Sox for supremacy atop of the AL East . For me what has been interesting witness is the march of Minnesota Twins’ Jim Thome as he makes himself bona-fide Hall of Fame candidate. His stellar career has been something that the fans of the game can truly appreciate . Albeit the season for the Twins has been a tremendous letdown within the AL Central .


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There hasn’t been much for Ron Gardenhire and his staff to be truly appreciative of even with the recent —- record of the team within the division . Bill Smith the team’s general manager has been appreciative of what Jim Thome has brought to the team apart from his contributions. If anything the player sees himself as tutor to the younger members of this organization and that if anything shows what the seasoned veteran has been about and what he simply represents as a player.

Injuries have plagued the Minnesota Twins this season and with the front office seeking not to make any trade deadline moves the loss of Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer over the course of the year simply meant that the team would not make much of a challenge within the division .

The AL Central remains a close and suspenseful thriller between the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers . Both teams are playing some solid baseball but if anything of late the Indians have been very inconsistent in terms of their play and they now know they are in for a real challenge if they are to have any chance of making the postseason . Given the history the history of the Indians in terms of the baseball playoffs there is a great deal on the line for the organization. The Detroit Tigers for their part under Jim Leyland along with his coaching staff know that this is perhaps their best chance obtaining a postseason berth and adding to the Tigers’ history in that endeavor . GM Dave Dombrowski having assembled a team that’s built for a run at the World Series . Leading the way for the Tigers is their Cy Young candidate Justin Verlander along with Brandon Inge and Miguel Cabrera . The race within the division now rests on the play of both teams down the home stretch run .

As to what’s now expected over the ensuing months I would very much like to see Jim Thome hit that landmark of 600 home runs ! Given the talent of players who have now reached that mark this only adds to the legacy of the player’s esteemed career. Now granted , there will always be controversy surrounding Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds the all-time home runs leader. The distinction of the 600 home run plateau much like the landmark of Jeter reaching the 3,000 hits’ mark is not lost on the players and its importance in terms of that legacy of becoming a member of the Hall of Fame .

It certainly will be interesting what will be made as the writers make their adjudications concerning the players eligible for the Hall of Fame. Undoubtedly Thome’s name will be amongst those eligible upon his retirement and meeting the criteria of set forth by the committee adjudicating and then voting on the nominees due for enshrinement.



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What thoughts if any do you have on the points raised within this article ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts and thanks once again for the continued support as it is greatly appreciated .

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(1) Jim Thome (25) of the Minnesota Twins reacts to striking out against the Chicago White Sox in the second inning on August 7, 2011 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images ….

(2) Jim Thome (25) of the Minnesota Twins looks on during the ninth inning against the Cleveland Indians on August 6, 2011 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The White Sox defeated the Twins 6-1 . Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images ….)

(3) Jim Thome (25) of the Minnesota Twins strikes out to end the game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the ninth inning of the game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on August 4, 2011 in Anaheim, California. The Angels won 7-1 . Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images …..

(4) Tsuyoshi Nishioka (1) of the Minnesota Twins speaks to members of the media as manager Ron Gardenhire (L) and general manager Bill Smith (C) look on during a press conference December 18, 2010 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Getty Images / Hannah Foslien …..


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10 thoughts on “Jim Thome A Real Baseball Hero ?”

  1. Can’t argue with what you said, Thome is a first ballot HOFer, and has carried himself in a very professional way. It’s impossible to not root for the guy. I wonder how much longer he’ll keep playing?


    1. chappy

      Thome’s stats speak for itself elves and it goes without saying we both agree he’s a consensus first ballot Hall of Famer ! The only thing that may well detract from his feats will be the veracity with which he’s looked upon by the BBWAA when they come to adjudicate for enshrinement . Unfortunately over the past decade plus with players that’ve retired there will be some who meet the five year criteria but their names will also be tinged with the steroid controversy . And that’s going to be the real downside in all of this .

      These are the players possibly due in for 2012 ……… Barry Larkin , Jack Morris , Lee Smith , Don Mattingly , Bernie Williams and Javy Lopez to name but a few . As such I don’t believe any of these candidates are tinged with the PED controversy and the era . But who knows what will happen when it comes to the BBWAA ?

      I certainly hope that when Thome’s name comes up there won’t be any stupidity on the part of the adjudicators and at the same time his name isn’t coming up in conjunction with the likes of McGwire or Palmeiro at the time of the balloting !

      tophatal ………


        1. chappy

          I certainly hope so ! It’s hard to believe that at one time the league hierarchy were actually ready to contract both the Twins and Marlins . If anything the two organizations have in some way represented the highs and lows of the game over the last 15 years . The Marlins having won two World Series then repeatedly fallen to depth of sheer ineptitude because of ownership problems . The Twins have been consistent in winning divisional titles but come the postseason they’ve melted like butter having been touched by a hot knife .

          I think with the draft choices made by Smith and the staff this organization should succeed next season within the AL Central . God knows the fans in attendance at Target Field deserve more than they’ve been getting from this team over the course of this season .


  2. Thome was a fist ballot HOFer with or without the steroid scandal, but even more so since he’s been clean.

    .277 career batting average, 600 homers soon and 2300 hits.

    If I’m not correct, the poor guy played on the White Sox AFTER they won the World Series and the Phillies BEFORE.

    Right place, wrong time.


    1. Chris Humperys

      Right place wrong time is a a fact and it’s sad . But hopefully the career stats will add to Thome’s resume’ when it comes to adjudicating his case for the Hall of Fame . My only problem is how he’ll be treated by the moronic ” idiots “ within the BBWAA !

      Amongst those are Olney , Kurkjian and Gammons , who let’s just say talk a good talk but when it comes to actually pointing the main problems of the game simply skip over them as an aberration .

      If Thome plays another two years perhaps with a bona-fide contender and wins a World Series then I feel it will seal his fate as an immediate entrant into the Hall of Fame without there being any type of argument from anyone at all !

      tophatal …………….


  3. Jim Thome is a class act in this age of juicer ball. Remember Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer. Hank did it period.


    1. Bobby Gee

      That’s what sets apart Thome , Griffey Jr , Larkin and Jeter from many of their peers as they’ve done it all with class ! Unlike the thugs and idiots of the ‘roid era that fans suggest should be placed within the Hall of Fame . Laws of the land trump the idiocy of their thinking ! .

      The likes of Ruth , Mantle and Cobb may well have used liquor but it wasn’t against the law . And you’re right Hank Aaron did it with class when you consider what he went through on his way to surpassing Ruth’s mark . He was subjected to unimaginable torrents of racial abuse and threats of physical violence . But somehow the historians skip over that very fact but they laud the likes of Bonds , McGwire and Sosa . Basically that shows their sheer ignorance , complete and utter stupidity !

      tophatal …………


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