Let ESPN Report To You A Story And I Can Smell The Bullshit Coming From A Mile !

Let ESPN Report To You A Story And I Can Smell The Bullshit Coming From A Mile !

So it’s now much ado about nothing but it would seem that not only is ESPN intent on reporting the news if at all possible they would rather create the news. Amongst the channel’s litany of analysts you have cabal of analysts that purport to provide the viewer with some semblance of analysis on the NFL game . It would appear that Merrill Hoge rather than providing some insight on the events would rather elicit the sort of response often observed from the ignorance and bigotry shown on the political news channels one can view.


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Hoge’s somewhat taciturn dislike of the Denver Broncos’ young quarterback Tim Tebow seems to have taken on an almost venal tone . Rather than scrutinize the apparent flaws what he believes to be the player’s game it’s as if Merrill Hoge is out to lambast the player and if anything place a noose around the kid’s neck . Granted, there have always been questions about Tim Tebow’s game stemming from his years at Florida . But what one simply cannot deny is that the former Gator had a stellar career and his resume’ speaks for itself. Hoge for his part much like his peers at the Bristol , Connecticut based sports’ programmer has become more akin to making themselves the story rather than actually reporting the story . Or I could suggest that they’d rather create some controversy and bilk that event for all that it’s worth !

In the midst of this fomenting story we have the incumbent quarterback Kyle Orton who it would appear that the Denver Broncos had sought to trade in the off-season. With there being no takers for the player the front office led by the Head of Football Operations John Elway will now see how both Orton and Tebow acquit themselves during the preseason training camp and no doubt during the team’s preseason games . There’s no doubt that John Fox and his coaching staff will also be looking to assess the roster in terms of the rookie players . The team’s biggest offensive threat Brandon Lloyd knows that in order for this team to improve on last year’s disappointing season they will have to play at a much higher level . And it is here that John Fox will look to impart his experience and knowledge unto the team.

The fans in Denver are yearning to see Tim Tebow take the helm of this team as they’ve simply been accustomed to mediocrity during the ensuing seasons after retirement of John Elway and the subsequent departure of Mike Shanahan . The former coach’s successor was Josh McDaniels whose tenure with the Broncos was an unmitigated disaster . There’s not much that can be said about a former protege’ of Bill Belichick who in essence brought about as much experience to the Denver Broncos as a young virgin about to give up her virginity for the very first time. McDaniel’s biggest strength was said to be his ability to communicate and steadily improve the talents of a quarterback under his tutelage . And his biggest success to date would have to be Tom Brady . That being said when one assess the quarterbacks on this Broncos’ team you can clearly see that there’s not a player there in the mold or caliber of Brady. Much of the indifference and malaise behind the failures of the Denver Broncos simply has been the poor play and inconsistency of the team that has been their biggest downfall.

In the AFC West where the Denver Broncos reside they will find themselves up against the likes of the San Diego Chargers , Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs . The division itself is not viewed as one of the mainstays or powerhouses of the NFL but if anything it’s simply known as one of those divisions where if anything you have to be perplexed by the overall lack of real consistency and play of the teams residing there.

In what should be a very interesting season for Tim Tebow we should be able to assess the talents of the player. What Merrill Hoge has failed to disseminate in his criticism of the player was the very fact that the NFL lockout will have hindered the player’s progress. And as determined as Tebow is said to be there’s no denying that this lockout has been more of a setback than some will care to willingly admit. Instead of being productive in his assessment of the player he was simply has harangued him, set about a maelstrom of intrigue that in essence is unwarranted . It has been this sort of stupidity that we now tend see more frequently from former NFL players turned analysts who simply choose to spew whatever diatribe they believe will actually create the biggest sound byte possible . Much of the time I simply mute the sound when a number of these so called analysts that are front and center on the television screen. It is unfortunate that a broadcaster of ESPN’s undoubted pedigree would now choose to sink to such a low but then again their biggest strength has now become also its greatest weakness. The sports’ broadcast outlet now lacks credibility , journalist integrity and if one could imagine tabloid reporting at the level we’ve become accustomed to then ESPN would simply be representative of that ! The outlet now has become a three ringed circus of epic proportions in terms of its reporting and alleged journalism that they feel is meant to be informative.

Away from the idiocy now raging within Bristol , Connecticut , what beckons now for the NFL is a preseason that will somehow give us something of an indication as how the franchises are liable to perform with the rookies looking to make an impression on their respective teams . And for teams such as the Carolina Panthers last season’s cellar dweller within the league having posted a 2-14 record . And it will be interesting to see how the Panthers perform with Ron Rivera the organization’s newly installed coach and his respective coaching staff . For the NFL’s number one overall draft pick of this past season Cam Newton will be under the microscope as he looks to prove his doubters wrong in showing that his game can translate favorably to the professional ranks. If Newton can lead this Carolina Panthers’ team to any semblance of success in terms of a winning record then it would matriculate well with the fans. Given the failings of the team this past season I think that they will either sink or swim with the talent of Cam Newton .



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Do you feel that Merrill Hoge has been justified in his open criticism of Tim Tebow ? And what any if anything do you feel will be the bright signs for the Denver Broncos this upcoming season ? Any thoughts you may well have with regard to the points raised within this piece simply chime in with a comment .

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ESPN on air NFL analyst Merrill Hoge seen here in studio . The former NFL player often outspoken seems to have taken his verbiage to a new level in his criticism of Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow. Bearing in mind that he’s failed to explain succinctly why it is he feels that Broncos’ starter Kyle Orton to his mind really gives the team a better opportunity to win . Courtesy of telepresenceoptics.com ……

(2) Hoge sartorially dressed serves up his vitriolic fecal matter for the fans’ consumption, as to whether or not it’s to their delight I’ll leave it for you all be the judge of that ! AP Photo /Rich Perry …. ……..

(3) Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow laughs as he signs autographs for fans after a scrimmage at Invesco Field in Denver during NFL football training camp on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011. AP Photo/Ed Andrieski …..

(4) Denver Broncos head coach John Fox watches as his team works out at a scrimmage at Invesco Field in Denver during NFL football training camp on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011. AP Photo/Ed Andrieski …………

(5) Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton (8) throws a pass as quarterback Tim Tebow (15) and rookie quarterback Adam Weber , right, watch at Invesco Field in Denver during NFL football training camp on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011. AP Photo/Ed Andrieski ……

(6) Head coach John Fox of the Denver Broncos and Brian Xanders , General Manager, watch the team during training camp at the Paul D. Bowlen Memorial Broncos Centre at Dove Valley on July 28, 2011 in Englewood, Colorado. Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images ….

(7) Denver Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway (L), owner Pat Bowlen and new head coach John Fox share a laugh before Fox addressed the media at Dove Valley on January 14, 2011 in Englewood, Colorado. Fox was named the 14th head coach in Broncos history yesterday after spending the last nine seasons as head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Getty Images North America / Justin Edmonds ……….

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11 thoughts on “Let ESPN Report To You A Story And I Can Smell The Bullshit Coming From A Mile !”

  1. Give Merrill Hoge his due he shovels it , just as much as he talks it and then thinks that he’s actually being insightful . In all honesty no one knows how either of the two players (Orton & Tebow ) will ultimately perform so let them have at it during the preseason .

    tophatal ………..


  2. I don’t see what everyone’s getting their Jesus panties in a wad about. Mel Kiper said the same thing about Tebow. So has Colin Cowherd. Most pundits think, in fact, Tebow won’t amount to a hill of beans as a professional quarterback.

    The only one that can prove them wrong is Timmy.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      There’s saying it and how you say it and in this case Hoge was almost venial in his disparaging of Tebow . What is it that they want from this kid ? Because he simply doesn’t fit what a prototypical qb is meant to be about ? Kiper was all over the likes of Akili Smith , Eric Crouch and David Carr carrying on as if they’d be a team’s savior within the league . What have those players actually achieved since their introduction into the NFL ? Better yet all but one is still playing in the league so I wouldn’t take anything that Kiper has to say as being gospel !

      Guys like Hoge would rather make sound bytes rather than actually be informative ! Colin Cowherd is a dick and the same can be said about Kornheiser after another dumb ass racially insensitive comment by him for which he’s apologized to the player on Twitter and in a formal apology as well . ESPN is no longer a place of journalistic integrity much less a place with insightful and informative analysts or journalists . The place has become a three ringed circus and lunatic asylum all rolled into one !

      Tebow will have his moment to shine and it’ll be up to him to grab the opportunity and make the best of it . If not then he’ll simply thought of as another disappointment within the NFL having had a stellar college career .

      tophatal ……….


  3. ESPN is simply a self perpetuating machine that spreads more manure than a John Deer tractor. Tebow’s response to critics like Hoge is to work harder and prove him to be what he is, just another talking head.


    1. aero

      Unfortunately that’ll be lost on some of the fans and public out there as there’s nothing better than the outlet would like to perpetuate than this sort of inane stupidity by their analysts ! Hoge is simply proving that he’d rather make news rather than impart some real knowledge and information. It’s not as if anything he’s said has actually been constructive and of benefit to the player .

      ‘Don’t fault me for being an idiot it’s just who I am’ ! Tony Kornheiser

      If Hoge would show some dedication to his craft rather than coming off as a bloviated asshole then it wouldn’t matter that much ! But this is now what ESPN has come to, courting and creating controversy rather than showing some form impartiality and journalistic integrity. Simply look at the recent idiocy of Tony Kornheiser in regurgitating a statement made by Tony Bruno and his bigoted racial epithet against an MLB player —- Ramon Ramirez who happens to be Hispanic by stating that the ‘player is an illegal alien’ . So typical of the stupidity that one could come to expect of Kornheiser and subsequently suborned by the outlet who’ve chosen not to reprimand the host for the comments made even in light of his less than contrite apology .

      “I’m an equal opportunity racist ” ! Tony Bruno

      Ramirez takes the high road regarding Tony Bruno’s tweets

      tophatal …..


  4. I think all the analysts want to cover their asses because they said he’d be a flop, and want to be correct about it. I don’t see how moving to florida would help him. The Jags suck, and at least the Broncos have some recievers and RB’s that can take the load off Tebow. Jacksonville has nothing outside MJD…


    1. chappy

      That’s been the thing all along . Tebow can only fail if he’s not given the support from within the Broncos’ organization. He’ll undoubtedly fight for the starting position but Hoge is simply being an ass with his posturing and stating that the kid hasn’t got what it takes . Less memory serves me correctly Kyle Orton didn’t exactly set the world alight for the Broncos last season and he was simply avg (15th) amongst 31 quarterbacks within the category in the league through much of the season .

      It’s sad to see MJD on a Jags’ roster that because of their inconsistency and that of David Garrard and the poor coaching talent won’t amount to much in the AFC South . Jones-Drew’s talent is being wasted on the Jags and I expect the player to bolt from the organization once his contract is up or he demands a trade prior to that .

      There’s not a doubt in my mind that Del-Rio is on the hot seat this season and should the team fail then expect owner Wayne Weaver to show him the door.

      tophatal ………….


      1. I think Del Rio has been on the hot seat for five years now hahaha! I agree the Broncos aren’t going anywhere with Orton, but Fox is a win now kind of guy, so I see them playing Orton regardless of the potential Tebow shows. Good for us raiders fans!!


        1. chappy

          What’ll it take for Jags’ owner Wayne Weaver to realize that Del Rio isn’t the answer for the team as their coach ? David Garrard from one moment to the next , well let’s just say you never know what to expect from the player. He can be bewilderingly inconsistent for a prolonged period and the next moment he simply makes an exceptional play.

          I think that for both Del Rio and Garrard this season will be their last to prove their worth as I can’t see them being with this organization next year , if that ! The coach is certainly on the ‘hot seat’ in terms of his job and so too is the quarterback . The talents of Jone-Drew are definitely being wasted on this team .

          I think that the Broncos’ front office botched the chance to trade Orton by simply asking too much for the player ! That decision may well have come from Elway and general manager Brian Xanders . From my own perspective it’s a win , win for the organization for the present but we all know that once there are signs that Kyle Orton isn’t cutting it the fans will be calling for Tebow to take over . If Tim Tebow should outshine Orton in the preseason games then what ?

          tophatal ……..


  5. Tebow has limited skills. Denver drafted his ass. The whole bunch at ESPN are the reason why sports suck half of the time. They make a big deal out of nothing. They are part of the drive by media. They create a story ruin a career or a person and then travel on down the road to the next place or person. Maybe we should air their dirty laundry in public and see how these assholes like it.


    1. Bobby Gee

      If Tebow has limited skills then isn’t it incumbent upon the Broncos’ coaches to improve his abilities ? Nowhere in his analysis has Merrill Hoge emphasized this instead he chooses to harangue and disparage the player’s abilities , meanwhile trying to conclude that Kyle Orton gives the team the best opportunity to win .

      Did he (Hoge) look at the team's record (AFC West) [4-12] and their standings last season never mind where Orton stood amongst the NFL quarterbacks (15th) over the course of last season .

      Somehow I think that Hoge’s lips are so closely pressed to Kyle Orton’s as_hole that he not only likes the taste but he actually loves licking his sphincter !

      tophatal ………….


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