Pitiful ……….. Well It Happens In The NFL And MLB & Other Sports As Well …….. ‘nough said !

Pitiful ……….. Well It Happens In The NFL And MLB & Other Sports As Well …….. ‘nough said !

Does it really now be to be said but the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seawhawks just might be the two worse teams in the NFL . There has nothing that has simply indicated to me how either of the teams made the postseason last year but then again they duo do play in what might two divisions that simply are not that good to begin with ! Anyone who simply believes that either the AFC West or NFC West are simply worthy of watching had better begin to rethink that thought ! .


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I am not about to lambast the Oakland Raiders as of yet but their pass defense has become as porous as a used feminine hygiene product . I am sorry but Raiders’ head coach Hue Jackson has some major problems with the defense and if they are not able to shore up the play then over the course of this season they will simply be seen as a complete fraud . Much of this was borne out by the ineptitude shown in the team’s
loss to the Buffalo Bills .

Needless to say but the Indianapolis Colts’ sorrowful season continues and it is clear to see that the loss of Peyton Manning cannot be quantified . It has to be said that whatever the coaching staff and front office may have thought in bringing in Kerry Collins as Manning’s replacement just doesn’t seem to working out for the team . And when adjudged when against the NFL it’s clear to see the problems for the Colts may well go way beyond the loss of Peyton Manning. For coach Jim Caldwell this will be a season to test his will and intestinal fortitude as they seek to embark upon what might describe as a battle of us against the world . It is plain to see at no point had this organization really planned ahead for the day that would be without Peyton Manning as the team’s signal caller . This certainly has been borne out by their draft history and even one does point to Curtis Painter as a peek into the future , let’s just say that the player simply hasn’t the size to fit into Manning’s shoes !

Now while the season is still in its infancy it is becoming increasingly a clear that a number of teams have already fallen by the wayside . There is a chance that a number of these ball-clubs could play themselves back into contention but at this juncture it’s hard to see how that that can be unless they are capable of playing themselves back into some semblance of consistency .

So the Philadelphia Phillies and Detroit Tigers have essentially played themselves into the postseason having won their respective divisions. The Phillies have simply strolled through the NL East with some semblance of ease and now await an opponent in the divisional round of the playoffs . And looks if Charlie Manuel’s team . Suffice to say the organization is looking to make a quick return to the World Series and prove that the team’s triumph in 2008 simply wasn’t an aberration.

If there was a point where you simply thought that the Cleveland Indians had a chance to be competitive within the AL Central then this simply wasn’t going to be it . This team simply wasn’t consistent enough over the course of their season and for Manny Acta this had to be profoundly disappointing for the organization and their fans .

Dave Dombrowski could very well be viewed as one of the primary reasons behind the team’s resurgence this season. He gave manager Jim Leyland free rein to get this team playing with a great deal of conviction. If there’s a real reason to point to the team’s success this season then it would largely have to come down to the contributions of Justin Verlander for the Detroit Tigers accompanied by a rotation that has simply been too good to be believed .

While Verlander can be complimented on having an excellent season his teammate Miguel Cabrera has been the tip of the spear that has made the offense of the Detroit Tigers so potent. Now the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees are in all likelihood seen as the presumptive favorites to be playing for the ALCS I would like to think that the Tigers cannot be overlooked in this conversation !

Now while there are fans out there bitching and whining about their teams or in some cases making excuses for their poor play over the course of this baseball season with comments such as ………. you’re saying harsh things about my team “ …….. I’d say shut the hell up and simply grow a pair and stop acting like an infantile child ! The year within baseball has been filled with highs and lows but to my mind more highs than lows .

The NFL thus far , has indicated to me that the lockout has simply done more harm than anyone within the league hierarchy would care to admit. But you would hardly think it worthy of an admittance from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell or the team owners themselves . As for NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith coming to the aid of the NBPA and giving the players’ union of the NBA advice on whether or not it is worthwhile in the union decertifying . In doing so it would give the NBPA the legal recourse they might seek in challenging the NBA hierarchy in this now two month plus long lockout . The NBA under the leadership of David Stern now seems to be fighting for the hearts and mind of their fans while team owners for the present seems to be backing the commissioner . But now one has to wonder …….. for how long ?

The time has now come for the sport of boxing to simply deemed outmoded and completely irrelevant ! . Anyone who believes that Floyd Mayweather can take pleasure in depriving then WBC welterweight title holder Victor Ortiz of his title . This fight was simply an affront for very poor sportsmanship and showed how the fans having been duped to pay an exorbitant price for witnessing this fiasco at the venue with an even bigger injustice in having to pay $69-95 for the privilege of watching this fight via HBO PPV.

To witness the events that took place between Ortiz and Mayweather and their ignorant behavior does the sport of boxing and the fans a great disservice. Victor Ortiz showed that he has no class having deliberately head butted the challenger but Mayweather’s subsequent behavior in sucker punching his opponent , when Ortiz approached him to apologize for the head butt took place earlier in the bout. With the challenger having won the bout via a TKO , Mayweather now looks to pursue a big money fight against his biggest nemesis Manny Pacquaio in what’s sure to be a real barn-burner . But that issue could very well be derailed by the WBC hierarchy and the Nevada State Athletic Commission given the behavior of both fighters. For the hosts at the MGM Grand Resort & Casino in Las Vegas , Nevada I am not so sure this is the type of event that they could have wished for with the controversy that surrounded this title fight.

And if you thought that the fight itself was the only reason to take an affront then the post bout interview between the new title holder and HBO boxing analyst and commentator Larry Merchant may well have given a fan even greater cause as that episode further shed light on how low this sport has indeed fallen. Mayweather would chide both Merchant and HBO for showing him the lack of respect he feels he’s due . Larry Merchant retorted …. ” if I were fifty years younger I’d be ready to whup your ass ” ! Now that would be a fight I would gladly wish to see only if it were being televised by HBO rather than being sprung upon the fans as a PPV event . But alas , boxing needs something far more than that to peek the interests of the discerning fan .


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What thoughts if any do you have to the points raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment as you deem fit .

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(1) Tyler Palko (4) of the Kansas City Chiefs gets ready to hand the off the football to teammate Thomas Jones (20) during a NFL game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 18, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions won 48-3 . Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images …..

(2) Jahvid Best (44) of the Detroit Lions leaps into the end zone for a touch down against the Kansas City Chiefs during a NFL game at Ford Field on September 18, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions won 48-3 . Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images ……..

(3) Pittsburgh Steelers’ LaMarr Woodley covers Seattle Seahawks receiver Zach Miller (86) on an incomplete pass from quarterback Tarvaris Jackson during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011. The Steelers won 24-0 . Getty Images / Gene J. Puskar …..

(4) Hines Ward (86) of the Pittsburgh Steelers is flipped over Walter Thurmond (28) of the Seattle Seahawks after catching a pass in the first half during the game on September 18, 2011 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images ……

(5) BUFFALO, NY – SEPTEMBER 18: Head coach Hue Jackson of the Oakland Raiders during their NFL game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 18, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. The Bills would go on to defeat the Raiders 38-35 . Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images ……

(6) Michael Bush (29) of the Oakland Raiders is tackles after rushing for a gain during an NFL game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 18, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images …….

(7) Chase Utley (26) of the Philadelphia Phillies gets a base hit against the St Louis Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park on September 18, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Cardinals defeated the Phillies 5-0 , however the Phillies having clinched the AL East is now assured a berth in the playoffs . Photo by Len Redkoles/Getty Images …..

(8) Detroit Tigers’ Ramon Santiago, left, tags out the Oakland Athletics’ Scott Sizemore on a steal-attempt in the first inning of an MLB baseball game on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011, in Oakland, Calif. The Tigers would go on to defeat the A’s 3-0 AP Photo/Dino Vournas ……

(9) Justin Verlander (35) of the Detroit Tigers pitches against the Oakland Athletics at Oakland Coliseum on September 18, 2011 in Oakland, California. Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images ……

(10) Miguel Cabrera (24) of the Detroit Tigers is congratulated after the Detroit Tigers beat the Oakland Athletics 3-0 at Oakland Coliseum on September 18, 2011 in Oakland, California. Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images …….

(11) Floyd Mayweather (R) slams a left to the head of WBC Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz in the 3rd round during their fight on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather controversially knocked out Ortiz in the fourth round to win the WBC Welterweight title. AFP PHOTO/ JOHN GURZINSKI / Getty Images …….

(12) WBC Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz (L) falls towards the canvas after being hit with a right from Floyd Mayweather in the 4th ending the fight on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather controversially knocked out Ortiz to win the WBC Welterweight title. Referee Joe Cortez looks on as the knockdown takes place . TOPSHOTS AFP PHOTO/JOHN GURZINSKI (Photo credit should read JOHN GURZINSKI/AFP/Getty Images ……

(13) Referee Joe Cortez counts out WBC Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz as he tries to get up from the canvas after being knocked out in the fourth round after being hit with a right from Floyd Mayweather in the 4th ending the fight on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather controversially knocked out Ortiz to win the WBC Welterweight title. TOPSHOTS AFP PHOTO/JOHN GURZINSKI ……

(14) Argument: Mayweather with HBO anchor Larry Merchant, who hit out over the boxer’s dirty tactics. HBO boxing commentator and analyst is seen here alongside newly crowned WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather. The two individuals had a very heated and profanity laced exchange during their televised post fight interview . courtesy of Youtube & Daily Mail UK . ……..

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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

18 thoughts on “Pitiful ……….. Well It Happens In The NFL And MLB & Other Sports As Well …….. ‘nough said !”

  1. Did you know that for $69-95 you can actually find a reasonably priced hooker ? Instead HBO was shoveling this garbage down the fight fans’ throats and expecting them to enjoy it , in terms of the Mayweather Ortiz bout ! Both fighters should have been disqualified but the WBC and Nevada State Athletic Commission are too damn corrupt to do the right thing .

    If you’re either Todd Haley of the Chiefs or Pete Carroll of the Seahawks do you (1) bury your head in shame ? (2) endure self flagellation by rubbing your scrotum against a serrated blade ? (3) Call it quits and return either to college coaching or become an assistant with a program in some capacity or (4) all of the above ?

    tophatal ……………..


  2. Oh please you Notre Dame fans out there just because you beat the MSU Spartans don’t get ahead of yourselves ! Because as we all know success for you now comes down to appearing in a meaningless none BCS Bowl game and not much else beyond that . You all know that having won 6 games at a minimum you’re a fucking shoo-in for a berth to begin with . So stop with the bullshit about you’re now back ! In whose god damn eyes might I ask ? Not in mine you’re not !

    tophatal …………………


  3. Great weekend for the Gators, Bucs, Rays and USF Bulls.

    Re: the fight, Al, as we’ve discussed, there’s no accountability in professional boxing. I’m not saying Mayweather was right or wrong. What am I saying is that in all the other professional sports leagues, when someone does something outside the lines, they’re accordingly punished.

    None of that exists in boxing which is just one of the million things currently wrong with the sport.


    1. Chris

      All of the major governing bodies in the sport of boxing are so fuc#ing corrupt that it’s not worthwhile discussing the subject .If the referee Joe Cortez had any balls he’d have disqualified both fighters !

      As for the Bucs they needed that win to get them back on track ! The college programs such as the Gators and USF Bulls did really well . And the Rays might just now begin to make a believer out of me if they can handle the Yankees like they handled the Red Sox in their two remaining series to be played against the Bronx Bombers .

      You go girl show off that rack of yours !

      Perhaps we could get Coco Austin lead by example by rounding up her assets and showing them off unlike some of the lame ass teams in the NFL at present .

      tophatal ……………


  4. Just don’t pick on my Steelers……I know it was the Hawks, but dman!! I didn’t realize that Palko was in the pro ranks now,
    He wasn’t real bad at Pitt, but………
    Only one team I fear….hate them with a passion…..NE Pats


    1. al clements

      Your Steelers will be alright ! There’s a reason why the Rooney’s hired Mike Tomlin …. they know he’s a damn good coach , amongst the best there is in the NFL at present .

      The defense of the Steelers is good and so to is that defense in spite of the loss to the Ravens .

      The Pats for their part are making a <a nonsense of the stats with regard to offense ! Brady is lighting it up as if there’s no ” tomorrow “ . The team offense is unbelievable but with the loss of TE Aaron Hernandez we’ll see how potent they can be .

      tophatal ………..


  5. Great game between Raiders and Bills (even if there was very little defense). Raiders are only team in the division that will challenge the Chargers. Despite the shaky D, Al & the Raid-ahs likely will go 9-7/10-6.


  6. Drew

    The moment you see Ryan Fitzpatrick .. playing like he’s the second coming of Jim Kelly you know how bad the defense of the Raiders has to be . Their pass defense is a complete joke and that’s no word of a lie !

    The AFC West is up for grabs and I for one am not overly impressed by any of the teams within the division at all. They all have their flaws on both sides of the ball .

    I’m a big tit girl get me outta here !

    An 8-8 or 9-7 could quite possibly end up winning both the AFC West and NFC West as that’s literally how bad both divisions are !

    tophatal …………


  7. Ortiz admitted after the fight that he shouldn’t of let his guard down, well duh! Having said that I believe that Mayweather is a very skilled boxer, but he appears to be a bit of a coward. It’s sad to see the sweet science sink this low.


    1. aero

      Ortiz is an idiot ! Mayweather is psychotic and to my mind referee Joe Cortez is a damn coward ! He should have disqualified both fighters but being as this is Nevada where the state athletic commission is already in the hip pocket of the WBC so you shouldn’t expect anything different as both bodies are corrupt to begin with !

      The sweet science sank to depths of mediocrity long before Saturday night’s travesty and that’s a fact !

      tophatal ………..


  8. What, you don’t like the Seahawks and Chiefs new look? Getting blown out takes some skill. Maybe they bet against themselves and didn’t want it to be close to the spread!

    I actually kind of liked the fight. I had been saying all along that May was a way better fighter, but everyone seemed to think Ortiz had a shot. I guess they did a good job of promoting it or so many wouldn’t have jumped on their bandwagon!


    1. chappy

      If I’m a fan of either Chiefs or Seahawks right about now I’d be thinking of taking my own damn life rather than having to endure the bullshit that both teams are currently serving up ! If there’s said to be a set of worse pair of defenses this season in the NFL , then I have yet to see it ! Let me know what you think on that ?

      Mayweather initially in the fight had one or two problems with Ortiz but like I said I felt that both fighters deserved to be disqualified because of their poor sportsmanship ! But that’d be expecting way too much of a once well respected referee in Joe Cortez .

      Besides at $69-95 PPV this bout was way too overrated bearing in mind that Ortiz was defending his title for the first time .

      tophatal …………..


      1. Well the Raiders were Seattle, and KC bad not too long ago, so I totally understand why the fans stick with them, but it would be hard to watch at times.

        I dunno, I thought May pretty much dominated the fight. I didn’t see a round Ortiz was close to winning, but who knows. It was a weird end to a fight that shouldn’t have had the hype it did, because Ortiz isn’t anything special. I think it’s funny how they only release photos of the fights still like it’s 1980!


        1. chappy

          For me I can see the signs that the Raiders are improving but herein lies my thought , the team has these momentary lapses repeatedly that they know simply shouldn’t be happening at all ! That final TD pass from Fitzpatrick was a clear indication of that and the team’s pass defense complacency . If they can’t resolve situations like that then the Raiders won’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of being competitive throughout their season .

          As for Mayweather he’s going to get found out and it’s my belief that Pacquiao will be the guy to take him down ! Unfortunately for the fight fans for that particular bout to take place the price to be paid will come in terms of the PPV price , which will be in the region of $59-95 to $79-95 that they’ll be asked to fork out merely to view the broadcast . Imagine what the seat ticket prices will be for such a fight if it’s staged Madison Square Gardens , Cowboys Stadium or the MGM Grand in Vegas ? Mayweather isn’t fighting because he wants to be viewed as a champion , it’s because for him it’s all about the money ! Pacquiao I believe still does it for pride and the chance to be viewed as one of the all-time greats , > which he undoubtedly now is !

          tophatal …………..


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