Don’t Blame The Messenger It’s In The Written Word ………. As In The Contract !

Don’t Blame The Messenger It’s In The Written Word ………. As In The Contract !

I am always perturbed when I see a segue piece or what is alleged to be an in depth story on an individual that is being done to not only shed light on their personality but also their life . Clearly within an election cycle we tend to see that and certainly that is now the case with the candidates of the GOP (Republican Party) seeking to challenge the Presidential incumbent next November (2012) . Say what you will about the likes of Rick Santorum , Mitt Romney , Herman Cain , Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry as they all have their foibles and no doubt dark secrets . Well last night that well respected CBS News magazine program “60 Minutes” did their own piece , on none other than NFL uber sports agent Drew Rosenhaus . The self aggrandizing agent whose belief in his powers and the fact were it not for him the NFL would not be what it is today . And in some respects he is indeed right , because were it not for his snake oil salesman persona and the damn stupidity show by the various general managers and franchise owners around the league _____ the NFL , perhaps , it would be a much better concern in terms of its business practices when it comes to the compensation paid to the players .


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The interview with Rosenhaus was conducted by CBS news anchor Scott Pelley who was respectful to his subject while not looking to always to defer to Drew’s ego. But hardly a moment didn’t go by when the agent simply didn’t go into a diatribe as to what he has brought to the NFL in terms of integrity , his caring about his clients amongst whom that includes Chad Ochocinco , Ed Reed , Terrelle Pryor , LeSean McCoy , Plaxico Burress and Rex Grossman . So widespread is the clientele list of the agent that he has a player on every team in the NFL . But that only represents half the story as it was being portrayed in this segment as the segue would tell us about Rosenhaus wanting to be a sports agent at the early age of eight years old . His childhood was one filled with his being bullied wherein his father would subsequently enroll him into a martial arts school (dojo) where he took up the art of taekwondo . Now a black belt in the practice we would also get to see Drew Rosenhaus display his prowess for Pelley and the camera as he broke eight bricks which had been set on fire to make the act far more dramatic . No mean feat if you are an actual accomplished martial arts practitioner.

Courtesy of USA Today …

Rosenhaus clarifies ’60 Minutes’ comments

By Reid Cherner , USA Today

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus took to Twitter this morning to clarify comments he made on “60 Minutes” that made it seem liked the league revolved around him.

“I really believe that the NFL would fall apart without me,” Rosenhaus told CBS’ Scott Pelley. “That may sound cocky, that may sound arrogant, but I am telling you the truth.”

Today he tweeted:

I want to clarify a comment from 60 Minutes. I believe the NFL would fall apart without the contributions of the sports agent profession.

That was followed by:

Agents as a whole play an important role in the infrastructure of the NFL. Agents help to keep the business of the NFL running smoothly


Now as many of the you know the Cameron Crowe movie “Jerry Maguire” starring Tom Cruise is said to be in part based on the persona of Drew Rosenhaus . But while the movie in the ends is meant to be a soul searching endeavor, moral epiphany and journey for the protagonist , with an act of redemption and learning that one’s integrity and loyalty means something between agent client. Rosenhaus would have us believe that while flattered by the portrayal , his life is one of doing what’s best for his client at all times . If only reality and art were said to meet at an access point upon which the whole world could base that in truth . But that definitely is not the case as it concerns the agent. Rosenhaus paints a canvas that has him being constantly on the phone being at the beck and call of his clients searching for the best deals , being privee to the inner workings a number of franchises and being on a first name basis with the likes of Jerry Jones , Ozzie Newsome , Howie Roseman , and Jeff Ireland .

Now while having such access gives Rosenhaus the inside track on team deliberations and their personnel needs , it also has alienated the agent amongst many of those NFL sports agents within his profession who make the NFL their field of practice . It wasn’t at all a surprise to find out that Drew Rosenhaus and at least several of his company associates in his employ have had grievances filed against them with the NFLPA that he has actually stolen players who were said to be clients under contract with another agent . However , what may well have been even more unimaginable was that in each and every one of those cases at no time did the NFLPA feel that it warranted any action on their part . And even the league hierarchy itself , has often cited the actions of the agents at times bordering on being corrupt it seems almost incomprehensible to believe that with as many 50 such grievance filings not one of those actually was found to be suspect on the part that Rosenhaus or any of those said to be in his employment had in fact acted surreptitiously.

Drew Rosenhaus a graduate of Duke University with law degree , but he chose to become an agent in the NFL signing his first client at the age of 22 , thereby becoming the league’s youngest agent . Today he has some 170 plus players amongst his clients within the NFL representing their interests either from a legal or commercial standpoint . During this past off season while the NFL lockout was in place he made sure that he was front and center making himself heard wherever possible proffering up his own views why there was such a divergent stance between the NFL and union . If there is one thing that we have to know and realize about Drew Roshenhaus it is that he is a consummate businessman and spin-meister extraordinaire . With the league mandated stoppage coming to a close this past off season the agent was able to negotiate new contracts for 75 clients that netted some $675 million of which his commission would be 3% as mandated by the union . However , it is in the area of commercial endorsements where Rosenhaus and his staff can net even more in commissions and fees by way of any commercial sponsorship gained by many of his high profiled clients .

Now while I am not about to suggest that Drew Rosenhaus has not made his fair share of enemies within his own fraternity of fellow agents , most certainly amongst the NFL owners league hierarchy and definitely amongst the fans. The area I now feel his actions are dubious and not above reproach has to be his dealings at the collegiate level where it is obviously his most accessible and fertile ground for hiring a prospective future client. Clearly with calls being made by college football coaches such as Nick Saban , Bob Stoops , Gene Chizik , Steve Spurrier , Mack Brown and even such elder statesmen coaches as Joe Paterno and Frank Beamer calling for the actions of the agents to be kept in check with regard to their access to college and high school recruits . My question would be for the coaches in question as well Mark Emmert and the NCAA …… what actions if any do they undertake to stop these coaches from approaching these student athletes while either in high school or college ? There at present is no clear mandate or form of punishment meted out to an agent .

With the fallout that has taken place on the campus of the University of Miami and the improprieties of several current and former Canes’ football players and their connections to now disgraced financier Nevin Shapiro . The former Canes’ booster now incarcerated and has been all too public in naming names of the players he has given gifts and monies to , all in contravention of NCAA rules . University of Miami President Donna Shalala and school AD Shawn Eichorst have tried to distance themselves and the school from the actions of Nevin Shapiro. But herein lies the caveat , Shapiro throughout the years of his association with the school was granted unprecedented access not just to student athletes but also senior faculty members of the school during which he is said to be not only profiting from this association but also defrauding members of the public up and down the Eastern seaboard in a Ponzi Scheme that netted some $930 million fraudulently .

Obviously at first not worried by this access granted , it is the very same distinction that has also been granted to Drew Rosenhaus over the years , as he has made the campus of the university one of his many stomping grounds where he gains access to future recruits and clients . He already has the largest clientele of any NFL agent in the league and this continues unabated. Quite frankly , during the interview between Scott Pelley and his subject , I was surprised that this point was not at all raised but there again , when one now thinks of the alleged research and journalistic integrity that is placed in a segment that takes up perhaps no more than fifteen minutes of an hour long news formatted program , there are bound to be certain issues that won’t be brought to the fore by either side and then the whole content matter comes across as a sanitized puff piece for the public’s consumption.



Picture gallery for your perusal.

As a fan of the NFL do you genuinely feel that the sports’ agents play a part in how the NFL’s image is heightened or lowered in perception ? And as such , do you believe that the NCAA and NFL should act in conjunction in reprimanding an agent when they may well have acted in contravention of their own mandated rules and regulations ? Simply state your case for or against any such action and on anything else you may feel is pertinent to the subject matter concerning this piece .

Alan aka tophatal ………

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(1) Rosenhaus seen here with Washington Redskins ILB London Fletcher , one of the 170 plus clients that he currently serves in the NFL . Courtesy of “60 Minutes” & CBS News @ copyrighted material .

(2) CBS News evening anchor Scott Pelley who succeeded Katie Couric in that current role and who is also a co-host of the broadcast network’s long tenured news magazine program “60 Minutes” staple on the network for over three decades. Courtesy of Archives ………

(3) University of Miami President Donna Shalala is seen here alongside Nevin Shapiro (center) having been just been presented with a check by the former Canes’ booster for the sum of $35,000. Shapiro was given unprecedented access to players current and former players of the school’s football team. And even in light of the ongoing allegations the school’s president and AD Shawn Eichorst tried to distance themselves from the controversy. Al Golden the football coach of the team has suggested that the issues will be addressed and a much more strenuous compliance of NCAA rules will be put in place . Miami Herald / Oscar Nunez ……

(4) Agent Drew Rosenhaus talks with Terrelle Pryor during his pro day at a practice facility on August 20, 2011 in Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania. Getty Images North America / Jared Wickerham ……….

(5) Agent Drew Rosenhaus talks with Steve Smith 89 of the Carolina Panthers before an NFL game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on August 19, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images ……

(5) …….

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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

15 thoughts on “Don’t Blame The Messenger It’s In The Written Word ………. As In The Contract !”

    1. JW

      I can’t disagree with your sentiments with regard to Drew Rosenhaus and many of the other agents who operate not only within the NFL but also across the other three major professional sporting landscapes ( NBA , MLB and NHL ) ! If anything their actions does border on being criminal , especially when they’re known to have incited student athletes to accept monetary gifts and other favors that contravene NCAA rules . But at the same it hasn’t helped when the likes of Tressel , Butch Davies and Pete Carroll and even the AD’s who have looked the other way .

      The NCAA under its president Mark Emmert needs to address the issue in conjunction with the hierarchies of the four major professional sports . If not , then this mess will continue unabated and will be exacerbated by others who’ll step into the fray to take over from the likes of Nev Shapiro .

      tophatal ………….

      tophatal ……….


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The NFL went into the crapper way before Rosenhaus came on the scene ! I’ve met the guy on several occasions when I lived down South. One of the most personable people out there but when it comes to his business dealings he’ll skirt the laws of decency merely to get ahead. All he’s now doing is to make sure enough fecal matter clogs up the s bend in the crapper .

      Ask chappy81 how he feels about Scott Boras within baseball and what he’s done to the sport over the last decade ? Two words come mind when chappy thinks about Scott Boras and they are …………….. fu_k you ! Need I say anymore on the matter ?

      Terrell has balls this big, wanna know why ? ’cause I’ve had both in my hands while his large nut-sack was in my face and I loved it ‘

      ‘Alex it’ll be me and you against the world because somehow they simply don’t like us . ‘

      tophatal ……..


  1. He is justa symptom of the problem. The NCAA is a bunch of crooks. Follow the money. The NCAA needs to shwo their books asnd show us where the money is going. It is lining someone’s pockets. the kids get screwed. NCAA is big business.


    1. Bobby Gee

      No one ever professed that the NCAA was being ran by geniuses to begin with ! And it’s the same within the hierarchies for each of the four major professional sports . Never mind the fact that you have a plethora of college coaches who are so damn corrupt to begin with that the idiot analysts like Lou Holtz , Kirk Hebstreit , Dick Vitale , Jesse Palmer and Nick Saban try to excuse their damn behavior .

      tophatal ……………..


  2. A grizzly bear stood on a river bank looking for sign of salmon when another bear walked up behind him and started licking his ass.
    The first bear said hey what do you think your doing? The second bear said hey I’m sorry but I just ate a sports agent and I’m trying to get that taste out of my mouth:)


    1. chappy

      Nor do I but he’s nowhere near as caring as he makes himself out to be . He’d run his grandmother over with a Mack Truck if it ensured that he’d sign a client .

      And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there have been claims made by fellow agents that he’s stolen clients from their stables , never mind what went on at Miami on the campus . He in part is responsible for the Nev Shapiro mess , albeit that the likes of Shalala and a number of AD’s had given both free access to current and former football players over the years .



    2. chappy

      Drew Rosenhaus and Scott Boras represent everything that’s wrong with the sport of baseball and football when it comes to their responsibilities . It’s one thing to drive up the wage scale but what about the teams that are not always in a position to afford a player ? I don’t think that ever crosses the minds of either agent ! I remember A Rod once making the statement that ….”he felt he was worth the money he was being signed for “ ….. because he came to the Rangers to win . (During that time they won fu_k all ! [ Other than the player winning a couple AL MVP’s ]) Well we all know how that episode ended don’t we ? He bolted to the Yankees after a mere three seasons and for the next five and a half years the Texas Rangers were still on the hook for over 55% of his salary . I remember a mutual patron of ours questioning my business acumen at the time about sports economics . I wonder how he’d explain that contract of A Rod’s and his own thoughts on the matter ?

      Only idiots within the game can come up with that type of asinine notion and insinuation !

      tophatal …………


  3. I agree with you that they represent what’s wrong with sports, but at the same time wouldn’t you want one of them negotiating a contract for you!?! I know I sure as hell would!!


    1. chappy

      Let me pose this question to you ………. I know you’re an ardent A’s fan . But if you were the GM of the organization and being held hostage by someone like Scott Boras would you in the end acquiesce to his and the client’s wishes ? Same too if you were also the GM of the Raiders and you had to deal with Rosenhaus ? If money is no option then so be it but that’s not always the case for a number of teams around MLB much less the NFL especially when they actually overpay for marginal talent at best .

      I know everyone wants to be paid ” top dollar” for their services but in reality how do you really judge that ? I mean what happens in a down year when that same player is said to so unproductive ? I know you can cut them in the NFL but with the way contracts are now negotiated and then “inked” the devil is all in the details . Baseball typically shows the mess that teams can get themselves in . Look as the salaries being paid out with teams such as the Cubs and Nationals to name but a few ? You can’t tell me that the likes of Alfonso Soriano and Jayson Werth are worth what they were paid this year especially when you take into account their lack of productivity for their respective teams ?

      If I’m producing then I know I’m gonna get paid for my productivity but can you honestly say that happens 70% of the time within either MLB or the NFL ?

      tophatal …………..


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