Into The West But For God’s Sake Not The AFC West Or The NL West For That Matter …….. !

Into The West But For God’s Sake Not The AFC West Or The NL West For That Matter …….. !

By tophatal

Week nine of the NFL schedule will be upon us and there’ s a great deal to suggest that there are now a number of teams that are simply playing for respect and pride . I can’t say that I am completely surprised by the lack of real competitiveness of the teams that are now simply struggling to stay relevant within their respective divisions and conferences . Now while we can all attest to the fact that the NFL has been resounding success upon their return from the league induced stoppage I do feel that the lockout has dealt the fans something of a blow because I firmly believe that it has played a large part in some rather atrocious football that has been on display through much of the season . I can only hope that the second half of the season sees a raise in the level of play from all of the teams !


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Can someone please remind me why it is that I should think that the San Diego Charges under Norv Turner’s charge should be deemed worthy as a legitimate contenders within the AFC West . The Chargers were guests of the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City , Missouri . Monday Night Football on ESPN over the past two consecutive weeks has served up some diatribe that can be best described as sheer and utter garbage . And the broadcast outlet’s serving on Monday night proved to be no different as the national audience was simply put to sleep with another snooze-fest between these two AFC teams.

Todd Haley may well have coached this Chiefs’ team last season into the playoffs but there has been little to suggest that this current roster are in a position to now repeat that feat until last night’s come from behind victory (23-20) in overtime over the beleaguered Chargers The hero for the Kansas City Chiefs was their kicker Ryan Succop who kicked the game winning field goal .

With that victory the Chiefs now find themselves jointly atop (3-3) of the rather inept AFC West . That division over the years has been a complete blight on the NFL over the last few seasons but somehow the league feels that the fans need to be subjected to this garbage . But then again when was the last time that the division actually produce a contender for the AFC championship game ? It’s hard to be encouraged viewing anything that takes place within the division as it regards the Denver Broncos , Kansas City Chiefs , Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers .

For all of the offensive weapons at Philip Rivers’ disposal this Chargers team simply squandered the chances that came its way . And this can’t have been lost on the fans of the organization of for that matter the front office led by general manager AJ Smith . The San Diego Chargers for their part even with the advent of their draft choices and the intent of the franchise which has simply struggled
merely to be competitive . And while Rivers’ stats have been have been impressive there’s no hiding the fact the Chargers have struggled over the course of this season .

From my own standpoint I do believe that the loss of Darren Sproles and LaDanian Tomlinson has adversely affected the Chargers but it would be remiss to think that the loss of two of the team’s most productive players over the past five seasons would be the sole reason for their errant play. Defensively this team has produced its own share of nightmare performances but it remains to be seen what Norv Turner and his coaching staff will be able to achieve with this roster over the remainder of the season .

Give credit where it’s due and thankfully somehow in the midst of all of the stupidity that we’ve seen from what turned out to be an awe inspiring MLB season . Now comes the news that I believe that the vast majority of the game’s fans had hoped for ! The Los Angeles Dodgers will be put of for sale and auctioned off to the highest bidder . Not a moment too soon, as far as I am concerned because the gullibility shown by the MLB hierarchy , the dubious maneuvers of the team’s soon to be former owner Frank McCourt and the front office executives who literally ran the team into the ground could not be tolerated any longer !

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Dodgers owner McCourt agrees to sell team

By Ken Gurnick of

LOS ANGELES — Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the team, the club and Major League Baseball announced Tuesday night.

“The Los Angeles Dodgers and Major League Baseball announced that they have agreed today to a court-supervised process to sell the team and its attendant media rights in a manner designed to realize maximum value for the Dodgers and their owner, Frank McCourt,” read a joint statement. The Blackstone Group LLP” will manage the sale process.”

There is no timeline for the sale to be completed. It’s not known if the decision might impact the club’s ability to sign free agents, but a baseball source said the Dodgers are still prepared to pursue a big bat, with first baseman Prince Fielder the apparent No. 1 target.

The agreement culminates a two-year period that started with the breakup of McCourt’s 29-year marriage with former club president Jamie McCourt and led to a bankruptcy and an eventual court showdown between McCourt and MLB to determine ownership.

McCourt was attempting to take the Dodgers out of bankruptcy by selling future media rights over the objections of MLB and FOX, which holds current rights. MLB had asked the court to order a sale of the club, accusing McCourt of violating MLB rules by taking $190 million of team funds for personal use.


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As we all know the organization had been placed into bankruptcy proceedings within the US Bankruptcy Court within the state of Delaware . McCourt sought to place the organization into Chapter 11 proceedings , looking to for a stay of execution while his attorneys deemed fit to have a federal court judge preside over the hearings , during which an equitable settlement could be worked with the team’s litany of creditors . Though unconfirmed figures placed the Dodgers’ debt at somewhere between $700 million to $1.1 billion , of which neither Frank McCourt or his attorneys were prepared to publicly divulge those figures . And one could understand the reason why , given the fact there’s a great deal of suspicion that many of the alleged acts by McCourt , his ex wife Jamie McCourt and several of the team’s executives may well have been unlawful and larcenous . In the end , baseball and in particular Bud Selig gets exactly what it wanted all along and that was to divest themselves from an idiot owner , in Frank McCourt . I have long held the contention that baseball’s hierarchy and team owners are a bunch of fu_king idiots who are anally retentive and who have about as much business acumen as a a mentally retarded individual ! . There are those purists , out there , who cover the game or who believe themselves to be knowledgeable on the sport and in particular the business side of the game who simply wouldn’t know the difference between a balance sheet and the piece of paper they would use to wipe their ass with !

The actual sale of the team will be handled by investment advisory and venture capital firm The Blackstone Group LLP one of the nation’s largest private equity firms with offices across the globe . The whole process once it gets underway could take as long as three to four months if not longer but I would think that the league would no doubt like to see a quick sale of the ballclub , in an effort for any potential owner to quite possibly bring in their own executives and quite possibly management personnel.

As to Frank McCourt’s own future the fact that he walks away from this all , escaping ut any form of punishment can only be seen as being unbelievable , given the extent of many of his dealing as it relates to the team and the fact he willfully used the ball club repeatedly as collateral for a number of private and public business deals , all of which contravened the rules of Major League Baseball. The fact that Bud Selig seemed to oblivious to this all , only further heightens the stupidity that we now there happens to be within the game . I can only surmise that whomever within the Blackstone Group is given the task of handling the sale will use all the due diligence possible in seeking out a potential suitor for this team who tenders a bid that they can actually afford . Hindsight they say is 50/50 but it clearly wasn’t used by the MLB hierarchy when they allowed McCourt the privilege of purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2004. Since the purchase the organization has become one of the laughing stocks within the game while its attendance has fluctuated up and down of the beleaguered owner’s tenure. In 2011 the Los Angeles Dodgers saw its lowest attendance (2,935,139) at Dodgers Stadium since 1994 . Those are the sort of financial impediments that no professional sports franchise can actually withstand while its executives continue egregiously to misuse funds meant to be for the betterment of the organization and the team as a whole .

As to any potential bidders for the Los Angeles Dodgers it will be very interesting to see if Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban chooses to make another attempt at purchasing a baseball franchise , given the fact on his previous pursuit , his bid ($680 million ) for the Texas Rangers was not favorably looked upon even though it was for a higher offer than that of the Nolan Ryan , Chuck Greenberg syndicate that purchased the team for $593 million . One should remember also that the Rangers had themselves been placed into bankruptcy proceeding by then owner Tom Hicks because of his unwillingness to deal with his numerous creditors relating to his sporting interests (Hicks Sports Group Holdings LLC [which has since filed for bankruptcy]) which at the time in included the baseball team and the NHL’s Dallas Stars .

The biggest caveat to this all is that even dependent upon a suitor being found for the purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers , the final approval would still have to come from the board of governors which is an amalgamation of the team owners within baseball and the game’s hierarchy . And given the fact that those idiots have not been all that bright , I’d hate to think they could make a similar mistake by approving the sale of the team to a potential owner who could very well be not too dissimilar from Frank McCourt !



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What thoughts of any do you have concerning the points raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with your thoughts as you would deem fit.

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(1) KANSAS CITY, MO – OCTOBER 31: of the Kansas City Chiefs of the San Diego Chargers on October 31, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs defeated the Chargers 23-20 in overtime. Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images ….

(2) Wide receiver Steve Breaston (15) of the Kansas City Chiefs rushes for a first down past defensive back Marcus Gilchrist (38) of the San Diego Chargers for a first down, during overtime on October 31, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs defeated the Chargers 23-20 in overtime. Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images ……

(3) Running back Curtis Brinkley (44) of the San Diego Chargers dives over the Kansas City Chiefs defense from two-yards out for a touchdown during the fourth quarter on October 31, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs defeated the Chargers 23-20 in overtime. Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images ……

(4) Quarterback Philip Rivers (17) of the San Diego Chargers audibles during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 31, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images ….

(5) Beleaguered owner Frank McCourt who has reluctantly agreed to the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers having not been able to come to an amenable compromise with the team’s creditors . AP Photo / Phillip Mason ….

(6) “Frank always look on the bright side of life you’ve been fu_cked and punk’d ….. bitch ” ! FILE – In this Feb. 28, 2006, file photo, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig, left, and Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt wait for the Urban Youth Academy opening ceremony to begin in Compton, Calif. Major League Baseball is taking over the Dodgers, a team financially paralyzed by the divorce of its owners, Frank and Jamie McCourt. Selig says in a release Wednesday, April 20, 2011, that he will appoint a representative to oversee the “business and the day-to-day operations of the Club.” AP Photo/Ric Francis …..

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Hot chic pic of the day actress Daniela Ruah cast member of the hit CBS drama ” NCIS Los Angeles “ . Who wouldn’t mind having Daniela put them in handcuffs ?

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

15 thoughts on “Into The West But For God’s Sake Not The AFC West Or The NL West For That Matter …….. !”

  1. Frank McCourt fu_ck you and the horse you and the execs of the Dodgers rode in on ! The same too for Bud Selig and idiot assholes who have ran MLB for the last decade and a half ! You’ve all got about as much common sense as a mentally retarded member of Congress !

    Norv Turner needs to be fired now not next week or the week-after next but right now ! . And unless A.J. Smith has his head and d_ck stuck in Dean Spanos’ ass he’ll make that move if he knows what’s good for him ! The Chargers’ front office is filled with so much damn fecal matter that it would make a pile of elephant’s feces smell like a bouquet of roses !

    tophatal ……….


  2. Totally happy for all the Dodgers fans out there. Celebrate good times in LA!!

    I hope the Chargers fall off. It’s crazy that even though they’ve struggled so much, they are still tied for first in the division…


    1. chappy

      The fans in LA deserve way better than what they have been offered by McCourt and the front office of the Dodgers. To my mind it smacks of their odious behavior and even more so of someone like Tommy LaSorda who’s often viewed as the face of this organization. He’s essentially , remained silent and not said a god damn thing while Colletti , CFO Peter Wilhelm , Frank McCourt and his ex wife Jamie have plundered financial coffers and literally ran the team into the frigging ground !

      I wonder if the likes of Eli Broad , Mark Cuban or an avid baseball fan like Kevin Costner might tender an offer for the team ?

      As for the Chargers see my comment above concerning Norv Turner as to how I feel . Also I think that the Spanos’ family ought to fire both the coach and the GM A J Smith ! Look at the team’s transactions (2011) and draft picks and tell me how they’re said to have improved over the past three seasons ?

      San Diego Chargers’ draft history

      Chargers’ team transactions 2010 , 2009 , 2008 . Just click unto the first link & use filter .

      tophatal …….


    2. chappy

      What the Dodgers need in terms of new ownership is someone with business acumen and an insight for the game . The most recent template has been set with Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg with the Texas Rangers and their front office . Steve Garvey is not the guy to be seen as the front man for the Dodgers as I would rather see someone like Orel Hershiser as you mentioned in a comment to JW (Dubsism) ! Garvey ? You might as well have that dumb ass Lenny Dyskstra in his stead !

      tophatal …….


  3. I like your observation some NFL teams are already playing for respect and pride. There are truly some bad football teams this season who know they have no shot…and will definitely start to play for contracts and incentives. Every year you have some squads fall by the wayside, but I think we really have a bunch of “have-nots” defined this season and will be fighting hard…for themselves down the stretch.


    1. al clements

      True but I also believe that the AFC East is just as good as the AFC North but my problem is the conceited attitude of coaches Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick ! Neither of the coaches in question are always prepared to accept the blame when they’re teams fail miserably .

      Belichick and Ryan

      Where does the now former Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt go from here ? Hopefully the idiots of MLB hierarchy ( Selig in particular ) will use due diligence when they approve new owners for their teams rather assholes such as McCourt , David Glass , Toms Hick , Bob Nutting , Jeffrey Loria and Sam Zell ! All of whom have been hopeless fu##ing ball club owners at one time or another over the past 6 to ten years .

      tophatal ……..


  4. Norv Turner is overrated. he hasn’t won shit and he never will. The Dodger and MLB have no one to blame but their silly assed selves. That’s my take.


    1. Bobby Gee

      In all honesty the MLB hierarchy and owners are some of the dumbest individuals in all of professional sports ! They haven’t a god damn clue how to make their sport resonate and that’s even with a game 7 of the World Series being the highest rated broadcast since 2004 .

      Businessmen my ass , they’re well on the way to making the guys within the US Treasury , IRS , Congress , US Senate , US Cabinet and Federal Reserve seem like fu_king geniuses when it comes to showing any form so called economic or business acumen !

      Norv Turner , the only reason he’s still around is because these dumb ass owners and general managers in the NFL still believe that he can become the equal of his former mentor Jimmy Johnson . And that ain’t happening anytime soon , not in this or any other god damn lifetime !

      tophatal ……


  5. These divisions are truly the runt of pro sports. Great post, you so eloquently described how the west, even in the NBA is somehow always worse than the east. Great post man I really enjoyed it!


    1. brief22

      You’ve simply got to look at the standings of both leagues this past season to see how god damn awful they’ve been ! The AFC West and NL West have always been a joke in terms of the play within both divisions . Realignment of the NL West or baseball as a whole won’t help at all because that is not the real issue with the game . It has to do with the financial imbalance , there being no hard salary cap and the fact that the coaching within the division in terms of the managers is so damn bad !

      tophatal …………..


    1. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

      When it comes to the Chargers and the fact that Turner still is involved with the organization I simply am flummoxed ! He’s still riding on Jimmy Johnson’s coat-tails after all these years while not achieving a god damn thing as a head coach ! He’s overrated and so is this team for all sense and purpose ! I mean what have they actually done in the last five years in terms of the postseason ? It’s been the same thing too with Wannstedt as well and he wasn’t sh_t on any damn day of the week !

      Clueless as always ! Wannstedt .


      “Coach I don’t understand do you want me to kiss Phil on his ass or just suck his d_ck ” ?

      Neither should ever have been a head coach in the NFL . I rest my case ! Simply look at their coaching records in the league and don’t buy into the fact that they were one time assistants to Jimmy Johnson ?

      As for McCourt and the Dodgers they (organization) now enter another chapter but unfortunately the final decision as it regards the approval of the sale has to be ratified and approved by Selig and his imbeciles !

      tophatal …………


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