A Game For The Ages Or Not !

A Game For The Ages Or Not !

By tophatal …………

At this time of the NFL season everyone can subscribe to the fact a number of teams are simply playing for dear life while others are seeking to separate themselves from the pretenders and be seen as legitimate contenders . And while there were a litany of games that had a great deal of appeal there were a number that simply were an abomination not only as an exhibit but aslo so compelling in their mediocrity were they that I have to believe that the NFL hierarchy had to have been embarrassed by it all !


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One game which has to stand out to my mind had to have been the match-up between AFC West participants the Denver Broncos (4-5) and Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) staged at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City , Missouri . I doubt that in terms of the spectacle which unfolded the fans will see a much more insipid and vapid teams that are simply going nowhere ! Never mind that the two quarterbacks involved in this display may well have given their worst performances of the season. The fans of the Denver Broncos may well have been calling for the name of Tim Tebow when teammate Kyle Orton simply wasn’t delivering . But the insertion of the former Florida Gators’ quarterback simply having given the team the spark it sought the player’s performances have become ever more mind boggling and bordering on near mediocrity . Granted, at the end of the day it is the end result that matters but Tebow’s performances have become simply inept at its worst or barely average at best . Nowhere was this more self evident than in yesterday’s game against the Chiefs as his statistics ( 2/8 att’s, 69 yds, 1TD ) simply stuck out like a throbbing sore thumb . And though he also had one rushing touchdown in amassing 43 yards on nine rushes , it begs the question can the player matriculate to become the quarterback that coach John Fox needs if this team is to become successful ?

Tim Tebow’s counterpart Matt Cassel was not that much better 13/28 att, 93yds, 1TD) and when one considers the offensive weapons at the quarterback’s disposal you have to wonder what the hell went on during this game . Dwayne Bowe , Steve Breaston , Jamaal Charles , Jon Baldwin and Jackie Battle are not slouches but the team’s quarterback offered them little by way of overall productivity that would enable them to be in with a signifant chance of being in this game.

The end result may well have been a 17-10 victory for the Denver Broncos away from home which if anything would have been a god-send for their long suffering fans . God knows , both the Broncos and Chiefs have been a blight on the NFL this season . And it is beginning to make a complete mockery of the AFC West overall in terms of the consistency of the teams. The Oakland Raiders (5-4) lead the division followed by the Denver Broncos , Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers all jointly tied with a record of 4-5 within the division . At this juncture it is anyone’s bet who is likely to come out of the AFC West given the play of the teams at present. As to the play quarterbacks and where they rank within the conference and division , well let’s just say that they leave a great deal to be desired .

I don’t know that there can be any real excuses that ought to be made for the sundry of mediocre games that have taken place this season within the NFL . The labor stoppage initially I would have suggest may well have played a role in it all but we are now past the midway point of the season and yet there once again the fans are being served a up plethora of terrible games with even more exacerbating results . I would hate to think that during the postseason we are liable to see more of the game ! God forbid , that should even happen because if anything , I truly believe that the fans of the NFL would become increasingly disenchanted with brand and the game , given the prices that they are being asked to pay for the apparent privilege of watching the events in question.

The once high flying Detroit Lions (6-3) have suddenly fallen back down to earth and that should not come as a surprise anyone . Granted, they had Matt Stafford playing some of the best football of his career this year , you suddenly became aware that sooner or later the wheels on this particular bus would start to wobble . Well yesterday when the Lions faced their divisional rivals the Chicago Bears (6-3) not only did the wheels come off but the damn bus essentially fell over the damn cliff. Jay Cutler and his teammates simply played the best game of the season thus far in completely annihilating the Detroit Lions 37-13 . Bears’ coach Lovie Smith and his coaching staff had to have been encouraged by what he saw from his players as they completely outplayed and out-coached Jim Schwartz’s team .

I for one know that there were a number of fans within this domain simply regaling as to how good the Detroit Lions are and that they should be thought of as legitimate contenders for the postseason . That being said , they are playing within a division (NFC North) where the Green Bay Packers (8-0) at present are simply laying waste to anyone placed in-front of them . That loss may well have been as demoralizing a defeat that Jim Schwartz’s players have suffered this season , perhaps with the exception of the 25-19 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in week 6 which the team suffered at Ford Field , Detroit , Michigan. That loss and in the aftermath of the events that took place when Jim Schwartz and his opposite number Jim Harbaugh had a minor on-field melee` . Schwartz may well have lost his cool but in doing so it clearly showed that the pressure was certainly getting to the coach.

The Detroit Lions now have to regain their composure and prepare themselves for their next game against the lowly Carolina Panthers (2-7) . It remains to be seen how Cam Newton and his teammates can contend with their NFC opponent in spite of their somewhat disappointing season .

Can someone actually explain to me how it is, that one moment the Baltimore Ravens (6-3) can look like all worldly contenders and then the next, perhaps are one of the most inept teams in the NFL ? I know that the Seattle Seahawks cannot really be looked upon as being one of the elite teams within the NFC much less the NFL . But for some reason on Sunday afternoon , somehow Peter Caroll’s Seahawks’ team were able to make the Ravens seem like that they were the boys playing amongst men. Let’s get real here , but no one would willingly subscribe to the fact the Seattle Seahawks are in fact world beaters but herein lies the truth ……..the adage that “within the NFL anyone on any given day can be beaten ” doesn’t necessarily hold true . Because to my mind a team is either prepared to play or they are not ! And clearly this was the case when the Ravens played the Seahawks at QWest Field in Seattle , Washington .

The Baltimore Ravens managed to dig themselves into a hole that they simply couldn’t extricate themselves from . Far be it for me to suggest but the team’s victory (23-20) over the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , had to have been an apparition . Bear in mind also that the Baltimore Ravens have swept their divisional (AFC North) rivals in their series this season . Yet somehow the Ravens can manage to lose to a team that ranks 28th out of the 32 teams in the NFL when it comes to total offense . Am I actually missing something here ? Either the defense of the Baltimore Ravens is that bad or the Seattle Seahawks had an inspired game against the Joe Flacco and his teammates . I am inclined to believe that it might have been the latter but I could very well be wrong ! God knows , there have been some really inexplicable results within the NFL this season . In losing this game 22-17 to the lowly Seattle Seahawks ( 3-6) of the NFC West there has to be some sort of explanation for this all .



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I know that there’s still a great deal to play for this NFL season but I would genuinely like to think that we will definitely see an upswing in the in the performances of the teams between now and the end of the regular season . If not then we could very well be in for something of an underwhelming run between now and the season finales . In week ten’s schedule which games in particular proved to be of a major disappointment to you ? Simply leave a comment as you would deem fit .


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(1) Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel (7) is sacked by Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller (58) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011, in Kansas City, Mo. AP Photo/Charlie Riedel ….

(2) KANSAS CITY, MO – NOVEMBER 13: Defensive tackle Marcus Thomas (79) of the Denver Broncos pressures quarterback Matt Cassel (7) of the Kansas City Chiefs during the first half on November 13, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Denver defeated Kansas City 17-10 . Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images …

(3) (3) Quarterback Tim Tebow (15) of the Denver Broncos hands off to Lance Ball during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs on November 13, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images … …..

(4) Quarterback Tim Tebow (15) of the Denver Broncos rushes to the outside against the Kansas City Chiefs on November 13, 2011 during the first half at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images …

(5) D.J. Moore (30) of the Chicago Bears just misses an interception against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field on November 13, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Lions 37-13 . Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images ….

(6) CHICAGO, IL – NOVEMBER 13: Matthew Stafford (9) of the Detroit Lions throws a pass against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on November 13, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Lions 37-13. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images …

(7) Jay Cutler (6) of the Chicago Bears rolls out to look for a receiver against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field on November 13, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Lions 37-13. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images …..

(8) Head coach John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens walks the sidelines during a game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink (QWest Field) Field on November 13, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. Photo by Stephen Brashear /Getty Images …

(9) Head coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks gestures during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at CenturyLink Field on November 13, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. The Seahawks defeated the Ravens 22-17 . Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images ….

(10) Quarterback Joe Flacco (5) of the Baltimore Ravens drops back to pass during a game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on November 13, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. The Seahawks won the game 22-17. Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images ……

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Author: tophatal ...........

Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

18 thoughts on “A Game For The Ages Or Not !”

  1. Still plenty of season left to play with lots of key match-up remaining to determine playoff seeding.

    Who in their right mind ISN’T rooting for Tebow and the Broncos to win that division at this point?

    And I STILL can’t wrap my arms around what Harbaugh is doing in San Francisco.

    Did this team re-sign Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott in the off-season without me knowing?


    1. Chris Humpherys(@Sportschump)

      The team (Niners) have drafted well even when Nolan and Singletary were in charge but the real problem however , the duo weren’t in the true sense of the word credible head coaches. Harbaugh has come in and got these players playing at an extremely high level of efficiency . Their record now bears this out .

      So the Packers rout the Vikings 45-7 last night ? As Drew Rosenhaus says ….”next question ” ?


      tophatal …


  2. The Baltimore Ravens do not seem kosher to me. Dunno can’t handicap that team. BTW, that hit by Ray Lewis on HWard deserved that 20k fine. Speaking of Ray Lewis, how does this guy getta pass from the NFL and fans? Convicted on 2 counts of obstructions of justice in a double homocide and still is a media darling.

    The Luck equity ratio took a hit by those quick Ducks. Don’t fall for the hype. He’s good not God.


    1. Ronbets

      The Ravens are a puzzling team , one minute they’re playing lights out football the next they can be so god damn awful . As for Lewis he was never convicted of a major felony – a misdemeanor and copped to a lesser plea of the obstruction of justice during which all he did was community service and paid a small monetary fine . He simply then got a damn good publicist and remodeled his image . It’s what all athletes do after such an occurrence with the exception of O J ! LOL,LOL,LOL !! That as_hole was so dumb that it doesn’t bear thinking about !

      Lewis gets a pass from the league hierarchy and officials because he’s done his time in the NFL . Once you’ve got tenure they’re not really going to touch you .

      The game between Stanford and Oregon was one of missed opportunities for Shaw and his players . But that doesn’t mean that they can’t play themselves back into contention . All it takes is for one of the unbeaten teams in the rankings to be toppled and it sets up a real thriller as far as the rest of the season goes .


      tophatal ……..


  3. Al, say what you want about OJ, but his NV conviction was “payback” for his previous and unpopular aquittal. The trial was a circus that had no chance in hell for any of the defendants to win. The prosecution threw in Chas Stewart as an equal perp with Simpson. No blacks were allowed to sit on the jury. Court of Appeals later threw out Stewart’s conviction but of course upheld OJ’s. People will say, “OJ had it coming”. NO HE DIDN’T. Atleast not by a vendetta ladened court.


    1. Ronbets

      OJ didn’t help himself any favors in the aftermath of his murder trial with the statements that he would hire an investigator and seek out the murderer of his ex wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman . Never mind his idiotic proclamation about writing a book under the premise ” If I did it ” . But I for one, lay the blame for that travesty of a trial squarely on the shoulders of Marcia Clark and Chris Darden ! That duo couldn’t indict a damn sandwich were there photographic evidence to support their case . Their presentation and handling of the case (murder trial) was so haphazard and inept that any first year law student had to have been laughing at the ineptitude shown .

      Granted , I agree with you on his second trial as that was purely for show more than anything else ! But surely Simpson knew that entering a hotel room with former felons (his accomplices) known to be armed merely to recover items he believes to have been stolen was idiotic ? Why not report what he believed to be a fact and a crime to the police ? It’s not rocket science !

      tophatal ….


    2. Ronbets

      The US Justice System has never been equitable and it never will be as it is flawed and filled with imbalances . It favors the rich over the poor and favors Caucasians over all minorities ! It doesn’t matter who’s empaneled to sit on that jury given the predilection of the prosecution and what they are allowed to get away with as a matter of jurisprudence .

      tophatal …..


  4. The NFL has succeeded in establishing parity in the league. There is no team out there that cannot be beaten and that includes the Packers. After all if the Ravens can beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh and the next week lose to the Seahawks the anything can happen.


    1. aero

      I wouldn’t call what the NFL now has as parity ! Instead I view as what we all know to be so true there are some very good teams , several average teams and a load of badly coached and mediocre teams now playing in the NFL .

      Take it for what it’s worth as it’s the best that the league now has to offer .

      tophatal …..


  5. I was listening to some of the Cheifs-Broncos game while I was driving last weekend, and the announcers were in disbelief that Tebow only had two completions! I’m feeling a lot more confident about the Raiders chances of winning the west with Cassel going down. Not that he was great to begin with, but any blow to a division team isn’t a bad thing. What have we learned in the AFC West.

    Raiders > Chargers
    Broncos > Raiders
    Chargers > Broncos
    Chiefs > Chargers

    To sum it up, who knows lol


    1. chappy

      When (myself) having taken home work and finishing it has become far more important than watching a Monday night game as in Packers vs Vikings then you have to know that there was something wrong . Once the Packers were up by two scores before the midway point , we all knew that the game was over !

      tophatal ….


  6. Al, with the excessive exposure the NFL and the NCAA have on TV, we are finding out all along what we’ve suspected about the dunces that roam the sidelines. When the 2 point conversion was enacted in the NFL they had no clue on what/when to attempt them. Don Shula blundered many times. Then Illinois football coach Lew Tepper devised a chart that was adopted by many clueless NFL coaches on when to attempt the 2pt conversion. Still used today. How long did it take them to realize to take a knee versus scoring when up by 1 late? How many decades did it take for them to call defensive timeouts when the opponent was red zoned late in a close game? One of the greatest innovators in the modern game? Bill Parcells.


    1. Ronbets

      I’m an expat Brit who has been living here in the US for close to two decades on an off and as an avid sports’ fans I have become attuned the landscape here concerning sports. Granted , my first love still remains soccer (EPL Premier League) and I have a great affinity for the martial arts (karate and tae-kwondo) having taught that in the military while serving in the Royal Marines . But damn for the life each time I watch the games not only in the NFL but also at the college level I come away bemused by some of the coaches’ decisions !

      Mike Smith of the Falcons may well have made the biggest blunder of his career that could very well end up costing the team a postseason berth . What the hell was he thinking against the Saints ?

      There are some good and bad teams in the NFL at present but what seems to be bringing the level of the play down just happens to be the fact that there are some very mediocre coaches . Pete Carroll and Mike Shanhan come to mind and the between them the two will earn in excess of $14 million combined this year . Now call me naive but that’s being grossly overpaid considering the records of their respective teams !


      “This is bull_hit I never signed up for this ” ! Shanahan


      Allen  and   Carroll/

      “First of Paul , I can call you Paul can’t I ? Have you got any Microsoft share you can give me for free ” ?



  7. First the Eagles suck. Vic broke two of his ribs. No one knew. Second Tim Tebow just wins baby it ain’t pretty. Lets see what happens. Pete Carroll sucks as an NFl coach. he is more suited for college ball. Cheaters love to hang out.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Pete Carroll may well be suited to college ball but the USC Trojans have dearly paid the price and alleged privilege of having him as their coach ! ‘nough said .

      It’s not the injuries that has placed the Eagles' season in doubt but their mediocre play this year . The problem is even if the Eagles were to finish the season 8-8 Banner and Jeff Lurie will probably let Andy Reid return to coach next season and that to my mind would be a mistake ! He doesn’t deserve another year if this teams fails .

      Tim Tebow may well be winning now but in all honesty if he can’t perform better at the position rather endangering himself on so many plays then his career will soon be over . If that happens the kid will viewed as “a bust” by his detractors and some of his present supporters that’s for sure !

      tophatal …..


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