Who Amongst You …………… ?

Who Amongst You ?

By tophatal

Well in the aftermath of Oklahoma State’s loss to Iowa State 37-31 in double overtime the list of the un-beaten teams within college football is now down to one with the LSU Tigers atop of the BCS standings as the nation’s only program without a loss. Now in the midst of this mess , claimants as to whom may well feel they have the privilege to meet Les Miles’ team in a potential national title matchup will be looked upon with a great deal of intrigue . The BCS standings and its main supporters are going to be in one hell of a time trying to make some sense of this all. Oklahoma (Sooners) , Alabama (Crimson Tide) , Oregon (Ducks) and Arkansas (Razorbacks) are amongst those looking to lay claim as to the willing aspirants for the national title game .


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It is hard to envisage how things will all pan out but it is becoming clear with each passing season the proposers of a playoff format are gaining more support when such a scenario arises within college football. A one or quite possibly two loss team makes its way to the BCS title game while in all likelihood a program perhaps deemed more worthy remains on the outside looking in . One should remember that the premise behind the BCS system is one where the main teams eligible for the national title are usually from each of the BCS eligible conferences. The Pac 12 , Big 12 , Big East , ACC , SEC will be looking to see at least one of their programs be there when it matters most. From my own standpoint I simply find the present format in its present guise one that is literally filled with pitfalls but if anything it is one that is so corrupt in its guise that it really has no credence . But for the moment it is the best that the BCS conferences will offer the fans in spite of the growing opposition by its detractors.

Week 12 in College Football was actually crazy in so many way as was borne out in the results . Who could have guessed that 5 top ten teams would meet their demise against their opponents further muddying the waters on the collegiate football landscape. Truth be known these are the type of results that tends to make the game all the more appealing and exciting amongst the collegiate football fan . As of now it will be interesting to see how things now take flight . It all creates that so called impacted excitement we are told that tends to be missing from the BCS format but it simply does nothing but justify what many have felt all along ……….. a playoff format to debunk this continued idiocy that what was in place actually works ! The adage ” that if it is not broken then it doesn’t need fixing “ …………. what could now be more appropriate than simply adopting a scenario that would be far more equitable than what is in place at present ? In reality the conference commissioners of the major programs within the BCS would rather keep the status quo as is , with the coffers of the programs being laden to the tune of tens of millions of dollars each year . Sooner or later this corrupt system will be its own undoing and necessitate the federal government actually intervening .

The Chicago Cubs have decided upon Dale Sveum as the succesor to Mike Quade and in doing so the newly installed manager along with GM Jed Hoyer and President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein will now go about assessing the team’s roster . Granted , no one expects the fortunes of the Chicago Cubs to change overnight . And it is clear Cubs’ owner Tom Ricketts has no desire to see this organization continue to languish in the dumps. This past season the team offered little by the way of competitiveness within the NL Central and it is clear that the fans in attendance at Wrigley Field in Chicago can no longer tolerate the ineptitude of this organization.

Given the largesse of Jim Hendry as Epstein’s predecessor we simply saw the then general manager lavish exorbitant amounts of money on a number of players who simply underachieved this past season . Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez are two of the roster members who come to mind , and the duo between them were paid in excess of $35 million combined to simply offer this team absolutely nothing by way of offensive productivity . And from a pitching standpoint it is not as if the Cubs had a rotation that one would deem amongst the best within the NL .

With the off season now in full swing general managers , team owners and of course a number of prominent sports’ agents will be looking to see their clients signed by a prospective team . Two of the most high profiled unrestricted free agents on the market are Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols . At this juncture I am sure that Epstein and Hoyer are considering their options as to the legitimacy of signing either Fielder or Pujols to a long term contract that essentially makes either amongst the highest paid players in the game.

The Chicago Cubs with their impending free agents are likely to shed several players superfluous to their needs before they make any potential move before vying for one of the premiere free agents on the market . If anything it could very well be a work in progress for the Cubs as they embark upon the upcoming season . If anything I certainly don’t envisage the team vying for the divisional title or wildcard berth next year and that is even with the proposed changes with regard to the playoff format soon to be adopted by the league hierarchy having been approved by the board of governors , owners and union . This may well add to the intrigue and the desire sought by Bud Selig and his subordinates. The fans may well buy into it all but just because you dress a pig up as a sow and put a pretty bow on it doesn’t make it a sow and this is simply what MLB is trying to impress upon the baseball fan.

The New England Patriots (6-3) play hosts to the Kansas City Chiefs (2-7) on Monday night at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro’ , Massachusetts . For Bill Belichick and this team their hold on the division (AFC East) will be strengthened should they defeat Todd Haley’s Chiefs team in what ought to be a highly anticipated game .

Now while both teams have had their struggles this season it has to be said that the inconsistency of both teams the situation is likely to arise where the fans could be treated to something of a sub par product . In reality however , we are much more likely to see the Patriots stamp their authority on this game and simply waylay the Kansas City Chiefs . Granted , Dwayne Bowe and his teammates will be looking to take down their conference foes but I feel that Tyler Palko is likely to struggle under this intense scrutiny while he looks to lead the Chiefs in seeking out their third victory of the season.

As an avid fan of the New England Patriots I would like nothing better than to see these players put together a string of games where there’s some semblance of consistency from this team . Tom Brady for all of his exploits this season and that of his fellow quarterbacks within the NFL the three time Superbowl winning quarterback has had his issues this season.

Wes Welker this season has been performing at a very high caliber and he simply looks to rewrite the record books for this franchise . To my mind the player’s acquisition by the team having been cast aside by the Miami Dolphins is perhaps the best move made by Belichick , since he saw fit to have Tom Brady enter a game after an injury sustained by then starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe ….. and the rest as they say ….” is history ” .

There is no denying that there have been several horrendous games this season but if anything this was to be expected . The NFL lockout in large essentially made a mess a preseason while the NFLPA and league hierarchy acting like petulant children squabbling over a toy. And now that both sides are said to be back on track the league is now once again ready amp and hype their brand both on and off the field of play. Nothing wrong there if you tend to buy into what both Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith are selling ?

While there now seems to be peace within the NFL , consider the actual hypocrisy of the union and in particular DeMaurice Smith ! Having agreed in principle to a collective bargaining agreement that guarantees a decade of peace within the NFL we have the union reneging on the issue of game day testing of the players for HGH . Now the league hierarchy and union are now having to appease the government and in particular House Gov’t Reform & Oversight Committee . At some point the league and in particular Roger Goodell will have to prove that he possesses a pair of “cojones “ rather than running around like an eight octave eunuch .

When it’s all said and done the off-season within baseball will see a number of moves that will either bring a smile to the face of the most discerning fan or simply prove to be mystifying . As to the NFL the regular season has proven to be something of a real surprise perhaps nowhere more so than with the inexplicable fall of the Indianapolis Colts . Could they very well become the second NFL franchise post a 0-16 season since the Detroit Lions managed the same feat in 2008 ?

The 2012 NFL Draft could very well tell us what we might already know and that is Andrew Luck is about to make himself a truck load of money and at the same quite possible serve a well deserved apprenticeship under Peyton Manning . And though the four time regular season MVP’s career is not yet necessarily on the decline one has to admit with the now lingering and recurring injuries sustained by the player we might just be witnessing the passing of the torch .

Is it me but why the hell is it that Mike Florio of NBCSports believes that Brett Favre would have been a better option as the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans than backup Matt Leinart ? The Heisman Trophy winner will be the team’s starter with Matt Schaub having been lost the Texans for the season . Has it not occurred to Florio , that Favre left the game with his tail between his legs ? But then again , I can only surmise that Florio’s lips have been pressed firmly and will continue to be firmly pressed against Favre’s anus in order to lick whatever fecal excrement emanates from that particular orifice ! The NFL needs Favre’s return in a vein that most heterosexual males would relish seeing Rosie O’Donnell ” naked” …….. suffice to say I don’t want that ! And neither do I wish to see Brett Favre’s return to the NFL , not now and not at any time in the foreseeable future !

Florio may well be a very good NFL analyst but he simply ought to be informative rather than coming across as a moronic asshole ! The fans want to be informed , not be force fed the opinions of a so called informed NFL analyst whose insights are about as welcoming as being poked in the eye with a red hot poker iron . .



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(1) AMES, IA – NOVEMBER 18: Fans cheer on the Iowa State Cyclones against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Jack Trice Stadium November 18, 2011 in Ames, Iowa. Oklahoma State would go on to lose 37-31 to Iowa in double overtime . Photo by Reese Strickland/Getty Images …

(2) AMES, IA – NOVEMBER 18: Jeremy Smith (1) of the Oklahoma State Cowboys is tackled by the Iowa State Cyclones at Jack Trice Stadium November 18, 2011 in Ames, Iowa. Photo by Reese Strickland/Getty Images …

(3) AMES, IA – NOVEMBER 18: James White (8) of the Iowa State Cyclones scores the game-tying touchdown against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the fourth quarter at Jack Trice Stadium November 18, 2011 in Ames, Iowa. Photo by Reese Strickland/Getty Images …

(4) Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer, left, and president Theo Epstein, right, help new manager Dale Sveum put on Cubs jersey as he is introduced during a baseball news conference, Friday, Nov. 18, 2011, in Chicago. AP Photo/M. Spencer Green …

(5) Dale Sevum addresses the media after being introduced as the new manager of the Chicago Cubs baseball club during a news conference, Friday, Nov. 18, 2011, in Chicago. AP Photo/M. Spencer Green ..

(6) CHICAGO, IL – OCTOBER 25: Theo Epstein, the new President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs, speaks during a press conference at Wrigley Field on October 25, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images …

(7) New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, right, talks with teammate Wes Welker during NFL football practice in Foxborough, Mass., Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011. AP Photo/Charles Krupa …..

(8) Plaxico Burress (17) of the New York Jets catches a touchdown pass against Antwaun Molden (27) of the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium on November 13, 2011 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Patriots would go on to defeat the Jets 37-16 . Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

(9) EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – NOVEMBER 13: Deion Branch (84) and Wes Welker (83) of the New England Patriots celebrate after a touchdown against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on November 13, 2011 in East Rutherford, New Jersey . Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …

(10) Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk (PFT) is seen here posing a question to members of the Pittsburgh Steelers prior to last season’s Superbowl staged at Cowboys Stadium , Arlington Texas . Florio who also co-hosts (Peter King) a NFL sports program on the NBC owned Versus Network is also a contributing editor for PFT . The analyst has suggested that the Texans should have been in contact with Brett Favre and signed him to a contract rather than installing Matt Leinart to replaced the now injured Matt Schaub. ARI Media / Scott Parsons ….

(11) TAMPA, FL – NOVEMBER 13: Quarterback Matt Leinart (1)1 of the Houston Texans warms up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on November 13, 2011 in Tampa, Florida. Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images …..

(12) TAMPA, FL – NOVEMBER 13: Quarterback Matt Schaub (8) of the Houston Texans looks to hand the ball off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game at Raymond James Stadium on November 13, 2011 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images) ……


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

18 thoughts on “Who Amongst You …………… ?”

  1. Which is it for Florio ? Does he want to be taken seriously as an NFL analyst or does he want to seek a field in the profession of law ? I understand he has a law degree ? Not exactly saying much given the crap there now is within the field of jurisprudence !

    The BCS rankings much like college football’s postseason has become a charade !

    Well Dale you’re in as the Cubs’ latest manager . Let’s just hope that should things start to go awry , the front office won’t be casting disparaging remarks about your character or private life much as in the same way things unfolded for Terry Francona when Theo Esptein was the general manager of the Red Sox .


    Samantha Kelly/

    What’s up Samantha ? Or more to the point what would you like to insert into Samantha ?

    tophatal ……………. 🙂


  2. What a wild weekend in college football, Al.

    I was working for most of it, including Friday when Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State. It was like every time I looked up, another one-loss team was out of contention.

    I’m not sure I remember the last time we had so many teams totally drop out this late in the season.


  3. I still believe that all that has happened in the past few weeks of College football are reason to show the BCS is great for the sport. If there was an 8 or even 4 team playoff, these losses from Oregon, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St. wouldn’t be nearly as big a deal as they are. However, with the BCS in place, these upsets are generate intense national scrutiny on not only in the sports world but the general news world as well. The way in which the grey area surrounding the BCS magnifies each and every game is the best thing for the sport. There is no guarantee that a playoff system would ensure the best teams reach the national championship under a playoff system. A playoff system means a slippery slope towards caring about college football only when playoff time comes around. December madness? I’d rather not.


    1. Chris Ross

      The BCS isn’t great for the sport because all that it does , is to create some intrigue . In reality to level the playing field a playoff format is needed but those at the top of the food chain simply do not want that to happen as there’s so much money shloshing away in this cesspool of greed and corruption !

      If a playoff system isn’t warranted then why have it within the NBA , NHL , NFL and Major League Baseball ? Your analogy makes no sense whatsoever ! The BCS was simply placed within our midst for the money that finds its way into the coffers of the football major conferences and schools , nothing more nothing less ! And even you as a student have to know that . Or don’t you ?

      tophatal ………


  4. Yeah Al, i agree with you about Florio. Kinda like the nerd in class that spews corny jokes. Example of his off the wall responses? He and Peter King were recently asked their opinion on the NFL’s MVP Award this year. Florio chimed in with Peyton Manning.


    1. Ronbets

      Mike Florio is the type of guy who’s opinionated and who lacks real intelligence when it comes to the game ! Inform the public don’t come off looking these lame ass politicians in the House or Senate ! His ( Florio) ass should stick to what he knows but unfortunately he couldn’t make it in civilian life as a lawyer . So instead the lame ass Versus Network hired him to spew his stupidity on the public . If anyone has any sense they’d stay as far away from the opinions of Mike Florio and his rabid rag ProFootballTalk because if anything you’re more informed simply looking at the naked pictures found within Playboy Magazine .

      Brooke  Burke/

      Hello Brooke Burke ! And what are your stats of the day ? A lot better than Peyton’s this year that’s for sure !

      Brooke Burke/

      I say less of Mike Florio on cable or network television and a whole lot more of Brooke Burke ! . Who’s with me on that ?

      Peter King/

      “Mike unlike you I am a man who finds no redeeming qualities about Rosie O’Donnell but on the other hand …… my left which I use to pleasure myself while looking at Kris Jenner and her daughters . All I can say is you’re about to be my prison b__ch ” !

      I can’t seem to make my mind up over this but is Peter King Mike Florio’s bi_ch or is it the other way around ?

      “Brett Favre is a genius and Peyton Manning has the eyes of an angel and yes I have at one time or another shared a fruit with my friend Peter King ” . Mike Florio

      Like Rick Perry Florio cannot count beyond the number 2 or is it 3 ? Who gives a s__@ !

      ” Two ….. what comes after that ? Mike Florio is my brother from another mother …can you not see the resemblance ” ? Rick Perry a butthole extrordinaire !


      tophatal ………


  5. Not sure what to make of the BCS mess. I wish Oregon could’ve beaten USC, but oh well.

    I think we need to wait and see how Leinart does before people say he should be replaced. The Texans offense is a pretty easy one to manage with two great backs behind him, it’s not like he’ll have to throw a ton…


    1. chappy 81

      Well the college football season is all but over bar the shouting but some program is about to be really miffed because of the present format .

      I simply say this about Leinart he was coddled at USC Trojans and he probably felt that he simply sleepwalk his way through the NFL ! Now ever since he was drafted the kid has yet to fulfill that alleged potential . I doubt I can put it anymore succinctly than that !

      tophatal …. 🙂


      1. Can’t argue with that, he hasn’t lived up to the hype and took over a team that was great under Warner…

        I guess we’ll see if he finally stopped being a frat boy and started taking football more serious!


    1. Bobby Gee

      We have the technology to launch rockets and missiles at will but yet there’s no damn intelligence used when it comes to sorting out the mess known as the BCS !

      tophatal ……


    1. brief22

      I for one don’t believe that the original proponents of this now farcical BCS Bowl system ever envisaged a situation where algorithms would take precedence over the competitive play on the field . This is the idiocy of collegiate football at the highest order as it now has become plainly and simply about nothing more than money !

      Now we have a slew of one loss teams all seeking to no doubt be the prospective opponent in all likelihood to the LSU (Tigers) in the national championship game . And there’s no thinking as to who that might be because more likely than not , one , if not quite possibly two programs will be slighted in the end . And this system is now meant to be equitable ? In whose eyes I might ask ?

      Beyonce’ …. feat’g …. J.Cole …. “Party”

      Those teams making to the big game will be partying that’s for sure !

      tophatal …….. 🙂


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