Kick Me And I’ll Punch You Back Or I Might Even Hit You With My Handbag ….

Kick Me And I’ll Punch You Back Or I Might Even Hit You With My Handbag ….

By tophatal ……….

Well now that MMA (mixed martial arts) has hit the mainstream and has become a serious rival to the sport of boxing we all knew that it was simply only a matter of time before the major broadcast networks came knocking . The sport’s most prominent body is that of the UFC guided by its president Dana White under the tentative ownership of the Fertitta brothers – – Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta . And though the brothers sold a sizable stake in their holdings of UFC they still retain a stake through their major holding company Zuffa LLC and Zuffa Enterprises Inc .

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Now with annual sales upwards of $1 billion in worldwide revenues the sport has in essence surpassed the stale and archaic parameters set within boxing . And it should come as no surprise the fans , and fans of both sports in general , that MMA’s demographics have become very integrated , crossing all ethnic divisions , with there now being a growing fanbase amongst females . That growing permutation has not been lost on programmers within North America . In particular with CBS Sports and its cable operatives Showtime (PPV) and Spike Tv (Spike Television) . Not wanting to be left out of that growing presence and popularity Fox Sports recently jumped on board offering UFC $100 million a year , seven year contract that adds to the profile not only of the organization but also adds to its legitimacy within the mainstream .

Now there is no denying that being the pre-eminent purveyor of the MMA brand globally UFC is not without its detractors but clearly they have set the bar at a standard with which its opponents have yet to aspire to . Bellator , UFC’s chief competitor along with M1 Global are now trying and vying to make waves within the North American market where many of the most lucrative and prestigious bouts have taken place. At the same time often critical of Dana White , Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta both Bellator and M-1 Global know that without the presence of UFC they probably would not exist or have the following amongst their ranks as they seek to remain relevant as a viable brand and product .

While MMA ascends to new heights the world of boxing sinks to an alltime low where the only hope for the sport lays in the hands of a projected super-fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr (42-0, 26KO’s) and Manny Pacquiao (54 ,38KO’s, 3 losses , 2 draws) . Given the lengths that both sides have gone to , to feed this beast in trying to lure the fans that such an event is bound to take place it would not at all surprise me one bit if this proposed mega-fight were to be abandoned or postponed . It is not as if Bob Arum (Pacquiao’s manager & promoter – Top Rank Inc ) or Leonard Ellerbe of Mayweather Promotions Inc have continually chided each other to the extent where the fans simply began to avert their gaze away from the proposed event . Now there is talk of a $35-50 million payday for each fighter once the event takes place in mid 2012 either in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel Resort & Casino , Cowboys Stadium in Arlington , Texas or quite possibly at Madison Square Garden in New York City , New York . As of now there is no actual guarantee that such a fight is likely to take place even though it is something that the fans of boxing have long craved for .

Needless to say the supporters of boxing would like to point to young fighters such as Nonito Donaire , Andre Dirrell and Tavoris Cloud to lead the way in terms of the sport’s future . But in reality how many of you would actually know who indeed these boxers are ? Would you be able recognize them from a picture were it shown to you ? And let’s not get started with the heavyweight boxing scene as that specific category has become a complete conundrum and a comedic act of itself , without the assist a real comedian ! Anyone who is of the belief that the vast majority of sports’ fans gives a shit about either Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko as the champions within the division must less the sport must be under the influence of some form of hallucinogenic medication . . The mediocrity now on display within the heavyweight division of boxing has been at its lowest depth in a considerable amount time and might just border on the complete ineptitude shown this season by the listless Indianapolis Colts (0-11) without the assist of Peyton Manning to aid them through their obvious woes .

The biggest strength for the sport of MMA under UFC has been the very fact that their bouts staged are usually filled with a plethora of high caliber proponents of mixed martial arts . Usually those cards apart from the marquee match-up at the top of the card , the depth of the undercard itself is one that simply attracts the mainstream fan beyond the showcase event . So much so that financial incentives are given to those fighters beyond their usual contracted payday for a specific bout . Something that has yet to catch on within any boxing card now staged in North America . Is it any wonder why the likes of promoters such as Bob Arum , Don King and Oscar de La Hoya are so damn far behind the “eight ball “ ? Stupid is , as stupid does and that triumvirate continues to lead the sport of boxing down the path into oblivion ! Guys if you know what’s good for the sport simply wake the fuck up and get a god damn clue before it’s too late !

The thing that had me gravitate towards to the sport of mixed martial arts simply grew from the fact that I had become tired of the sport of boxing ! This mismatches in bouts that the fans were led to believe were competitive and the very fact that Mayweather and Pacquiao continued to duck each other like females who were too ashamed to admit that they had slept with the same guy all within a specific time period simply reminded me why the sport is now to be viewed as a charade ! Furthermore , having practiced specifically Taekwondo , Karate and Kenpo prior to joining the military (Royal Marines) and in the aftermath of leaving the service it was something to my mind that I have found to be way more interesting than watching a boxing match ! Granted , within the UFC the fighters there are no connoisseurs when it comes to the pugilistic form but given the current evidence of the heavyweight division of boxing I will give the likes of Brock Lesnar , Frank Mir , Alastair Overeem , Cain Velazquez and current heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos something of pass !

The names of dos Santos , Jon “Bones” Jones , Anderson Silva , Georges St Pierre , Frankie Edgar , Jon Fitch , Jose Aldo and Dominik Cruz are slowly becoming household names to join longer tenured elders of the sport such as Randy Couture , Matt Hughes , Royce Gracie , Chuck Liddell , Tito Ortiz , Urijah Faber , B J Penn and Wanderlei Silva . But that in of-itself should not detract from the considerable talent past and present that have made the sport what it is . Unfortunately , within the sport of boxing with the loss (demise/death) of Joe Frazier , the idiotic prolonged career of Evander Holyfield and the declining health of other notable luminaries of the fight game such as Muhammad Ali and Ken Norton there is little now to be envious about when it comes to the “sweet science ” !

The saying that politicians tend to place their faces where it simply does not belong continues to hold true . And nowhere is this now more self evident than within the world MMA and the very fact that the sport isn’t licensed within the state of New York . Madison Square Garden the Mecca for the sport of boxing for over five decades has never staged a UFC sanctioned bout simply because of the fact that the state legislature feels that the sport is way too violent . Unless I’m mistaken , there have been more deaths on the streets of New York City from random acts of violence and perpetrated acts of homicide than has ever occurred in an octagon . But the biggest political vocal opponent of the sport just happens to be Arizona Republican senator John Cain (R-Az) . War hero or not , when your biggest accomplishment within the political sphere happens to be the watered down “McCain Feingold Bill” and the choice of Sarah Palin as your Vice Presidential running mate — I tend to think that not only is your credibility is pretty much shot to hell but so too must be your god damn sanity ! But yet when questioned on whether or not he feels that the sport needed to be properly overseen with a some sort of governmental mandate the senator was somewhat nonplussed when it came to giving a definitive answer . ” Senator McCain which came first the chicken or the egg ” ? Politicians ! Where the fuck is there one to be found when it means actually taking care of the nation’s business ?

With the UFC set to challenge the state’s banning of the sport under First Amendment constitutional grounds it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the US District Courts should there not be a vote in the state assembly to rescind that ban . With both sides said and set to be rallying behind and to this specific battle cry and I wonder how New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will defend his state’s position and opposition to the sport ! If the ferocity of the MMA is viewed in the eyes of these representatives as barbaric —- I have to ask how they view the gunning down of an innocent victim on the streets of Harlem or the Bronx much less perhaps on the streets of Manhattan , Oneida , Bensonhurst or the damn state capitol of Albany , New York ? Pardon me for saying this but what the fuck are they thinking here ?

Dana White in conjunction with Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta have stated unequivocally that they will take their challenge to the US Federal Appellate Court and to the US Supreme Court if need be , to fight what they feel is simply a very draconian statute within the state of New York. Should they succeed in their endeavor then it would pave the way for several other states around the country that prohibit sanctioned bouts of the MMA under the UFC’s banner . There is a great deal at stake for both parties and I suspect that the state assembly knows that there is a growing movement to see the statute repealed . With upwards of $30 million of economic impact that can be created with one simple staged multi event it is easy to understand why not only UFC and Bellator would like this statute overturned . New York state and in particular New York city as the nation’s largest ad market would bring in a treasure trove of financial prosperity for all of the parties concerned .

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In terms of the boxing horizon even in light of a prospective lucrative title bout …. winner takes all in terms credibility and large scale appeal the decline within the sport of boxing his reached an acute point where it really in a state of disrepair . The likes of Bob Arum , Oscar de La Hoya and Don King have done the sport a great disservice , depriving the fans of fights that they would like to see and instead have simply served up a totally superfluous and banal product ! Meanwhile they have seen the young upstart of MMA graduate to the point where the interest for the sport amongst young adult males far surpasses that for any major boxing title fight the triumvirate of promoters might share to showcase for the public’s consumption .

What thoughts if any do have with regard to the points raised within this article ? Also do you feel that the UFC will prevail in its challenge of New York state’s ban on licensed MMA bouts ? Simply chime in with a comment as you deem fit . Thanks as always for your continued support as it is greatly appreciated !


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(1) (L-R) Brothers and co-owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Frank (L) and Lorenzo Fertitta (2nd R), UFC president Dana White (2nd L) and photographer Kevin Lynch attend the ‘Octagon’ private view at Hamilton’s gallery on January 17, 2007 in London, England. The exhibition showcases work by Lynch documenting the world of Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) events. Getty Entertainment / Clare Greenway …

(2) Co-Owner, UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta, mixed martial arts fighter Junior dos Santos, President, UFC Dana White and Co-Owner, UFC Frank Fertitta attend UFC on Fox: Live Heavyweight Championship at the Honda Center on November 12, 2011 in Anaheim, California. Getty Images North America / Jason Merritt …

(3) Floyd Mayweather and his adviser, Leonard Ellerbe share a laugh during the press conference for the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight at the MGM Grand Hotel Wednesday. Cory Olsen | The Grand Rapids Press …

(4) Manny Pacquiao, of the Philippines, center, holds his championship belt as he stands with promoter Bob Arum, left, and trainer Freddie Roach after winning his WBO welterweight boxing title fight against Miguel Cotto , of Puerto Rico. AP Photo /Mark J . Terrill ……

(5) Challenger Junior dos Santos (right) is seen here fighting then UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velazquez at the Honda Center , in Anaheim , California on 12th November 2011 . The challenger would defeat the title holder in 64 seconds of the first round in a knockout , to take the title in Velazquez’s first title defense . …. @ copyrighted material all rights reserved . Zuffa Inc/ Zuffa LLC .

(6) Cain Velazquez (left) seen here in defense of his UFC heavyweight title against challenger, Junior dos Santos . The challenger would prevail by winning the bout with a knockout in the 64th second of their scheduled five round title fight . The undercard itself would prove to be just as eventful in terms of the showcased talent and the results that came about . @ copyrighted material all rights reserved . UFC / Zuffa LLC ….

(7) AFP PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2011 WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao (L) takes a left to his face from Juan Manuel Marquez (R) during their title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday November 12, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao defended his WBO welterweight title against Marquez with a majority 12 round decision. AFP Photo / John Gurzinski …..

(8) Floyd Mayweather Jr. slams a right to the head of WBC Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz in the 4th round as referee Joe Cortez looks on, ending the fight on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather beat Ortiz in a knockout to win the WBC Welterweight title. Photo by John Gurzinski/AFP/Getty Images ….

(9) New York State Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman whose task it will be to represent the state as the defendants in a suit being brought against by the UFC challenging the New York State’s position of banning licensed MMA bouts within its jurisdiction . The premise of the UFC’s case is that the state’s prohibition is in direct countenance of the First Amendment . AFP / Chris Cagle ….
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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

14 thoughts on “Kick Me And I’ll Punch You Back Or I Might Even Hit You With My Handbag ….”

  1. So McCain finds the sport of MMA barbaric and compares it to cockfighting ? Fu_k me but I wonder how he views US servicemen being blown to smithereens by an IED ? What a dumb asshole this senator is and has become ! But then again he was beguiled by Palin so what else should one expect . Are there any members within the US Senate or House with any god damn brains ? Someone , anyone with , or have an answer ?

    McCain & Palin/

    “John , Todd and I are wondering how you feel about Alaska ” ? Sarah Palin ” Well Sarah I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind placing my meat in between your buns ” ! John McCain

    Only the legislature in New York State could be so dumb to pass up the millions that could be made from staging UFC events within their state !

    But then again watching UFC bouts may well be an upgrade from watching the Bills , NY Rangers or Islanders or Yankees play don’t you think given their continued mishaps ?

    tophatal ……… 🙂


  2. AG Schneiderman what are your thoughts with regard to gun violence and the prolific drug trade on the streets of New York City in comparison to the controlled aggression and presumed violence exhibited within an octagon during a mix martial arts bout ?

    ” I want to be viewed as an intelligent prosecutor who carries out the state’s business judiciously and with expediency unlike my counterpart Pennsyvania . When I can come up with an intelligent answer based on the question posed I will give you a succinct answer ” . Eric Schneiderman (center) AG for NY state

    tophatal ……………


  3. I will always be a boxing fan even though I agree with you about the gross mismanagement in the sport. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao must happen to enable the sweet science to remain relevant.


    1. aero

      At some point all of the governing bodies have to come together and if it should mean in the end they merge then so be it . The sport cannot exist along the lines that is currently doing with as many as five international governing bodies , each with their own separate agenda and culture of doing things . Never mind the continued corrupt practices of Bob Arum , Don King and Oscar de La Hoya as the three biggest promoters in North America , the mecca of the sport .

      Boxing could well learn something from the speed at which MMA has grown globally while it sees its own fortunes continue to decline . As for the asinine thinking of the New York State Assembly what else is there left to be said when it comes to dumb ass politicians poking their noses into issues that simply do not revolve around them ? Furthermore , McCain is cerebrally challenged from the neck up ! When was the last time he had anything even remotely intelligent to say on any political subject ? His ass has been in the US Senate for far too long !

      tophatal …………………….


  4. chappy

    And the survey says 8/10 people will believe it when and if the Pacquiao Mayweather fight ever takes place . Way too much connivance has gone on for me to even think that both sides can come to some sort of bipartisan treaty and agreement ensuring a bout takes place . Look it’s Arum and , Mayweather sniping at each other with Pacquiao who gets caught in the middle of this proverbial mess ! Thanks for chiming in with a vote of approval !

    tophatal ………


  5. With all the money on the table, it is beyond comprehension the Pac-May fight has not happened. Frustrating, disappointing and damaging to a sport in dire need of an injection of interest. I do think we’ll eventually see the UFC in NYC.


    1. sportsattitudes

      The sport of boxing has been seriously damaged beyond comprehension for well over a decade ! . Mediocrity within the heavyweight division and the ” corrupt practices” of King and Arum as promoters and people still believe the sport to be credible ? In whose eyes ?

      This has been the primary reason why I have gravitated towards MMA and almost completely away from the sport of as it (MMA) is far more exciting than any of the title and none title bouts that the cable networks ( HBO PPV & Showtime PPV ) tend to overcharge for . And unfortunately the fans are easily duped into subscribing in large part the vast majority of the time to a sub standard and mediocre product and brand when it comes to boxing . Most definitely not the case when it comes to title and non title bouts staged by UFC .

      tophatal ………..


  6. You know I never cared for boxing; this “new” thing is even worse. But I know it has become popular thus money can be made.
    Time will tell…it could replace boxing altogether, even becone as corrupt in the search for profits.
    How inane is it that men beat each half to death….least it is better than cockfighting and dogfighting, combatents DO have the
    choice, unlike the animals.

    BTW That is an awesome blonde chick.


    1. al clements

      I know where you’re coming from on the issue and I can’t deny you your right in terms of your views ! But my premise is , it is idiot for NY state to take this stance against MMA when the city and in particular MSG is the “mecca” for boxing but not only that the sport is so damn corrupt to begin with !

      Right the combatants do have the choice but herein lies the caveat but so too does the consumer and that is the inherent right that is being denied them by this idiotic statute within New York state. As to the servicemen they are asked to rely on their skillset to avoid all possible dangers in the field of battle . But what had the Defense Dept done for them (US military) at the start of the campaigns in both Afghanistan and Iraq ? Where were the M-RAP armored vehicles needed and the fact that many US Marines and infantrymen were being asked to pay for the equipment was so fu__king unbelievable that it doesn’t bear thinking about !

      Alden- Elaine/

      Yeah I know ! I think Elaine Alden would “blow your mind” as well as a certain part of your anatomy given the chance !

      tophatal ………


  7. The TV contract is a win-win deal for both MMA and Fox.

    While one sport blossoms, another continues to fade.

    If it weren’t for professional boxing’s rich history in this country, and so many of us begging for its revival, the sport would be a thing of the past entirely.

    We’ll see what happens with the next generation of fans.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportscChump)

      The next generation of fans are simply disinterested in the sport of boxing and that is now becoming an inherent fact ! De La Hoya and his company Golden Boy Promotions have already began to realize that and that is why they are now co promoting joint boxing and MMA events in order to lure the fans back to the sport of boxing . Meanwhile the likes of Arum and King continue to mock the ascent of the UFC and MMA not realizing that their “bottom line ” in the vast majority of cases is now seeing more red ink than ever before .

      Fox may well be unto something in terms of the contract but let’s be real here their coverage of baseball , the NFL , NASCAR and college football are the only things that keeps them alive from a financial and competitive standpoint in terms of their sports’ coverage , and even then they’re not that particularly good on all fronts in terms of their content when providing succinct analysis .

      I’ll wait to see what they provide in terms of the commentary and analysis when it comes to MMA and the UFC !

      tophatal ………


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