It’s Wayne’s World ………. It’s Wayne’s World And The Poor Jaguars’ Fans Have Had To Endure It ! …….

It’s Wayne’s World …….. It’s Wayne’s World And The Poor Jaguars’ Fans Have Had To Endure It ! …….

By tophatal

I can’t say that I am at all surprised by the firing of Jacksonville Jaguars’ (3-8) coach Jack Del Rio ! I certainly do know this , Del Rio won’t be the only managerial casualty of the 2011-2012 season . Norv Turner , Tony Sparano  and Steve Spagnuoulo  are just three of the other names who could certainly bite the dust at season’s end . Jaguars’ owner is Wayne Weaver is either a misguided fool or simply someone who knew that at the end of the day the gig was up concerning his beleaguered coach . What however , might be more bewildering is the very fact that he offered an contract extension to team GM Gene Smith . Pardon me for saying this , but as a duo, Del Rio and Smith were ineffective when it came to spotting and nurturing talent and the organization’s continued pratfalls as comical as they may well have seemed bore the hallmark of a duo who simply did not know what the hell they were actually doing . Since Smith’s ascension to the position of general manager in 2009 both and Del Rio have combined to assemble a litany of draft picks that have yet to amount to anything . That being said this has been a woefully inept organization over the past few years . ======================================================== ==============================

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Some may well point to the fact that the lone bright spot on this current team might be running back Maurice Jones-Drew but by my way of thinking he has labored ? under the weight of expectation while Del Rio and the coaching staff have simply failed to gain any traction and lead the franchise to where they need to be .

With Del Rio’s firing Wayne Weaver had also formally announced that he had agreed in principle to sell the franchise he co-founded and brought into being to Chicago , Illinois businessman Shahid Khan . The prospective new owner pending league approval has stated that he has no intent of relocating the franchise . Personally , from my own standpoint I will believe that when I see it ! At the right price just about anything is possible , albeit that the Jaguars would have to deal with the city of Jacksonville as well as the Duval County government who as co-owners of Everbank Field still have a valid lease with the Jacksonville Jaguars that is not due to expire until 2027 . So any precipitous move prior to some type of formal agreement could very well lead to litigation between the franchise owner and their landlord .

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Jacksonville Jaguars Sold To Illinois Businessman For $760 Million

By Mike Ozania , Forbes Staff , Executive Editor Forbes; co-host Forbes SportsMoney YES Network

Wayne Weaver has sold the Jacksonville Jaguars to Shahid Khan, a Pakistan-born entrepreneur and head of Illinois-based Flex-N-Gate Corp, for $760 million. People familiar with the matter say Kahn used $350 million of debt to finance the deal. In August we said the Jaguars were worth $725 million, last among the National Football League’s 32 teams. But in September Walt Disney-owned ESPN signed a new television deal with the NFL that was 73% more than the previous contract. The Jaguars sale price clearly reflects the boost in television revenue given that the most recent sale prior to the Jaguars were the St. Louis Rams, which were acquired by Forbes 400 member Stan Kroenke  in 2010 for $750 million.

The Jaguars play in the NFL’s third-smallest market and Weaver has often had a combative relationship with local politicians over the teams lease at EverBank Field . Last year Weaver cut a deal with the city giving Weaver all of the revenue from the $16.6 million, five-year stadium naming rights agreement with EverBank. The prior agreement gave 25% of the naming rights to the city.

Khan had previously attempted to buy the St. Louis Rams from the children of the late Georgia Frontiere in 2010. But the team was grabbed by Kroenke, who had the right of first refusal to purchase the Rams.

Click unto the link shown to read the article in its entirety . _____________________________________________________________

As Wayne Weaver rides off into the sunset under the misguided belief that the franchise is on the verge in stemming the tide and turning things around I have to ask why did he continue endure with the sheer ineptitude shown by Jack Del Rio as a coach ? Surely he could have seen that the with the record of the organization in 2009 and 2010 what improvements if any , were simple incremental at best , if that at all ! This season within the AFC South and the conference (AFC ) in general the Jacksonville Jaguars along with the embattled Indianapolis Colts (0-11) have been truly embarrassing and in terms of sheer ineptitude they have each sank to all all-time low .

With Jack Del Rio now departed it is now left to interim head coach Mel Tucker to guide the team over the remainder of the regular season . A positive showing from the one time assistant and offensive coordinator and he might well have that interim tag removed with the title of permanent head coach being added. But as we know the impending sale all things may well point to the fact that Khan and Smith might be considered to hire someone outside the organization . And here there would be no influx of likely candidates who might be considered for the position . Amongst the more credible candidates likely to seen as potential invitees are Rob Ryan , Bruce Arians , Joe Philbin , Pete Carmichaels , Greg Roman and perhaps with a high profiled candidate such as Jon Gruden  perhaps at the head of the pack . The money and the fact that Gruden would likely wish have ultimate control with regard to all personnel decisions made might just dissuade the front office of the Jaguars from looking at the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach as the likely successor to Jack Del Rio . I have no doubt that Shahid Khan in conjunction with Gene Smith would like to make a big splash in terms of the next hire in order to reflect the organization’s relevance . The Jacksonville Jaguars have had to endure eight painful years under Jack Del Rio with there being little tangible to show during his tenure . 10

JACKSONVILLE, FL – NOVEMBER 27: Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars watch the release of 10,000 balloons to end halftime ceremonies during play against the Houston Texans November 27, 2011 at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida. The Texans won 20 – 13. Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images ….

This season there are a number of players on the Jaguars’ roster who seem to be having sub-par years but if anything many might subscribe to the fact that they have given up on Del Rio and his coaching staff . Certainly , Maurice Jones-Drew , Blaine Gabbert  , Deji Karim , Mike Thomas , Marcedes Lewis , Jason Hill , Daryl Smith , Rashean Mathis , Dawan Landry and Paul Posluszny  have simply been spinning their wheels aimlessly going nowhere .

Week 13 sees the Jacksonville Jaguars playing hosts to the equally misguided San Diego Chargers (4-7 ) under another presumably ” lame duck coach” , in, Norv Turner . And if the Chargers’ coach is not fired at the end of their now mediocre season then the citizens as part of the “Occupy Wall St Movement” or should organize a proxy organization and demonstrate vociferously for the ouster of Turner and that ” moronic imbecile ” of a general manager A. J Smith ! What these two have allegedly achieved for the organization since their tenure began could be written on the back of a first class stamp and mailed to Timbuktu ! Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos are you that much of an asshole or has it simply been ingrained within your family’s DNA ? God knows this could be a game where no wants actually wants to bear witness to , given the combined ineptitude shown by both teams this season !

It has been clear for all to see that Wayne Weaver simply overestimated the attributes of Jack Del Rio this season and that is even with the advent of the Indianapolis Colts having lost Peyton Manning for their entire 2011 campaign . The AFC South not often thought of as being one of the more glamorous divisions within the NFL much less the AFC had simply become a pick ’em as to the likelihood of an outright winner to succeed the Colts whose domain the division had become perennially over the years .

This season however the AFC South seems to be the Houston Texans’ (8-3 ) for the taking albeit that Tennessee Titans (6-5) may well feel that they are in with a chance of turning the table and making the division their very own . But such has been the inconsistency of the teams within the AFC South that it would take a highly skilled bettor to lay odds as to which of the two teams between the Texans and Titans are likely to end up as the divisional champions . Would you be up to the task of picking the undoubted winner ? At this juncture it’s simply anyone’s guess as to what that outcome might just be .

When it is all said and done many will view Wayne Weaver as either a very good NFL franchise owner or simply a franchisee who got lost amongst the rush chasing success only to be fooled into thinking that many of the decisions made at the time just happened to be the right ones . From my own perspective I view Weaver just as any other owner within the NFL whose only visibility beyond his business dealings was to be seen as one of the “darlings” of the league . Now having taken the route of another downtrodden owner his basking in the fact that he felt that the organization is now on the right path having agreed to sell the franchise speaks to his sheer and utter stupidity ! But then again , he now has just over seven hundred million reasons ………….. why he ought to now feel really happy ! Your thoughts ? ============================================== ==================================================

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As to the points raised within this piece how do you view the immediate future for the Jacksonville Jaguars ? And do you believe that the recent decisions made by Wayne Weaver were the right ones in terms selling the franchise , the firing of Jack Del Rio and the re-signing of Gene Smith to a three year contract extension ? By all means do leave a comment as you deem fit . 😉 ================================================= =============================

(1) Shahid Khan, seen here with his wife Ann at their home in Chicago , Illinois . The Pakistani native and now naturalized American citizen is said to be the prospective new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars having purchased the team for a reported $760 million . Khan has promised the fans and the city of Jacksonville that the franchise will not be relocated elsewhere and that he intends to make the organization a success . courtesy of .

(2) Jacksonville Jaguars interim head coach Mel Tucker chats during an NFL football news conference Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Fla. Tucker was named to the position after Jack Del Rio was fired by team owner Wayne Weaver Tuesday morning. AP Photo/Rick Wilson ….

(3) New Jacksonville Jaguars interim head coach Mel Tucker, left, listen as general manager Gene Smith answers a question during an NFL football news conference, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Fla. Tucker was named to the position after Jack Del Rio was fired by team owner Wayne Weaver Tuesday morning. AP Photo/Rick Wilson …..

(4) Jacksonville Jaguars team owner Wayne Weaver is shown during a news conference in Jacksonville, Fla., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011. The Jaguars will have a new owner and new coach. Weaver is selling the team to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan, and coach Jack Del Rio is fired after a 3-8 start, with defensive coordinator Mel Tucker appointed interim coach. General manager Gene Smith gets a new three-year deal. AP Photo/Rick Wilson …

(5) INDIANAPOLIS, IN – FILE: Head coach Jack Del Rio of the Jacksonville Jaguars watches the action during the game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 13, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to reports on November 29, 2011, the Jacksonville Jaguars have fired head coach Jack Del Rio after nine seasons. Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images …..

(6) FILE – In this Oct. 24, 2011 file photo, A Jacksonville Jaguars fans shows his opinion of head coach Jack Del Rio during an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Jacksonville, Fla. The Jaguars fired Del Rio, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 after a 3-8 start, parting ways with him during his ninth season. AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack ….

(7) Jarett Dillard (87) of the Jacksonville Jaguars attempts to catch a pass during the game against the Houston Texans at EverBank Field on November 27, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jaguars would go lose to the Texans 20-13 . Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images ….

(8) Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert (11) is sacked by Houston Texans defensive end Tim Jamison , top, and defensive end J.J. Watt , lower left, during the second half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011, in Jacksonville, Fla. Houston won 20-13. AP Photo/John Raoux …….

(9) JACKSONVILLE, FL – NOVEMBER 27: Maurice Jones-Drew (32) of the Jacksonville Jaguars runs for yardage during the game against the Houston Texans at EverBank Field on November 27, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images …….

(10) JACKSONVILLE, FL – NOVEMBER 27: Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars watch the release of 10,000 balloons to end halftime ceremonies during play against the Houston Texans November 27, 2011 at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida. The Texans won 20 – 13. Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images …. ========================================================== =========================== 🙂 ————————————————————————————— ————-

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To the fans in Jacksonville here for your edification …. Beyonce’ … feat’g J Cole .. & … Kanye West “Party”

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

17 thoughts on “It’s Wayne’s World ………. It’s Wayne’s World And The Poor Jaguars’ Fans Have Had To Endure It ! …….”

  1. First of all Wayne here’s to you strappin’ on the feed bag ( $760 million what the fu## ! ) and strutting your stuff while making idiotic proclamations that the Jaguars will be heading in the right direction with Shahid Khan as the team owner . You as_hole you should have fired that dumb f_#k Gene Smith also besides the overrated Jack Del Rio who couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag much less an NFL franchise !

    I certainly hope that Khan (prospective new owner pending league approval ) is aware it could cost him in excess of $100 million should he decide to in the end break the lease with Duval County and the city of Jacksonville . Never mind the fact that the organization still owes the county some $140 million .

    tophatal ……………..


    1. In a desperation move, the GM/coach tandem messed over QB Gerrard. Promised him the job and promptly cut him. The sale of the team and endorsement of new owner keeping team in Jax is a pipe dream. Los Angeles is chomping at the bit for another shot at the NFL. This migration is a no brainer. Jax is a college draw. New owner Khan will heed Horace Greely’s call and $$.


      1. Ronbets

        The desperation move was the alleged price paid by Shahid Khan ! $760million ( Ha , ha !) 🙂 —- 😉 — 😉 —- 🙂 for the Jags ? ” We’re talking “ the Jags here not the god damn Niners or even the lowly ………. Eagles ! What the f##k !

        Wayne Weaver may well be laughing all the way to the bank but he’s an ass for not getting rid of Gene Smith ! When Shahid Khan subsequently takes over he may well want his own guy running the show rather than Smith . I mean simply look at how this team has done in terms of their draft picks since Gene Smith assumed the GM role in 2009 ? Are you impressed ?

        The only franchise where it makes sense in terms of a relocation given the logistics would be either the Chargers or Vikings and that is a fact !

        The Jags owe way too much to the Duval County government and there’s no way in hell given their ” budgetary problems “ they will take a steep discount on that debt .

        The guys holding the cards however on this all are developer Ed Roski and Antonio Villaraigosa as the mayor of the city of Los Angeles . What are they really prepared to do in order to orchestrate such a move ? The owners simply won’t want to shell out tens of millions it would cost for the Jaguars given the financial implications there .

        Dean Spanos and the Chargers front office would like nothing better than to leave Qualcomm Stadium in their rear view mirror and make that move to the suburbs of LA .

        Zygi Wilf owner of the Vikings is in a desperate battle to get the legislature in Minnesota to pass the bill that would assist in the financing for their stadium . The state has a $5 billion budget deficit and in no way to do they want to bring in austerity measures while at the same time asking the public to in essence finance a venue that is to cost upwards of $1.2 billion . Hence the reason why Gov. Mark Dayton’s hands are now tied concerning the issue . He can ill afford to run the wrath of his citizens and the electorate of the issue no matter what Zygi Wilf and his partners may well want .


      2. Ronbets

        Why are you talking about David Garrard ? I wouldn’t trust the guy as a dog walker or school crossing guard much less as a moderate quarterback in the NFL !

        busty chic/

        Take your mind off thinking about Garrard even being an average to moderate qb and feast your eyes on this . Makes sense doesn’t it ?


        Big titties  yeah !/

        Wake up and smell the coffee and enjoy her curves and melons . .

        tophatal ……………..


  2. Del Rio should’ve been fired two years ago. He’s kinda like Norv Turner, a great coordinator, but not a good coach…

    If I bought the Jags, I’d heavily consider moving the team…


    1. chappy 81

      Not only should Del Rio been fired but also Gene Smith unequivocally ! Since 2009 the Jags under their combined leadership have been pitiful in terms of their record and draft choices .

      See my comments concerning the Jags and the money they owe city of Jacksonville and the county government and the very fact they can’t break the lease which doesn’t expire until 2027 without them having to pay in doing so . Would you be prepared to do that given the financial outlay which be as much as $150 million ? Think about it ? They (Jaguars) could go to court to try and seek legal recourse that way but any judge presiding over the case would side with the city and county .

      The only franchises I can see relocating are quite possibly the Chargers or Vikings . See also my comments to Ronbets . The situation probably favors the Chargers slightly over the Vikings at present but that could all change .

      tophatal …………


    2. chappy

      Things should’ve happened to Del Rio prior to his firing in no discerning order .

      1 Castration ……..
      2 Being sodomized
      3 Being beaten and lashed as they do in Muslim countries under strict Sharia law guidelines
      4 His tongue being removed from his mouth
      5 Being asked to return his entire salary since becoming coach of the team given his piss poor coaching record (68-71 [.0489]) with them as a coach !

      Big  tits/
      Being suffocated by these melons .

      tophatal ……


  3. It occured to me that the sale of the Jags may lead to football returning to L.A. with the NFL lending a hand with the relocation expenses. Just a thought.
    Have a good weekend my friend and cheers!


    1. aero

      The NFL hierarchy under Goodell are not about help with the relocation of the Jags given the vast financial implications . There’s 15 years left on the lease at Everbank Field and the organization still owes Duval County ” tens of millions of dollars ” and there’s no way in hell that the county government will let them off the hook for that sum at all .

      I will have a great weekend if Cotto Margarito ” II “ lives up to the hype and the girlfriend is in the mood to ” put out ” !

      Is it me but are the Eagles that god damn awful ? 31-14 loss to the Seahawks of all people ? What’s up with that ? Thank God the game was shown on the NFL Network and not network television because I am convinced that the vast majority of NFL fans would have tuned out from that game . What a friggin’ mess !

      Have a great weekend and my regards to the immediate family ! Stay safe my friend !

      tophatal ………….


    1. al clements

      The Jags won’t be moving not unless the NFL hierarchy / owners are prepared to foot the bill and I for one can’t see that happening . The lease on the stadium doesn’t expire until 2027 and at the same time the city (Jacksonville) and county governments (Duval) are still owed monies by the organization . If they ( Jags ) break the contract it means litigation in the courts and more monies to be paid out to the lawyers in terms of fees and expenses in resolving the case.

      The new team owner Shahid Khan has stated that it’s his intent not to relocate the franchise but to remain within the state and to continue to play at Everbank Field for the forseeable future .

      From my perspective the firing of Del Rio by Wayne Weaver “was too little , too late ” ! And it begs the question you ” fire ” the coach but you don’t fire the GM Gene Smith who has been the accomplice with Jack Del Rio in creating the present mess that is a diabolical —- 3-8 team in the NFL ?

      Jordan Carver/

      Perhaps as part of his windfall Wayne Weaver can buy perhaps a new wardrobe for Jordan Carver , you think ? Well , perhaps not !

      tophatal ……….


  4. You forgot Andy Reid. His fat ass needs to go too. JAX has been sold. I will bet you they’ll move to LA in the next few years if not next year.


    1. Bobby Gee

      You’re right Reid will need to go but so too does Joe Banner , the team president as both now appear to be clueless concerning the drafing of players over the past few years . Granted, McCoy and Jackson have panned out but beyond that what have the duo (Banner & Reid) actually achieved ?

      Owner Jeff Lurie needs to send both Banner and Reid to the stables so that both can be either euthanized or turned into geldings !

      tophatal …….


    1. brief22

      The Jags moving to LA won’t happen not while they owe Duval County all that money and with their lease not running out ’til 2027 . If they break the lease then they would have to make an outlay of tens of millions of dollars . It’s as plain and as simple as that and at this moment in time the county government is not prepared to renegotiate the terms of the lease on Everbank Field .

      tophatal …..


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