An NFL Season By Any Other Name ………….

An NFL Season By Any Other Name ………….

By tophatal ……….

Well as the NFL season begins to wind its way down with week 13 schedule of games I can’t help but wonder what many of the fans made of the results we witnessed this past Sunday . Is it me , but are the Miami Dolphins that good or were the Oakland Raiders simply that bad ? I might hasten to add that given the fact that the AFC West continues to remain a conundrum I am liable to think that it has to be the latter ! That Raiders’ defense in terms of athleticism can be described as being so ambiguous that one could liken their talents to that of an effeminate group of gay weightlifters ! Injuries or not , that team simply did not come to play as Tony Sparano’s players continue to defy logic . As Charlie Sheen has so infamously stated …… ” duh winning !


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Anyone who witnessed the 31-14 ass kicking that the Raiders were subjected to , will know that were Hu Jackson’s team to make the playoffs their foray would not be that long , based on the performance at Sun Life Stadium in Miami , Florida . Given the fourteen “garbage points ” given up by the Dolphins in the waning moments of the game , the margin of victory could very well have been far greater , had the Miami Dolphins players thought to defend their home turf more resolutely . But then again , this a team that has somehow manage to win 4 of their last 5 games , albeit that it might not be enough to dissuade GM Jeff Ireland and team owner Stephen Ross to fire the team’s beleaguered coach , Tony Sparano .

Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore played with a great deal of calm unlike his AFC counterpart Carson Palmer who looked like a deer caught in headlights on the day . The acquisition of Palmer was meant to be seen as something of a transition with the loss of Jason Campbell for the season but it is clear that all of the ring rust cannot hide the fact that player simply , is not as good as first advertized . Never mind the salary that he’s now receiving courtesy of the organization which if anything further undercuts the belief that he is good enough to lead the team into the postseason .

When it is all said and done this victory might well be one that seals the fate of Tony Sparano in terms of immediate future . I certainly do know this , if it takes the second half of the season before his players get up off their ass to play with any kind of resolve , then I have to ask what was it the coach and his coaching staff had been doing in the prior weeks ? Respectability and pride now appear to be the only things that the players are now playing within this Dolphins organization . And I am most certainly sure that Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland may well bring about changes not just in terms of the player personnel but also as it relates to the coaching staff.

If the Oakland Raiders’ loss to the Dolphins might well have been viewed as upset given the fact that the Raiders stood atop of the AFC West . Then knowing that Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos continue to turn the division and league on its ear now must be pissing off the members of “Raider Nation ” . Tebow and his band of gallant band of warriors slayed the Minnesota Vikings while at the same perhaps placing another nail in the coffin of Vikings’ coach Leslie Frazier who clearly isn’t demanding enough from his players or actually holding them accountable for their actions. There’s no semblance of leadership from anyone on the playing staff and Christian Ponder , as good as he might well appear to be is perhaps at two years away from being considered a very good quarterback in this league . Baptism by fire or not he has struggled in large part over the course of this season .

The Minnesota Vikings playing at home lost a high scoring and error filled game in regulation 35-32 , sealing their own fate , much to the dismay of their fans in attendance . And any thought that Zygi Wilf and his partners might have that a $1.255 billion purpose built new venue would be in the organization’s best interests and that of legislators and residents must now be taking a turn for the worse given this laughable display by the team . I am sure that Governor Mark Dayton in knowing that his state legislature has a $5 billion ($5,000,000,000) budget deficit to deal with , has to be perturbed that he is being asked to finance this ostentatious request given the state’s economic plight . I mean , it is not as if Wilf and the front office of the organization are said to be stumping up any monies as a gesture of good faith towards the proposed edifice .

John Elway and the Broncos’ organization know that he may well run the wrath of the fans come the end of the season , with the preferred thinking that he and GM Brian Xanders might well choose to either draft a quarterback for the future while also seeking a free agent during the off season . It is clear for many, who have witnessed Tim Tebow’s play that he places himself at great risk while continuing to lead by example . Calmer heads ought to prevail but is clear that John Fox and Broncos’ quarterback’s coach Adam Gase will ride the ” Tebow train” for as far and as long as it may well take them over the remainder of their season . The Denver Broncos and their fans know that their quarterback is but a concussion or twisted ankle away from seeing their season quite possibly end in doom and gloom. Then what ? The culminating three weeks to the end of the regular season should tell us a great deal about the resolve of this Broncos’ team and whether or they have what it takes to win their first divisional AFC West title since 2005 . Jointly tied atop of the division at 7-5 alongside the Oakland Raiders that race now appears to be a dogfight between these two teams .

” The Dream Team ” in name only the Philadelphia Eagles’ (4-8) season is slowly descending like a piece of fecal matter as it winds its way down the S- bend of a toilet system . If team owner Jeffrey Lurie has any damn sense , then he ought to fire the entire front office along with the coaching staff led by Andy Reid . LeSean McCoy while being a prodigious player he has been under- served this season while DeSean Jackson simply has become a cancer in the locker room with his demands . And the contention that he deserves far more respect than he gets from the organization because he believes that he’s underpaid . Someone ought to remind the player before he gets respect , you simply have be deserving of it to begin with and by decrying the fact that your boss simply is not treating you right because of your salary demands , shows Jackson’s complete lack of maturity and intelligence ! But then again , look at whom he has , as his agent ? It should not at all come as a surprise that Drew Rosenhaus just happens to be the marionette pulling the strings once again !

At this point there is not much more that can be said about that the Philadelphia Eagles’ season that hasn’t been yet well chronicled . Suffice to say that the longer the fans have to endure this idiocy the more likely that it is that Andy Reid , Joe Banner and Howie Roseman will have to be jettisoned along a number of players on the Eagles’ roster . Far too much power has been wielded by the triumvirate , with little to show for it over the past few years .

At the start of the season there were a number of patrons simply jumping unto the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears’ bandwagon . And to a point there might well have been just cause but now herein lies the caveat to this all , where are those fans now , ……. that the wheels have began to fall of those erstwhile vehicles ? Lions’ coach Jim Schwartz has began to show that he simply cannot handle adversity well and neither can his team ! And nothing proved this point more than their complete annihilation 31-17 by Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans , Louisiana , this past Sunday . Two straight losses for the Detroit Lions may not seem a great deal to worry about but when a playoff berth is said to be on the line and the NFC North is now simply out of reach with the Green Bay Packers having but all sealed the division it begs the question how “much heart ” is said to be left on this Lions’ team ?

I have repeatedly said this time and time again , Jay Cutler is simply overrated as a quarterback within the NFL ! Brian Urlacher for all of his leadership qualities and wanting to rally behind his quarterback , now has to understand that all the hype in the world won’t get you anywhere when you’re simply not willing to show that you haven’t an ounce of common sense ! And it is clear that Cutler has little of either in spite of the perceived belief that he’s said to be one of the better quarterbacks within the league . I tend to use the analogy ………” if you dress up pig and call it a sow it simply doesn’t make it one ” !

Jay Cutler is now quite possibly lost to the Bears’ for the remainder of their season and with backup Caleb Hanie having been asked to take the helm the consequences proved to be dire for the team when they took on the lowly Kansas City Chiefs (5-7) . Pardon me for saying this but when you’re held to a measly three points in a low scoring game (10-3 ) at home (Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois) where neither team either proved or showed that they had an ounce of creativity on the offensive side of the ball then your ass needs to be embarrassed in such a way ! Starting quarterback Caleb Hanie did the team no favors in throwing three interceptions whilst ending up with a QB rating of 23.8 in the Bears’ 10-3 loss suffered at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs .

Things now must be taking a turn for the worse if the rumors are to be believed , as Chicago Bears’ head coach Lovie Smith is said to be considering calling upon the services of either Brett Favre or Donovan McNabb . Clearly , the front office simply didn’t consider calling up either Jim McMahon , Jim Miller or Dave Krieg , not wanting to embarrass themselves ___ but the thought of calling upon either Favre or McNabb wouldn’t be seen as an act of desperation ? Yep, that’s what I thought Lovie Smith’s mental wits no longer seem to be with him ! I can only surmise that GM Jerry Angelo and his head coach (Lovie Smith) share a need to be seen as complete idiots !

Coaches , coach but it’s left to the players to win games . Then can someone honestly explain to me what just happened to be the thought process with Dallas Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett , his coaching staff and the players during the waning moments in regulation of their game against the Arizona Cardinals prior to it going into overtime ? The fact that the Cowboys came off on the losing end of this result 19-13 and still stand atop of the NFC East with a 7-5 record with a one game margin , over the equally befuddling New York Giants (6-6) simply cannot underscore how insipid the division has been this season .

If the aftermath of that loss I am sure that Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones must have wanted to kick Garrett in the area of his genitals , as a way showing his utter disgust in his coach ! Ice the kicker by calling a timeout just as he was about to kick the game winning field goal during regulation ? In negating the play , and then only for kicker Dan Bailey to miss in his second attempt simply shows not only what an asshole Jason Garrett just happens to be but also if anyone is of the belief that this Cowboys’ team can usurp the likes of the Green Bay Packers or New Orleans Saints then clearly they’re not sound of mind or sound in their thinking !

Now with everything on the line in determining the rest of their season the Dallas Cowboys still face two (Week 14) daunting games (Week 17) against their divisional rivals the New York Giants . Anything short of a victory in either game , could very well much seal the fate of the Dallas Cowboys . Jason Garrett may well have been Jerry Jones’ choice to assume the role as successor to Wade Philips but in all honesty what has he actually brought to the table since he assumed coach’s mantle of this team ? It is not as if we have seen any type of real improvement in the play of this roster . We may well have been in awe of DeMarco Murray’s exploits in breaking the franchise’s single game rushing record (23 carries , 253yds , 2 TD’s ) . But one game or season does not a player make , and thus far all one can attribute to Murray is that he is no more than a capable running back in this league .



Picture gallery for your perusal .

As the NFL season has unfolded what if anything has been of all the biggest disappointment or surprise to you ? And which teams do you feel this off season will be making what you feel should be the necessary front office and coaching changes ? Simply leave a comment as you see fit and thanks as always for your ongoing support as it is greatly appreciated !


Picture and slide show details below for your perusal .

(1) Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour (92) walks off the field after he was ejected from the game for throwing a punch against the Miami Dolphins during the third quarter of an NFL football game on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011, in Miami. The Dolphins defeated the Raiders 34-14. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee …

(2) Tight end Anthony Fasano (80) of the Miami Dolphins is brought down by Kamerion Wimbley (98) of the Oakland Raiders at Sun Life Stadium on December 4, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the Raiders 34-14. Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images …..

(3) Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson shakes hands with Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano after a game at Sun Life Stadium on December 4, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images ….

(4) MINNEAPOLIS, MN – DECEMBER 4: (L-R) Adrian Peterson (28) of the Minnesota Vikings and Tim Tebow (15) of the Denver Broncos talk after the game at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on December 4, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo by Adam Bettcher /Getty Images ……

(5) Matt Prater (5) of the Denver Broncos kicks a 23-yard field goal in the final minute against the Minnesota Vikings on December 4, 2011 at Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Broncos defeated the Vikings 35-32 . Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images …..

(6) SEATTLE, WA – DECEMBER 1: Vince Young’s dumb ? Well well , who knew ? Vince Young(9) of the Philadelphia Eagles before the game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field December 1, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. Seattle won 34-14 . Photo by Jay Drowns/Getty Images …..

(7) Vince Young (9) and Jason Kelce <(62) of the Philadelphia Eagles go up against Brandon Mebane (92) of the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field December 1, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. Photo by Jay Drowns/Getty Images …

(8) Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha walks off the field with Eagles coach Andy Reid after being checked for injuries in the first half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011, in Seattle. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren …..

(9) This Dec. 4, 2011 file photo shows Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz complaining to an official during the first quarter of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints, in New Orleans. The Lions were flagged 11 times for 107 yards in a 31-17 defeat. AP Photo/Bill Feig ….

(10) NEW ORLEANS, LA – DECEMBER 4: Head Coach Jim Schwartz talks with quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) of the Detroit Lions during a game against the New Orleans Saints to score a touchdown at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on December 4, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints defeated the Lions 31-17. Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images ….

(11) Jimmy Graham (80) of the New Orleans Saints is tackled by Amari Spievey (42) of the Detroit Lions at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on December 4, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints defeated the Lions 31-17. Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images ……

(12) Running back LaRod Stephens-Howling (36) celebrates with Alfonso Smith (46) after scoring the game winning 52 yard touchdown reception against the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 4, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Cowboys 19-13 in overtime. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images …

(13) Runningback Beanie Wells (26) rushes the football against the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 4, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Cowboys 19-13 in overtime. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images ….

(14) Head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys watches from the sidelines during the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 4, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Cowboys 19-13 in overtime. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images ….

(15) Oops ! Jason Garret fu_ks up again ! Kicker Dan Bailey (5) of the Dallas Cowboys misses the possible game winning field goal in overtime during the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 4, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Cowboys 19-13 in overtime. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images …..




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Hot chic pic of the day ……… Lucy Pinder (brunette) and a friend . With friends like that who gives a s_it about your enemies !

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

21 thoughts on “An NFL Season By Any Other Name ………….”

  1. Ice the kicker my ass ! You’re meant to do that to the opposition . Jason Garrett is one fu_ked up individual whose ass shouldn’t even be coaching in the NFL . He may well be Jones’ blue eyed boy but he’s also proving to be one absolutely clueless ass#ole !


    tophatal ……… 😉


  2. Al I disagree with you about Culter being overrated. He was never highly rated to begin with. He was the 3rd QB drafted in 06 behind Young and Leinhart. 2 other headcases. Yeah, first round by Denver, but that ain’t no compliment considering their track record.

    Cowboy HC Garrett with get away with that gaff if they win the East. His excuse for the TO? Team was in disarray prior to the kick.


    1. Ronbets

      Cutler came out of Vanderbilt highly touted and thought of by NFL analysts , coaches and GM’s around the league . What he has simply proven is that the hype clearly wasn’t justified at all !

      Cutler is meant to be hittin’ ( his fiancee’ – Kristin Cavallari) this and he can’t hit an open receiver when deemed necessary ? Wow !

      Jay I’d be quite willin’ to give you a few pointers on how to tap that ass !

      Given the quarterbacks in that 2006 NFL Draft are you at all surprised that the so called first rounders can be viewed as ” duds ” ?

      Jason Garrett on his best day couldn’t find his way to and from a whorehouse in the Raiberstrasse’s (famed street of whorehouses in Amsterdam) of Amsterdam with the assist of a map , much less coach an NFL franchise . You’re giving him and that team way too much credit than they are actually due !

      tophatal ………..


  3. The Dolphins lost some close games early in the season. They are better than their record indicates and it looks like they found themselves a quarterback.
    I hope Tebow can keep winning at least until Merril Hodge’s head explodes.
    Take it easy brother.


    1. aero

      Unfortunately those losses will be the things that the front office will point to when they give Sparano his own personal “pink slip” .

      I personally would like to see Merill Hoge suffer on air aneurysm and then simply die during a live broadcast on ESPN ! The guy is an undignified self serving as_hole ! I don’t care if he watches 45- 50 hours of NFL film each week , the end result , is all a team looks for is the damn win even when it’s not necessarily pretty ! His ass is unlikely to be actually cognizant of that fact !

      tophatal ………….


    2. aero

      This off-season the Dolphins’ front office will have to go out and get a quality credentialed coach and no I am not talking about a retread like Mike Martz ! Anything but that pompous ass ! If it means throwing money at Bill Cowher or quite possibly Jon Gruden then let it be so ! And if it happens to be Gruden then no way in hell should GM Jeff Ireland let him all control with regard to personnel decisions . Jon Gruden can’t spell the word “talent ” much less spot it up close or from afar , as his success in that category with both the Bucs and Raiders has been an unmitigated disaster , especially with Bruce Allen as his closest ally .

      tophatal ……


    1. brief 22

      Jason Garrett’s so called coaching prowess borders on the IQ of Paris Hitlton and Jessica Simpson’s combined ! ‘nough said ! Garrett needs his testes iced but only after a swift kick there by Jerry Jones !

      tophatal ………..


  4. Should be interesting to see if Tebow can lead the Broncos to the promised land in the AFC Worst.

    SD, Denver, KC and Oakland are all mediocre (at best) but one of them will be playoff bound. I wonder who Lucy Pinder thinks is going to win.


    1. Drew

      “Tebowmania ” now reigns supreme and ’til they get knocked off and are actually out of playoff contention you simply can’t fault the guy .

      The AFC West to me is the stained piece of female hygiene product that no one literally wants to touch ! The teams there continue to stink up the joint repeatedly , year in year out !

      Big titties are fun to suck on and Lucy’s are that indeed !

      Play your cards right …….. Pinder and her friend might just want you be part of a triple decker sandwich with you as the meat in between their slices of bread . Do you get my drift ?

      tophatal …………..


  5. Miami is playing for their coach. The Eagles suck. The bums have a slim chance to win the NFC east if they beat Miami, the Skins,the Cowboys, and the Jets. A chance but no way in hell. I hope the Cowboys rot in hell. Denver has a good chance to win the AFC West. Green Bay and New Orleans are the cream of the crop in the NFC. San Fran is good but the 49ers will have ahard time containing the Saints and Packers. The Pats, Ravens,and Steelers are the best in the AFC. Reid needs to be fired as well as his entire staff.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Whatever gave you the impression that the Dolphins’ players are still playing for Sparano ? They’re now playing for their livelihood and a damn pay check for next season ? The team in its present form won’t be around next season as several of the players as well as the coaching staff are or will get the boot and be kicked to the kerb !

      The Eagles have been a complete embarrassment all season and I don’t expect things to change between now and the end of the season schedule !

      Garrett & Jones/

      “Please Mr Jones don’t subject me to having to su#k the d##k of every player on the team after I messed up ” ! ” Son you don’t know s_it as why would I make you suck their di_ks when you just as easily could suck mine ! Jones’ response . Garrett speaking to team owner Jerry Jones .

      The Cowboys are their own worse enemies as they think way too highly of themselves without really having any skilled players at the positions that they are duly in need of . Much of that comes down to the sheer stupidity of Jerry Jones and the draft choices and the turnover in coaches that he’s made in recent years . That sort of revolving door policy concerning the coaches and players doesn’t help the stability of an organization , much less a team .

      Concerning the AFC and NFC everything will shake it self as the season winds down as that’s when we will get to see the separation of the teams who are meant to be ? “contenders ” and the “ pretenders ” .

      tophatal …..


    1. chappy81

      Don’t be depressed simply get even by choosing either not to attend the Raiders’ games or actually watch them on tv as it’s your right to do so . Just be thankful that Hu Jackson isn’t liable to have a Jason Garrett moment . What the the fu_#k was that about ? Since when did an NFL game of that magnitude become about rocket science ? You’ve got the game within your grasp in its waning moments and all the kicker (Dan Bailey) has to do is kick a field goal to win the game outright and Garrett calls all a damn time out ?

      tophatal ………..


  6. Raise your hands if you think that the caliber of coaching in the NFL is on the decline ? Or simply state where you believe the fault actually lies ? Is it the coaching or simply at times the poor quality of the teams’ play .

    ” We love Big Ben because he’s shown us his rod ” !


    Tebow is liable to give this a pass while he remains pure and virtuous . Can’t say I’d blame at this juncture ’cause ” loads of pooty-tang” has been known to waylay the skills of many an athlete especially at the qb position .

    tophatal ………..


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