Carpe` Diem …….. Seize The Day

Carpe` Diem … Seize The Day

By tophatal ….

Well it would appear that MLB (baseball) has another image problem to deal in light of the fact that NL MVP Ryan Braun has tested positive for a banned substance prohibited by the league hierarchy . In light in what has been one of the most exciting and exhilirating seasons in recent baseball history . The fact that a reigning MVP is now embroiled in such a controversy that further tarnishes the image of the game as well Braun , himself , further emphasizes what I have felt along ! Major League Baseball and its hierarchy under MLB Commissioner Bud Selig just happens to far too clueless for their own good and are in complete denial ! For his part the denial of Braun while vociferous points to the fact the players and their union (MLBPA) clearly are not averse to still seeing their members flout the rules of the game .


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Now while I don’t believe that the BBWAA will rescind the awarding OF Braun the accolade I do believe that in future they will clearly have to rethink the premise under which they set their criteria . The voting itself within the NL had Ryan Braun defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Matt Kemp not necessarily by the slimmest of margins but it may well now set about a precedence about what was known concerning this issue, as baseball’s hierarchy were fully cognizant of this the player’s positive result some months ago , but only now just making it public after his having been awarded the accolade . Pardon me for saying this , but in what universe are the ” so called custodians of the game “ living in ? More to the point where is the common sense prevailing within the game itself ? Now in light of this all we now know that the league has now chosen reinstate twice guilty substance abuser Manny Ramirez , therefore affording him the right to return to the game , which he himself has tarnished as well given fans a number of exciting as well as thought provoking moments to think about over the course of his career . Suffice to say it’s back to business as usual within the game of baseball where in essence , not a god damn thing has changed ! The league and the team owners at this juncture are simply devoid of all intelligence in spite of the continued claims of Bud Selig that the game now has the most stringent of testing policies in all of professional sports . What Selig and the managers and the union have clearly chosen no to do is to educate the players on what is meant to be legitimate in terms of the substances that they deem allowable within the game . Not once have I heard a succinct answer being given as to the legitimate substances allowable for use by the players . Is there a fan out there who doesn’t at all find this surprising ?

As to the possible penalties that can be levied against Ryan Braun beyond the mandatory 50 game suspension for a first violation . I think it highly unlikely that the BBWAA (Baseball Writers’ Assoc of America) will take away his award and then place it in the hands of Matt Kemp as their de-facto recipient . What else could be anymore embarrassing than the present situation that they now find themselves in ? Well it’s not as if that alleged esteemed body has ever truly been known to show much common sense to begin with anyway ! So let’s essentially look upon this mess as simply another reason why the game of baseball hasn’t got its head on straight ! Simply look down the list of former Cy Young Award winners and league MVP’s over the last few years (decade plus) that have been in some way been embroiled in the tawdry fiasco now commonly known as the ” steroid era ” ? And for the idiots out there who feel that steroids do no harm even when abused ……. simply see how a patient suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF) or renal failure has to endure pain and then come back and respond .

Well here we go again, the Oakland Raiders simply continue to find numerous ways to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot. Not content with their embarrassing loss (34-14) to the Miami Dolphins last week where the team was subjected to one of their most lopsided defeats in recent team history . Not totally content with that loss it would appear in being the guests of the NFL’s best team the Green Bay Packers (13-0) .The Raiders under head coach Hue Jackson simply felt it necessary to try and outdo the ineptitude shown in their humiliating loss to the Miami Dolphins . And boy they chose not to disappoint their fans or the Packers’ fans in attendance at Lambeau Field , Green Bay , Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon.

Now for all of those Raiders’ fans out there , who were convinced that Carson Palmer would somehow be the cure to what ails this team with the advent of losing Jason Campbell for the season . I can’t help but wonder what those fans might now be currently thinking , not only of the performance of Palmer in this game but also the completely inept performance by the team’s secondary over the past two weeks .

The AFC West is now up for grabs and with the Raiders abject futility in their 46-16 loss to further emphasizes how far the Oakland Raiders have fallen over the past two weeks . It begs the question does this team much less the coaching staff or anyone within this organization really possess the heart “ to face adversity , look it squarely in the face and then somehow find a way to overcome that obstacle ? Or as I am more inclined to believe that the vast majority of Raiders’ fans are simply apathetic , who will continue to make excuses for the team’s plight while simply living in the past and regaling us with anecdotes as to the team’s history .

“Carpe` Diem and clearly that is what the Denver Broncos (8-5) and Tim Tebow are now clearly doing . Winners of six straight games the Broncos are slowly making believers out of the doubters whilst on air television analysts such as Phil Simms and Merril Hoge are slowly looking for ways to clearly extricate themselves from the denouncements made of the young quarterback . Tebow for his part and the team are merely trundling along and making a mockery of those who had written them off . Never mind the fact that as they now sit atop of the AFC West and the team now seems to be well on their way to securing their first divisional title in 6 years . And while the young quarterback’s stats are nowhere admirable to the statistician’s eyes one simply cannot deny that his grit, determination and the fact that he possesses the leadership abilities that many of his more experiences peers are simply unable to show . This one’s for you Tony Romo and Carson Palmer ! Overrated !

For John Fox , John Elway and GM Brian Xanders while everyone is on-board the ” Tebow Express” let ’em ride that locomotive for as long and as far it can take them . Inexplicably I am now beginning to wonder how Lovie Smith and rag tag bunch of ingrates are now feeling ! If Smith and GM Jerry Angelo are still serious about bringing in either Brett Favre or Donovan McNabb then god help this organization and their immediate future ! After their rather inept performance in that overtime loss (13-10) to the Denver Broncos I am not so sure what to make of this Bears’ team and their aspirations as it regards the postseason .

In the aftermath of the belated attempt by the New Orleans Hornets to trade Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers it should come as no surprise that several Hornets’ players are simply wanting to desert what now appears to be a sinking ship . The team now owned jointly by the NBA league hierarchy and the team owners are simply left with a franchise that is need of new ownership after the tenure and uneventful years of ownership under George Shinn . Coach Monty Williams , his coaching staff and GM Dell Demps because of the overall uncertainty now surrounding the franchise are caught between a rock and a hard place . And clearly without real stewardship forthcoming in terms of a lack of a real authoritative figure by way of an owner , this organization to my mind might now as well be folded up and cease their operations as an NBA franchise !

It is not as if either David Stern or Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver are said to be actively seeking out any potential suitors for the team . If that were the case , then I am sure that we would not have seen this active flurry surrounding the New Orleans Hornets ! No potential purchaser looking to buy this team would willingly acquiesce to the trade of the team’s best player and the de-facto face of the franchise . Now I heave read and heard it mentioned that the tentative deal that would have sent Paul to the Lakers with Pau Gasol joining the Hornets and Lamar Odom heading to the Houston Rockets as part of a three way deal would have effectively saved the Lakers several million dollars and exempt the organization from the league’s luxury tax . But to my mind that is but a small price to pay considering the irrevocable damage that would be done to the Hornets as a NBA franchise altogether ! As it is , the team struggles to makes its presence felt from an economic standpoint much less the fact that attendances for the team’s home games at the New Orleans Arena are seemingly minuscule when compared to many of its contemporaries within the NBA . Nowhere have I seen much less heard anyone simply bring this to the forefront of any discussion but as usual that merely all comes down to what many would like to see rather than simply facing the reality that the NBA is essentially still in a financial quagmire of its own damn making ! .

Now with all of the hype supposedly surrounding the compelling belief that this NBA season ought to be a special one , nothing in reality could be further from the truth . The NBPA (union) may not entirely got its way but I can assure you of one thing , this so called new found accord between the league and union will be short-lived . We are already beginning to see things to begin to fray at the edges and this latest incident clearly shows us all that the NBA and the union are clearly out of touch with reality . Never-mind the fact that owners such as Dan Gilbert , Joe Lacob , Michael Jordan and Rich De Vos will be hard pressed to see their respective organizations actually turn an operating profit . Fans are now talking about contracting small market teams but that would essentially solve nothing at all . It is clear that the front office executives are in dire need to some real economic lessons , rather than continuing with rather their rather asinine and idiotic spending on talent that in large is simply marginal at its very worse and grossly overvalued at the upper echelons of the game .

What does it say about an organization that simply dupes the municipality where it is domiciled into spending in excess of $ 575 million to build it an all purpose state of the art venue in downtown Orlando to house the Orlando Magic ? I have to admit that team owner Rich De Vos and his son in law Bob VanderWeide ” pulled the wool over the eyes” of Mayor Buddy Dyer and the elected officials on the city commission ! But what might be even more disturbing other than the fact of Vander Weide choosing to step down from his role as Chief Executive Officer, is the very fact that the Magic have now acquiesced to Dwight Howard’s demands to be traded . Unless I am mistake another celebrated former Orlando Magic center by the name of Shaquille O’Neal took the same route and would go on to see his career flourish within the NBA . Chalk this idiocy up to the machination of GM Otis Smith and coach Stan Van Gundy who have over the years rather than complemented Howard with the talent he’s rightfully deserving of , instead they have given him ill fitting pieces that simply couldn’t cut the mustard much less anything else for that matter .

Now it should not come as a surprise that there will be a plethora of teams that will no doubt be interested in the NBA’s > best center and a player whose defensive prowess is unparalleled within the league . Now undoubtedly with the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers , New Jersey Nets and Dallas Mavericks likely to be keen suitors for Howard’s talents , it will be very interesting to see quite possibly see what Otis Smith and Stan Van Gundy can obtain from any such trade that would be deemed to be reciprocal in value.

In the past 24 hours Dwight Howard has tried to alleviate his stance of wanting a trade and that is even with the Orlando Magic having acquired his close friend Glen Davis from the Boston Celtics . As to whether or not that will be enough to induce the front office of the Magic to still seek a trade of their celebrated three time NBA Defensive Player of the Year , well that now remains to be seen .

To my mind if Otis Smith , Stan Van Gundy and newly appointed team CEO & President Alec Martins are intent on retaining Dwight Howard then they will have to show the player that their passion in keeping him is genuine. Clearly jettisoning Gilbert Arenas was a step in the right direction with the player having added little to the team by way of his productivity last season . But it would be remiss to think that Arenas alone wasn’t a part of the lack of progress by the players on this roster . Hedo Turkoglu a seasoned journeyman simply showed that age has caught up with him and that he’s being vastly overpaid , having produced little of consequence to the Orlando Magic . But such has been the capricious nature of the personnel moves made by Otis Smith in conjunction with Stan Van Gundy that it ought to have any discerning Orlando Magic fans questioning the mindset of the duo !

Should such a trade ever take place then in all probability we will once again see the decline of this NBA franchise not only terms of its competitiveness but also in terms of its overall financial value . Now one of the most inane things I’ve read recently is a call for teams to be contracted within the NBA ! . Nowhere have I read , is how anyone would go about doing this and which teams would cease operating , never mind how would the league hierarchy go about compensating those team owners never mind the legal ramifications for those teams and the areas where they are domiciled . Less we forget many of these teams have contractual obligations with regard to the leasehold on their venues . So someone , please explain to where they see the NBA paying out tens of millions of dollars to team franchisees and would then by all accounts have to pay ” millions “ …. more in compensation to numerous municipalities across the country ? Come on , someone out there with some semblance of intelligence explain that or would they then rather see the NBA being steeped in litigation within US Federal Court for the next five or six months ? Clearly no thought was placed behind such a premise and merely only wishful thinking by such individuals !



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What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised ? Simply leave a comment as you deem fit and thanks as always for the continued support as it greatly appreciated !

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(1) FILE – This Feb. 24, 2011, file photo, shows Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun in Phoenix. ESPN is reporting that National League MVP Braun has tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug and is facing a 50-game suspension. A spokesman for Braun said in a statement issued to ESPN and The Associated Press by his representatives, Creative Artists Agency, that “there are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case which will support Ryan’s complete innocence.” AP Photo/Morry Gash, …

(2) “With shrinkage , will my penis still fit in my girlfriend’s vagina ” ? (A thought said to be mulling through Ryan Braun’s mind as he sits in the dugout ) Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun and Rickie Weeks watch from the dugout during the ninth inning of Game 5 of baseball’s National League championship series against the St. Louis Cardinals Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, in St. Louis. The Cardinals won 7-1 to take a 3-2 lead in the series . AP Photo/Matt Slocum …

(3) In this photo taken April 6, 2011, Tampa Bay Rays’ Manny Ramirez watches from the dugout during a baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels in St. Petersburg, Fla. Ramirez has notified Major League Baseball that he is retiring after being notified of an issue under MLB’s drug policy. The commissioner’s office issued a statement Friday, APril 8, 2011, that said Ramirez decided to retire rather than go through MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. The player having announced his retirement recently filed papers with the league to seek his reinstatement which has since been granted by the MLB hierarchy . However he would still have to serve a second suspension as warranted before being fully reinstated as a player . AP Photo/Mike Carlson …. ….

(4) GREEN BAY, WI – DECEMBER 11: Michael Bush (29) of the Oakland Raiders avoids a tackle attempt by Tramon Williams (38) of the Green Bay Packers to score a touchdown at Lambeau Field on December 11, 2011 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Raiders 46-16 . Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images ….

(5) GREEN BAY, WI – DECEMBER 11: Tramon Williams (38) and C.J. Wilson (98) of the Green Bay Packers and Khalif Barnes (69) of the Oakland Raiders try to recover a loose ball at Lambeau Field on December 11, 2011 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Raiders 46-16. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images …..

(6) ” You’re my bit_h Carson stay still and take it like a man ” ! Green Bay Packers’ Frank Zombo (58) sacks Oakland Raiders’ Carson Palmer (3) during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011, in Green Bay, Wis. AP Photo/Jim Prisching …

(7) DENVER, CO – DECEMBER 11: A fan displays a sign in support of quarterback Tim Tebow (15) of the Denver Broncos as they face the Chicago Bears at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on December 11, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Bears 13-10 . Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images ….

(8) DENVER, CO – DECEMBER 11: Quarterback Tim Tebow (15) of the Denver Broncos is pressured by safety Craig Steltz ( 20 ) of the Chicago Bears and later fumbles the ball during the third quarter at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on December 11, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images ….

(9) Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith answers questions from members of the media at NBA basketball training camp in Orlando, Fla., Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011. AP Photo/John Raoux ….

(10) Orlando Magic CEO and vice vhairman Bob Vander Weide announces his retirement during an NBA basketball news conference in Orlando, Fla., Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011. Magic team president Alex Martins is being promoted to his position. AP Photo/John Raoux …..

(11) Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, left, jokes with team CEO Alex Martins, second from left, Director of Communications George Galante and Chairman Dan DeVos , right, during the first day of NBA basketball training camp in Orlando, Fla., Friday, Dec. 9, 2011. AP Photo/John Raoux ….




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Zoe Saldana/

Hot chic pics of the day …Zoe Saldana & Paula Patton . Screw ” Avatar” and its lack of a plotline dumb ass special effects and mundane acting this is how we guys want to see Saldana ! ‘nough said !


Yes sir ! I’d tap this ass in a heartbeat !


Paula Patton soon to be seen alongside Tom Cruise , Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner in MI4 “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” .



Yeah baby ! Patton can “pound” on my meat anytime she wants without any complaining from me at all !

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  1. Agree, Tony Romo out of his element QBing former America’s Team.

    Looking at our MVP Braun with those wide glassy eyes kinda makes you wonder.

    Hey Al, would you can me weird if I told you I’d like to bang Wendy Williams? Really would!!


    1. Ronbets

      Tony Romo much like Kyle Busch in NASCAR is about well revered and overrated as the Kardashian Klan ! Me I have never liked any of the aforementioned as nothing that they’ve allegedly achieved as is to be worth a sh_t much less being tangible in terms of a legacy ! And for the NFL analysts still drinking the Kool Aid as far as Romo is concerned _____ you as#oles really do need to get a life !

      Carson Palmer as a qb well let’s just say that the Oakland Raiders have gotten themselves another ” dud ” at the position of quarterback . I have seen octogenarians who are far more ambulatory than Palmer and I am simply talking about those who just happen to use a walker or electronic cart to get around ! And the Raiders’ front office are are now paying the guy a king’s ransom in terms of a salaried contract .

      Wendy  Williams/

      The only thing amenable about Wendy Williams are those ginormous melons of her’s ! ‘nough said ! One could get lost in those cavernous things and wishfully so . Her tits could be used multiple air bags or even a flotation device . But in the end it’s whatever floats your boat . Wendy doesn’t cut it for me beyond the tits !

      Lucy Pinder/

      When it comes to chicks I prefer my women svelte , athletic and with brains ! Something along the lines of British chic Lucy Pinder or comedienne and actress Aisha Tyler ! (As I am a Brit by birth )

        Aisha Tyler/

      Yeah Aisha I can dig it !

      tophatal ……..


  2. Thanks for the Wendy pix.

    One last comment on the Chi Bear//denver broadcast. HTF does Moose Johnson and Kenny Albert qualify to ‘play by play’ any game? First of all, regardless of the Marion Barber blunder, the Bears still couldn’t run out the clock despite what the morons in the booth told us. Next to Stephen Jackson, Barber is one of the most punishing runners in the game. To hear them and other sports announcers blast this guy is beyond belief. He didn’t run out of bounds, but was shoved. No way could he cut and intentionally fall in bounds. The strip fumble can happen to the best. Get off Barbers case………..that means especially you JT The Brick.


    1. Ronbets

      Ain’t no problem with the Wendy pics.

      As for JT The Brick well his name says it all , it rhymes with the word di#k ! His claim to fame is that Jim Rome got him his gig after a competition devised on his syndicated radio show . But in essence in spite of his (Brick’s) claims as having worked as a stock broker his intelligence when it comes to the NFL is banal and retarded ! He’d rather kiss the ass of the Raiders’ organization in whose employ he is in part , apart from his nightly gig on the radio .

      On the air from 11pm ’til 4 am on weeknights . “Why ? ”

      Between those lips many men have placed their member .

      In answer to referencing Johnson and Kenny Albert (Marve Albert’s nephew) when you happen to be a former NFL player with a modicum of grammar that can be understood then you have a leg in the door as an analyst . No one said you had to be bright or actually intelligent to get the gig . In the case of Albert well that’s actually a case of nepotism and name recognition . I am just hoping that they can call upon Jenna Jameson to describe a number of NFL teams that continue to suck in the league this season ! Cause no one knows more about sucking and swallowing the “juice” more than the beloved Jameson .

      tophatal ………….


  3. Ronbets & other patrons coming to view this piece .

    Let’s see if there’s anyone who can succinctly explain to me how contracting teams in the NBA is going to make it more competitive given the situations of a number of franchises at present ?

    David Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver

    Jay-z (minority Nets’ stakeholder) and Mikhail Prokhorov (primary owner) of the Nets . Said to be now seeking to challenge ……. Vladimir Putin to become the next President of Russia in their upcoming presidential elections .

    “Jay I like your music but I wouldn’t mind having pregnancy sex with your wife “! Mikhail Prokhorov . “Mikhail I’ve got 99 problems and this ni##a is down with that ” ! Jigga aka ” Hov”

    Courtesy of Washington Post

    Mikhail Prokhorov vs. Vladi­mir Putin: Is the billionaire tycoon more likeable?

    By Elizabeth Block

    Since Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov announced yesterday he would run against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the March election, the focus has been not on Prokhorov’s presidential qualifications, but on his likability in the world of sports.

    “Nobody was interested in me before I bought the Nets,” Prokhorov told the New York Times last year, referring to his 2010 purchase of the New Jersey NBA team. But since the purchase, American sports fans have taken a real liking to him.

    Videos of Prokhorov on YouTube display a man who at times is charming (playing in a charity basketball game), tough-talking (taking on one of the Kremlin’s top idealogues), and macho (doing jet-ski stunts).

    The videos aren’t all that different than those that exist of current prime minister Vladi­mir Putin, whose public image as macho man is legend.


    Click on link to read in full.



    Is anyone that naive to think that David Stern and the league hierarchy having bailed out twenty teams over the course of the last two seasons to the tune of $750 million (over the past two seasons _ plus another $1.6 billion loaned from various financial institutions for other so called deals [refurbishing of facilities]) will now cease the operation of perhaps five or six teams at a cost to the league of another $1 billion plus never mind then having to possibly be a plaintiff in a civil suit within the Federal Courts ? Because that is what is definitely bound to happen when you have those teams failing to honor their leases in the cities where they are domiciled . It cost the Sonics in excess of $25 million to get out of their deal with the city of Seattle before moving to Oklahoma City . Now take that $25 million as a median figure , then multiply it by five or six . Least we forget the teams that were part of that bailout are still repaying the NBA hierarchy . So what on God’s green earth are these individuals now talking about when it comes to contracting the league . The NBA would have to write down and right off those loans and that won’t at all sit well with the banks who facilitated them in the first place . And can anyone actually Stern considering such a premise ?

    Net worth of team owners and their franchises courtesy of

    tophatal ……………..


  4. I think you know how I feel about juicers. If the allegations are true then he should be stripped of the award period. There is no question, the use of performance enhancing drugs is cheating and dangerous.


    1. aero

      We don’t know what Ryan Braun may or may not have taken but he can’t blame this on a supplement . Not with the alleged heightened readings which is said to be way above what the body produces in terms of natural testosterone . And let’s put it this way , before you put any type of crap in your system shouldn’t you be seeking the advice of a medical professional ? I am sure that there have to be several on the staff of the Brewers to meet the needs of the players ! Or does the ownership group seem to mirror the absolute stupidity of the league hierarchy , the union and the team owners when it comes to the use of prohibitive substances and cheating ?

      “See no evil , speak no evil and hear no evil “. Baseball’s actual way in dealing with the steroid issue in spite of Selig’s dumb ass claims !

      What monkey sees , monkey do ! And nowhere is this more representative than within baseball as it relates to the union , team owners and the league hierarchy .

      In the butt Ryan ? Or like Roger will you look to apportion blame elsewhere ? Or could it be the pills you may well have took were nothing more than for an ED (erectile dysfunctional) aid ?

      Let’s not really make this about Rocket ’cause his ass is still out to pasture .

      I’m not hear to talk about the past and I think it’s a damn shame that the fans aren’t giving Ryan the respect he deserves . Mark McGwire

      ” I took the ‘boli before I took my Fruit Loops” . A Rod . Can he really be that much of a dick ?

      tophatal …………..


  5. Dunno Al. The business end of the NBA is beyond my area of expertise. I can understand big markets sick of revenue sharing with stiffs like Indy, Milwaukee, Atlanta, etc. However, the league can’t cut and run without serious repercussions you’ve mentioned. High powered vultures(attorneys) are warming up in the bullpen. I guess it’s best to fine tune the product you have. Contraction is a nasty word in the minds of these sorry ass teams and their fan base.


    1. Ronbets

      All of this talk of contraction is OK if the league and owners can come to an agreement but that won’t happen . And no owner is going to want to bail out another , not when things are in such dire straits for the league as a whole ! Idiots out there talking about contracting clearly haven’t a god damn clue ! It’d cost the NBA hundreds of millions to even consider contracting five much less six teams . Simply look at the values of the teams and what Stern and his paens would suggestively pay out . Owners who might prescribe to such a deal are not going to take 40 or 50 cents on the dollar for their original investment .

      And even if the likes of the Kings or perhaps the Pacers were to declare bankruptcy or full dissolution where does that then leave their creditors ?

      Arison far right

      NBA team attendance . Not exactly jaw dropping is it ? The last four seasons the Miami Heat has lost cumulatively in excess of $175 million . Albeit that team owner …. Micky Arison isn’t crying as he’s worth in excess of $2 billion .

      Heat contractual obligations …… salaries & free agents .

      “I’m tellin’ you guys we’ve got this , this season . No more fu#k ups “! LeBron James speaking to his teammates .




      Why drool over Wendy Williams when you can simply let your fingers do the talking and walking when it comes to Wendy Fiore ?

      tophatal …..


    2. Ronbets

      The business of the NBA is to make money but they’re on tap to lose well in excess of $400 million this year alone . It’s not rocket science but even with their now idiotic face saving maneuvers concerning salaries as the assholes who oversee the sport along with the union and team owners still don’t friggin’ get it ! They have to rein in expenses and the way to do that is to have a “hard salary cap ” and too stop with this asinine notion that the fans and public at large should be the ones to pay for the fu#king grandiose ideas in terms of new venues !

      The Orlando Magic and in particular the city of Orlando will now find this out should Dwight Howard be traded . Because the only thing worthwhile watching at the Amway Center once he’s gone will be a rap or rock concert or some other exhibition opened to the public. Because there is no way in hell fans will be turning up to watch a Magic game with a team that doesn’t have the league’s best center on their roster ! As it is attendance for their games last season wavered and prior , rarely was there a sellout beyond the postseason .

      Not much more to be said on the matter at this juncture !

      tophatal …..


  6. I think Ryan Braun’s positive PED test shows that baseball still MUST improve their testing. Braun won the MVP after he knew about the positive test for 2 weeks, but said nothing. This is a true shock and a pure disgrace.


    1. brief22

      What will be interesting to witness is how the MLB hierarchy addresses this issue as well as the reinstatement of Manny Ramirez and whether or not Ryan Braun serves the mandatory 50 game suspension as well Ramirez serving out his 100 game suspension for violating the substabnce abuse policy for a second time .

      From my own perspective I can’t see how any adjudicator will be able to find in favor of the Milwaukee player in this instance ! Not when he simply eschewed any advice from the medical staff ( team has three doctors at their service [seel link] ) on hand . I mean what idiot athlete chooses not to quite possibly check with the team doctor to make sure that what they’re placing within their system isn’t prohibited ? Are all of the players within the game that dumb ?

      tophatal ……….


    2. brief22

      Well a fifty game suspension is mandatory according to league rules but to my mind I do believe that a monetary fine should also be included ! But in reality the hierarchy of baseball are too damn scared as to the power of the players and the union ( MLBPA ) . They in essence cower like a kid who’s afraid of the bogey man and the dark when they (union) show their might !

      tophatal .. ………….


  7. Numb to the whole Braun on roids thing. I don’t really care anymore since they won’t be giving Kemp the MVP trophy…

    The Raiders aren’t dead yet, but I think I’m more disappointed in the fans that have already given up on the team. Sure they need some help to get in, but they’re not completely dead. Hopefully Moore or Ford will be able to play this weekend, if not, the I think we are dead…


    1. chappy81

      The whole Braun thing smacks of sheer stupidity on the part of the player but even more so as it regards MLB’s hierarchy as they simply sat on that information for months .

      No matter which way you look at it you can’t wipe away the mess of the NL MVP voting . It was more to do with objectivity rather than subjectivity on the part of the BBWAA . Those guys are a bunch of buffoons ! That’s why I firmly believe that these individual titles in the regular season should be left to the players and managers to adjudicate and not a bunch of fat overweight assholes who spend more time opining on bullshit than they do with anything that’s relevant to the game ! Afterall these are the very same individuals who turned a blind eye to the “steroid era” and then we they actually got around to reporting the issue couldn’t see farther than beyond their own fu_king nose ! They have no credibility whatsoever !

      As to the Raiders they continue to shoot themselves in the foot and it hasn’t helped that their conference and divisional records have hindered them ! Now if they can’t play themselves back into contention then in essence they will have to rely on others to assist them over the remainder of the season .

      The AFC West as a division as I will continue to maintain is a woefully inept on all counts and it has been that way for years ! It is certainly not going to change anytime soon that’s for sure !

      tophatal ………


    2. chappy 81

      What have the Raiders given their fans this season in terms of sheer contentment ? It’s not as if over the course of the season they have been playing at a high level . And don’t use the injuries to excuse or abate their performances . Isn’t that why a team has a roster of players that can be used to plug in when someone goes down . It has become more about apathy and with the vast majority of Raiders’ fans they tend to not to want to be critical of the organization , coaching staff or player personnel when it is warranted ! They can’t continue to bask in past glories while not even progressing in terms of the present and their future .

      tophatal ………


  8. The NBA is now more of joke. Braun juiced so what else is new in MLB. They should call it The Major Juicers League. He will pay the price. His dick will shrink. Then he will need a pinch hitter. The jackasses at ESPN and CBs, and the rest don’t realize they are Christian haters. The Kid is learning to play but Tebow knows this and this is why is getting better each week. The kids a winner.


    1. Bobby Gee

      The NBA has always been a joke since Michael Jordan departed from it to become an owner .

      As for baseball these morons on a good day would swear that the sky isn’t blue even when there is clear evidence to tell you that it is . Selig and the union have made the game a complete laughing stock when it comes to abiding by the league’s most inherent tenets/rules !

      Tebow will continue to play ’til he drops ! The kid may not have the skillset but what he does have is heart which is way more than is possessed by the likes of Cutler , Palmer , Grossman , Orton , Painter and several other QB’s in this league !

      tophatal ….


    1. brief22

      I think what we’re seeing from MLB (baseball) just happens to be their sheer stupidity and also apathy. Plus you also have the uninformed idiocy of the fans playing their part on the issue of steroids within and its prevalent use. Never mind that the union and league hierarchy are in essence nowhere to be seen even with the advent of the federal government intervening with their hearings during which the members of the House Oversight Committee and Senate Commerce Committee simply fawned over the players and executives giving testimony like lovesick boys fawning over some busty Playboy model . And likewise with the executives who were actually subordinates of Bud Selig .

      What might be even more unpalatable are these still puritanical as#holes who are members of the BBWAA who covered the sport during the steroid era but did little by way of reporting on the ever growing stories by just simply ignoring it all but now they’re aghast by what’s said to be happening . Idiots like Peter Gammons and Buster Olney in particular !

      tophatal ….


    2. brief 22

      I’m of the opinion that a monetary fine also ought to be levied against the players found to have broken these rules but it’d be far too much to ask of the MLB hierarchy as I view those morons lacking in complete intelligence much like the fans who view nothing wrong when these players lay waste to the rules of the game ! But then again apathy and a complete lack of intelligence seems to run the gamut amongst the vast majority of sports’ fans within the United States !

      tophatal ………


  9. If Major League Baseball really wanted to get serious about controlling its drug use, it’d start by stripping Braun of that MVP award, as well as Caminiti, Giambi, A-Rod, Canseco and anyone else in the past who used.

    Of course, they won’t do that for it’d leave more gaps in the record book than already exist, such as who won the World Series in 1994.

    Oh, that’s right. There wasn’t one.


    1. Chris Humpherys(@SportsChump)

      MLB’s war on the use of prohibitive and illicit substances has been as futile as the DEA’s war on drugs ! . If the US government can’t stem the tide and baseball’s hierarchy merely gives these guys a slap on the wrist rather than subjecting them not only to a suspension but also a monetary fine then they will never stem the tide of abuse and that is a fact ! Bud Selig is all bark and no bite in terms of his whole tenure as commissioner . The guy has been a god damn joke throughout the entirety of his reign !

      As for the BBWAA well those as#holes have been just as gullible as the commissioner himself !

      tophatal ….


    1. al clements

      Professional sports much like the entire political landscape is so awash with money and corruption that you can no longer take any event seriously in terms of its merits .

      tophatal ………


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