What Ozzie Wants Ozzie Usually Gets ….. Now He Gets Carlos Zambrano And A Whole Lot Of Headaches ….

What Carlos Wants Carlos Usually Gets ….. Now He Gets Carlos Zambrano And A Whole Lot of Headaches ……..

By tophatal …..

I’m trying to figure out where the Chicago Cubs now go from here as they seek to rebuild this organization from the top on down . Team owner Tom Ricketts sought to bring in former Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein as President of Baseball Operations and Jed Hoyer as the team’s general manager . Out has gone Mike Quade as the manager , with the two senior executives seeking a successor for the fired former manager . They would indeed be successful in their search having hired Dale Sveum . Apart from that perhaps the organization’s biggest move was to rescind the contract of pitcher Carlos Zambrano thereby making the pitcher a restricted free agent . The troubled pitcher constantly a thorn in the side of the coaching staff and the league hierarchy the player now finds himself in an abyss of self doubt .


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With Zambrano now on the sidelines it would appear that there might not be in any takers for the temperamental player. But in to the rescue comes fellow native Venezuelan Ozzie Guillen the newly installed manager of the Miami Marlins . Guillen succeeds Jack McKeon as the ball club now embarks on a new journey in their new ball park . Marlins’ team president Larry Beinfest alongside David Samson and general manager Michael Hill seemingly have approved to their manager’s request to obtain the pitcher ____ who was traded for in exchange for Marlins’ pitcher Chris Volstad . Clearly with all the moves made by the team during this off-season it is clear that the Marlins want to make a run at the divisional title ( NL East ) and the postseason .

Jose Reyes , Heath Bell and Mark Buerhle were the biggest acquisitions made and it would appear also that money was of no object . So much so , that there were prepared to break the bank to obtain All Star first baseman Albert Pujols . The player would however become the missing piece in Arte Moreno’s jigsaw puzzle as the Los Angeles Angels would swoop down and make a surprising offer to the player that he would agree to . Also joining Pujols in the newly bolstered roster of the Angels would be C J Wilson who , himself would obtain a financial windfall courtesy of the organization.

Given the urgency of the Miami Marlins and their wish to have the stadium filled but even more so to appeal specifically to the primary demographic within the area it appears that acquiring a Latin player with name recognition that had to be met . Having missed out on Albert Pujols , even having signed Jose Reyes this might well be the one move that could come back to bite the Marlins in the proverbial ass . As to what Carlos Zambrano’s ambitions may well be , it is clear he is a pitcher who can be productive when given the chance to play. And with an already productive pitching rotation that was amongst the best in the NL last season the addition of the former Cubs’ player might well prove to be the shot in the arm that the Miami Marlins seeks. Young pitchers such as Anibel Sanchexz , Ricky Nolascao and Josh Johnson can profit and learn from a veteran such as Zambrano . But herein lies my issue with the player and in particular this move by the organization . What happens when Carlos Zambrano has another of his meltdowns and his volatile temperament boils over ? Will he and his manager be “throw down ” on the pitcher’s mound or will it be him spouting some profanity at a teammate or simply abandoning his team altogether ? If memory serves me correctly , during last season that was one of many episodes that fans of the Chicago Cubs had to witness from the player during one of his volatile moments of his now already troubled career . This might be one moment wherein the fans of the Miami Marlins wouldn’t mind seeing a fight rather than the team performing poorly on the field . Your thoughts ?

The Chicago Cubs as they seek to rebuild will most certainly have to jettison the “dead weight ” on their roster . Having performed so badly during last season without ever being truly competitive within the NL Central . They now have to compete with a resurgent …. Milwaukee Brewers’ organization and the always competitive St Louis Cardinals , who as defending World Series . champions will be out to prove that the loss of Albert Pujols is not in vain . In pursuing Carlos Beltran and signing the former New York Mets and San Francisco Giants’ player they get a proven commodity , albeit that in recent years Beltran has been often injured . But last season he proved his worth in his stints with both the Giants and Mets .

From my own perspective I am not so sure where the Cubs go from here given the team’s most recent performances and their lack of competitiveness and heart . Wrigley Field continues to be a sellout but the on the field product remains mediocre at best . This hasn’t been lost on Tom Ricketts and the front office staff who know that if anything the fans will not continue to tolerate this mess without voicing their concerns . And the best way for them to do that would be for there to be a reduction in attendance , something that obviously neither Ricketts or Theo Epstein wants . It is pretty safe to say that they Chicago Cubs’ front office will be asking their fans to endure great deal more pain while they try to resurrect this organization that simply went off course while former general manager Jim Hendry completely lost direction .

This will no doubt be one to four-year process for the Chicago Cubs as they seek to become relevant within MLB ( baseball) . One of the league’s most traditional franchises it would be remiss to say that their fall from grace hasn’t been staggering . What now awaits the fans and the game in general as it relates to the Cubs remains to be seen . Anything short of a competitive season within their division will be thought of as another profound failure by the fans . At the same time the credibility of the Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer hiring will be greatly debated .

In terms of the newly monikered Miami Marlins as many of you may be aware I was once an avid fan of the ball club. But in recent years I have become disgruntled with the organization and most notably with the demeanor the team’s owner Jeffrey Loria . Honesty is a word high on this owner’s agenda but then again should we expect any different from any owner within the game of baseball ? Especially when Commissioner Bud Selig is prepared to jump through hoops on their behalf at the drop of a hat . Only recently has the commissioner’s tenacity and veracity been truly tested in the light of the financial maelstrom that surrounded beleaguered owner Frank McCourt and the Los Angeles Dodgers . Selig’s handling of that situation has many questioning when he actual duplicity in the whole affair and the complete lack of oversight shown by the league hierarchy from the outset . I am no longer a supporter of the baseball team having changed my loyalties , and I now align myself with the Atlanta Braves !

Loria has been a somewhat dubious owner of the team from his purchase of the organization from then owner John W. Henry (now a majority stake owner of the Boston Red Sox ) in what many believe to be was an underhanded backdoor deal surreptitiously arranged by Bud Selig intertwining the two team owners . Somehow all of the parties involved in this all came up smelling of roses but when it was clear that this deal was very dubious from the start .

The Miami Marlins now finds itself embroiled in another controversy that may well have the league itself and the organization being subpoenaed by the US Justice Department as to how the financing was arranged for the team’s baseball stadium due to opened later this year at the start of the 2012 season . In the midst of this controversy also is the city of Miami and many of its most senior officials . For now , the ongoing investigation by the federal government agency has left some wondering what is happening within the game under Bud Selig’s tenure . The commissioner himself has remained tight lipped on the matter and the very fact that once again public money is being used to finance a private enterprise that many of the city’s most senior officials were hyping up as being a real benefit to their community . If only there wasn’t so much apathy shown by the city’s residents and the very fact that much of this was driven by the ambition of city Mayor Tomas Regalado at the behest of Bud Selig and the Marlins’ ownership group . The thought that $650 million of public funds could be cause for concern for use on a facility that won’t be primarily for the public’s use . This in a city where its own financial solvency remains in question because of their mismanagement of their finances and no one on the city commission wants to openly discuss the matter whilst the Justice Department investigation is still ongoing .

Fans may well turn up in droves at the new 37,000 seat capacity venue but the allure may well fade should this team fail to be competitive this season . There is a great deal hinging on the moves made by the Miami Marlins as they seek to make themselves a force to be reckoned within in the game . Much of that now comes down to not only the performances of Carlos Zambrano but also that of Ozzie Guillen and his coaching staff . Whether or not all parties will be up to the task remains to be seen and at this juncture one can sit and wait to see how things may well pan out . Chances are the Miami Marlins could very well challenge the likes of the Atlanta Braves , New York Mets , Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals within the NL East . But that would very much be predicated upon the performances of their players .



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What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised within this piece ? And where do you see the upcoming season going for both the Chicago Cubs and Miami Marlins ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts .





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(1) Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Carlos Zambrano (38) reacts in the second inning of the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs baseball game , Friday, Aug. 12, 2011, at Turner Field in Atlanta. Zambrano allowed a career-worst five homers, and manager Mike Quade said he then left the team. Quade said, “His locker is empty. He walked out on 24 guys … I don’t know where he’s gone or what he’s doing.” AP Photo/Dave Tulis ….

(2) (2) Dale Sveum , the new manager of the Chicago Cubs, speaks during a press conference as general manager Jed Hoyer listens at Wrigley Field on November 18, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images ……

(3) Team President Theo Epstein of the Chicago Cubs (R) shakes hands with Dale Sveum, the new manager, before a press conference at Wrigley Field on November 18, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images ….

(4) MIAMI, FL – DECEMBER 09: Exterior views of the New Miami Marlins Ballpark on December 9, 2011 in Miami, Florida. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images ….

(5) Shortstop Jose Reyes, second from right, is introduced as a member of the Miami Marlins . Also pictured are Jeffrey Loria (far right) , Dave Samson to the immediate left of Reyes and team President Larry Beinfest . Courtesy of US Presswire / Chris Purcell …….

(6) Ozzie Guillen (center) is seen here with Miami Marlins’ front office executives , Larry Beinfest , left , to Guillen’s left team owner Jeffrey Loria and VP Operations David Samson . The former White Sox manager has been brought in to lead the team during their inaugural season at the new Marlins’ ballpark . It was at the new manager’s request that troubled former Cubs’ pitcher Carlos Zambrano was acquired by the organization . Miami Herald / Hector Gonzalez …..


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Author: tophatal ...........

Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

12 thoughts on “What Ozzie Wants Ozzie Usually Gets ….. Now He Gets Carlos Zambrano And A Whole Lot Of Headaches ….”

  1. Things that Bud Selig and Jeffrey Loria can do to make themselves more well liked and that’s stop taking from the needy and giving to the greedy ! But then where would be baseball be without their own so called present business template ? Half the teams barely make it as a go it alone concern , with the asinine tax sharing revenue scheme being used to aid teams that in large part have no competitive zeal or ambition . And now we have ingrate like Loria lying his ass off as to his organization’s fiances and its status . What does that tell you about the vast majority of the owners within the game ?

    If Guillen and Zambrano were to come to blows who’d end up being the winner if no one intervened ?

    And if Theo Epstein can’t guide the Cubs to greener pastures , will the organization sacrifice a goat to try and turn around its fortunes ? All these questions and a great deal more may well be answered this upcoming baseball season .

    tophatal ………


    1. brief22

      Not exactly a marriage made in heaven but if things should go “ South ” then look for the fallout to be absolutely monumental . This is ridiculous because I think this is simply Loria and the front office simply wanting to appeal to a certain demographic . Zambrano now has to perform if the Marlins are to do anything this upcoming season .

      Granted the Marlins have been spending money as if they’re the Yankees of the NL East .

      tophatal ….


    1. Chris Humpherys(SportsChump)

      If Zambrano isn’t hurling F-bombs at his teammates or Guillen then the Marlins may well be fine but if he is then look for the sh#t to hit the pan . I’ll head down to the new stadium with some of my road dogs just to see what the fuss is about . It should make for a great atmosphere when it’s all said and done . Hopefully once the Justice Dept’s investigation is concluded we will find out who the real conniving bastards are who’ve left the residents on the hook for this $650 million “ bill should things tank .

      tophatal …………………..


  2. I think the Cubs were right not to mortgage the future to sign Pujols. They should rebuild their roster with a mix of prospects and veterans backed by a healthy farm system. I would like to see the Cubbies break the curse, but it will take time.


    1. aero

      At this stage of his career ….. Pujols is better suited to the AL because given the length of the contract offered you simply know that down the line he will become the DH for the team .

      And you’re right about the Cubs because team owner Tom Ricketts wanted to make a big splash more than anything else . Well he started off by hiring both Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein . And that for now is a sign that they are heading in the right direction. Now the thing for that duo to do is to get rid of the ‘ “dead weight” on the team .

      tophatal ………

      tophatal …………


    1. chappy

      They will be not only competing for the biggest ego but also who’s got the deepest pockets . I can tell you this that team is liable to implode not only because of Guillen but also because a number of players there are simply egotistical and it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass at the start of the season . Ozzie had better be ready to rein them in and also at the same time put up wins for the organization . Especially given the money that Loria is said to be laying out in spite of lying ass concerning the Marlins’ financial viability .

      tophatal ……………


    1. Bobby Gee

      Ozzie doesn’t do any hard drugs whereas Ozzie Osbourne has been known to and he might still actually be doing that crap ! They could go on the road together and perhaps tour ? What do you think ?

      Ozzie & Sharon Osbourne

      Ozzie lets his feelings be known to someone . Well what’s new ?


      tophatal ………….


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