I’m Not One For Conspiracy Theories But What The F##k ………

I’m Not One For Conspiracy Theories But What The F##k ………

By tophatal …..

So in the aftermath of the fallout of the NFL wildcard round of the playoffs as we summarily saw the Pittsburgh Steelers get upended by the Denver Broncos in what can be best described as the thrilling end to a rather innocuous game in terms of its execution. Tim Tebow lived up to the hype and a great deal more but it would remiss to suggest that this was all about the quarterback without the play of his teammates .


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With the game going into overtime and tied at 23-23 apiece it was felt that this matchup was ripe for the picking for the Steelers . Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger ailing and visually in pain the player simply couldn’t get into a rhythm whereby his team could ever really be described as being in with a chance of derailing the Broncos . Strangely enough for me what might have been the most telling site within this game was to see Troy Polamalu simply lower his head as if he knew that the inevitable was about to happen. The Steelers’ defense was simply awry as somehow they simply couldn’t get the better of the Denver Broncos’ offense.

In the first play of overtime with the Denver Broncos having possession Tim Tebow excited the crowd with a 80 yard touchdown strike to Demaryius Thomas that ended the game and sent over 70,000 raucous Broncos’ fans into sheer delight and ecstasy . Needless to say , questions will be asked of Dick LeBeau and Mike Tomlin as to the blown coverage as Thomas scampered into the end-zone at Mile High Stadium untouched . A compelling way to end the game with a 29-23 victory for the Broncos and a chance to make this season of the unexpected seem like a dramatic feature of the highest order . Thrills , spills and anything else that you would care to use an adjective . Needless to say for seasoned veterans such as Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey . ………… two players who are inevitably Canton bound to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame . This may well provide another footnote in their celebrated careers and whether or not this would could well be the finale one would only expect to be scripted by a screenwriter in Hollywood .

Not so long ago I felt that Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan might well have been one of the up and coming stars within the NFL . Certainly the Falcons’ front office led by GM Rich McKay thought so and clearly coach Mike Smith hitched his wagon to the young player. Well if Saturday’s game was anything to suggest that perception can be misleading than the Falcons’ woefully inept performance in being annihilated 24-2 by the New York Giants . The Giants’ defense much like the Great Wall of China could not be assaulted or penetrated and let’s just say that Osi Umennyiora , Jason Pierre Paul and Justin Tuck the fulcrum to that defensive corps simply ate up anything that came their way . The sole productivity by way of their offensive output was a mere two points from a “safety ” . From thereon-in it was simply one way traffic as the Giants laid a can of whup ass on the Falcons . So much for the possible calls for Tom Coughlin to be fired should the team’s season have imploded as it had done in the two years previously.

I’m all for offense during a game but what the hell ? Over 1,000 yards came way of the game between the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints . Two of the league’s best this season in Drew Brees and Matt Stafford lit up statistical charts and left the fans in awe of their prowess . And if that weren’t enough the points tally was a mere 73 points with Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson showing us why he might just be the most explosive wide receiver currently playing in the NFL . Johnson’s output , 211 yards and 2 touchdowns was all that he could muster but with both teams playing some high-octane football in front of a sold out crowd and national audience of millions this was a game for everyone to think that this is what the NFL postseason is meant to be about .

The Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans , Louisiana was alive and kicking . With Brees and the Saints coming off their 48-25 victory the New Orleans Saints now face the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round of the playoffs .

Anyone who witnessed the mauling that the Cincinnati Bengals were subjected to in their 31-10 loss at the hands of the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium in Houston , Texas , will know that Marvin Lewis’ team was simply never in the game to begin with . There seemed to be nothing going right for a young Bengals’ team at its core that was were outmatched by a Texans’ team that simply yearned the victory more. In doing so it garnered Gary Kubiak’s players their first very playoff win in Texans’ history and garners the Houston Texans a match-up against second seed the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs. Suffice to say that when the game gets set to be played at M&T Stadium in Baltimore , Maryland there will be a vociferous crowd cheering on both teams .

T J Yates the Texans’ young quarterback has guided this team without being asked to do too much by the coaching staff . He has simply played to his strengths without turning the ball over and placing the team inextricable situations . It is hard to believe that he would be the player to take this team in the postseason rather than starting quarterback Matt Schaub or his backup Matt Leinart . But such are the vagaries of the game within the NFL that when a player is entrusted with the goal of leadership and is being asked to bear a burden it is at times like this we get to see the character of that player and whether or not they are ultimately capable of leadership at the highest level. The one thing is now clear Yates will be a highly sought after player once this postseason has ended . Free agent or not his stature around the league will rise but I get the feeling that the Houston Texans’ front office will be reluctant to let this young quarterback slip through their fingers ! And you sought of get the feeling that the player will be richly rewarded financially by way of a renewed contract down the line .

For Marvin Lewis and the Bengals it’s back to the drawing board as they look to the future by assessing the strengths and weaknesses on this current roster . With the sudden drop off in form of the Pittsburgh Steelers and with them having something of an roster at their core , one gets the feeling that this just might be the time for the Cincinnati Bengals to take that next step up if they are now to be thought of as legitimate contenders not just within the AFC North but also within the AFC as a whole .


OK so the NFL regular season ended with the customary bang but perhaps as usual the coaching carousel as we tend to know it began . The firings of Jack Del Rio , Raheem Morris , Steve Spagnuolo , Todd Haley and Tony Sparano ….. all came with the expectation that the team owners and general managers involved will go about seeking to hire candidates who are like minded in their thoughts about success.

Here within the Tampa Bay locale the firing of Raheem Morris wasn’t totally unexpected but what now appears to be all the more comical , is the complete idiocy now being shown by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ front office . GM Mark Dominik was graceful in his praise of the coach but herein lies my take on the situation. If Morris deserving of being shown the door then how the hell is jt that Dominik comes out of this all unscathed ? Last I looked , it was the general manager and coach who assembled this roster with the hope that the team would prove to be a profound success . Instead the Buccaneers lost ten successive games to end their season with a 4-12 record within the NFC South .

Would it be too strong a word …. ” stupid” do to suggest that if the Buccaneers are intent on paying Raheem Morris the remainder of his contract ($2.5 million) while still owing Morris’ predecessor Jon Gruden $5 million . I would now like to know if the Glazer family in their largesse are intent in paying out this type of money to their two most recent coaches then how is it that they have shown no intent over the course of Morris’ tenure to pay for top line free agents to bolser this roster ? Or are they simply intent on assessing the fortunes of their other sporting interest Manchester United of the English Premiership League (EPL [soccer]) ? I mean you are currently the owners of two sporting franchises with an estimated worth of $2.35 billion . One of which is known the world over and just happens to one of the most profitable professional sports’ franchises on the planet . Jerry Jones must now be pissing in his pants that his Dallas Cowboys do not sit atop that particular financial gravy train . Don’t worry Jerry , your Cowboys are doing very well with regard to that criteria alongside the New York Yankees , albeit that the team won’t be hosting an NFL playoff game anytime soon . Too much time has been spent by your head coach “icing” the kicker . Enough said on that particular subject matter for now !

To suggest that the Buccaneers under achieved this season would be very much like asking whether or not Josh Freeman was a complete disappointment ? If your answer is yes then you clearly see that quarterback as well as teammates simply were not up to the task of playing with any zeal whatsoever . All of the asinine suggestions that the roster was filled with young players keen to learn show their growth , clearly over the course of this season that simply didn’t happen . And for the likes of Ronde Barber , Kellen Winslow and Davin Joseph , if they can’t be vocal in demanding more of their teammates while their coach offers many of the idiotic sound bytes that the fans were privy to , then the Buccaneers were clearly deserving of their fate .

The interview process for the vacant position with the Tampa Bay map Buccaneers with a number of candidates meeting with Mark Dominik while the general manager assesses their qualities and what they may well bring to the organization. Mike Sherman , Brian Billick and Brad Childress are amongst the number of applicants interviewed so far. On perusing that none too impressive list I am wondering what it is that front office is said to be looking for ? They hired a complete novice in Morris, merely from the fact that they felt that he might have been in the running for another coaching position with another NFL franchise rather than initially going after a much more recognized coach . Name recognition means something nowadays in the NFL I believe amongst the coaching fraternity, but clearly the Buccaneers are now simply about doing things on the cheap . Obviously that wasn’t the case with Gruden because the former coach was able to wield his power in conjunction with then general manager Bruce Allen . As to Morris’ successor I am not so sure how much free rein he will be given over the personnel decisions concerning the coaching staff and players. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a cause-celebre` in terms of their grandiose ideas of self-worth as the Glazer family have seemingly pulled the wool over the fans within the locale . For the millions that they have corralled out of the community there has been little to suggest that the Glazers have the real intent of pursuing real success with the franchise even if it still remains a money-maker for the family . That in of-itself may well soothe their mindset but the fans are being shortchanged by their audacity. .



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What are your expectations over the remainder of the NFL postseason ? And where do you see the hiring process going in terms of a successor to Raheem Morris for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ? Just leave a comment as to your thoughts on the points raised within this piece ?





Picture and slide show for your perusal .


(1) Demaryius Thomas (88) of the Denver Broncos makes a pass reception and fights off Ike Taylor (24) of the Pittsburgh Steelers to go 80 yards for the game winning touchdown on the first play of overtime at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 8, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Steelers 29-23 in their AFC Wild Card Playoff game. Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images …

(2) (2) Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin talks with reporters at the Steelers headquarters on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012 in Pittsburgh. The Steelers were eliminated from the NFL football playoffs in a 29-23 overtime loss to the Denver Broncos. AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar …..

(3) Quarterback Tim Tebow (15) of the Denver Broncos celebrates his second quarter rushing touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 8, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Steelers 29-23 in overtime. Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images …

(4) Ben Roethlisberger (7) of the Pittsburgh Steelers dives for the ball after losing it against Von Miller (58) of the Denver Broncos during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 8, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images … ……

(5) EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – JANUARY 08: Victor Cruz (80) of the New York Giants makes a reception against Dominique Franks (24) of the Atlanta Falcons during their NFC Wild Card Playoff game at MetLife Stadium on January 8, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images …

(6) Matt Ryan (2) of the Atlanta Falcons rolls out of the pocket as he looks to pass against the New York Giants during their NFC Wild Card Playoff game at MetLife Stadium on January 8, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …

(7) Photographers gather around New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) and Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) following a 45-28 Saints win in an NFL wild card playoff football game Saturday, Jan. 7, 2012, in New Orleans. AP Photo/Bill Haber ….

(8) Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (81) catches a second half touchdown as New Orleans Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson (21) defends an NFL wild card playoff football game Saturday, Jan. 7, 2012, in New Orleans. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert ….

(9) HOUSTON, TX – JANUARY 07: Running back Arian Foster (23) of the Houston Texans runs the ball in the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals during their 2012 AFC Wild Card Playoff game at Reliant Stadium on January 7, 2012 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images ….

(10) (10) Running back Arian Foster (23) of the Houston Texans congratulates quarterback T.J. Yates (13) of the Houston Texans after the Houston Texans defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2012 AFC Wild Card Playoff game at Reliant Stadium on January 7, 2012 in Houston, Texas.The Texans defeated the Bengals 31-10. Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images ………

(11) Quarterback T.J. Yates (13) of the Houston Texans calls signals out at the line of scrimmage behind center Chris Myers (55) against the Cincinnati Bengals defense during their 2012 AFC Wild Card Playoff game at Reliant Stadium on January 7, 2012 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images ……

(12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer speaks to reporters during an NFL news conference announcing that the Buccaneers have relieved head coach Raheem Morris of his duties on Monday, Jan. 2, 2012, in Tampa, Fla. AP Photo/Brian Blanco …..

(13) (13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik speaks to reporters during an NFL news conference announcing that the Buccaneers have relieved head coach Raheem Morris of his duties on Monday, Jan. 2, 2012, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Brian Blanco ……

(14) Head coach Raheem Morris of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks at the scoreboard during the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Raymond James Stadium on December 17, 2011 in Tampa, Florida. According to reports January 2, 2012, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired head coach Raheem Morris. Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images ………

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Author: tophatal ...........

Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

16 thoughts on “I’m Not One For Conspiracy Theories But What The F##k ………”

  1. And God looked down upon his servant Tim Tebow and he was greatly pleased . Bill Maher on the other hand was heard to have said ……” Tim Tebow is the sole reason why I I’ll remain an atheist ” !

    Lk Ponchatrain now has the remnants of that LSU team from last night ! Hurrciane Katrina ain’t got nothin’ on that pile of crap served up by Les Miles’ players !

    tophatal …….


  2. I left a comment on my site about the potential hires of either Schottenheimer or Phillips.

    And that Broncos game? Well, if the rest of the playoffs are as exciting as that finish, the NFL is bound so see some pretty stout ratings, as opposed to the BCS title game which declined in ratings for the second straight year.


    1. Chris Humperys(@SportsChump)

      Well the ratings for the <Broncos-Steelers' game was the highest ratings for a wildcard berth playoff game in the last fifteen years . It got a 25 plus share the equivalent to just over 17.5 million viewers for all of the major markets . Tebow on his own is a ratings’ bonanza and it bodes well for the NFL and the Denver Broncos if they make use of the player simply not just from a competitive standpoint but also from an economical one as well . And that’s something that Elway and the rest of the front office have to consider before they make a decision as to the players’ future .

      tophatal …………


        1. Chris Humpherys(@SportsChump)

          Cha-ching ! Can we now you say the Broncos are raking it in while Tim Tebow is a part of the organization ? The kid might now be the second most popular Broncos’ player in the franchise’s history .

          It’s a win , win for the Broncos’ organization for the present no matter what happens this weekend as the team has far exceeded anyone’s expectations this season .


  3. The Broncos-Steelers game was simply magical. When overtime started, I thought “Now it’s Tebow time!” 10 seconds later, Demariyus Thomas was trotting into the end zone.


    1. brief22

      Not only was Thomas trotting into the end-zone ; but I hear that he was on the verge of blowing kisses to members of his family in the stands as well as making up his Christmas card list for 2012 . He had that much time once he broke free of the Steelers’ defense .

      tophatal ……..


  4. brief22

    It was a terrific game in so many ways but I believe it was also plagued by mistakes by both teams . From my own perspective I believe that the Steelers are regressing as a team . It was noticeable when Polamalu simply put is head down during the waning moments of regulation. It was if he knew the inevitable was about to happen . I felt that Mike Tomlin should have replaced Roethlisberger because you could see that the player was simply laboring and struggling for the vast majority of the game. The coach should have put in Dennis Dixon or Charlie Batch .

    tophatal …..


  5. Did you notice the difference when Roethliberger came out for the second half. Man, they must have given him some good drugs because the limp was gone.
    The Bucs need an overhaul and I’m not sure that they’ve got the right GM for the job. I hope the hire Schottenheimer as coach because they need to mature as a team.
    Cheers brother!


  6. aero

    The limp may well have gone but he still struggled immensely throughout much of the game . And as I suggested once Polamalu’s head started to bow in deference to the Broncos you simply knew that he and his teammates were on the verge of giving up . Comedian Bill Maher must now be ruing the day he started to mock Tim Tebow .

    ” I bear Tebow no malice at all it’s just that I tend to dislike Christians , Jews , Muslims and anyone who happens to believe in organized religion “. Bill Maher


  7. I loved it when the Doncos, I mena Broncos won in OT baby. Bill Maher is a moron. The Radiers their coach. No wonder the Raiders suck big time. Tampa Bay is stupid. They ruin a good thing. Morris is not a good NFL coach. The PATS ARE BEATABLE.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Shouldn’t the front office’s of these teams be acting more responsibly rather than simply caving just because they’ve made fools of themselves to begin with ? Neither the Bucs or Raiders will solve anything by their most recent maneuvers . . It now leaves both teams fulfilling their contractual obligations in terms of salaries to coaches no longer in their employment . And I’m suppose to believe that these owners are astute businessmen ? Fu#k no ! They’re all as dumb as a box of rocks !

      The Pats are very much beatable because their oh so porous defense ! But it’s the team’s offense that should be to their advantage against the Broncos .

      Maher will continue to make an ass of himself because he feels he’s got everyone laughing with him . That’s simply his mantra the vast majority of the time .

      tophatal …………


    1. chappy81

      Thank you ! Enough already ! Anymore of this and the whole damn country will be ” Tebow-ing “ for all of the wrong reasons . Imagine how comedian Bill Maher must be feeling right about now .

      On the other hand if ” Tebowing for Jesus” gets us males to see more of this then I’ve no aversion to that act at all ! ‘nough said on the matter for now .

      If the Patriots can’t pull a rabbit out of their hat concerning this game then I’m liable to become celibate as way of showing my disgust towards the team as a fan ! And I hate to lay off sex for any prolonged period of time so this might be a short-lived abstinence .

      tophatal …………..


  8. Ah well…some MORE tweaking…shit thay lost Casey and Brett early in the game, no Pouncey, Ben was not Ben….still gave it a go in the 2nd half.
    They got out played in OT LeBeau was beaten by their playmaker. Who’d thunk they’d call for such a play?


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