Have Your People Call My People …. Let’s Make A Deal ………….

Have Your People Call My People …. Let’s Make A Deal ………….

By tophatal …..

Well with the NFL postseason all but having reached its climax we are now at the point where the championship games within both conference games have their final respondents . The AFC will see the New England Patriots play hosts to the Baltimore Ravens . Whereas , in the NFC we have the San Francisco Giants continuing their remarkable resurrection under John Harbaugh and his team hosting the conference’s road road warriors the New York Giants . Suffice to say as clear as we may now feel that the outcome of these games might seem clear-cut , on paper this past weekend’s evidence in terms of the results should tell us otherwise.


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It came as no real surprise to see the Denver Broncos’ story come to an abrupt end with the team losing in such an embarrassing fashion. Hobbled by an ineffective performance by Tim Tebow the Broncos were behind the “eight ball ” right from the start. The team’s offense was woefully inept with there being very little evidence to suggest that Tebow’s growth as a <a href=”http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/stats/byposition?pos=QB&conference=NFL&year=season_2011&sort=timeframe=ToDate&old_category=QB”&gt; quarterback in the NFL is said to be heading in the right direction . Poor </</aadecision making and the very fact that the player scurrying around losing yardage for the team disengaged any advantage that John Fox and his coaching staff might have hoped from this game. On the wrong side of a 45-10 loss says a lot about the Denver Broncos and the very fact that their season as thrilling as it may well have appeared that 8-8 record simply mirrors what this team actually happens to be . And that it is a franchise , who over achieved purely from the fact that its division is extremely poor !

With the abrupt departures of both the number one and three seeds within the NFC with both the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints seeing their postseason forays completely go up in smoke . For coaches Mike McCarthy and Sean Payton they may well view this all as a reason of immense disappointment . And in Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers you have two quarterbacks who lit up the statistical charts throughout the regular and postseason . Call me naive but you have to find it astounding that the conference’s two best players at the position this regular season now happen to find themselves sitting on the sidelines along with their teammates after the most improbable of events that transpired this past weekend .

As an avid New England Patriots’ fan this match-up against the Baltimore Ravens has all the makings of a titanic battle between two teams with a great deal to prove . In the case of the Patriots it is simply to say to the naysayers ……….” we are back and we never actually left ” . For the Ravens for this team in their current guise it is their last chance for the likes of seasoned veterans Ray Lewis , Terrell Suggs , Ed Reed and Bryant McKinnie to add to their legacy . This quartet may not be fortuitous enough to make an appearance in the Superbowl at this stage of their already voluminous careers. Well that would be most definitely be the case for Suggs, Reed and Lewis given their resume`s and the numerous Pro Bowl appearances by the trio along with Bryant McKinnie .

Bill Belichick looking to make another appearance win the Superbowl , his fifth with the franchise as a coach knows that great deal is expected of this team as they prepare to host the Ravens. For much of the season the talk has been of the effectiveness of the team’s offense and how explosive it has been over the course of the regular season . Led by Tom Brady , with the productivity of tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski the Patriots have now added a new dimension to their offense . But that in of-itself clearly does not define this team but a great deal has been made of the fact that the defense of the roster still remains its’ Achilles’ heel .

It’s pretty much safe to say that this game between the Patriots should have all the makings of being an instantaneous classic in the making. We have come to know what to expect of the New England Patriots but for the Ravens although this isn’t uncharted territory Joe Flacco has a great deal to prove . Granted , this postseason the Baltimore Ravens acquitted themselves well in their dispatching of the Houston Texans in a game which was far from being thoroughly convincing on the part of the Ravens . The players on that Baltimore Ravens’ team know that they can ill afford to take this game lightly so it will be imperative for them to get off to a fast start and for their defense to essentially keep that Patriots’ offense off the field for as long as is humanly possible during this game. .

It is not extremely difficult to understand how the New Orleans Saints succumbed to the San Francisco 49ers. Having a prolific offense is one thing but to my mind it was simply the complacency shown by Sean Payton’s team that led to their demise in the waning moment of the game between the two teams , which now sees the 49ers vying to the NFC representative in the upcoming Superbowl . All of those who are said to be in awe of the Packers and Saints must now be wondering what the hell is going on within the NFL . All the hype in the world concerning two teams that seemed to be on the path to setting up a prospective game that the vast majority of NFL might have envisaged seeing . But such a premise can be now be overlooked as neither the Packers or will be a part of the NFC championship game.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Alex Smith can be the equal of Eli Manning in what is now a highly anticipated match-up as both face off against each other this upcoming Sunday . The Niners’ athletic and stifling defense against an equally ferocious secondary of the Giants should prove to be an immensely entertaining game . Jason Pierre-Paul , Justin Tuck , Osi Umenyiora and Michael Boley will certainly be looking to negate that offense of the Niners led by Frank Gore , Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree .

For coach Tom Coughlin the chance to lead this team to another Superbowl triumph and join a select group of coaches to have won multiple Superbowls with the same franchise . At the start of the New York Giants’ season and through to just beyond its midway point there will still questions being bandied about as to whether or not Coughlin would survive bearing in mind the mid to late season meltdowns the franchise had now come to be known for over the last three years . Instead having suffered that regular season 38-35 loss to the Packers the team simply rallied around their coach and strung together a series of victories that gathered momentum and placed the Giants on the their present path. Anyone now considering to write off the team might need to now reconsider that prospect in light of the team’s defeat of the Green Bay Packers . That victory itself blew a hole in the whole in the theory that the Packers were on their way to successfully defending their title .

A possible rematch between the New England Patriots and New York Giants now seems to be in the offing and it would appear to be the most appealing of the possibilities on offer to the fans . But that premise would be based on the mere thought that both the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are simply prepared to lay down while both the Giants and Patriots march on to their prospective return of unfinished business . Something that I fully believe would wet the appetite of a a number of NFL fans !



Over the course of this NFL postseason and specifically the divisional round which result if anything was of the biggest surprise to you ? And of the four teams now remaining duo do you ultimately see playing in the Superbowl to be staged at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana , Indianapolis . Simply leave a comment as you deem fit and thanks as always for the continued support !

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(1) Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak listens to a question during a news conference Monday, Jan. 16, 2012, in Houston. The Texans season ended Sunday after losing to the Baltimore Ravens 20-13 . Photo/David J. Phillip ….

(2) BALTIMORE, MD – JANUARY 15: Ed Reed (20) of the Baltimore Ravens intercepts a pass intended for Andre Johnson (80) of the Houston Texans during the fourth quarter of the AFC Divisional playoff game at M&T Bank Stadium on January 15, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Texans 20-13 . Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …

(3) New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton talks to media during his season-ending news conference at their NFL football training facility in Metairie, La., Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert ….

(4) FOXBORO, MA – JANUARY 14: Rob Gronkowski ( 87) of the New England Patriots celebrates by spiking the ball after he scored a 12-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter against the Denver Broncos during their AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Gillette Stadium on January 14, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Patriots would end up defeating the Broncos 45-10 . Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images …….. ….

(5) Frank Gore (21) of the San Francisco 49ers carries the ball against the New Orleans Saints during the third quarter of the NFC Divisional playoff game at Candlestick Park on January 14, 2012 in San Francisco, California. Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images ….





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Author: tophatal ...........

Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

16 thoughts on “Have Your People Call My People …. Let’s Make A Deal ………….”

    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      This time last season you have to remember Vernon Davis was simply persona-non-grata and very much a “pariah” within the Niners’ organization and there was talk that GM Trent Baalke en wanted to ship has ass out of town . In comes Jim Harbaugh and almost overnight we see a complete character change with the guy where he’s actually helping the younger players on the squad and taking Crabtree under his wing . Who knew ?

      tophatal ………


    2. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      There’s meant to be no crying in football ! I think that Davis merely stubbed his toe badly in getting get by the Saints’ secondary so easily , hence the emotional outburst on his path .

      tophatal ………..


        1. brief 22

          Reed should know better as he and Ravens haven’t done anything of relevance in the past two seasons in the playoffs . It’s all well and good to have the back of a teammate but he ought to let Flacco speak for himself . Last I looked Joe Flacco wasn’t a mute !

          The Ravens’ qb “blows” hot and cold when it comes to games and in terms of playing at home Pats rarely lose especially in the games that really matter .

          tophatal ……………


    1. sports’

      The only saving grace for Singletary and Mike Nolan is that they as such drafted the core of the players that make up this roster but when it came to coaching they were simply out of their “comfort zone ” .

      Over to you Mike Singletary ……… ” I want winners on my team but first I wouldn’t mind sucking on the titties of Katie Price aka Jordan “

      Mike as always I’m happy to oblige so here’s Katie !

      tophatal ……


  1. The Packers losing at home suprised me a little, although the play of the Giants front four did not.
    Good luck to your Pats this weekend my friend.


    1. aero

      If my Pats lose on Saturday afternoon then look for me to try and rest my head upon the buxom bosoms of Katie Price in order to seek solace ! We Patriots’ fans are now going to roll like that !

      Holla back Katie ….. holla back girl !

      tophatal ….


  2. The Saints couldn’t stop my grandmother. She’s been dead since 1976. The Pats may well blowout the Ravens. San Fran will beat the Giants. That’s my guess. Denver was no match for the Pats. The Denver “D” sat back and did nothing.


    1. chappy

      A Harbaugh Bowl mightn’t be such a bad idea but as I said we Pats’ fans tend to roll in a higher social circle . That’s why I don’t think it’ll happen ! But if I’m wrong then so be it !

      tophatal ………


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