You Make Your Bed You Had Damn Well Be Sure You’re Prepared To Lay In It !

You Make Your Bed You Had Damn Well Be Sure You’re Prepared To Lay In It !

By tophatal ………..

I just don’t get it but the continued stupidity of today’s athletes and their off field problems are longer a surprise to me . But this latest episode concerning Texas Rangers out-fielder Josh Hamilton and his now apparent stupidity concerning his drug and alcohol problem . In the player’s latest transgression , has Hamilton for a third time compounding his sobriety by consuming alcohol while at a bar . The player a former AL MVP and one of the more resourceful players during the team’s most recent postseason heroics as two-time consecutive AL pennant winners as well consecutive World Series appearances . Now having apologized to his teammates , fans and to the organization headed by team President Nolan Ryan , Josh Hamilton sees his image taking another hit . If that’s not enough the player now has to get his personal life back together . Personally , when I see players offering up less than contrite apologies , having been a repeat offender it simply indicates to me that they lack will power and determination !


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Hamilton does not indulge the public as to the reasons for his latest sobriety put he suggests that this latest mea-culpa on his part was simply a mistake . It’s never a mistake to fall off the wagon , it’s a personal choice and here the player is simply adding insult to injury by suggesting that his , was an error in judgment ! And though the player at the time after his even of drinking with a number of acquaintances stated that he called upon former teammate Ian Kinsler to drive him home , it would appear that this was the only sensible act by the player during this whole episode . However , what I would like to know is under what condition did the player arrive at the establishment in question and also had he driven to that locale would he have returned his vehicle and then driven ? It may or may not have crossed Hamilton’s mind but clearly the player is seeking to make excuses for another moment of weakness .

Josh Hamilton’s career within baseball is filled with highs and lows , of which the most prominent episode was his three years away from the game having been suspended by MLB for abuse of the league’s steroid and drug policy . Hamilton spent three years away from the game after a turbulent career with the Tampa Bay Rays where he was assisted by the organization in seeking the player drug counseling . The player’s failure lead to the Rays negating his contract and sending out of the game as something of a pariah .

With the Texas Rangers coming to the player’s rescue it would have appeared that he was back on track to resume his career and become one of the most feared hitters and productive players in the game. Now while I admire Josh Hamilton and all of his accomplishments as a player , it has been his need to seemingly make these now apparent errors in judgment as he sees it and then use an excuse that is simply insulting to the public for his actions. He should know his limits in terms of his issues as it relates to alcohol and dare one say his drug of choice , cocaine ? But it is becoming increasingly clear that Hamilton sees himself as impervious to those issues if he seeks alcohol as an outlet while in a social environment knowing full well that he has an ongoing drinking problem.

If the player can put himself in such a position not once , not twice but now a third time then what does Josh Hamilton’s actions now indicate to the public at large ? And bear in mind the actions of NFL player Donte Stallworth and the vehicular manslaughter charge in the death of a Miami resident four years ago , when the player bearing a BAC .014 and with marijuana in his system hit , and ran down that victim, then had the temerity to suggest that he tried to avoid hitting the victim in spite of his impaired state and his denial that marijuana was in his system . Unfortunately , justice served in this incident was the player agreeing to a plea agreement that saw him sentenced 24 days in jail , but he would later settle with the victim’s family in an out of court financial settlement . This plea agreement drew the ire of the public at large who viewed the sentence to the judicial process as a complete mockery of the system but Miami Dade District Attorney …. Katherine Fernandez-Rundle felt that this was the best possible outcome for all of the parties concerned . Do you ever get the feeling at times that the legal system doesn’t serve the public’s best interest and would serve the interests of the defendants rather than the victim ? Your thoughts on what is said to be the best judicial system in the world ?

One could deride this both incidents and plainly put it down to the stupidity of today’s professional athlete and their naiveté or the fact that they do somehow feel themselves above the law. Thankfully , in this case Josh Hamilton may well have had the foresight to not have drunk and drive but the decision was made by the player to simply return to his old ways and once again the question as to whether or not his sobriety has any real veracity to it . One momentary lapse possibly could be explained but this is now the third such incident by the player with him now falling afoul of alcohol. Who’s really at fault here ? The player or society for continuing to think that accepting the apologies of the athlete who has now repeatedly made a choice that indicates that his will isn’t that strong and that his judgment away from the field comes into doubt . If he can act in such a way then what would lead us to believe that Josh Hamilton might not let down the Rangers’ organization once again ? If you don’t feel that player’s actions has any consequences as it relates to the team’s image then think again and also what the actions might now concerning GM Jon Daniels , Nolan Ryan and the team’s coaching staff led by Ron Washington .



What thoughts if any do you have concerning the actions of Josh Hamilton and do you feel that this was simply an error in judgment , once again ? Or merely that of a player who simply sees himself as being privileged and above what is thought to be deemed as acceptable behavior in today’s society ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts and anything else you believe to be pertinent on this matter .



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(1) ARLINGTON, TX – FEBRUARY 3: Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers holds a press conference at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on February 3, 2012 in Arlington, Texas. Hamilton admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the week. Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images ……

(2) Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers holds a press conference at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on February 3, 2012 in Arlington, Texas. Hamilton admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the week. Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images ……..

(3) Team president Nolan Ryan is seen here alongside Ron Washington and general manager Jon Daniels at a press conference answering questions concerning the Texas Rangers . The defending AL pennant winner will start off their 2012 regular season schedule with a three game series starting on 6th April at home against the Chicago White Sox . No formal statement from the front office has been made concerning the latest episode concerning the team’s All Star outfielder Josh Hamilton . Dallas Morning Star / Ricardo Alvarez …….

(4) Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth, center, makes his appearance today before Miami-Dade Judge Dennis J. Murphy after he turned himself in. Stallworth faced a charge of DUI manslaughter in connection with last month’s crash that killed a pedestrian on Miami Beach. The player was later escorted from the courtroom in handcuffs to the jail to be booked. AP Photo / Marice Cohan Brand ….


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

12 thoughts on “You Make Your Bed You Had Damn Well Be Sure You’re Prepared To Lay In It !”

  1. Josh Hamilton should he fall afoul and hit the bottle once again , should we actually believe him when he says it’s simply another error in judgment ? How many friggin’ times should the public en-mass accept these puerile excuses ?

    “Kids me look at me , I want to be your role model ………. drink hard , play hard and lay as much “tail” as you can and Christ will be your light and salvation at the end of the tunnel” . Josh Hamilton .

    Obviously Hamilton is disingenuous as to his sobriety and so called religious beliefs !

    Overpaid , over indulged , and simply being an ass doesn’t excuse your actions even if you’re said to be talented in your chose profession !

    tophatal …………….


  2. WOW!! Here I was getting ready to say that J.Hamilton is going to make it and turn it around once again and then I see the picture above my comment. I don’t know anymore. It seems he’s starting to go back to the way he was and that’s never good news for the Rangers. The team is going to need Hamilton to stay upright if they want to go back to the World Series for a third straight time. The picture above doesn’t help at ALL! hehe C’mon Josh, you know better than that… there’s cameras everywhere!!!


    1. Christian /Blog Surface

      Hamilton is a damn ingrate and all of the damn apathy from baseball fans continually excusing this type of behavior shows their ignorance and sheer stupidity and gullibility in believing that the player is now being accountable for his actions ! This is the third f##king time for the Rangers’ outfielder in his insobriety . What he’s got to do , kill someone while DUI ……. before his ass and the Rangers take note ?

      Josh Hamilton is the complete antithesis of Tim Tebow and both are said to be ” devout Christians” ? What am I missing here ?

      tophatal ……


    1. chappy81

      I’m sure that you and the vast majority of the A’s fans can’t wait for the Rangers to hit town ! I can see you escorting Hamilton to all of the various strip clubs in Oakland and plying him with drinks ! Just make sure you’ve got enough $5’s and $1’s in your pockets to keep the “strippers ” happy .

      “Dad kids were teasing me in school the other day and they said you’re all about ho’s and bro’s before …. God . What does that mean “?

      Man on a mission or simply someone who lives life and who has belief system of which he sees as befitting him ? Timmy T

      Hamilton is the complete antithesis of Tim Tebow and both of these athletes are said to be devout Christians ! So you tell me what’s wrong with this picture ? In the case of Josh Hamilton it’s got got be ho’s , booze and bro’s before God in spite of his claims of being a Christian .

      tophatal ……………….


    1. Sam Sports’ Brief

      Josh Hamilton has been disingenuous with his repeated idiocy and then offering a less than contrite apology for his stupidity ! At what point do you believe it’ll sink in that he can no place himself in such an environment ? Idiot supporters are jumping to his defense realizing that is not the first time but a second and third time that he’s placed himself in such a situation. That’s not a sign of maturity on the part of Hamilton but immaturity !

      tophatal ………………


  3. I have to tell you, I think you’re off base on this one, Al.

    The kid’s obviously got a problem.

    Ya’ know, remember last year when he tossed that ball into the outfield and that guy fell to his death with his son watching? I had a feeling that that would be too much to take for a man of Hamilton’s weaknesses.

    C’mon, Al. You must have had friends with addictions who have relapsed. Were you there to support them in their time of need or did you turn your back?


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      What moron do you know who would repeatedly puts themselves in such a position then simply offer the excuse that once again it’s simply an error in judgment on his part ? This isn’t Josh Hamilton’s first rodeo ride or need I remind you as to the reasons why the Tampa Bay Rays got rid of his ass in the end after supporting him effortlessly and paying thousands for his repeated rehab stints . Stop it with the apathy !

      I’ve worked with addicts and homeless US military vets (being a former military vet myself [reminder]) here in C Florida and when I lived down South within the state and many of those guys were far worse than Hamilton as to their state (drug addiction & mental depression _ PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder]) . In large part the majority of them fought their way out of their depression and addiction through hard work and the assistance provided . What the ##ck has Hamilton done ? You tell me ? It’s been well chronicled as to the assistance provided to the player by both the Rays and Texas Rangers and to your mind how much more should the Rangers now provide the player if he continues to make an asshole of himself and to an extent make a mockery of the Rangers organization ? Are you actually oblivious to that fact ?

      Fans who simply talk sports without looking beyond certain parameters merely are only making fools of themselves ! This discussion would now be taking on a whole new meaning were it about Rangers outfielder and the headlines states he kills a family of four while driving under the influence (DUI) . So now you tell me who’s being really naive here ?

      tophatal …….


  4. Let’s face it the day Josh Hamilton acts with maturity will be the day then that he’s deserving of respect from the fans rather than the continued inane stupidity of them treating him with kid gloves . But as I’ve always maintained the vast majority of fans tend to be anally retentive and only see what they want to see , rather than the reality of what’s actually within their midst ! As I stated earlier in this piece , were the situation one , where the player killed incident victims because of his insobriety what would we be discussing now ? So please wake up, and get a god-damn dose of reality !


  5. It’s a little easier said than done. Its tough for any kind of addict to turn it around and for Hamilton to get where he is now is still remarkable. I think we are all assuming how easy it is for an addict to suddenly just not have a drink for the rest of their lives. Although its not good for the organization, it should be understandable to an extent. At least hes clean from drugs…..for now.


    1. jgome

      I’ll sum it up for you succinctly ………. Josh Hamilton is immature and lacks will power ! He’s an asshole to begin with , in placing himself in such a position knowing his issues with not just alcohol but also drugs . He either wants to remain clean and sober or he doesn’t it’s as plain and simple as that ! This is his third such failure, and he’s proving to be an ass about it all by using his faith as a crux . It’s not worked for him prior and it certainly isn’t working now ! I have worked with military vets suffering from a wide range of issues far worse than Hamilton’s and theirs range from the prolific use of narcotics to having suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) , with having served recently in Iraq and Afghanistan .

      Hamilton’s issues pale into insignificance the guy has all of the support and financial wherewithal to assist him. The federal government in terms of the VA more often than not simply piss on their military rather than assisting as and when needed ! And I say that speaking as a former member of the British military having served in the Royal Marines for close to a decade having seen and been on combat duty in various part of the world .

      tophatal ……………


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