So The Fallout Begins ………

So The Fallout Begins …….

By tophatal …..

Well with the NFL season having reached a satisfactory climax for some , with the New York Giants prevailing over the New England Patriots ….. 21-17. With that victory Eli Manning joins a select group of quarterbacks to have won two Superbowls and along the way garnering the game MVP award . With the Giants quarterback’s accomplishments there begins the question as to whether or not Manning is now a legitimate candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame .


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I do now believe that the argument can be made that Eli Manning is on his way to making a credible claim that his career is now on a path where quite possibly his body work can justify his future enshrinement in Canton , Ohio ! Certainly his postseason play when adjudged against that of his counterparts faced can in part be a starting point for that argument and most notably Manning’s play was even more emphatic during the regular season for the Giants especially in the fourth quarter . But let’s not fool ourselves because in large part the defense of the Giants’ also played its part in their success of the franchise’s season . If praise is being given to Eli Manning then certainly there has to plaudits for Michael Boley , Mathias Kiawanuka , Osi Umenyoria , Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul .

Now as we know the idiocy of the NFL lockout , in part brought about by the NFL hierarchy led by Commissioner Roger Goodell the owners who tried to hold the NFLPA (union) at bay . The collective bargaining agreement as agreed to by both sides has become something of a joke ! The union hierarchy led by Executive Director DeMaurice Smith have reneged on their agreement concerning HGH testing and furthermore , it would appear that even with the possible intervention by the US Congress and specifically the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee . Personally , having seen these negotiations drag itself out with all of the posturing by the team owners , league hierarchy and the union itself . I’ve read with a great deal of incredulity views of a number of patrons that this collective bargaining agreement was the best possible resolution for all of the parties concerned . Unless these individuals have been living under a damn rock I can only surmise that they have no idea as to what they are talking about ! This agreement will ultimately prove to be to the detriment of the NFL , the owners and league hierarchy and union are simply to short-sighted to see that for themselves at present !

Out of this tumult the off-season now brings along a great deal of maneuvering amongst the agents who will be looking to for the best deal of for their clients . Approximately, 600 NFL players are about to hit the market as restricted and unrestricted free agents . It will be interesting to see how Drew Brees , Matt Forte , Vincent Jackson , Marshawn Lynch , Ray Rice , Brian Dawkins , Dashon Goldson , Michael Robinson and Wes Welker will be dealt with in terms of the contractual arrangements that will be made on their behalf .

Courtesy of USA Today

Unprecedented 600 players potentially free agents

The NFL could be headed for an offseason like it’s never seen.

By Robert Klemko, USA Today

Unlike in 2011, when player movement was hurried by the lockout, this free agency period will run its traditional course and feature a massive influx of free agents.

The contracts of more than 600 players are set to expire before free agency starts March 13, with most of them being unrestricted free agents.

MORE: Prominent free agents by position
MORE: Peyton Manning tops offseason questions
MORE: Player safety: Progress but still work to do

Last offseason, 289 veterans joined new teams through free agency or trades, compared with 215 in 1993, when all-pro Reggie White broke the seal on modern free agency and signed with the Green Bay Packers.
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The new collective bargaining agreement agreed to in July provided for little rise in the salary cap between 2011 and 2012. That, combined with the uncertainty of an uncapped 2010, created many short-term or back-loaded contracts, says former NFL general manager Charley Casserly, who calls the scenario “carnage for the players.”

“This is unprecedented in the NFL,” Casserly says. “You’ve got more free agents than ever in the history of the NFL and a cap that is projected to be the same. So you have less money per free agent than ever before.”

In order to read this article in its entirety merely click unto the link inset within this piece.


For the general managers around the NFL this will be the time for them to actually earn their pay , rather than the asinine behavior that we have at times seen from the likes of Ryan Grigson , Nick Caserio , Ozzie Newsome and A J Smith to truly show what they’re made of . It is at times like this that we will see the intent of a franchise and what portends as to their future . Nowhere might this be more appropriate than that of the Indianapolis Colts and the decisions that have to be made by the front office of the organization as it relates to their four time league MVP ……. Peyton Manning . The player is due a roster bonus of $28 million that is due on the 8th March, 2012 , and predicated upon Manning being declared healthy . The player has been given the go ahead to resume light training by his own medical team but as of yet nothing has been forthcoming from Colts’ own medical advisers . Jim Irsay as the team owner , clearly has to make a decision that is the best interest of his franchise . As to what that might be we now have to wait to see what the outcome will be .

With the 2012 NFL Draft due in April , where the top two quarterbacks atop everyone’s draft board is likely to be Andrew Luck of Stanford and Robert Griffin III of Baylor . And while everything points to the fact that the Indianapolis Colts are likely to draft a quarterback as their first pick , I can’t help but wonder if the drama now being played out for the public’s consumption isn’t simply just for show and a sense of foreboding that could very well await the Colts’ fans. All of the right things are allegedly being said but given the asinine antics of Irsay as of late . The firing of Jim Caldwell was one thing along with that of Bill and Chris Polian but at the same time the idiocy of the franchise placing all of their eggs in one basket even in light of Manning’s injury and subsequent surgeries without heeding any advice simply shows the ignorance and the absurdity shown by the actions of the executives within the Colts’ front office. Caldwell’s successor Chuck Pagano this upcoming season will have his work cut out for him while at the same time winning over the fans who saw his predecessor as the last link to era of Tony Dungy and the success achieved during his tenure .

I’ll say this for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ and the franchise headed by the Glazer family when thy choose to make waves , they either do so in order to make a great deal of noise or simply make complete asses of themselves ! Nothing has said that more loudly than the firing of Raheem Morris but somehow Morris’ partner in crime GM Mark Dominik remains in his position as the general manager . Dominik and Raheem Morris assembled the team that this past season was so woefully inept in so many facets of the game .

With the Buccaneers’ hiring of Greg Schiano the former head coach at Rutgers to succeed Raheem Morris , the feeling was that with this hire it brought a certain degree of legitimacy to the organization . Well that doesn’t appear to be the case for the newly installed coach who had a number problems in trying to assemble an assistant coaching staff. So far there have been refusals from Dan Mullen to join Schiano’s coaching staff . But there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel with it being rumored Greg Schiano has set his sights on hiring former North Carolina head coach Butch Davis as a defensive assistant ___ whom Schiano once served under as assistant.

I hate to say it , but it should come as no surprise that Greg Schiano has encountered difficulties in assembling a coaching staff ! It’s not as any prospective hire will have a great deal to work with in terms of the roster now in place with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . From top to bottom in terms of the players on this squad there seems to difficulties all round , in terms of a lack of discipline and the players themselves being willing to play with a great deal of passion . Never mind the fact that there are several who will ultimately prove to be superfluous to the needs of the coach . What might be even more befuddling in all of the stupidity shown by Mark Dominik was the belief as the general manger that he and Raheem Morris could simply exist within team based upon the fact that youth would be the prevailing factor in determining their success. The Buccaneers were in fact some $35 million under the league’s mandated salary cap of $120 million . Are the Buccaneers back to the ways of old ? More so are they seemingly intent on making the wiles of former team owner Hugh Culverhouse seem almost celebratory by comparison ?

From my own standpoint no matter what Greg Schiano now sets about doing in terms of bringing this Buccaneers’ franchise back to some form of respectability he will be caught between a rock and a hard place ! There is no doubt in my mind that with a resurgent Carolina Panthers’ …. team led by Cam Newton , along with the always competitive Atlanta Falcons and the offense minded New Orleans Saints the NFC South still remains a division that the Buccaneers will be hard pressed to be competitive in ! Certainly that was borne out this past season with regard to the team’s record at the end of the season .

The needs of the Buccaneers are many in terms of fillings the holes on this team . A corner-back is most certainly needed to replace the aging Ronde Barber but clearly the team’s offense in terms of a running game , something is needed to complement LeGarrette Blount as well as a productive wide receiver and a litany of productive players for the secondary . Whether or not Mark Dominik loosens up the purse strings and seeks to bolster this roster by way of free agency rather than the building through the draft remains to be seen . But it has become abundantly clear that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a long way to go before they can even consider themselves even a worthy to be even considered a credible contender within NFC much less the rest of the league as a whole !

Would it be remiss to suggest that the Glazer’s passion remains entrenched in observing the fate of their other sporting investment , Premiership soccer team Manchester United ? The soccer club is now firmly in battle for the divisional title as they seek to take down their crosstown rivals Manchester City . United’s manager Alex Ferguson knows that another Premiership (EPL) title simply adds to the club’s history but also at the same time given the ramifications of UEFA’s mandate that will set the tone for all the governing body’s European club soccer competitions ____ both the manager and United’s ownership structures knows that their financial house has to be put firmly in order.

Since Malcolm Glazer took control of the soccer club with a leveraged buyout ($1.255 billion) that used the club as collateral with some additional financing , this has led to a mountain of debt ($1.375 billion) that has proved to burdensome for the organization to reduce . And with the team’s financiers now unwilling to in large part renegotiate or refinance much of that original deal it has been left to the Glazers to seek other alternatives in gaining some additional funding by way of a stock issue or in some cases letting of players by way of the customary transfer. This was noticeably assisted the team when they rid themselves of their star at the time Cristiano Ronaldo , much to the outcry of the United fans . For what was then a world transfer record , the Portuguese international left Manchester United for Spanish La Liga giants Real Madrid for an astonishing and unheard of sum of $155 million (Euros 94 million approx) .

Now one can either admonish the the general managers and the team owners much of the mess we are about to witness during this off-season . Roger Goodell in his recent interview with CBS news’ Scott Pelley with his appearance on “60 Minutes” , stating that the NFL was healthier than ever , having renegotiated an additional $3 billion in revenues over the next three years via a contract extension with Fox Sports leads me to believe that it is simply business as usual with the NFL , with there really being very little change in terms of the league’s economic template ! Goodell and Smith may well have negotiated a deal that is said will lead to a decade of peace but I can guarantee you this , no strings attached or not , this new agreement will come back to bite the league in the proverbial ass !



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What hopes if anything do you have and wish to see during this off-season as it relates to the free agency market within the NFL ? Also do you believe that Greg Schiano is likely to have an immediate impact with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or do you believe that it is liable to take the coach a number of years to turn the franchise’s fortunes around ?

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(1) NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 08: New York Giants Defensive End Justin Tuck visits Fox’s “Power and Money” at FOX Studios on February 8, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images …

(2) New York Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw signs a footall during a rally for the NFL Super Bowl champions at MetLife Stadium on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

(3) New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, left, and linebacker Zak DeOssie wave to the fans during a victory celebration rally at MetLife Stadium on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Giants defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

(4) David Diehl (66) of the New York Giants signs autographs at a rally to celebrate the New York Giants’ Super Bowl victory at MetLife Stadium on February 7, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 5, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images …..

(5) Coach Greg Schiano of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers speaks to the media at an introduction press conference at the team training facility January 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images ….

(6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers new head coach Greg Schiano, left, shakes hands with Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer after being introduced to reporters during an NFL football news conference on Friday Jan. 27, 2012, in Tampa, Fla. AP Photo/Chris O’Meara …. ….

(7) Curtis Compton (50) and Dominique Franks (24) of the Atlanta Falcons tackle LeGarrette Blount (27) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during play at the Georgia Dome on January 1, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Falcons won 45-24 . Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images ….

(8) Lawrence Sidbury (90) of the Atlanta Falcons sacks quarterback Josh Freeman (5) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during play at the Georgia Dome on January 1, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Falcons won 45-24 . (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images ….

(9) Javier Hernandez (14) (background) of Man Utd celebrates his goal in the 3-3 tie against Chelsea in their Premiership league game played at Stamford Bridge , SW London on 5th February , 2012 . Courtesy of SkySports / Chris Parnell ….

(10) Wayne Rooney (10) (left ) of Manchester United contest a loose ball during the game against Chelsea’s AN Mikel . Sky Sports/ Chris Parnell …..





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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

7 thoughts on “So The Fallout Begins ………”

  1. “I want you to all know that this time around the buck will stop with me ! It’s simply unfortunate that I used Raheem Morris as a scapegoat ….. but all is fair in love and war is it not ? Someone’s ass had to be thrown to the lions don’t you think so why not Raheem’s ” ? Bucs’ GM Mark Dominik

    Trump on Larry King’s eponymous talk show .

    Schiano is having about as much luck in assembling a coaching staff as Donald Trump would in finding a barber to actually give him a permanent makeover in terms of his hairstyle . ‘nough said !

    Buccaneers’ impending free agents & team salary

    “Scott need I remind you I’m not here to please the fans but simply to screw them over ” ! Goodell and his sound byte not actually seen or heard by the public during his ’60 Minutes’ interview

    tophatal ……………..


  2. Eli is not yet a Hall of Famer. he is still inconsisent. Time will tell. Many great NFL QB’s never won a championship let alone a Super Bowl. The jury is still on Eli. Anytime government gets involved it’s always fucked up. The stupuid sports media is reasdy to crown so and team or player the next greatest thing. The media is a joke ESPN is the biggest. The NFl owners get their stadiums built at the taxpayers expense. Only the Robbies used their own bucks to their own stadium in Miami. Man U pulled out the “W” against Liverpool.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Eli’s stats this season proves he’s now on the right path but it’s as you say his overall game has to improve and he has to cut down on the INT’s overall . Way too many over the course of a season , no matter what he’s doing in the latter stages of a game and that’s something a number of fans seem to ignore .

      All of the major broadcast networks (ABC/ESPN, ABC , Fox , CBS , NBC & TNT/TBS) in terms of their sports’ coverage have corrupted and blurred the sports’ landscape at the professional and collegiate level . Most noticeably with regard to college football . Simply look at ESPN’s tie-in with the Texas Longhorns and their joint tv venture to be known as the Longhorns Network . There’s no way in hell the network ( ESPN) can now show any impartiality when it comes to reporting on that school’s athletics program !

      Man Utd’s win …. (2-1) over Liverpool didn’t come as a surprise to me at all given the fact that they’ve had the better of Liverpool in recent meetings with the exception of their meeting in the FA Cup this season .


  3. Someone tell Coach Schiano and the rest of the coaching staff here at Rutgers South to enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts.

    One would have to think this staff is going to encounter some growing pains as they ultimately run up against the most experienced batch of NFL coaches they’ll face this season.


    1. Chris Humpherys(@SportsChump)

      C’mon now both you and I know that Schiano’s antics are the biggest thing to hit the Bucs’ franchise since Sam Wyche and that a#@hole Hugh Culverhouse ruled the roost in Tampa !

      Hugh Culverhouse allegedly was a principled man …….. he was so ###king cheap and ungrateful bastard ! It was simply about using the organization as a bauble to show off to his acquaintances and not much else !

      ‘ Guys it’s like Mr Lombardi says …..”winning is everything ‘ and today we’re going to find a way to win either by hook or by crook ” ! Sam Wyche

      Schiano should be more concerned with the inadequacies of this Bucs’ roster and the direction he needs to take them in rather than starting off with all this rhetorical bull#hit !

      tophatal ……………. 😉


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