Jim Calhoun Is A Man Who Simply Lacks Integrity But Idiots Continue To Treat Him With Such Reverence !

Jim Calhoun Is A Man Who Simply Lacks Integrity But Idiots Continue To
Treat Him With Such Reverence !

If it’s not enough that the U ( Conn Huskies’) men’s basketball team is having a down year the immediate issues facing the program looks somewhat turbulent and uncertain future . Head coach Jim Calhoun has some health issues to deal with that will require the coach to quite possibly take leave of absence while undergoing back surgery and the complete recuperation process . At the same time the school had sought a waiver to make an appearance in the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament . The program having been denied that waiver by the NCAA in light of the U Conn’s academic problems concerning their players and that of the the athletics program as a whole . Now they seek the NCAA’s largess in order to perhaps be part of the NCAA Tournament based upon their supposed overall history .


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Poor academic standing amongst Calhoun’s players over the last few years and with the head coach himself , making few public statements as to what he and the school’s athletics director have done to reverse that trend _______ it has me wondering how it is that this coach is still revered ? Mark Emmert , president of the NCAA has stated that he would like a greater deal of accountability from the schools as it relates to the academic standards of the programs that the NCAA oversees. With the APR policy now in place it is amazing how many athletics’ programs across the nation that now fall below that criteria at the D1 level not merely within basketball but also within collegiate football and baseball .

The NCAA itself is not without blame as it relates to the continued mess that seems to completely engulf the collegiate athletics’ landscape . And it has become obvious that the collegiate sports’ governing body and specifically the Infractions Committee simply doesn’t have enough teeth as their bark is no worse than their bite when it comes to meting punishment for either repeated violations or for that matter even minor infractions that if anything the ‘ governing body should actually be severe in terms of a punishment . If anything that indicates how culpable and negligent the NCAA has been in acting appropriately in such matters . What might be even most obvious even to the most uninterested of observers and it is that college presidents , coaches and athletics directors would rather run the gamut of an investigation and scrutiny would rather endure that intrigue . Simply look at the actions that led to the investigations that engulfed USC (Trojans) , Miami ( Hurricanes ) , Penn State , Oregon Ducks , Ohio State Buckeyes and North Carolina (Tar Heels ) and Baylor Bears and their basketball program under former head coach Dave Bliss . The actions of the then head coach as abhorrent as they were , went unpunished by the college itself until it became abundantly clear that Bliss hid with so much intent a lot of the actions conducted by himself and a number of his assistant coaches in the aftermath of the “Carlton Dotson/Patrick Dennehy affair “ , which saw the former Bears’ basketball player indicted for first degree murder of a former teammate. Legal aspects asides , it is clear that the NCAA and the educational establishments would rather tip-toe around such issues rather than do what is morally right !

It is even more asinine to think that Jim Calhoun having lied to senior members of the faculty at U Conn over his actions concerning recruiting violations has led to nothing more than a slap on the wrist by the school and an acceptance from the NCAA that the punishment was acceptable . And though the U Conn Huskies as the defending national champions are having a rather innocuous season , it says a great deal that the story is more about poor play of the team rather than the continued suspense now surrounding the program . Herein , lies the caveat as the ensuing speculation continues as to the invitees for the national championship , it is now more about whether not U Conn makes it way in rather than there being little or no action taken by the school to improve the graduation rates of the collegiate athletes within the basketball program.

Now while the men’s basketball program now comes under even more scrutiny do you get the impression that women’s coach Geno Auriemma has anything to hide then there too some questions might need to be asked and answered . And as conceited as Geno Auriemma continues to be even his narcissism has become too much to bear . His contempt for a number of his opponents and specifically their head coaches , most notably Tennessee (Volunteers’) coach Pat Summitt . The relationship between the two coaches can be either described as being cordial at best or cool at its worst ! . Either way , there’s no love lost between the two renowned collegiate head coaches who between them have won more than a dozen national collegiate women’s titles between them .

Geno Auriemma , who has courted controversy over the course of his career isn’t happy unless his program is front and center where he can take all of the credit for their success rather than the accomplishments of his players , current and past .

Given the prestige of both programs under both Geno Auriemma and Jim Calhoun I do believe that these coaches have been given far too much latitude and when there’s an apparent controversy in the offing that pull down that aura of perceived invincibility then they tend to circle the wagons for all of the wrong reasons , rather than doing what is clearly right . Doubt my word then simply look no further than the actions of Donna Shalala , Shawn Eichorst , and also the board of trustees of Penn State and that of their late coach Joe Paterno ? I found it rather insulting to hear people come out in support of the now deceased coach , with there being little concern or compassion being shown for the victims of alleged perpetrator Jerry Sandusky . Someone please explain to me where common decency starts and actual apathy begins because this is now how I view these buffoons over this entire episode ! I wonder if they would have the same perception of the perpetrators behind the atrocities behind the attack of 9/11 ?



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Do you believe that the actions of Jim Calhoun have been above reproach as it relates to the lack of oversight concerning the basketball programs ? Also do believe that the NCAA should have far more wide ranging powers given the premise behind their entire existence ? By all means to leave a comment to your thoughts on the subject matter .

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(1) Connecticut associate head coach George Blaney reacts as his team is seconds away from being defeated by Syracuse 85-67 in an NCAA college basketball game in Syracuse, N.Y., Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012. AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli ….

(2) Connecticut players look on during the final seconds of an NCAA college basketball game against Syracuse in Syracuse, N.Y., Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012. Syracuse won in 85-67 . AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli …

(3) FILE – In this Feb. 1, 2012 file photo , Connecticut head coach Jim Calhoun yells to his team during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Georgetown , in Washington. The University of Connecticut has proposed reducing the number of games it will play next season if the NCAA grants a waiver to allow the Huskies to play in the 2013 men’s basketball tournament. The school currently would be barred from the NCAA tournament, a penalty for years of below-standard academic results, but it requested a waiver last month. AP Photo/Haraz Ghanbari …. ….

(4) Peyton Siva (3) of the Louisville Cardinals passes the ball while defended by Andre Drummond (12) of the Connecticut Huskies during the Big East Conference game at KFC YUM! Center on February 6, 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images ….






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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

5 thoughts on “Jim Calhoun Is A Man Who Simply Lacks Integrity But Idiots Continue To Treat Him With Such Reverence !”

  1. “Yes Mr President thank you sir but there was never any doubt that once we got our ” 69th win “ the girls and I were simply overwhelmed . What was that sir , will I be getting ” some oral satisfaction “ from one of the team members ? Well that remains to be seen sir ! But I don’t doubt it ” ! Auriemma receives call from the President celebrating U Conn’s Women’s Basketball team consecutive game winning streak .

    “Look as long as my players can read the plays I put up on the board I couldn’t give a #hit about their education ! So what if the program’s APR is way below 900 …….. what do I care ” ? Jim Calhoun

    tophatal …….


    1. Chris Humpherys(@SportsChump)

      That’s a low blow comparing Sandusky to Calhoun , man , but I look at this way until the NCAA’s bark is as hard as its bite then coaches at all levels and in all collegiate sports will be allowed to run wild unabated !

      I mean it’s not as if NCAA President Mark Emmert has ever threatened a coach with a fine or some sort of suspension much these educational establishments merely giving their coaches merely a wrap across the knuckles or wrist for at times even the most egregious of violations . Hell the PSU episode is a joke to begin with and that’s in spite of the idiocy being spewed from the mouths of their dumb ass alumni concerning their present situation ! Tom Corbett the governor of the state who also is a board trustee is the biggest ###king douche-bag of them all considering his handling of this case and that of the ” Hershey School ” scandal when he was the state’s Attorney General . Nothing says more about complete ineptitude , than this asshole !

      And there are idiots within this forum seeking empathy for Paterno and his actions without looking at the bigger picture overall and that of the suffering of the victims ! Those erring on the side of the coach are simply morons !

      tophatal …………


  2. The NCAA is a joke. They are crooks just like every basketball and football team in the NCAA. Do what is right-called it was it is a minor leagues for the NBA and NFL. Play the kids- call it what it is-cut the charade.


    1. Bobby Gee

      There’s way too much money at stake for the NCAA and the major college conferences to let go off their hooks in collegiate athletics and that overall is why the system has become so damn well corrupt ! Anyone who states to the contrary is actually too dumb for their own good !

      NCAA President Mark Emmert is only paying the issue lip service because his hands are just as dirty as the coaches , AD’s and university presidents who’ve presided over this frigging mess !

      > tophatal ………….


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