Walk Away , Just Simply Walk Away !

Walk Away , Just Simply Walk Away !

By tophatal

I don’t know if there has ever been two more talented players to have played in the NFL but at the same time said to be more polarizing and despised ! In the case of All Pro wide receivers Randy Moss and Terrell Owens I don’t know that with this duo you could two more talented players but at the same have been able to alienate not only the team owners but also coaches around the league . At the same time in spite of their benevolent philanthropic efforts behind the scenes I do believe that the vast majority of NFL fans simply find Terrell Owens and Randy Moss self-absorbed , narcissistic and obnoxious .


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Moss during this past season was traded once during the regular season , first having been sent to the Minnesota Vikings by the New England Patriots , only to be let go by his former team where he started his career in 1998 to end up with the Tennessee Titans . Production for Moss this past season can be best described as being anemic , and when one considers the depth and breath of Randy Moss’ career you simply have to look at the 2011 season for the player as being one of wasted opportunities .

With Moss having now become disenchanted and dissatisfied with retirement , the player now seeks a return to the NFL , quite possibly looking to play for a contender or perhaps be a mentor for a young wide receiver within the NFL . Upon announcing his retirement Randy Moss stood in the upper echelons of the players to have played the position in terms of receiving yards , career receptions and career touchdowns . And not unlike his peer, Terrell Owens , both of these players have been prodigious and prolific talents .

I’m not so sure that Moss’ return would be really be of benefit to the NFL or his legacy , albeit that if he were to return I do believe that he would be welcomed back within the New England Patriots’ fraternity . Less we forget in 2008 both Moss and Tom Brady linked up for a prolific season and one of the best in the franchise’s history in terms of a wide receiver, quarterback duo. That being said as prolific as the Patriots’ offense appeared to be this past season it was abundantly clear that Bill Belichick’s …… players simply failed to show anything when it mattered most and that was during ……… Superbowl 46 (SBXLVI) . The team’s rushing offense was simply nowhere to be seen and it was simply also mirrored in their pass offense as well .

The issues manifested by the errors made by the Patriots’ wide receivers during the Superbowl simply suggested that Brady and his teammates while letting things slip away, they also handed the game to the New York Giants and their MVP winning ……. quarterback …… Eli Manning .

Though as such I still have my doubts about Randy Moss , I do believe that in the right environment he can be a productive player but much of that would be predicated upon his demeanor and willingness to defer to others as and when necessary. If Moss is prepared to do that as a player then there might a possibility for him to make a successful and possibly a welcomed return to the NFL . Now should the player not be amenable to undergoing any of scenarios then to my mind he should remain retired !

Terrell Owens as we know, just happens to be his biggest fan and in selling himself as a talent . However, having missed the 2011 season after a very successful and productive season with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010 . The fact that he was lost to the team to a season ending injury that year simply showed that when at his best and applying himself , he still remains a force to be reckoned with .

During the off-season Owens having undergone successful knee surgery and a full recuperative procedure , the player found that his services appeared to be no longer wanted . No takers whatsoever , and that was even with the player’s agent Drew Rosenhaus sending out highly polished glossary’s to all 32 teams in the NFL selling the finer points of his outspoken client .

However, with that setback Terrell Owens saw for himself a business opportunity by investing in a fledgling upstart the Indoor Football League professional football franchise ( Allen Wranglers of the IFL ) . Owens bought a 25% stake in a team with a view to also being a roster member and player . Honing his skills no doubt with a view to making a long-term return to the professional ranks of the NFL .

Owens like his Randy Moss can be very outspoken but his biggest fault might that beyond being opinionated is the very fact that he is far more open to being critical of teammates , coaches and anyone who he believes has a vendetta against him. Simply look at the episodes that have highlighted many of the biggest controversies of the course of his career . From his all too robust and critical outburst directed at then teammate Donovan McNabb , to his questioning the sexuality of another respected quarterback Jeff Garcia . And if that wasn’t enough let’s not forget the fact that the player lambasted the coaching abilities of then San Francisco 49ers’ head coach Steve Mariucci . Wherever Owens has been over the course of his professional career it has simply been littered with controversy and the very fact that in the end he has been viewed as a malcontent , pariah and damn plague. But at the same time when on the field there are momentary flashes of brilliance from this player that has set him apart from many of his peers in today’s game . The likes of Larry Fitzgerald , DeSean Jackson , Hakeem Nicks , Mario Manningham , Marques Colston and Devin Hester I am sure in many ways have learned their trade by watching the play Terrell Owens over the years ! And granted , not without his critics the one thing that you cannot deny with the player was that when his mind was on the game then he was simply at a level not often seen in many of today’s players at the position .

Now while I am an admirer of Terrell Owens on the field of play I must say that his off the field antics have always been to the detriment of an NFL franchise . The mere fact that were he to make a return to the league , I am not so sure it would be the best thing for a franchise to take a flier on the player, simply because there is a near certainty at this stage of his career he’s more inclined to implode and make that situation all the more combustible ! One merely has to look at the incidents that have marked the player’s career during his time within the professional ranks . It is not as if Owens or Moss have ever seen themselves as role models to begin with , as each simply marches to the beat of their very own drum . And absolutely nothing is liable to change with either player as it relates to their demeanor and rancor. Is there anyway at this juncture that either of these self-absorbed players could actually change their demeanor as it relates their conduct on and off the field of play ?



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Is the NFL liable to be a better place with either or both Terrell Owens and Randy Moss returning to the NFL ? Who can really say at this juncture other than the general managers and owners around the league but somehow I get the feeling we could very well be finding that for ourselves at some point in the future . Simply chime in with a comment on the subject matter and anything else that you feel might be pertinent .





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(1) Randy Moss (left) and Terrell Owens perhaps two of the most controversial figures in the NFL over the past two decades . The two players in spite of their undoubted talents have proven to be a boon to any NFL franchise where they’ve chosen to display their talents . Courtesy of Rod Harper ……..

(2) Moss is seen here with Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick after a game between the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings , in which the Patriots defeated the Vikings 28-18 . The wide receiver seeks a return to the NFL and would no doubt like to team up once again with the famed coach quarterback Tom Brady . Moss as a Patriot . in 2007 had the most successful year of his professional career teaming up with Brady for a record 23 touchdown receptions an NFL record . AP / Winslow Towson …..

(3) Drew Rosenhaus (foreground) is seen here with his client Terrell Owens . The NFL wide receiver is now plying his trade with the IFL’s Allen Wranglers , where he as a stake in the indoor professional franchise . Rosenhaus still seeks to have Owens back in the NFL with a franchise and sees a chance for the player to sign with a team during the off-season . AP Getty Images/ Paul Sancetta ……….


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

12 thoughts on “Walk Away , Just Simply Walk Away !”

  1. If Moss and Owens were skycaps then they’d be carrying more baggage than most ……. in many respects they have done so and still do and that’s why I think it a remote chance that a team will take risk with signing either ! Obviously neither player would come at a high price and given their declining productivity over the last few years . But no doubt there’s bound to be at least one general manager or coach who may well stake their professional careers and reputation on signing one of the duo .

    Free agent wide receivers in the NFL for 2012

    tophatal ……………..


    1. Sam’s Sports Brief

      I feel both Moss and Owens have burned way too many bridges to be even considered ” elite wide receivers “ much less worth the risk . I think however , Moss would like nothing more to regroup with Brady merely to see if he can replicate the success he had in 2007 with the team .

      The real issue however , are , do the risks far outweigh the advantages that once perceives there still are ?

      For Owens the only thing he has going for him is that Rosenhaus will do whatever it takes to even get a foot in the door for his client . Beyond that I seriously doubt any NFL franchise would be seriously interested , unless it was a last minute act of desperation !


  2. Sam Brief

    Four things that the fans of the NFL simply don’t want to see . An openly gay player plying his trade in the NFL and the following TO , Chad Ochocinco and Randy Moss all on the same team in the league . .

    Imagine the fact that the last time all three really had a productive year in the NFL was in 2009 .

    Alltime leaders in terms receiving yards for wide receivers . TD’s and receptions . Active leaders in terms of receptions , receiving yards and reception TD’s .


    1. chappy 81

      TO’s gimpy knees would suggest that his best days are now in the rear view mirror ! I agree with you on the fact concerning Moss because when motivated he’s amongst the very best of the wide receivers in the NFL ! Case in point his stats from 2007 as a member of the Pats when he and Brady simply just let it rip . I think that GM Nick Caserio in conjunction with Belichick may well bring him back into the fold as a member of the team !

      tophatal ……..


        1. chappy 81

          Given the inconsistency shown by the Pats’ offense in the Superbowl .

          Lohan ….

          I bet that’s not the only thing Kim K has been known to have placed between her lips .

          I’d pay Moss to have sex Lindsay Lohan & Kim Kardashian while watching his every move , if it meant he’d rejoin the Pats’ this upcoming season ! I ain’t playa’ hatin’ just lovin’ the game that’s all ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

          tophatal ……….. 😉 …. 🙂


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