F_#k You And The Horse You Rode In On You Scumbag ….. !

F_#k You And The Horse You Rode In On You Scumbag ….. !

By tophatal …………………..

I don’t know but this whole NFL “Bounty Scandal” while taking on a life of its own if anything it has shown me what a sniveling wimp Roger Goodell just happens to be ! The penalties notwithstanding are still something of a joke , as monetarily $500,000 is a mere pittance for the New Orleans Saints to pay . It’s pretty much a sum that they can easily recoup merely from perhaps general admission ticket and concession sales from a preseason game . Granted, the suspensions handed down to Joe Vitt , Sean Payton , Micky Loomis and former Saints’ defensive coordinator Gregg Williams , may or may not have gone far enough in a number of fans’ eyes . But I now find it incredulous to know that both Payton and Loomis have now been in consultation with team owner Tom Benson in his seeking out Bill Parcells to come in and succeed Payton as the interim head coach for the franchise , this upcoming season ! .


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Now unless I’m mistaken I was under the impression the suspension meant that neither Payton , Vitt or Loomis could be involved in any decision-making that concerns the Saints’ franchise . At the same time Sean Payton at his own insistence has yet to lodge an appeal of his suspension with the league hierarchy but somehow he’s still in consultation with Tom Benson as to whom the owner should hire . From the outset after the edict was made known upon Roger Goodell’s announcement of the fines and suspension , Benson had made the statement that the team’s offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr would be the de-facto head coach . So unless there has been a change of mind within the front office and specifically by the owner , I cannot see how the now disgraced coach could even have the temerity to be suggesting who should succeed him at this juncture ! What might be even more unbelievable from this whole damning episode , has been the very fact that both Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis ,lied to the Saints’ owner as to what they did or did not know as to this whole scandal , engineered by Gregg Williams and readily supported by the then head coach and general manager. To my mind , if Tom Benson had any damn integrity or honor , he would completely ignore the input from both individuals at this moment in time ! It speaks volumes as to his (Benson’s) now own ambiguity if he is even considering anything that either Loomis or Payton has to say as who should actually be New Orleans Saints’ interim coach !

I am now personally of the opinion that Benson , himself may well have something to hide but as to what it might be , remains to be seen . I still feel that , were it not for the events of Hurricane Katrina and its harrowing effect upon the city of New Orleans and its surrounding parishes . Then Tom Benson would have certainly sought to uproot and relocate the franchise altogether and I do believe that he would have been eagerly supported in this endeavor by Roger Goodell ! And it would appear that the commissioner might allow the now beleaguered coach to return to coaching pending his appeal . If the commissioner isn’t prepared to stand his ground even after the repeated lies by Sean Payton during this investigation , then what does it suggest about Goodell as the commissioner and the National Football League as an entity ? The commissioner has punished players over the course of his tenure for bringing the game into disrepute and “conduct “ said to be unbecoming “ . But he would now be prepared to allow the Saints’ coach to return to the NFL pending appeal ? And even then, would he be the one presiding as judge and jury in such a hearing or would an outside adjudicator be brought in to hear this case ? This has now become the hypocrisy of the NFL , whose commissioner just happens to be weak knee’d lilly-livered individual without a god-damn backbone !

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports & Associated Press

Goodell might let Payton coach during appeal

By Brett Martell , AP Sports Writer

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell might allow Sean Payton to coach the Saints while he appeals his season-long suspension for his role in the team’s bounties program.

“I said in a letter they have to appeal by April 2, I believe,” Goodell said Monday at the owners meetings in Palm Beach, Fla. “If he decides to appeal, I probably will allow him to continue and I would expedite the hearing and I would expedite my decision.

“We did meet twice and went through the information. If he has something else for me to consider, I will.”

Payton’s agent, Donald Yee, said “no decisions have been made about an appeal” by his client.

“Sean fully supports the league’s player safety goals,” Yee said. “Given this, he probably won’t address the entire league” when he arrives at the owners meetings.

Saints spokesman Greg Bensel said Payton was expected to speak later this week at the meetings. NFC coaches are scheduled to meet the media Wednesday morning. Payton has not addressed the media since the suspension, but has issued two written statements apologizing for the bounty system.

Goodell also is waiting for recommendations from the players’ union before punishing any players for participating in the three-year bounty system that targeted opponents for big hits. He has discussed the bounties with NFLPA leader DeMaurice Smith.

Goodell added the league approached the Saints before their playoff game with the Lions in January and warned them to make sure the bounties had ceased. He sent Jeff Pash, the NFL’s lead counsel, and Jeffrey Miller, its director of security, to speak with owner Tom Benson.

Click on link to read this article in its entirety .


As to Roger Goodell’s own stance on the matter , if he thinks that this case is now closed merely because of the verdicts rendered then he’s a bigger fool than I have already taken him for ! For his part as stern as his message sent was meant to be does anyone really feel that at the end of the day this will be indeed the last chapter in this whole sordid affair ? I find the commissioner to be no different to the 535 bumbling assholes now seated within the House of Representatives and Senate who constantly bicker , waffle and whine amongst themselves ! However, in this case Roger Goodell simply waffles to the press , merely alluding to things that he simply thinks that the fans and journalists alike wish to here ! So much so , that the vast majority of the NFL writers and on air personalities who cover the league would rather drink and from the porcelain pot that the commissioner defecates and urinates in , than question at times many of his edicts as the game’s highest ranking executive ! And it should come as no surprise that broadcast outlets while make this story a tour-de-force and part of their 24 hour news cycle simply haven’t gone about reporting many of the salient details of this drama , choosing instead to “water down” in part much of what was said to be have been done by Sean Payton , Mickey Loomis and Gregg Williams . Is it any wonder why no one can take the likes of ABC/ESPN , Fox Sports , NBC Sports and CBS Sports as a reliable source of informative and responsible sports’ journalism ? That’s like entrusting the federal legislators within both chambers of Congress to actually come up with a legislative statute that makes any god-damn sense !

Now should Sean Payton seek to to appeal his suspension then he has to file his grievance and appeal to the league hierarchy no later than the 2nd April, 2012 . And I would dare say that should he seek to file that appeal then I would also expect Mickey Loomis and Joe Vitt to follow suit . It simply makes sense that all three would file , looking for a quick and expedited hearing as soon as possible . Payton’s attorney and agent , Donald Yee may well be seeking to expedite such a scenario in order to perhaps get his client back behind the reins in time for the upcoming NFL Draft . That in of-itself would still allow the coach to be part of the organization’s war-room for the upcoming event in April. The forfeiture of two draft picks in 2012 and 2013 overall, may not have that great a bearing on the Saints’ draft status . But I’d dare say that there may well be a number of NFL franchise owners and front office executives that will be none too happy with such a circumstance , wherein Sean Payton is allowed to return to the NFL under such a premise . The penalty may not fit the crime but what might be even more unpalatable have been his actions , egregious and deceitful lies that simply belies the fact that one would still think that he remains a man of integrity or much less has an ounce of decency ! One wonders if Drew Brees , who jumped to his coach’s support is now still of the same opinion ? And also , would indeed any of his teammates who’ve been at his side over the course of this past season be like-minded with their own opinion ? Your thoughts on the matter , just chime on in with a comment as you would deem fit . The premise from the Saints’ players are that they’re being maligned , victimized and that their reputations are now being trashed and tarnished . But clearly , Roger Goodell believes that there was a veracity behind the course of his actions in meting out this unprecedented punishment to the New Orleans Saints .

For the players of the New Orleans Saints who are said to be still under investigation as to their own actions . One now has to wonder whether or not they will seek counsel from the NFLPA (union) and their newly elected President Dominique Foxworth ? Certainly , DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA Executive Committee and the Players’ Representatives will have to weigh their options as to how best to represent their members in this all ? And there are bound to be supporters and opposition within the union to any form of punishment that might be rendered by the NFL league hierarchy against their members , who Roger Goodell may have felt were guilty in participating in the “said actions ” . God knows, with the union themselves being perhaps unwilling participants in what was said to be an ongoing 2 1/2 year investigation you have to now wonder how this all sits with the union itself . The NFLPA has longed tried to suggest that they have the safety of their members at heart but now you have players from within their own fraternity having been receipt of a large financial incentives , merely for looking to take out an opposing player. Great ! That’s all we now need , a bunch of overpaid psychologically imbalanced lunatics now looking to lay waste to each other ! And here was I thinking that the $1,000,000,000 ($1 billion) set aside to aid the old-time veterans who had been often overlooked as to their medical needs and benefits now have seen their own plight now placed on the back-burner as the union faces a barrage of calls as to its image and that of the NFL , itself .

I would find it an insult , if Roger Goodell were to offer a “stay ” of Sean Payton’s suspension while hearing a case that certainly has no merit !. Not when it has been proven that he colluded with members of his coaching staff to subvert the league’s own form of justice . More to the point he lied repeatedly to the league’s investigators as well as the commissioner but more inconceivable is the very fact that both he and Mickey Loomis lied to the franchise’s owner Tom Benson as to their actions. At this juncture it’s hard to envisage how the commissioner should he preside over the hearing , reversing his original edict . Furthermore, given the premise that Benson , Loomis and Payton have been in contact with Bill Parcells after the Payton’s initial approach . I am now beginning to wonder or not the Saints’ owner Tom Benson can now be truly taken at his word , . that he was unaware as to the actions of his head coach and general manager ! I mean was the commissioner able to look deep into Benson’s eyes and ” see his soul ” as former President George W . Bush was said to have done with Vladimir Putin , all this was a mere six month before the then Russian President launched a brazen attack on what was believed the Chechnyan rebels only to then kill hundreds of civilians , many of whom were young children and the elderly . Ah “Dubya” where would we be without him ?



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What thoughts if any do you have on the possibility that Roger Goodell may well back-track and allow Sean Payton to return to the NFL , while an appeal is undertaken on the coach’s behalf ? Do you feel it justified in light of the preponderance of evidence and the veracity of the league’s case against Payton ? Do take time to leave a comment as you see fit and thanks once again for the continued support of the site as it is greatly appreciated !

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(1)New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, left, is escorted as he leaves the NFL owners meeting in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, March 27, 2012. Facing a season-long suspension for his role in the Saints’ bounties program, Payton planned to meet with Bill Parcells, his former boss, on Tuesday, a conversation that will include who will coach New Orleans this coming season. AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez ..

(2) FILE – In this March 11, 2011 file photo, Bill Parcells watches a spring training baseball game in Jupiter, Fla. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton says he will meet Tuesday, March 27, 2012, with Bill Parcells, and part of that discussion will include who will coach the Saints this coming season. Payton says he will decide in the next “two to three” days whether he will appeal the suspension that would keep him off the sideline this season because of his role in the Saints’ bounty system. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio …

(3) In these recent file photos, New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr , left, offensive line coach Aaron Kromer , center, and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo are shown. A person familiar with the situation says Spagnuolo, Carmichael, and Kormer are three strong candidates on the Saints staff to step in as interim coach. The Saints are trying to regroup from penalties handed down by the NFL for running a bounty program. The league suspended head coach Sean Payton for a year, general manager Mickey Loomis for eight games and assistant head coach Joe Vitt for six. AP Photo/ Kent Cunningham …….

(4) Sean Payton is seen here being hugged by Saints’ owner Tom Benson after a victory at the Superdome in New Orleans , Louisiana . Getty Images /Gitesh Rahman …

(5) DeMaurice Smith (L) executive director of the National Football League Players’ Association laughs at a comment made by Baltimore Ravens’ corner-back Domonique Foxworth (C) during a news conference July 25, 2011 in Washington, DC. The NFL players and owners are set to agree on a labor deal and end the current lockout. Rob Carr /Getty Images North America ….

(6) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who’s now said to be contemplating New Orleans Saints’ coach Sean Payton being allowed to return to coaching the team pending an appeal . As yet , the coach has not filed his appeal with the league hierarchy , for which the deadline is no later than the 2nd April , 2012 3 pm EST . AP Photo / Richard Carpenter …
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If you would like to read my original piece on the New Orleans Saints “Bounty Scandal” . Simply click unto the links provided herein . One Crime Doesn’t Necessarily Fit All ……. But Then Again It Might !

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

16 thoughts on “F_#k You And The Horse You Rode In On You Scumbag ….. !”

  1. Fu#k Goodell , fu#k Payton ! The NFL is now ran by a bunch of friggin’ assholes and the owners themselves are no better if they allow ow the commissioner to reverse his decision and allow Sean Payton to return to the NFL ,while an appeal is heard by the league hierarchy ! Your thoughts on this possible turn of events ?

    All of these idiots out there sympathetic to Goodell , wake the fu#k up and realize that this guy is nowhere as intelligent as some may well perceive him to be ! If he (Goodell) allows this appeal , then it’s a slap in the face of every owner who was angered by the actions of the Saints !

    Sean Payton repeatedly lied to everyone that mattered in this investigation and it may well be , that Tom Benson might be just as complicit in this whole fiasco as the coach , general manager and the coaching staff , itself ! Now what ?

    tophatal …….


  2. Setting aside our disagreement on the Saints’ penalties levied and the rationale behind them, I agree with you completely on this idea of allowing the team to “get things in order” before the suspension takes place being quite stupid…not to mention the fact there is even an appeal process…with the very guy who issued the verdict. We do agree on Goodell. He’s really making a farce of all things NFL no matter which side you fall on regarding “Bountygate,” how to best protect players, etc. I want to note I saw the league yesterday bragging about the fact that in moving up the kickoff 5 yards last year concussions from that play went down 40%. Does that mean a certain percentage of concussions are acceptable? It strikes me odd with all of this effort to promote player safety…knowing there are hundreds of law suits in play regarding the league’s knowledge of how dangerous concussions are…why would you quote such a stat and allow any kickoffs at all? Bizarre.


    1. sports’

      Goodell is certainly not the brightest bulb in the room by any stretch of the imagination ! His continued blunders and asinine statements on a whole slew of issues shows how anally retentive he just happens to be ! Countless studies done by the AMA and countless educational establishments such as John Hopkins , Sloane Kettering , Stanford Medical School , Harvard School of Medicine but yet the commissioner and these fucking ass clowns continued to deny the veracity of those findings .

      And in spite of the deaths of Mike Webster , Dave Duerson and numerous other veterans this blundering idiot (Roger Goodell) , NFLPA and their executive committee were in complete denial . As I said there’s no fu#king common sense amongst these individuals whatsoever !

      Now they’re being proactive when it’s all too little , too late !

      It’s not necessarily the rules that need to be changed but a clear and specific communique to the coaches and teams around the league . Half assed documents in a language which is said to be so ambiguous at best , helps no one ! And as I said if he does an about face on this issue then he has no damn integrity or relevance to my mind whatsoever ! Payton certainly doesn’t deserve the right of appeal , not when he clearly lied to all of the relevant parties concerned sought to conceal that fact .

      Personally I’d like to see a player lodge a civil suit in the US Federal Court against the NFL as well as the Saints as an organization ! Then we’d really see what the justice system has to say on the issue when Payton is judged by 12 of his peers rather than a blithering asshole like Roger Goodell !

      tophatal ……..


    2. sports’

      Ambiguity is now the norm for the NFL especially under Goodell’s watch but at the same remember the idiocy of the union itself , and their repeatedly stupidity on a number of wide ranging issues , including the safety of their own members . DeMaurice Smith and his predecessor Gene Upshaw are cut from the same cloth ! Both are ideologists in terms of their thought process . Thankfully , Upshaw is 6′ under rather than continuing to turn the union into his own personal fiefdom ! He cared little about his own members , even when it came to light as to their undue suffering ! Much like the majority of unions they care little about their rank and file members .

      tophatal ………


  3. Parcellls claims good health. ??? He can be seen in August and September betting with both hands at beautiful Saratoga Race Course in upstate NY. It has to be a lucrative offer for him to pinch hit for Sean Payton. Both $$ and ego satisfying. He’s past 70 years old and a fumbled snap away from another heart problem.

    Famous quote from Parcells when he’s mentioned his ex-wife. “She thinks footballs are stuffed with feathers.”


    1. Ronbets

      If Parcells knows what’s good for his friggin’ ass he’ll remain where is , on the sidelines rather than come back and deal with a dumb ass like Tom Benson ! Were it not “Hurricane Katrina” , he’d (Benson) have uprooted the Saints and moved them to Los Angeles . He was trying to negotiate such a deal with city of Los Angeles through back door negotiations suborned by subordinates of Roger Goodell and the commissioner, himself .. . Benson in his demeanor makes the antics of Art Modell when he left Cleveland seem almost melancholy in its deceitfulness !

      tophatal …………


    2. Ronbets

      Parcells claims good health ? He’s heart a attack away from being Dick Cheney . Not that a live Cheney is a good thing to begin with , not while out hunting it’s not ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      ” I think you missed sir . ”

      We had “Big Shot Bob” of the NBA <a and Bad Shot Dick in the White House in conjunction with “Dubya” . F_#ck that s#@t !


      “Of course Dick and I would love to have had a third term in the White House ruling ruining this beloved nation” ! Dubya & Cheney

      tophatal ………….


    1. Chris Humpherys(@SportsChump)

      Now let’s have someone come and take that asshole Goodell away , and let him meet the same fate as Jimmy Hoffa ! Is that really too much to ask for ?

      As for Tom Benson he’s not to be trusted at all , as I for one , now believe him to be complicit in this whole episode perpetrated by Sean Payton and Gregg Williams ! A suspension ought to mean a damn suspension and not with Payton making any decision as to who his interm successor should be and the same applies with Mickey Loomis ! And you once tried to suggest that Goodell has been good for the game ? How so ? He waffles more than John Kerry and Mitt Romney combined ! And that’s a damning indictment of all three !

      tophatal ………….


    1. al clements

      America’s pass-time isn’t about sports , it’s actually heading off to fill their guts with all of the stodge and trans-fats to become bloated and obese fat bastards by choice ! Baseball is no better while an asshole like Bud Selig is handling the reins of that particular sport . That’s like having a Jihadist suicide bomber spread his bs about why he’s heading off to heaven for his 72 vestal virgins .

      tophatal … ………………


  4. Now that Big Tuna has been ruled out as an interim head coach candidate how about Melyssa Ford throwing her hat (or top) into the ring? What do the Saints have to lose? They aren’t going back to the Super Bowl this year anyway…


    1. Drew

      Inviting or what ? That’s our Melyssa !

      What’d be nice is to have Melyssa Ford place her luscious lips on my tool and keep using her tongue and lips on it !

      That whole Saints’ organization is a joke from top to bottom and Saints’ owner Tom Benson is a gutless shit-head ! He would’ve been quite within his rights to have fined and suspended the coach himself but instead he leaves the judgment to be dealt with by a toad like Goodell who’s as effeminate in his demeanor as Clay Aiken would be in a room filled with male strippers .


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