It Takes An Ass To Know An Ass And The NBA Is Literally Filled With Them … !

It Takes An Ass To Know An Ass And The NBA Is Literally Filled With Them … !

By tophatal ….. Friday, April 13, 2012 ,08:19:37 PM

I’m sorry but it never ceases to amaze as to the gullibility of civic and city politicians and none more so than Sacramento city Mayor Kevin Johnson and his stance that the Sacramento Kings would willingly remain within the city . It would appear that the suspicions long-held by not only the Kings’ fans but the public in general is that the ownership group led by Joe and Gavin Maloof have not negotiated in good faith with the city of Sacramento . Much of this has been closely monitored by NBA commissioner David Stern , who all along has stated that he would do his utmost to monitor the situation as it unfolds . If anyone recollects , Stern was steadfast in supporting Clay Bennett and his consortium when the Seattle Supersonics were bought and then relocated to Oklahoma City to be renamed the Oklahoma City Thunder . Bennett and his partners were less than forthcoming in their deliberations with the city of Seattle . Short of a multi-million dollar lawsuit being filed against the NBA hierarchy by the city at the time , Clay Bennett saw fit to settle with Seattle , to the tune of $25 million and leaving the city with a “white elephant” , and formerly the home of the Supersonics .


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Come full circle , and Kevin Johnson is now being on the verge of being left with egg on his face , having suggested that the city and private businesses within were prepared to finance the building of a new venue to house the Sacramento Kings . The Sacramento mayor stated that the building of $400 million state of the art venue along with residential homes and commercial properties that allegedly would be of benefit to the infrastructure and raise the profile of state capital . To my mind , Johnson has been naive` from the very start , as he has seen fit to believe that the Maloof’s and the NBA hierarchy would be willing to a negotiate honestly with his city council members . It has been this sort of naivete` that we have seen repeatedly enacted not only by the NBA but also by the NFL , NHL and MLB , as they have sought to brow-beat the municipalities in which they operate . Taxpayers’ monies being repeatedly used to facilitate the building of venues for multi-millionaire and billionaire owners , never-mind the fact that tax incentives are also used as an inducement to lure a sports’ franchise either to remain or relocate from a municipality . But yet there are idiotic fans who speak of these issues as if they have insight as to how a professional sports franchise is ran , when in reality they have about as much insight on the issue as Paris Hilton would be able to name the capital city of Nepal . And as we know , Hilton was never that bright to begin with !

The calls are now being raised for Joe and Gavin Maloof to sell the NBA franchise rather than continue to foil the ongoing negotiations. Neither Maloof , has been prepared to make a public statement themselves or through a representative of the Sacramento Kings . David Stern has remained reticent in issuing a public statement concerning why the negotiations are now at a breaking point , with the possibility this now all falling through . With the NBA hierarchy still pursuing a purchaser of another beleaguered NBA franchise , the league owned New Orleans Hornets . It now begs the question what is that Stern is seeking to achieve ? A little more than three months ago the commissioner stated that the NBA was close to finding a buyer for the Hornets . Fast forward , and there’s no sign of a buyer in sight and the franchise remains in a considerable mess , with a team that shows about as much commitment to their craft as a group of obese individuals would be if they were asked to start on a diet , having been placed in a room filled with Cordon-Bleu` cuisine . Not exactly a recipe for great success and that is now clearly the case within the New Orleans Hornets . Record-wise the Hornets and Charlotte Bobcats remain the two worst performing teams within the NBA , and over the course of this both have sunk to new depths of mediocrity within the league .

Courtesy of USA Today

Sacramento mayor: ‘Deal is dead’ for NBA’s Kings arena

By Michael J . Falgoust , USA Today

The deal between Sacramento and the Maloof brothers for a $391 million entertainment complex for their NBA Kings is off , and the 2012-13 season could be the franchise’s last in the city before relocation.

“Is the deal dead as we know it? Absolutely,” said Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who broke off talks with the Kings’ owners, the Maloof brothers, after two hours in New York during the NBA’s Board of Governors meeting Friday.

“It just feels like they were coming up with reasons why not to do the deal.”

NBA Commissioner David Stern on Friday praised the efforts of Johnson but blamed most of this setback on an economist, hired earlier this week by the Maloofs, who concluded it wasn’t a financially sound deal.

Stern said he is “hopeful but not optimistic” that a deal could be revived after co-owner George Maloof held a news conference during the NBA’s Board of Governors meeting.

“I know we’re scheduling them into Power Balance Pavilion for next year,” Stern said of the Kings’ home since 1985.

The proposed city-owned complex would be funded mostly by issuing a parking lease to a private vendor. Anschutz Entertainment Group would have been the operator.

Maloof shot back at business leaders in Sacramento who have called for the NBA to force him and his brothers, Gavin and Joe, to sell the team, and Johnson, whom Maloof has accused of being evasive and duplicitous.

At issue is the non-binding term sheet both sides agreed to Feb. 27 in Orlando, the day after the All-Star Game.

Click on link to read this article in its entirety .


The Sacramento Kings are the guests of the Oklahoma City Thunder in a highly anticipated game that could very see Scott Brooks’ ….. team increase their lead within the Western Conference over the San Antonio Spurs . DeMarcus Cousins , the Kings’ best player has been something of a revelation this season but that certainly wasn’t the case earlier this year as Cousins struggled with his game an nd showing very little sign that he had matured as a player.

As this whole episode unfolds I am not so sure that this will all end in the way envisaged by David Stern the Kings’ ownership group. It could very well be that the commissioner will seek to have the Maloofs either sell the franchise or as I believe simply relocate the franchise . Stern has never proven to be a person who can be trusted to tell the truth as he sees it . Instead it has been a web of deception and lies all engineered to create and environment of well-being within the NBA . In all honesty , the league is still in a moribund financial state of affairs . Having lost in excess of $450 million for the financial year the losses this season could very well exceed a half-billion dollars ($500 million [$500,000,000]) . And for all of the apparent goodwill sought between the league hierarchy , team owners and the NBPA (union) , very little was truly achieved in terms of the new collective bargaining agreement. And that is in spite of claims to the contrary by Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver and the commissioner , himself . It is becoming increasingly clear that the league hierarchy would like create stability within the league when there clearly is none to be had . .

A dour economy or not the NBA’s $4.5 billion a year industry has hit some rough waters and much of that has been due to financial mismanagement by a number of the league’s franchises and the lack oversight from the NBA hierarchy , itself. The general managers around the NBA seem at a loss to explain their dire situation and to listen to Geoff Petrie explain the reasons why the Sacramento Kings are in a such a mess , is to listen to a child explain why it is that they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar , thinking that there would forever be a bounty to be had . Petrie and his fellow general managers happen to be no better than the ” asinine owners “ and franchises that they are said to represent ! Seeing the NBA and its continued failings from a business standpoint is akin to watching the archaic business template used by the financial and automotive sectors of the economy that had been well on the way to financial uncertainty. Nonetheless, the financial and automotive sectors of the economy are by no means out of the woods as of yet. The US taxpayer is still owed in excess of $ 450 billion ($450,000,000,000) , with this sum having emanated from the TARP initiative formulated by Hank Paulson and then further increased by his successor at the Treasury Department , Tim Geithner . And with their being little oversight shown by the governmental agency that Geithner presides over as the banks resume their egregious practices , and with that scenario now engulfing this sector of the economy it is simply no different from the mess that David Stern now presides over . And less we forget , Stern has initiated the league’s own form a bailout that has 22 franchises having been in receipt of $ 650 million over the last two years . But consider this also , the NBA franchises over the last decade has sought financing in excess of $1.655 billion , much of it to said to be put to the use for the benefit of those franchises . And we wonder why there is no clear-cut leadership being shown from within the league hierarchy , much less any accountability coming from anyone with authority within NBA ? So much has been made of the fact that revenues have increased exponentially under the two decade tenure of David Stern , but in reality what has the game now got to show for itself by way of anything tangible ? There are a number teams within the NBA that not as solvent as many might well believe them to , and with the teams’ financials not being opened for public scrutiny we may never know the depth of the crisis many of these teams actually face .

Consider this , in the four years before the Miami Heat acquired LeBron James and Chris Bosh as free agents prior to the 2009-10 season the franchise had accumulated losses in excess of $125 million over that period . It is the losses of that magnitude that set the chain of events into motion that saw Pat Riley orchestrate the moves that lured the two NBA All Stars to South Beach . And though the Heat would suffer the indignity of being soundly defeated in the NBA Finals of last season . The dividends reaped by the organization has led it now being the one of the “biggest draws” in the NBA over the last two seasons (2011 , 2010 ). Instead of hemorrhaging red ink in abundance the franchise is now back on a profitable financial footing. That claim cannot be made for the vast majority of the NBA’s 30 teams and that is something that David Stern would clearly like to remain under wraps . Like I said , the NBA commissioner is disingenuous and cannot be trusted to tell the truth as he would simply to create that environment of stability within what he views as his own personal fiefdom . Blinded by indifference and a gargantuan ego the NBA commissioner has become the biggest ass on the sporting landscape , only currently surpassed by idiotic antics of Miami Marlins’ manager Ozzie Guillen . Another bumbling ass wipe , who along with the ” idiotic ” front office of that organization now has a major …. PR nightmare on its hands . If Guilllen’s already outlandish pattern of behavior wasn’t enough of an indication as to what the Marlins were getting themselves into . Then how is it that they couldn’t see this grand mea-culpa by Ozzie Guillen coming down the pipeline ? Ask yourself that ? Rather than simply acting surprised by his latest asinine statement . It is not as if you hadn’t heard Guillen not make a complete ass of himself repeatedly over the course of his managerial career !



Picture gallery for your perusal .

In light of the points raised within this piece do you believe that the Maloofs have acted in good faith throughout this whole process with the city of Sacramento ? And do you now feel that it is time for David Stern to step down from his position as the NBA commissioner ? By all means do leave a comment as you see fit concerning the subject matter and anything else that you believe to be of relevance .


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(1) Sacramento Kings’ owner George Maloof ,left , with brothers and fellow owners Gavin Maloof , center , and Joe Maloof , right , said that the city of Sacramento hasn’t responded to his 14 questions and objections after he went through the initial terms’ sheet for a proposed new arena . US Presswire / Kevin Terada ………

(2) City of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson , himself, a former successful NBA player and now the city’s chief executive contends that the Maloofs have not acted in good faith concerning a deal to raise financing for a proposed new arena for the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise . It would appear that the team’s ownership has reneged on several proposals made by the city concerning the proposed development . The Maloofs have countered that Kevin Johnson has been duplicitous and less than forthright with regard to the original proposals which would grant the franchise lucrative tax exemptions and amenities that would lessened their tax burden as a commercial enterprise within the municipality . AP Photo / Chris Wright ….

(3) David Stern ,left is seen here with Sacramento City Mayor Kevin Johnson and Joe Maloof , a part owner of the Sacramento Kings . The three at the time met in Johnson’s office to discuss the proposed new $391 new venue for the NBA franchise . AFP/ Keith Matthews …

(4) (4) Sacramento Kings head coach Keith Smart gestures to his team in the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Oklahoma City, Friday, April 13, 2012. Oklahoma City won 115-89 . AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

(5) Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant , center, is fouled by Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins , rear, as center Chuck Hayes , right, reaches in for the ball in the third quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Friday, April 13, 2012. Oklahoma City won 115-89. AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki …..

(6) Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins (5) shoots as Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka , right, defends in the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Friday, April 13, 2012. AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki … ….





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Author: tophatal ...........

Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

13 thoughts on “It Takes An Ass To Know An Ass And The NBA Is Literally Filled With Them … !”

  1. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was an ass from the outset in thinking that the Kings’ ownership would ever consider acting in good faith ! What is it that he hasn’t learned from the experience of the city of Seattle as Clay Bennett and Stern manipulated that scenario, that saw the then Supersonics depart for Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder ?

    Seattle may well have ended up with a $25 million payoff from Bennett and his partners but they were still left with an archaic edifice , formerly home to the Supersonics.

    Now the Kings are acting as if they’re the victims when they’ve done little to show intent , that they were willing to aid the city in their new stadium initiative .

    “You know David if I had homosexual tendencies I’d definitely slam you the big one in your a#s ! I can’t thank you enough for all of the help you provided me with in buying the Sonics and the pissing in the faces of those morons in Seattle ” ! Thunder owner Clay Bennett and NBA commissioner David Stern .

    “Boys follow my lead and you’ll walk away with millions . You saw how I helped Clay Bennett didn’t you ” ? Stern with two members of the Maloof family .

    David Stern for his part, has shown himself to be a divisive , disingenuous and a manipulative piece of fecal matter throughout this whole affair, playing off one side against the other ! Now he will undoubtedly aid the Kings’ ownership in possibly relocating the Sacramento Kings if Joe and Gavin Maloof are not willing to sell the NBA franchise .

    tophatal …………………..


  2. So Stern not content with the idiocy witnessed within the NFL concerning the New Orleans Saints this moron sells the Hornets’ franchise to none other than that ingrate and absolute ass-wipe Tom Benson ! Does that now mean that we’ll have the Hornets enabling their own form of ” Bounty-gate” ? And given how bad this team just happens to be along with the fact that they along with the Bobcats posses amongst the the worst records in the NBA division wise and conference wise

    For the idiots out there who’d suggest that Stern done well for the NBA , consider this , the new collective bargaining agreement with the union (NBPA) simply isn’t worth the paper it’s written on ! Only an idiot would think to the contrary , just because the buyout clause has changed , it hasn’t less the indebtedness of or the very fact that teams still haven’t sought to rein in their costs .

    David Stern has been such an ass-wipe but there have been idiots whose apathy is beyond belief who’ve continued to support the commissioner even when his decisions have bordered on being downright stupid ! And this has been one of the worst of his professional career . This ass is being paid in excess of $20 million a year and he sought to have the union acquiesce to his wishes ? Some astute businessman he’s turning out to be don’t you think ? The teams are not reining in their costs while general admission prices in certain instances have risen .

    Courtesy of the New York Times

    N.B.A. Solidifies One Ownership Issue, but Another Takes a Wrong Turn

    By Richard Sandomir ,

    The N.B.A. resolved one franchise headache Friday when it announced the sale of the New Orleans Hornets, a ward of the league since 2010, to Tom Benson , the owner of the Saints, for $338 million .

    But the league also faced the collapse of a tentative deal to build an arena for the Sacramento Kings, and the very real possibility that the franchise would move, as has been threatened before.

    “I think that there’s nothing further to be done,” N.B.A. Commissioner David Stern said during a news conference in Manhattan after a meeting of the league’s board of governors. “I think we have done as much as we can do.”

    Now, Stern said, he can ensure that the Kings will play in Sacramento only through 2014.

    The tentative deal between the city and the Maloof family, which owns the Kings, was reached in February in Orlando, Fla. George Maloof said in a telephone interview that his family had agreed to the financial terms of a new arena but that numerous issues had not been resolved.

    “We had a basic financial framework, but from the moment we received the term sheet on Feb. 19, we had questions,” he said. Those concerns included the length of the lease, approval of the proposed arena’s design, game-day expenses at the new facility and naming rights.

    On Thursday, Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento, the former N.B.A. star, told the Maloofs in a letter, “Under no circumstances will the city make material adjustments to the current terms of the deal.”

    That message was reinforced at a meeting Friday in Manhattan between Johnson and the Maloofs.

    “We couldn’t work it out,” Maloof said. He said that Johnson was not interested in contributing to a possible renovation of Power Balance Pavilion, the team’s home, an option that Maloof said the family first raised Friday.

    In a news conference, Johnson said that the Maloofs were on their own if they renovated the arena.

    “I don’t know what the Maloofs plan to do,” he said. “I know they don’t plan to honor their commitment to a downtown arena.”

    Maloof said that filing an application to relocate was “not something we’re thinking about.”

    Click on link to read this article in its entirety .


    Stern has been an ass all along in these deliberations as the Maloofs have continued to renege repeatedly concerning their negotiations with the city of Sacramento and that idiot mayor Kevin Johnson . Why won’t or when will these fu_king politicians learn ? Simply using tax-payers’ funds to aid millionaire and billionaire owners within the NBA as well as appeasing that dickhead David Stern smacks of stupidity but yet you have the public continue to bitch and whine because they feel that their taxes are far too high ! Wake the fu#k and stop being such an ass and realize what’s going on right in front of your very face ? These state and city politicians are no different from the idiots who govern the country at the federal level .


    So that’s what $340 million can buy nowadays a broken down NBA franchise that idiots were suggesting was still a viable and going concern ? One of the lowest supported teams within the NBA and whose history in terms of postseason appearances have been about regular as an appearance by Paris Hilton making an appearance to give a speech at the UN on World Hunger . Not going to happen and never will ! .

    Highest paid player salaries in the NBA

    NBA team salaries

    NBA team salaries annually

    tophatal ………..


  3. We do we the taxpayers have to ake it up the ass for these sports teams. have pay their fucking way. Screw em. I am tired of sports teams holding city’s hostage over bullshit.


    1. Bobby Gee

      David Stern is a sack of shit , that’s the only to describe this guy ! He had to have known that the Maloofs had no intention of going through with this deal at the same time Kevin Johnson is proving that in terms showing common sense , that was never one of his strongest traits ! . Literally kissing the ass of the Kings organization and front office hasn’t achieved a god damn thing !

      Much like the rest of the idiots out there in the state who’ve bought into the bullshit that retaining the franchise would be in the best interest of the city is a joke . The Kings are one the more poorly supported teams in the NBA and it has been that way for a number of years ( 2009 , 2011 , 2008 ) .

      Fans within the city aren’t devoted to this team and they rarely show it . It’s the same with the the other poorly supported franchises such as the Warriors and Clippers . And even though they (Clippers) now have Griffin and Paul , there’s no way in hell that team is going deep into the playoffs this year , they simply lack the ability to play defense and it’s going to come back to bite them in the ass !

      Johnson should be doing more to build the infrastructure of his city and not kissing the ass of an NBA team owner and that of David Stern’s . Dumb ass politicians ! Appeasing millionaires and billionaires makes no god damn sense , especially in light of the fact that jobs being creating here in the US has become a thing of the past . This country has lost over 30 million manufacturing jobs overseas in the last decade and a half all because the federal government gives financial inducements such as tax breaks which facilitates these maneuvers .

      Two bumbling as_holes ! Stern & Tom Benson

      As for Stern , his selling ($391 million) the Hornets to Saints’ owner Tom Benson can be seen as an act of desperation and not a sound business decision . But if anything it’s another PR nightmare when you consider the recent issues concerning the NFL franchise . WTF was Stern thinking to begin with ? And knowing the commissioner he won’t act as an intermediary given the mistrust between the city and Kings’ owners. If anything that fink bastard will ultimately look to aid the Maloofs relocate the franchise elsewhere .

      Apathy has been the name of the game with the vast majority of sports’ fans within the state of California and that’s why Raiders’ fans are prepared to accept abject mediocrity rather than criticize the organization ! It’s all part and parcel of their credo all along ! They will bitch and whine but the only thing they can do it is to recall the “old days ” when the team has been rampant . The Raiders haven’t been of relevance in almost a decade but their die-hard fans will suggest ” we’re waiting ’til next year ” .

      tophatal …..


      1. Sam’s Sports Brief

        The city of Miami itself is currently under investigation by the US Justice Department for possible improprieties concerning the bond issue that raised the funds for the new ballpark . There’s that belief that undue influence from the front office of the Marlins and league hierarchy played a part in what went on concerning the decision which mayor Tomas Regalado implored the city council members to rigorously pass the initiative .

        That’s the sort of bullshit that’s now happening that in large part is actually ignored by the vast majority of the fans in general because they’re too fu##ing dumb to realize what’s going on , especially when in the end it’s going to cost them . In large part the sports’ fan is usually apathetic and too stupid for their own good concerning so many issues but specifically from the sports economic side . They’d rather sit on their ass and simply believe what’s placed in front of them for their edification ! Dumb asses !

        In large part it is the corruption within politics and sports that makes the landscape of this environment so unsavory !

        tophatal ………..


          1. Sam’s Sports Brief

            Whose money did you actually believe was being used to build the venues around the NFL , MLB , NHL and NBA ? The last fully functional privately built venue was Joe Robbie Stadium , home to the Miami Dolphins .

            Citi-Field , Yankees Stadium , Marlins Ballpark and even the NFL’s newest venue Cowboys Stadium have been in part publicly financed and it’s going to remain that way for years to come . Politicians at the federal and state level are the enablers of this because of their largess granted to the various league hierarchies with special tax exemptions that long term has provided little tangible aid to the communities in question . And in a dour economy those very same municipalities tend to furlough staff , raise taxes and service fees on the electorate and residents .

            Consider this , the state of Minnesota has a budget deficit of $5.6 billion but they’re now being asked to initiate a bond issue to raise almost $2.1 billion to build a new venue for the Minnesota Vikings . Zygi Wilf , the team owner has cajoled , coerced used lobbyists and all but blackmailed members of the state legislature and Gov Mark Dayton to pass the initiative for the finance bill .

            The NFL has a policy to assist teams in funding for a new venue but rarely do the team owners approach the league hierarchy to do that , instead they coerce these dumb ass politicians at the state, municipal and county level to aid them in their wish. And you wonder why we’re bereft of legislators who’ve got any god damn common sense ? The vast majority of sports’ fans are too frigging dumb to realize how their tax paying dollars are being used within their respective communities . But yet they’re going to continue to bitch and whine about paying too much federal income tax . Go figure ! ‘nough said .

            tophatal ……..


      2. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

        There was a time when the Kings were relevant and Webber was one of the best offensive players in the game . But recently the Kings have been about as relevant as a sighting of Paris Hilton on television and the asinine comment by Chris Webber that Lamar Odom is one of the best players to have played in the NBA in the last decade . WTF is that about ? Odom on his best day wouldn’t be consider amongst the top twenty five players to have played his position over the last decade , or more !

        This actually signifies how Webber is is now off his game when he can’t hang unto a piece of “tail ” like Tyra Banks !

        Banks on the front cover of SI Swimwear edition .

        It’s not rocket science ………… to make the lady happy you’ve got to “lay the pipe ” with constant regularity ! Something that Webber may not have cottoned on to .

        tophatal …………


    1. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

      Let me pose this question to you ? Who in their right mind was of the opinion that the Maloofs would in all good conscience act with any dignity much less integrity concerning the Kings remaining in Sacramento ? Stern , himself was all for the franchise relocating to begin with , albeit that he didn’t say so openly . This whole scenario is taking shape along the lines of when Clay Bennett moved the Sonics out of Seattle to relocate them to Oklahoma city . The city of Seattle ended up with $25 million as a settlement but still came across as looking like buffoons. And it will be the same with the city of Sacramento as well. Kevin Johnson is too f#cking dumb for his own good ! Anyone with an ounce of damn intelligence could see how this was all going to end ! Once that lease runs out in 2014 or quite possibly a monetary settlement comes to the fore that franchise will relocate elsewhere .

      tophatal ….


    1. Blog Surface/ CDR

      Only an idiot from the outset would’ve believed that the Kindgs’ ownership wanted to remain in Sacramento ! The Maloofs had already alienated themselves with the fanbase as well as with the local businesses and that lame ass mayor Kevin Johnson was prepared to use taxpayers’ funds to assist the franchise remain within its locale .

      Never mind the fact that the city’s infrastructure was decaying and you had city employees being furloughed . What the fu_k is wrong with these politicians at the city and the state level who are simply cow-towing to sports’ franchise owners to appease them ? Haven’t they got bigger issues at hand to deal with , rather than kissing Stern and NBA hierarchy’s ass as well as that every god NBA franchise owner out there ? It’s the same thing with the lame ass premise that low taxes stimulate an economy ! That works in part but what about a country’s overall debt with other sovereign nations ? I never hear any so called intelligent Conservatives try to explain how they’re going to pay down the US’s $14 trillion national debt ($14,000,000,000,000 ) that’s still mounting by the second . Care to try and explain that ?

      tophatal ……..


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