Don’t Start Something If You Can’t Say Something …………

Don’t Start Something If You Can’t Say Something …………

By tophatal ………….. Monday, April 16, 2012 ,

At times it never ceases to amaze me as to the naivete` of the sports fan in general ! Here’s one of the asinine premises I’ve come across as of late and that’s ……….” I want to be entertained ” rather than seeing the usual staple of teams being served up perennially by the NBA , MLB , NHL and NFL ! Well considering that first and foremost the league hierarchies in question are actually a commercial enterprises whose primary goals are to make money and that of benefiting their franchise owners and players alike , as well as their numerous corporate sponsors and as well as the broadcast outlets who carry their product . So much of these individuals who claim to have a business degree of sorts . Unless it just happened to be a degree doled out by way of some none accredited educational establishment wherein , all that was required was a small monetary donation and in return came a diploma with a name festooned , denoted in bold calligraphy stating that the recipient was now a learned scholar .


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There’s a reason why the Los Angeles Lakers , Miami Heat , Boston Celtics of the will be part of the NBA televised schedule rather than that of their fellow teams carried by the outlets who carry league’s regularly seasoned schedule games. Legacy and success still carries weight over the perceived wishes of the consumer at times . And it is the same reason why the New York Yankees , Boston Red Sox , Los Angeles Angels , Los Angeles Dodgers and St Louis Cardinals will be seen on via the national broadcast and cable outlets more often their peers even via a regional outlets .

The NFL’s premise is to build around its more high profiled teams and that of its most popular players . There’s a reason why the Dallas Cowboys remains a ” major draw ” for the NFL beyond being the most profitable NFL franchise by far . The Cowboys draw viewers and that means added revenues for the broadcast outlets . Beyond the Dallas Cowboys you also have the New England Patriots , and the two prominent New York teams , albeit that they’re domiciled in the state of New Jersey , those being the New York Giants and New York Jets . I’d mention the Buffalo Bills in greater depth but in reality , let’s get real , what has this franchise done as of late that can be thought of as being meaningful ? Answer me that , if you can ?

The NHL is still trying to find its niche but undoubtedly without the appeal of Sidney Crosby , the Pittsburgh Penguins , Philadelphia Flyers , New York Rangers , New York Islanders , Boston Bruins , Montreal Canadiens , Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings the sport of hockey game of would barely register a blip in terms of ratings . And that is in spite of the renewed and rejuvenated attempt by the NBC Sports’ Network whose whole premise seems to be ” playing up the excitement” to be found during the playoffs this postseason .

The concerns for the hierarchies of the four major sports is to build around their most popular brands and to feed it to the consumer continually . Some of the hierarchies are more successful than others while some are still trying to figure it all out . Needless to say , we can figure out which of the sports in question are indeed troubled as to a following and some might say a dwindling fan-base . And which seem to be the ones who have seen their profiles raised not just domestically but also on a global front , their fortunes have changed dramatically over the past three decades at least . Care to suggest , as to which of the four major sports have met that specific criteria ?

This past Sunday marked the 65th anniversary (Jackie Robinson Day ) of the integration of Major League Baseball (MLB) , with Jackie Robinson being the first minority player of color to play in a fully integrated professional team sport . Consider at the time also , the US military wasn’t fully integrated , wherein African-American males could not fight alongside their Caucasian counterpart counterparts . They simply relegated to menial tasks or placed in all black platoons white officer presiding over them . It would not be until eight years after the end of WWII (World War II) that all branches of the US military would be indeed be fully integrated . Robinson paved the way for many social reforms that should have had a lasting effect upon our society . But in reality the country has fallen short of the of the wishes of not just Jackie Robinson the player , and social activist but also that of perhaps this country’s greatest disciple of effective social change , Dr Martin Luther King . Personally , I feel that the league hierarchy under Bud Selig have done little of real significance on this one issue and that is in spite the RBI initiative ( Returning Baseball to the Inner Cities) ! More money is now being spent by many of the league’s more prominent teams to build baseball academies in Latin America , the Caribbean , the African continent and Far East Asia , than the league itself spends on their so-called initiative . So much for that initiative then , don’t you think ?

Angels’ outfielder Torii Hunter may well have been unto something some years back when he stated that he could not consider Latino players as such , as being akin to his own ethnicity . Annually , Selig trots out the whole charade (Jackie Robinson Day) to remind us as to the steps that had been taken by Branch Rickey and the Brooklyn Dodgers . As recently as 1987 , the makeup of African-American players within the game of baseball was in excess of 30.8% of the rosters of the teams within the league at the time . In 2010 , that figure had fallen to below 8.7 % and for this Selig and the hierarchy has no meaningful explanation . Suffice to say , that in spite of the RBI initiative the interest amongst African-Americans for baseball is no longer there and has been on the decline over the last twenty-five years. A quick fix coming from MLB , not likely given the fact that a baseball scholarship is not as meaningful or as financially rewarding as obtaining a basketball or football scholarship at the D1 level . But you’d be hard pressed to have Bud Selig work in conjunction with the NCAA and Mark Emmert to change that landscape given the premise that MLB Draft profits greatly from having a high school declare his eligibility and then enter the process and likewise also , the players at the collegiate level who follow that same path.

So NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decided to uphold his original decision to not to rescind the suspensions levied against the New Orleans Saints’ head coach Sean Payton , assistant , Joe Vitt and general manager Mickey Loomis . As great as this may well sound , this whole ” odious affair ” of the Saints’ bounty scandal has taken on a new face and life of its very own . The NFLPA (union) has in fact had in its possession evidence to suggest that this whole sordid affair was known to them for quite some time . Scott Fujita , former member player representatives for the NFLPA has admitted to Peter King of Sports Illustrated that while a player for the Saints , he had in-fact paid members of the team for “big plays” but not so , to hurt players of the opposing team . This however, doesn’t negate the fact that this all happened while Gregg Williams’ scheme was actually being enforced and suborned by the coaching staff of the New Orleans Saints . How Fujita believes his actions were any-the-less egregious than the actions that were already in place is beyond belief ! Consider the fact , that the players on the team are already being well compensated , why would any other financial in incentive be needed beyond the players' usual salary ? If this was all happening while Fujita was a player rep for the Saints , then it speaks to length and depth of this whole contrived conspiracy and how it was perpetrated . And now you have the idiocy of union itself advising its members who may well be embroiled in this mess to have their player representative at their side as well as legal counsel when questioned by the NFL investigators , who are still conducting their ongoing investigation into the affair.

The NFL , much less the NFLPA , has never been at all concerned with player safety , and this typically proves that fact ! It’s not so much the denials complacency and negligence of the league hierarchy in not acknowledging the cause-and-effect of the injuries suffered blunt force head traumas and Grade II concussions . But how has this has sat with the NFL , with the mounting evidence placed in-front of them , much of research into the injuries coming well-respected medical and universities of academia with years of experience in the area of neurology ? The league hierarchy continued to deny that the research had any merit whatsoever by stating own in-house medical advisers had conducted research which suggested evidence to the contrary . Goodell , much like his predecessor Paul Tagliabue have failed to address the issue of player safety and it has only been under pressure from the US government , specifically the House Commerce & Energy Committee , House Oversight & Gov’t Reform Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee that has now caused the league hierarchy to change its stance somewhat . And this continued idiocy that the NFL cares about its members is asinine and heightened all the more when one considers the abhorrent treatment meted out to old-time veterans , who were repeatedly denied benefits rightfully due to them . I would preface this by saying , the fact that the NFL is now the subject of two separate legal cases as a defendant at the state level and Federal level , may well be the reason why Goodell and the team owners are lining up all of their ducks in a row , as they seek to have both cases conjoined and heard within the US Federal Court System .

Courtesy of Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita meeting with NFL officials today about bounty scandal

By Mary Kay Kabot , The Cleveland Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND — Current Browns and former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita is among the players meeting in New York today with NFL officials about the Saints bounty program and other matters, according to Albert Breer of

Fujita, a member of the NFL Players Association’s executive committee, has admitted to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King that he paid teammates for big plays while in New Orleans, but not for hurting opponents and not as part of the bounty pool.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith and other members of executive committee besides Fujita arrived this morning at league offices to discuss sanctions against players involved in the Saints’ program.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has come down hard on current and former Saints employees involved in the program, including suspending coach Sean Payton for the 2012 season and general manager Mickey Loomis for eight games.


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I’ve long-held the contention that the NFL and union have been disingenuous and more so simply devoid of creativity and intelligence ! Both have their own agendas , which has absolutely nothing to bringing to do with seeing the brand itself grow in stature . Roger Goodell has been quick to point to the fact that during the impasse that led to the preseason being abandoned but the entire regular season being enmeshed into a tighter pattern led to some exciting football being played at times but we also had situations where a number of teams simply performed badly . The commissioner was also quick to state that the league had been the recipient of an additional $1.25 billion in added revenues by way of a newly negotiated contract jointly with CBS and Fox Sports . You ever get the feeling that it will be never enough for the NFL , while at the same time they simply coerce municipal and state employees to granting them tax incentives repeatedly each season that has appreciated value for the team owners . While in reality those agencies tend to see a diminishing return by way of that largess . Doubt my word , then ask New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg how things seem to be working out concerning Citi-Field and what now appears to be a white elephant that has yet to be filled to capacity for a regular season game . It is becoming abundantly clear that while the New York Mets may well be riding high within the NL East but the real issue still facing the front office is that of reining in costs as it relates to the team’s payroll .

Sandy Alderson and J P. Riccardi have been entrusted to reverse the recent misfortunes of the Mets’ organization . No small feat when one considers that it has been over two decades since the New York Mets won their sole World Series title . As to whether or the team in its current guise can aspire to those lofty heights will no doubt be predicated not only the team’s pitching but also how explosive that offense will be . And as good as the New York Mets appear to be at present I am not convinced that they are simply good enough to challenge the might of the St Louis Cardinals , Philadelphia Phillies , San Francisco Giants within the NL !

I’m no fan of the New York Mets as I have felt all along team owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz have been negligent , financially incompetent and derelict in their duties as the owners of this baseball club. Having dodged a bullet in their as defendant in a recent civil suit that sought the recovery of $1.15 billion received by way of the alleged investments derived from the Madoff Ponzi scheme . The Mets would settle with plaintiff’s attorney Irving Picard of Baker Potts LLC , for the rather minuscule sum of $165 million . There was enough evidence to suggest that Picard would have won the case for his clients but somehow they chose to settle . In the aftermath of this all , the 750 clients represented by the law would receive the meager sum of just over $210,000 before the legal fees of the attorney is taken into account. Someone got ” hosed ” in this whole episode and it certainly wasn’t the New York Mets ! Say what you will but the Mets are laughing , while I believe that the plaintiffs in this suit might have some issue with their lawyer ! Picard and his law firm will walk away with a tidy sum in legal fees for simply belittling the Mets . Nowhere near enough when you consider what the plaintiffs had originally sought.

The Charlotte Bobcats seem to be now bungling their way to NBA history as they seek to either rewrite the annals of the league for sheer ineptitude . With a mark of 7-52 and only seven games left before the culmination of the regular season on the 26th April, 2012. Granted , the season has been curtailed to one of 66 games and the all-time mark is that of the ‘ 73-74 Philadelphia 76ers’ 9-73 . But who knew at that the organization owned by the game’s most beloved player Michael Jordan . The front office executive has said little concerning the woes of the team and the very fact that it is becoming increasingly likely that they will not surpass that Sixers’ mark . However , Paul Silas and Michael Jordan can look back on this season as one of not only missed opportunities but the very fact this team was simply uncompetitive and had no leadership coming from anyone on the roster , much less from Silas’ staff of coaching assistants . Nothing ventured , nothing gained and that has clearly been the case for the Charlotte Bobcats . Kemba Walker may well have entered the NBA Draft with high expectations. Unfortunately for the player , his rookie season it has been one lows than highs playing on a team that certainly won’t be able to shed this season from its memory anytime soon .

I was once told by grandmother ………. “if you can’t say anything nice about anyone then try to be respectful in pointing out their problems ” . I am not so sure I can be that kind and compromising when it concerns the Bobcats ! So much was made about how great the season would be and the fact that the teams would be playing at a highly competitive level . In some cases that has been true but herein lies my issues with the season , either teams have forgotten how to play defense or simply put the level and quality of the coaching within the NBA has now sank to an all-time low ! Personally , I believe it’s a combination of both and it is unlikely change anytime soon ! Paul Silas may well have been brought in by GM Rod Wiggins to provide the young players on this team some guidance and experience but that has fallen remarkably short upon a group of players whose combined basketball IQ might not even equal that of Sarah Palin’s and Paris Hilton’s combined ! And even if the Bobcats are part of this season’s NBA Draft Lottery , a possible resurgence of the franchise won’t be an overnight thing.



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What if anything do you feel to be pertinent concerning the points raised within the piece ? Simply leave a comment as you see fit .



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Cleveland Browns’ defensive player Scott Fujita is seen here with NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith heading to a meeting with of the union’s executive committee and the NFL league hierarchy this past Monday. Fujita for former player rep while with the New Orleans Saints answered questions concerning his involvement in the Saints’ now infamous “bounty program” . Jacquelyn Martin / Associated Press ……

(2) Charlotte Bobcats head coach Paul Silas , left, lowers his head as his son, assistant coach Stephen Silas , right, looks on during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Boston Celtics in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, April 15, 2012. Boston won 92-84 . AP Photo/Chuck Burton ….

(3) LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 15 : Vince Carter (25 ) and Brendan Haywood (33) of the Dallas Mavericks guard Andrew Bynum (17 ) of the Los Angeles Lakers during the first half at Staples Center on April 15, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images ….

(4) LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 15: Pau Gasol (16) of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts during a game against the Dallas Mavericks at Staples Center on April 15, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images ….

(5) Minnesota Twins’ Jamey Carroll , right, crosses home plate while New York Yankees’ catcher Russell Martin watches during the fifth inning of a baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York, Monday, April 16, 2012. The Twins won 7-3 . AP Photo/Seth Wenig …

(6) Curtis Granderson (14) of the New York Yankees is congratulated after making a catch hit by Justin Morneau (33) of the Minnesota Twins during their game on April 16, 2012 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images ……

(7) Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby warms up during NHL hockey practice in Pittsburgh, Tuesday, April 17, 2012. The Penguins face the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 4 of a first round Stanley Cup playoffs series in Philadelphia on Wednesday. The Flyers lead the best-of- seven games series 3-0 . AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar …

(8) New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, left, and shortstop Derek Jeter join Rachel Robinson, widow of Jackie Robinson, on the field prior to the Yankees’ baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels on Jackie Robinson Day at Yankee Stadium in New York, Sunday, April 15, 2012. It is he 65th anniversary of his breaking the Major League Baseball color barrier. AP Photo /Kathy Willens …..

(9) Brooklyn Dodger infielder Jackie Robinson poses in May 1952. Courtesy of DP Archives /AP @ all rights reserved copyrighted material ….




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” For The Love of Money ” ………………. to my mind the four major professional sports’ league hierarchies are no different from the illegal drug operations of fabled fictionalized character Nino Brown from the seminal movie “New Jack City ” @ circa 1991 !



Or have it another way via a more contemporary revamp from Easy E feat’g Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ………… ” For The Love of Money ” . Your Thoughts ?


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29 thoughts on “Don’t Start Something If You Can’t Say Something …………”

    1. Ronbets

      Great , that Rachel looks that good ________ but it’s unfortunate that her husband’s name is being under such a falsehood when there’s a dwindling presence of African-American males within the sport from the player level . MLB under Selig , has done a piss poor job of promoting the sport and luring not just males of that ethnicity but young males in general on a national basis. The stats are there to prove the point what might be even more inconceivable is that you now have teams actually spending money to build baseball academies in Latin America , the Caribbean , the Far East and on the African continent as well . And with the fact that you now have players now traveling across the globe to conduct tutorials but here in the US on a national basis the RBI initiative (Returning Baseball to the Inner Cities) is proving to be about as popular as seeing picture of Rosie O’Donnell performing a unique sexual act ( cucumber thrust between her thighs) with a vegetable ! Not something I’d care to witness either drunk or sober ! ‘nough said .

      Rosie has a firm grip on things but that was probably she’s ever got to getting a grip on some “wood ” of any sort .

      “Yes I grew this in my vegetable garden and it’ll now be used regularly to pleasure and stimulate “my secret garden ” !

      tophatal …..


  1. Whoop-di-do ! Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball (MLB) and the make up of African-Americans in the sport as players is now under 10% . There are no African-American owners within the game , albeit that there are front office executives , game day officials and within the league hierarchy there is only one male of African-American ethnicity said to hold a position of significant power . Johnathan Mariner , CFO of MLB .

    Herein lies something of an anomaly , Latino player Roberto Clemente` long thought of as a trailblazer within the Latino community , his number will not be retired by the MLB hierarchy . They do not feel him to be worthy of that distinction in spite of his social activism and philanthropic efforts throughout his career and leading up to his untimely death .

    Bud Selig with his bring , let’s remember Mr Charlie Day ” does not only do the African-American community a great disservice but also to the Latin American players by failing to truly acknowledge Clemente““ . Retiring his number would be appropriate but then again when was the last time the commissioner do anything that made any god-damn sense ? And for inane out there , please don’t say creation of the wild card format and now the addition of one more team within each league for this year’s playoffs. That’s akin to suggesting you get sexually aroused from seeing Rosie O’Donnell donned in a leather-clad dominatrix gear . ‘nough said .

    The Mets may well be riding high but come late August and that team may well be swooning like a drunk in a whore- house groping his way around to not only find a piece of ass but also making sure his “member” is still firmly erect .

    Scott Fujita , does the light bulb actually get switched on inside his fu#king brain the moment his lips move ? This ass wipe is suggesting that he had his own initiative in place that rewarded his teammates when he was with the Saints but in no way did it play a part in the scheme already put in place by Gregg Williams and suborned by Joe Vitt, Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis . Who the f_ck is this moron kidding ? As for Drew Brees trying to suggest that the evidence in the NFL’s possession amounts to nothing tangible is asinine to begin with ! But then again Brees would say that given the fact that he has profited greatly , financially by the misdeeds of his teammates between 2008-11 . Another Saints’ player whose character and integrity must now come into question !

    Tom Benson as the owner of the Saints should consider himself and the franchise lucky that the opposing teams and their owners haven’t sought to sue his ass and that of the organization . The acts of the players and initiative by Payton was criminal , but everyone seems to be overlooking that because they don’t believe it to have any validity . But had a player suffered a career ending injury I for one wonder whether or not there would be any outcry at all ! If Goodell has any gumption rather than continuing to act like a cowering bitch in a corner ! Then he will suspend the players involved and fine them monetarily as well .

    Goodell , Stern , Bettman and Selig carry on as if they each have some semblance of god-damn intelligence when it’s clear that there’s none to be found from any of them whatsoever !

    tophatal ……………..


  2. “Mike don’t be so glum ……….. I know the team …… lost but it comes with the territory , as they really are bad . I tell you what , if you drive carefully on the way home I’ll give you a really nice ‘hummer’ (blow-job) .” Jordan and his girlfriend Yvette Prieto .

    tophatal …..


      1. Sam’s Sports Brief

        All you need to know about Jordan as an NBA executive can be summed up with these words ……………. he drafted Kwame Brown as the #1 overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft for the Washington Wizards . History would suggest that the franchise has never been the same since that mess .

        Brown’s career within the NBA has been anything but a considerable failure . Simply look at his career average and seasonal average to show that has been nothing but nothing ” but a bust ” within the NBA . A ten year veteran this kid has stolen “millions of dollars “ in terms of a salary and by way of a return for the franchises that he’s played for they have received nothing tangible in return !

        Winners always win ? Not in this case they don’t ! ‘nough said !

        Consider the players taken behind Brown in that 2000 NBA Draft and how productive some of them have been ? Not so in the case of Kwame Brown ! .

        What else at this juncture needs to be said about this sad and sorry episode ?

        tophatal ………….


          1. Sam’s Sports Brief

            Let me pose this question if you’re general manager of the Wizards at the time (2001) and you peruse the list of players in that Draft class in 2001 knowing their potential would you have in all honesty picked Brown over the following proven commodities ? Shane Battier , Zach Randolph and Tony Parker .

            Michael Jordan’s pick was an emotional one rather than that of being prudent and judicious . There’s been a reason why he’s been viewed as a complete bust as front office executive ! That’s where he’ll be adjudged and should be judged and not in terms of his playing career .

            Paul Silas is a good X’s and O’s coach whose best talent is the teaching of young players. But the Bobcats’ roster apart from being god damn …. awful , these guys are ill-disciplined , immature , unwilling to listen and put in the hard work necessary to make them better players . In terms of their draft history look down the list and tell me what you see in terms of the players they’ve drafted ?

            tophatal …………….


              1. Only a damn idiot would’ve taken Greg Oden over Kevin Durant ! It’s plain to see that Oden was over-hyped as a player in college . Whereas Durant had a proven track record as a player at the collegiate level . There’s no common sense to be found inside of the Trailblazers’ front office and it has been that way for several years now . And all you need to know can be summed up in several words . Paul Allen as a professional sports franchise owner is akin to having Newt Gingrich give you advice on financial matters . He knows fu_k all on that specific matter and it’s the same with Paul Allen as it relates to the Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks .

                Since Allen has owned both franchises , tell me what either has actually achieved within their respective leagues ? Futility has become the norm for both and especially with the Seahawks . Pete Carroll is a joke as an NFL head coach !

                tophatal …………


  3. Alan,

    City kids can’t afford baseball and prefer hoops and football. Division One schools offer up to 15 scholarships for hoops. College baseball(when available) offer 11 for a 30 man roster. How many accessible baseball fields are there in NY’s boroughs ? However, how many asphalt basketball courts? Kids can hone their game solo or with a group with hardly no expense. Try playing baseball by yourself.

    I don’t think this is a race issue, rather an economic one.


  4. Ronbets

    A D1 basketball scholarship and that of a football scholarship in terms of value is far more expensive than that of baseball and far more worthwhile . Once drafted in baseball it may well take as many as 4 to 5 years before that kid hits the “Majors” to play at the big league level. At the same time MLB has never worked integrally in conjunction with the NCAA in terms of changing that criteria.

    As for this being one of an economic issue that clearly isn’t the case , and it certainly can’t have been that . It’s simply the disinterest of the African-American male in the sport and baseball’s piss poor job done in promoting it at a national level !

    The RBI initiative has been a complete bust never mind the fact that when you several of the top teams building baseball academies as far afield as South Africa , Caribbean , Taiwan , Japan and Latin America what type of message do you believe that sends to young males in general here in the US ?

    Consider the inner city areas where the initiative has been started ? If it is one of an one of an economic issue then what are the are the changes needed in your opinion that’s needed to change that premise ?

    Financially, players at the collegiate level when choosing to make the jump to the professional ranks would rather play in the NBA and NFL and NHL because in part the rewards are simply better . Endorsements asides , top players in baseball may well earn more as a salary but beyond Jeter there’s no one in the game that has the draw of a top salaried NFL player , NHL player or that of an NBA player in terms of being viewed as a venerable marketing phenomenon . Bud Selig and those archaic morons within the game can eulogize Jackie Robinson all they want but let’s get real with the declining participation of young African-American males and Caucasian males within the game and the growing presence of Latino males it indicates a changing demographic within baseball as a whole . And that is something that should not come to anyone as a surprise at all .

    “Damn Michael , you could’ve waited ’til I got my seat belt unbuckled before you whipped out your member ” ! Michael & his fiancee` Yvette Prieto

    By the way do you truly believe that Jordan is actually paying the Bobcats players to ” tank “ their season (7-53) so that he can get more “head” from his fiancee“` Yvette Prieto ? She must love her some real ##ck wouldn’t you say ?

    tophatal …………


  5. Even though this Bobcats team is one of the worst of all-time, Jordan is still a winner. He gets to wake up next to Yvette every morning!


    1. Drew

      That’s one of the more pleasing things in life for ‘ Mike ‘ as he gets to awake up next to Yvette Prieto each morning . Sometimes he might also get the pleasure of having her perform a ” Monica “ just to keep his spirits up after they’ve both witnessed watching the abysmally …. inept Bobcats !

      “As part of an impending pre-nup there’s a clause here Yvette that says oral sex is not an option but a requirement and that I’ll pay for your year’s supply of lip balm. ” Mike & Yvette

      Yvette Prieto has gone down on Jordan monstrously more times than the sinking of the Lusitania , Titanic and SS Concordia combined . That’s because the Bobcats are that god damn bad !

      tophatal ……


  6. Every year on Jackie Robinson Day I feel a special pride when I see all of the players wearing his number. He was a special man as was Roberto Clemente. Both should be celebrated for the inspiration that they provided to all the young ball players.


    1. aero

      Indeed we can continue to celebrate the accomplishments of both Clemente“ and Robinson for years to come but that still doesn’t negate the fact that baseball now has a dwindling participation rate not just amongst young African-American males but also amongst Caucasians at all levels of the game.

      The fastest growing demographic as it relates to its participation and growth is now amongst Latinos . As I have said and you’ve also repeatedly stated the RBI initiative has amounted to being a god damn bust ! If teams are now spending and have spent more in terms of developing the game abroad (baseball academies) rather than spending to spread the once inherent values of the game here nationally, then what does that indicate to you about the steady decline in the participation levels of African-American and Caucasian males at all levels ? Kids are now far more interested in playing basketball and football than they are in playing baseball . The reasons why may or may not have anything to do with socio- conomic status but when you consider the dark era of the last decade and a half within the game with no real leadership and integrity being shown by the players and league hierarchy then why should the young kids be at all interested in the game ?

      Selig’s handling of the ” steroid era “ , the Dodgers and Mets’ financial mea-culpas smacks of complete fuc#ing incompetency ! And only an ah#hole would consider that to be to the contrary !

      tophatal ………..


  7. As you know Al I wish more kids could enjoy the pastoral game of baseball. There is a beauty to the game that is like no other.
    In the city it is getting harder to instill that kind of peace into such an unforgiving landscape. I do think that major league baseball should do more to help urban youth discover what I think is the most perfect game ever invented.
    Play ball!


    1. aero

      There’s nothing more intrinsic in value than seeing young kids playing a game (baseball) that has an abiding purity to it all . But in recent years it the game has been tarnished by bumbling ineptitude on the part of the league hierarchy , the cheating amongst the players by the way of the illicit use of prohibited substances . Never mind the fact that we have seen the financial mismanagement ineptitude shown by team owners and front office executives alike !

      I’d like to think that the future of baseball is in safe hands but it’s rather unfortunate for the fans that an bumbling and blithering asshole like Bud Selig still remains the commissioner ., holding the highest ranking executive position within the game .

      Wasn’t it bad enough that he chastised and denigrated the Rays’ ownership by suggesting that they’ll never host an All Star Game . Bud Selig , simply told the Rays that the Trop is a dump . But yet , he ( Selig ) has chosen not to assist the Rays in seeking a new venue and aiding them in that endeavor whatsoever , yet he was front and center in making sure that the Mets , Marlins and Yankees have all been able to get themselves a new venue , all within the last five years .

      Bud Selig is a classless piece of of excrement with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever !

      tophatal ……


  8. Roger goodell is changing the culture of the game. he wants to turn the NFl into a sissy game. It will soon become a glorified flag football. the nanny state has come to the NFL.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Goodell has to do something in the aftermath of the Saints’ fiasco. It was either that or see the NFL being hit by internal strife with players taking legal action against one another as well as the league itself . Or hadn’t you realize that as a possibility ?

      tophatal …………


  9. If Jordan wants to get fans into Bobcats games, maybe he should auction off tickets for fans to sit next to him for a game, although at this point, does anyone even want that or would MJ want to hear the fan tell him how miserable his team is?


    1. Chris Humpherys

      While Jordan is getting a “hummer” on a regular basis from Yvette Prieto > do you think he gives a s_it what anyone thinks about his Bobcats’ team ? His wealth alone , an estimated $500 million makes him still something of an extremely happy guy . And if he should choose to sell the organization he’s bound to get northwards of $300 million for that piece of crap !


    1. jgome

      For me looking at any box-score involving the Bobcats is akin to looking at a picture of Rosie Donnell ! It’s simply not something I want to do and will do , even if pressured !

      One a shrill , the other talentless hack and blow-hard ! Who actually gives a sh_t about either to begin with !

      Ewa Sonnet

      Speaking of which ……….. given the choice Rosie or Ewa Sonnet ? Your thoughts ?

      tophatal …………


  10. Apparently WKMG in Orlando is reporting that Dwight H. called team owner Rich DeVos to tell him that he won’t play for coach Stan Van Gundy anymore…..what a joke. This guy needs to win a title before making demands…..


    1. jgome

      Dwight Howard is an a_shole ! He had the chance to go elsewhere and play for a contender . What does he do instead ? He chooses to remain with the Magic , who given their play as of late would be hard pressed to make the Bobcats (7-53) look bad , much less defeat a WNBA team or even the Women’s NCAA champions the Baylor (Lady Bears) led by Brittney Griner . That’s how god damn awful the Magic are now said to be !

      Stan Van Gundy is overrated as a coach and he’s a dumb SOB to go with it as well !

      tophatal …….


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