Nothing But Net …. Now It’s An Air-ball … Oops !

Nothing But Net …. Now It’s An Air-ball … Oops !

By tophatal 05/16/2012 …… 00.45 am (EST)

Well as the NBA postseason has progressed to the semi-final stages of the Eastern and Western Conference . A great deal of praise has been placed upon the achievements of Doug Collins and the Philadelphia 76ers this past season . The team as the eighth seed within the Eastern Conference sailed through their first round match-up by easily defeating the Chicago Bulls the # 1seeds in the conference . Injuries have plagued all of the participants this postseason in spite of the idiotic claims being made by NBA Commissioner David Stern . And it should come as no surprise that the commissioner in spite of his laissez-faire attitude had to be proactive , after the egregious and heinous act by the Los Angeles Lakers’ defensive player Metta World Peace . If you recall World Peace , in a calculated move elbowed James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder during a regular season game prior to the end of the regular season . With all of the anger now being raised after New Orleans Saints’ bounty scandal and the very fact that there have been several widely reported incidents concerning player concussions suffered within the NFL , one would have thought that this would be seen as a precursor and warning shot across the bow of the NBA hierarchy .


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In the Eastern Conference the first of the two second round series pits the Miami Heat against the Indiana Pacers led by Danny Granger and David West , with the team coached by Frank Vogel . The second of the semi-finals series sees the Boston Celtics taking on the aforementioned Philadelphia 76ers. That series last night took on a life of its very own with both teams playing some sloppy basketball , as the Sixers were able to eke out a one point win over the Celtics in evening this match-up at one game apiece (1-1).

The Miami Heat will look to cement their series lead over the Pacer having already taken a 1-0 margin over Frank Vogel’s players. Heat power forward Chris Bosh it appears will be lost to Heat for the remainder of this series , having strained his lower right abdominal muscle. This might now give the Pacers something of an advantage for their front-line offensive players . Erik Spoelstra will no doubt have to make the necessary adjustments in order to cover for the loss of the team’s ….. third leading scorer behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade . The Heat’s bench of utility players led by Ronny Turiaf and Shane Battier will most certainly have to make considerably even greater contributions to the team’s efforts as it is believed that Bosh will be lost to the franchise for the remainder of the NBA postseason .

The Los Angeles Clippers having got through an arduous and hard-fought series against the competitive Memphis Grizzlies will now have the privilege of facing the San Antonio Spurs . With an already ailing Blake Griffin and the team’s point guard Chris Paul , having to take on an additional load , head coach Vinny Del Negro now must make sure that his All Star guard is ably assisted by the rest of the team .

Gregg Popovich , having won the NBA Coach of The Year , now looks to add to his already impressive resume` by looking to win a fifth NBA title as a coach , all for this renowned franchise . The Spurs rolled through their first round series with consummate ease , and Tony Parker led all scorers on the team in their knocking off their first round opponents the Utah Jazz . This second round match-up could see the Clippers having to proves themselves defensively against the high-powered Spurs , with their seasoned veterans . To my mind given the balance shown by this San Antonio Spurs’ roster , it is my belief that this series won’t be one , where many believe the Clippers will have their own way . Flashy dunks and playground (hardtop) brand of basketball simply doesn’t equate with what’s needed to win an NBA title and it is abundantly clear that the Clippers are not yet a championship caliber team . In time I have no doubt that the Los Angeles Clippers will aspire to fit that role but this unfortunately will not be their year .

Vengeance is as sweet , as it is divine ! And who could deny the Oklahoma City Thunder beating the shit out of the Los Angeles Lakers ! Mike Brown has shown this organization to be classless , with no apparent formal public apology coming from any senior executive within the hierarchy in the aftermath of Metta World Peace’s actions , in his deliberate elbowing of James Hardin. Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak didn’t possess the balls" to suspend the player by issuing a rendering a decision internally , other than to leave it to his head coach to make some asinine and comments , which showed Mike Brown to be ; a complete butt-hole ! Were his orifice any bigger I am sure that there’d be someone who would be quite ready to ” spoon ” his sphincter and then insert a certain part of their anatomy , simply to pleasure themselves and the Lakers’ head coach . One wonders had this been a more high profiled NBA player who’d been on the receiving end Metta World Peace’s flagrant act whether or not this suspension would have been greater than a mere seven game suspension ? To my mind , David Stern , not like his NFL counterpart Roger Goodell are merely concerned about their own alleged resplendent images , rather than doing what is in the best interest of their respective sports . How the fu_k does Stern equate a 7 game suspension as being the justifiable punishment for such an egregious act ? Is this executive that much of an asshole ? Then again who is actually of the opinion that any of the four major senior hierarchy executives (Goodell, Stern , Gary Bettman & Bud Selig) actually had an ounce of frigging common sense to begin with ? Answers please if you must ?

The Lakers having been ran off the court at the Chesapeake Energy Center in their 119-90 loss to the Thunder , simply proved that defensively t they were of no match for their Western Conference rivals . Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 52 points in a clinical dismantling of the Lakers , who were made to look like novices throughout this entire game . The only sense of urgency from the Los Angeles Lakers came by way of the competitiveness shown by their multiple All Star , Kobe Bryant . As for the rest of his teammates , well as usual there were simply there to watch Bryant lead this roster of ingrates with his usual tenacity . I’d hate to think what the future holds for the Los Angeles Lakers may well look like once Kobe Bryant chooses to step away from the game on a permanent basis ! Because it is becoming so clear that they will be lacking in complete leadership once he chooses to abdicate that role .

With LeBron James having won this year’s MVP for the third time in three years , the player joins a select group of illustrious players to have won this prestigious regular season accolade on more than one occasion . The question still remains , can James actually lead the Miami Heat to a postseason triumph ? In light of 2010’s postseason finale and their rather disappointing series’ loss the Dallas Mavericks . Questions will asked , and will most certainly be answered . The Heat on paper because of their “Big Three “ are deemed the team to beat during these playoffs > and are favored for the NBA title . But games are not won on paper , they are won on a basketball court and that is where James’ legacy will be defined what he achieves in the immediacy of the here and now . LeBron James , who with teammates , Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in a wave publicity upon joining the organization , were quick to declare that it was their intent to win multiple back-to-back titles. As we all have witnessed , the Heat in their guise of last season failed miserably , and this season the jury is still out on this team and in some cases with justifiable trepidation ! The Heat have been way too complacent and it is liable to come back and bite them in the proverbial ass once and for all .



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Which of these postseason series if any has piqued your interest ? And which teams would you deem as being justifiable favorites for the NBA title ? By all means leave a comment on the points raised within this piece and anything else you believe to be pertinent to the subject matter . As always thanks for the continued support of this site as it is greatly appreciated !


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(1) Evan Turner (12) of the Philadelphia 76ers heads for the net as Rajon Rondo (9) of the Boston Celtics defends in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 14, 2012 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Boston Celtics 82-81 . Photo by Elsa/Getty Images …

(2) OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – MAY 14: Metta World Peace (15) of the Los Angeles Lakers reaches in on Thabo Sefolosha (2) of the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game One of the Western Conference Semifinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 14, 2012 at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Oklahoma City defeated Los Angeles 119-90 . Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images ….

(3) MIAMI, FL – MAY 15 : Mario Chalmers (15) of the Miami Heat takes the last shot during Game Two of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs against the Indiana Pacers at American Airlines Arena on May 15, 2012 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images *** BESTPIX *** …..

(4) Indiana Pacers guard Paul George (24) drives past Miami Heat forwards Udonis Haslem , center, and LeBron James, right, during the second half of Game 2 in an NBA basketball Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series, Tuesday, May 15, 2012, in Miami. George had 15 points for the Pacers and James 28 for the Heat as the Pacers defeated the Heat 78-75 . AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee …..

(5) SAN ANTONIO, TX – MAY 15 : Blake Griffin (32) of the Los Angeles Clippers shoots over Boris Diaw (33) of the San Antonio Spurs in Game One of the Western Conference Semifinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs at AT&T Center on May 15, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. The Spurs defeated the Clippers 108-92 . Photo by Eric Gay-Pool/Getty Images

(6) San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker (9) , of France, drives past Los Angeles Clippers’ Reggie Evans (30) during the first quarter of Game 1 of a second-round NBA basketball Western Conference semifinal playoff series ,Tuesday, May 15, 2012, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Eric Gay ….



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6 thoughts on “Nothing But Net …. Now It’s An Air-ball … Oops !”

  1. It’s hard out there for a pimp when you ain’t got money for the rent so you’d better whup that bitch ! Yeah , the Lakers had their ass beat down like a pimp beatin’ up on one of his bitches because she’s not turned enough “tricks ” . And deservedly so , as they’re a classless organization ! . ‘nough said ! tophatal …..


  2. It’s been a great post-season so far, Al, leaving many of us to stand corrected.

    The NBA is not as top-heavy as we once thought.

    First of all, nobody had the Spurs where they’re at. All of us had the Heat and Thunder going deep but nobody could have predicted the success of the Sixers and Pacers.

    David Stern is very happy as are basketball fans everywhere.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      Compared to last season’s playoffs I’d say this postseason has been average at best ! Injuries have plagued literally killed the chances of a number of teams this postseason and that has already been reflected in the results .

      And with regard to the Spurs I did expect this from them ! I’ve watched this team all season and I’ve seen the improvements over last season in terms of their play . At the same only a complete idiot would overlook “any team “ coached by Gregg Popovich . And that’s what the vast majority NBA analysts and fans are , completely friggin’ clueless !

      tophatal ……


    2. Chris Humpherys

      A couple of reasons Stern might be happy ………. Goodell and the NFL are now under close scrutiny because of the fallout from the Saints . And the other comes from the fact that the Players’ Union (NBPA) is now under investigation by the US Justice Department because of what’s said to be illegal business practices , grand larceny and misappropriation of funds tied to the union . I’d say that’d turn a frown upside down ! Wouldn’t you ? tophatal …….


  3. People in Philly on SportsTalk Radio Wednesday afternoon were talking about how the Sixers could now handle the Heat without Bosh and then expect to face-off with the Spurs. The Celtics series was over. My how twenty-four hours has changed things. I know fans all over the country lose perspective but in Philadelphia we take it to a whole new, upper level. Everyone just brushed off the Bulls’ injuries to their two best players and took all sorts of credit for how the team took out Chicago. After some gruesome ball in Boston and managing a split, we were destined for the NBA Finals. Philly fans are classic. Boston woke up and put – at least for two days – a sleeper hold on those NBA Finals plans.


    1. sportsattitudes

      There’s scene in the movie entitled ” American Gangster” starring Denzel Washington , Russell Crowe , Idris Elba , Clarence Williams III and Cuba Gooding Jr . In one scene Washington in the role based the life drug kingpin Frank Lucas confronts the Gooding Jr character (Nicky Barnes) and tells him to put ” a choke hold on that bitch ” and not mix his product (heroin [Blue Magic]) by diluting it down with sugar or he will do something.

      Well, that’s exactly what the Celtics are now doing with the Sixers ……….. putting a choke hold on the bitch that’s so tight that the Sixers’ players might not come up for air for the remainder of this series .

      tophatal ……


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