Rule Of Law , Rule Of Thumb Or Simply The Rule According To Goodell ………. ?

Rule Of Law , Rule Of Thumb Or Simply The Rule According To Goodell ………. ?

By tophatal ……. 05/23/2012 08:50:40 PM (EST)

The NFL Draft for 2012 set off no major surprises for the most avid of fans who viewed the televised event from the Radio City Music Hall , New York City , New York . And as we all know the Indianapolis Colts set about a chapter in their history with the beginning of the Andrew Luck era. The player was taken #1 overall to be followed by Robert Griffin III by the Washington Redskins . Now with the league’s OTA’s (organized training activities) already up and running with rookies reporting for training camp , it will be interesting to see what is made of the players drafted and how they fare during these preliminary exercises.


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Now for myself this season to my mind will be a make-or-break for the New England Patriots . Look, as an avid a fan as I am of this franchise it has gotten to the point where I have simply become so annoyed with head coach Bill Belichick and his continued tinkering with the defense . And yes , I am aware that last season the Patriots’ defense was amongst the worst in the NFL , especially in the yards allowed in terms of the pass defense . Hell , it got to the point where the New England Patriots’ secondary would have been hard pressed to stop a group of geriatrics , were they the opposition. Belichick and his coaching staff led by offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels have judiciously chosen to address all of the team’s needs. Nick Caserio who succeeded Scott Pioli as the general manager , has simply followed the path of least resistance as he and the head coach seek to follow the franchise’s pattern of success . It has served the Patriots well with three Superbowl victories and five appearances during Belichick’s tenure. The team drafted well during the NFL Draft and it will be interesting see these young players acquit themselves over the course of the Patriots’ schedule .

One year older , and hopefully a great deal wiser , I certainly hope that Tom Brady and offensive weaponry at his disposal will up to the task , especially in light with what was achieved by the quarterback last season . Certainly , with the offensive proficiency of Danny Woodhead , Aaron Hernandez , Rob Gronkowski , Wes Welker , Chad Ochocinco and Brandon Lloyd , it has to be said that the Patriots should prove to be a formidable offense to face over the course of this season .

The NFL season in 2010 was an eventful one , with the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers raising the Lombardi Trophy after a tumultuous and exhilarating season for this renowned franchise . The year also happened to be an un-capped season , wherein the teams could simply choose as they pleased to spend as much money as they sought in acquiring free agents or to meet the salary needs of the players already on their rosters. In light of this all both the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins were punished with impunity by the NFL hierarchy , with Commissioner Roger Goodell rendering a verdict whereby the aforementioned teams would have to forfeit a combined $46 million for having surreptitiously contravened what is said to be an ” unwritten rule “ . In this case both the Cowboys and Redskins who are said to have front-loaded the contracts of the players signed during the season . Now unless I am mistaken , I was under the impression if there is no salary cap then why the hell is Goodell now throwing his weight around like a “whirling Dervish “ dictating how the teams should conduct their business affairs under such a premise ? Applicable should be the fact that the teams have contracts in place for the players on their rosters , nothing , more nothing less . What might be even more idiotic is the very fact that the commissioner and the hierarchy did not choose the issue until midway through the 2011 season to make their findings known , concerning the actions of both the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins . Have you ever heard anything so damn asinine ?

Both teams have sought to have Goodell’s decision overturned , with Jerry Jones , Dan Snyder and GM Bruce Allen now seeking another line of recourse with special arbitrator Stephen Burbank upholding the league’s original decision . Now comes the true test , will either team owner now seek to appeal that judgment within the legal system ? The NFLPA and its executive committee are now seeking their own challenge to the NFL’s ruling in the US District Court , in Minneapolis , Minnesota. The union’s challenge , states that the NFL in collusion with the team owners have sought to circumvent the principles of the salary cap , which in of-itself was moot , as there was no salary cap for the 2010 season. DeMaurice Smith , executive director of the union is no stranger to the environment of judicial expediency and jurisprudence , having been a former US Assistant District Attorney with the Justice Dept and then in private practice as a corporate litigator with renowned DC law firm Patton Boggs LLC . This is no longer the NFL of old where the power laid in the hands of the commissioner and the team owners as it is now in essence in the hands of the all-powerful NFLPA . The recent CBA (collective bargaining agreement) between the league hierarchy and union led to a ten-year-deal which was meant to bring about stability and labor peace between the two parties. Yet , there’s still a great deal of mistrust between the NFL and NFLPA , and along the way growing friction also amongst the team owners and the way the league hierarchy has dealt with a number of issues . Much of this has come to light with the latest owners’ meeting that recently took place and ended last week . That fraternity of franchise owners , much like a clandestine group have become so secretive and , manipulative to the extent , where they now have paid lobbyists working in the hallways of Capitol Hill , DC seemingly looking for any advantage that they can get in order to get congressional leaders to lessen their tax burdens , even in light of the very favorable statutes that allows the NFL to operate under the antitrust exemption statute already in place .

Courtesy of USA Today

NFLPA’s latest fight consistent with new reputation

By Jarrett Bell , USA Today

When the NFL had its unprecedented 18 years of labor peace with the players during the late 1990s and early millennium era, there was the perception it included, well, an unfair advantage.

The NFL Players Association was viewed as being too soft, too cushy in its relationship with the league. Nearly a half-dozen years ago, Bryant Gumbel went so far as to characterize late union chief Gene Upshaw as a “lap dog” for ex-commissioner Paul Tagliabue .

Gumbel was off-base. Under Upshaw, the NFLPA waged the legal war that finally won liberalized free agency, and salaries exploded as the sides kept extending collective bargaining agreements. And Upshaw won the last CBA he negotiated, to the point that owners opted out.

MORE: Union files complaint vs. NFL

Still, there was that perception. The NFLPA — key partner in the USA’s most popular sport — was nothing like the all-powerful baseball players union.

My, how perceptions have changed. The NFLPA has recast itself in the image of its leader, DeMaurice Smith , a former federal prosecutor. It is ready to scrap at the drop of a hat, no issue too large or small.

After de-certifying last year and suing over the lockout, the union has kept up the pace since striking a 10-year labor deal. Even when it looks silly or frivolous.

The union has stalled the testing for HGH that it agreed to (in principle ). Citing lack of evidence, it has vehemently fought on behalf of players accused as lead perpetrators in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal rather than leading the chorus that decries any system in which players are out to hurt their union brothers.


At this juncture I am not so sure why the union is simply pressing ahead with this issue and the appeal ! Are they now seeking to work in conjunction with both Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder to right what they deem to be an egregious wrong ? Or is this now coming down to the union , once again seeking to flex their muscle concerning the NFL , while seeing whether or not the league will budge ? All of this ambiguous pomposity from both parties but yet one of the most pressing issues neither the league or union would willingly seek to address. First , and foremost there is the issue of player safety and how the league treats concussions and specifically CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy ) . With the recent deaths of Junior Seau and Ray Easterling , only now has the league actually realized the gravity of the issue . Needless to say , the murkier side of this whole idiocy has been the culpability of both the union and the league concerning the New Orleans Saints’ ” bounty scandal “ . That farce , and the mere fact that the league had been correlating , and collecting evidence would now suggest that the NFL quite possibly has bungled their investigation. Questions have arisen as to the veracity of the case that the league has presented but I do believe that this has been driven by the fact that the vast majority of the NFL franchise owners are said to be angry at the fact that the New Orleans Saints have been allowed to get away with , in their actions for the past three years . Joe Vitt , Sean Payton and GM Micky Loomis have admitted their guilt in the actions purported to have been put in place . But for the four players under suspension ( Anthony Hargrove , Scott Fujita , Johnathan Vilma and Will Smith ) have all denied any wrongdoing on their part . They have sought their appeal with their original verdicts being upheld but Vilma has now filed a defamation of character and libel lawsuit in the US Federal Court against the NFL commissioner and the league (NFL) , itself . Chances are , that lawsuit may well be a protracted legal matter where Roger Goodell will have to take the stand in his defense and that of the NFL . Care to ask how the commissioner will address the questions posed by Vilma’s attorneys at that trial , should it ever actually take place ? Chime in with a comment as you see fit .

Of the four major professional sports’ hierarchies and their respective commissioners , David Stern . Roger Goodell , Gary Bettman and Bud Selig have all over the course of the past season seen the blow-back against their decisions on a number of issues . But perhaps for Goodell , his actions if any have come under the most scrutiny . Certainly , the commissioner’s answers to the convened members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee as well as the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning the reason why the league has yet to adopt the steroid policy agreed to , as part of the NFL’s most recent collective bargaining agreement (CBA) , ratified by the league and union. To my mind , Roger Goodell has been one of the biggest pompous assholes in the recent history of the NFL ! The commissioner shows about as much intelligence as a mentally challenged individual who seeks to play hopscotch in the midst of a minefield ! He chooses not to address the most serious of the issues that the league faces with any veracity but instead he simply points to the growing revenues and not much else as part of his so-called legacy . This mother-f#cker has a pair of brass cojones on him , and not much else ! Anyone now coming to his support to my mind has to be some of the dumbest fucking idiots on the face of the planet . The sphincter licking morons of ESPN , namely Chris Mortensen , John Clayton , Adam Shefter need to get a damn clue rather than chasing after the stories , that in large part is simply of no interest to anyone ! Do you really want to know what Tim Tebow may well have had for breakfast , beyond his Wheaties ? Really , ESPN is that the best you can do ? Sh_t !

Is this what the NFL has come to ? I’ve repeatedly read and have heard patrons within this forum try to explain the difficulty that the commissioner has in his capacity as the NFL’s highest ranking executive . Apathy once again has set in amongst the fans , who simply haven’t got a fu_king clue concerning a number of issues that now currently afflict the NFL . Their only concerns seemingly is whether not their fantasy picks will pan out over the course of the NFL schedule and the point spread of a number of games . Enough said on the matter because really , what does anyone get by that by way of anything tangible from being a draft geek ? Getting your “jollies ” rocked are you ? ‘nough said ! Roger Goodell couldn’t find his ass from a hole in the ground , even if his very life depended on it , and that’s not necessarily saying a lot at this juncture , given his handling of a number of situations ! And even with the alleged expertise legal counsel being provided to him by Jeff Pash and Adolphus Birch III , the commissioner still bungles his way through the day , still coming across like many of the fu_king clueless members of the US House of Representatives and Senate , who just happen to be on both sides of the political aisle ! Would you have expected me to say anything but that ? I mean there are actually dumb assholes on both sides of the political divide as the Democrats much like their counterparts , the Republicans are simply no more intelligent than their rivals. It’s not as if either party has to clue how to deal with the most acute of the issues that this country now faces to begin with ! And as to the prospective Presidential candidates for the upcoming election . Well, let’s just say it’s a pick ’em between the self-absorbed duo of the Presidential incumbent Barack Obama and the equally odious Mitt Romney , former governor of Massachusetts , the self-proclaimed entrepreneur and business innovator. If only the last claim were indeed true . But I’ll let you all be the judge of that ! I mean , Romney speaks volumes of his life in the business field and the private sector but rarely has he addressed his successes during his tenure as the chief executive of the state of Massachusetts . Really , Mitt ? Really , it’s going to now come down to the fact that of expertise and your work at Bain Capital ? My , oh my ! And Obama’s handling of the debt crisis ? Well what’s another trillion dollars ( $1,000,000,000,000) to an already bloated national debt that will never ever be actually paid off ? And to think that there are now renowned economists applauding the Congress’ handling of this debt crisis , while being critical of the economic crisis in Europe , specifically those weighing down Greece , Italy , Spain and Portugal . Are you fu_king kidding me ? But you or I as a taxpayer will be hounded by the IRS if we’re said to be delinquent in paying our federal income tax. Go figure !

It is a sad indictment when you have a high-ranking executive of a professional sport’s hierarchy who simply cannot explain himself succinctly on any issue that affects his sport and the business of the NFL . Anyone now still on the Goodell bandwagon can you somehow explain the real positives that he has brought thus far to the table since he succeeded Paul Tagliabue ? Do so if you can ?



Picture gallery for your perusal .

The NFL may well now be a $ 10 billion-a-year-industry and their franchises’ ….. values have risen faster than the average rate of inflation in each of the last eight seasons . But beyond that , in reality would you honestly say that the league is now in a better place than it was a decade ago , or even five years ago , given the PR problems that the NFL now faces ? By all means simply leave a comment on any of the salient points raised within this piece , and anything else you believe to be pertinent with regard to the subject matter . And thanks as always for the continued support of this site , as it has always been greatly appreciated !


Picture and slide show details below .

(1)A banner stands outside a conference room as New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft returns to an NFL owners meeting Tuesday, May 22, 2012, in Atlanta. AP Photo/David Goldman ….

(2) Former New England Patriots football player Ted Johnson speaks to a conference on pediatric concussions at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Friday, May 18, 2012. Johnson says the death of former Patriots’ Junior Seau was the tip of the tipping point” that convinced him to speak out for concussion victims . AP Photo/Michael Dwyer …..

(3) New England Patriots rookie defensive backs Alfonzo Dennard (37) and Tavon Wilson (27) are directed to another location by special teams coach Scott O’Brien during NFL football rookie mini-camp at the team’s facility in Foxborough, Mass., Friday, May 11, 2012. AP Photo/Stephan Savoia ….

(4) Team owners Dan Snyder of the Washington Redskins and Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys . The executives have fought rigorously to appeal a ruling by Roger Goodell that saw their respective teams having to forfeit the return of $46 million having contravened an “unwritten rule” as it relates to the salary cap in 2010 . That year, however was an un-capped season and teams were free as such to pay their players salaries commensurate to whatever in principle was agreed with the players’ agents . Roger Goodell has insisted that the “spirit of the rule” was broken by the Cowboys and Redskins in the way that the contracts of the players were structured . Hence the financial penalties levied ___ $46 million to be shared amongst the other 30 teams within the NFL . AP Photo / Mark McKinnon …

(5) (5) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , foreground , is seen here with NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith during the NFL labor dispute prior beginning of the 2011 season. What appears to a 10 year peace accord between the league and union is now on the verge of being in tatters. Smith and the union hierarchy have lodged a civil suit in US District Court challenging the NFL and the owners with collusion in setting about with the charade of a salary cap in 2010 , when in essence the season itself was un-capped . At the heart of this however , in the league’s claims, is the fact that the union cannot challenge this action when their most recent CBA , the NFLPA gave up the right of recourse in challenging the NFL in matters relating to its business practice . Reuters / Philip McConnell ….. …..



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9 thoughts on “Rule Of Law , Rule Of Thumb Or Simply The Rule According To Goodell ………. ?”

  1. “You’re a free man now ’cause I no longer believe in slavery . See you back on the plantation Smith ” . You too ” massa ” . Goodell & DeMaurice Smith .

    This duo is not as bright as many believe them to be , by any stretch of the imagination !

    For all of the buffoons out there sticking with the premise that Roger Goodell has a tough job , here’s proof it’s not his job that’s tough, which it isn’t . It’s the fact that he’s as dumb as a box of fu_king rocks ! Not that his nemesis and ongoing foe , DeMaurice Smith , is that much better ! Here you simply have two dumb s_it-heads using the NFL as their own boxing ring trying to get one over on each other rather than really dealing with the real issues that are now said to be affecting the league .

    The union (NFLPA ) stalls testing for HGH and all Rogr Goodell can suggest is that …”we’ll work our way towards a solution ” . You (Goodell) dumb fu#king asshole you had an agreement in principle ratified by both parties and this is all you can say ? And for the ass-wipes (Morensen, Clayton , Hoge & Shefter ) of ESPN keep on swilling from the porcelain pot that Goodell continues to defecate and urinate in , as you simply know , no better !

    In the case of Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder does anyone really care about either of their teams and what they’re said to be doing legally, or otherwise ? It’s not as if either team has had a real presence in the NFL postseason in recent years to begin ! And it’s not about to change anytime soon , in spite of the hoopla concerning the most recent draft .

    The Redskins on offense and defense , simply sucks ! And the day that Romo actually has a meaningful game for the Cowboys , will be the day you will find Sarah Palin in the White House seated in the Oval Office being addressed as the first female President of the US. At this juncture neither premise is likely to be realized . The Cowboys aren’t that good and Jason Garrett is no Bill Parcells ! On the job training for the Cowboys’ head coach isn’t the way to and that’s what the Cowboys’ front office a re actually subscribing to ! There I’ve said it ! So what are you bringing to the table ?

    “My titties are lactating and I need someone to suck on them as well as hittin’ my G-spot . You up to the task “? Provocateur Bianca Beauchamp


    tophatal …………….


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      Only now am I truly getting in the NBA Playoffs ! The play of the teams has slowly been improving with a number of players simply excelling in their play .

      As to the NFL , Goodell and the union , this is simply one big cluster fu#k that the league can simply do without . It is the complete idiocy of what has been going on without any god-damn common sense being shown by anyone in authority amongst the league hierarchy and executive committee of the NFLPA (union) . 😉

      tophatal ………….


  2. I just saw at least one sports book in Vegas posted point spreads on every upcoming 2012 NFL regular-season game for all but the last week (nice restraint). I just heard the Giants’ Hakeem Nicks may not be able to start his season. I suspect those Big Blue lines have moved since then. It’s a damn shame the NFL doesn’t even realize how much it has America wrapped around its collective finger. All this drama in so many areas. It seems not only the union and management still have issues, but the owners still have issues with each other. It would make sense looking at the subject from this distance the owners did have some sort of quiet agreement in place to “manage” the “unmanaged” cap year and some later got their noses out of joint when at least a couple of franchises decided to go against the spirit of that prior understanding. Just erect another tent for the circus that currently is the NFL.


    1. sportsattitudes

      We’re told that there would a decade of unified peace accord when the CBA (collective bargaining agreement ) came into being . It’s been far from that … the union (NFLPA) has reneged on HGH testing even after they ratified that in their deal with the league hierarchy . And now we have that butt-hole Goodell reigning over the NFL like a dictator and Middle Eastern potentate all rolled into one . The league in its current guise has not one fu_king redeeming quality about it whatsoever . Only those ass kissing morons within ESPN would tell you otherwise !

      Now former Giants Manningham (12) and Jacobs (27)

      The New York Giants front office blundered greatly in allowing both Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham to leave and join the Niners . It has made their conference rivals considerably better apart from their draft and off-season signings . They’ll be amongst the favorites this upcoming season within the NFC for the Superbowl to be sure .

      It’s hard to see how Coughlin can lead this team over the course of this season to any major success knowing that he’s lost two players of that caliber and now quite possibly having lost Hakeem Nicks for an undetermined period of time .


      tophatal ……


  3. With all these issues happening with the union and the NFL, it’s starting to be ridiculous. Both sides do not like each other and that’s an understatement. It was a good thing both sides finalized the lockout…


    1. Blog Surface

      You know what was even more ridiculous were the idiots trying to suggest trying to suggest that the latest collective bargaining agreement would be beneficial to all of the parties involved (league , union & owners ) . My answer to those idiots in question shut the fu_k up once and for all because it’s clear they’ve ‘ve never known what the fuck they’ve been talking about ! And that’s also applicable to the self-serving ingrate assholes of ESPN namely …………. Clayton , Mortensen and Shefter . That trios’ lips are now continuously stuck either to Goodell’s sphincter or one of his testes .



  4. Both the NFL and the union have no balls or brains when you come down to it.
    What is worse the fans will accept anything as long as there is a football season. Both sides act like our US Congress, not giving a damn about
    “product”…more interested in arguing about shit….as for the testing….what the FU>k?!> Time to do the “right thing”.


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