I Got No Money In My Pocket Yo’ ….

I Got No Money In My Pocket Yo’ ….

By tophatal ………. 05/29/2012 03:45 AM (EST)

I must’ve missed something recently concerning the Chicago Bears and the team’s with their restricted fee agent running back Matt Forte . It would appear that the . front office of the organization seem to be more intent on alienating their productive running back rather than upping the ante and rewarding the player with a contract commensurate with his already prolific talent . Now in spite of the recent off-season acquisitions and the upheavals in the team’s roster it would appear that with the recent acquisition of Brandon Marshall and his re-acquaintance with former Broncos’ teammate Jay Cutler , this is said to be the highlight for the Chicago Bears this off-season.


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Now unless I am mistaken either the Bears are playing fast and loose or they are simply intent quite possibly losing the player free agency . Granted , what we do know is the very fact the football club can choose to “franchise tag” and then pay him the league average of salaries of the top five players at the position within the NFL . For Matt Forte seeing LeSean McCoy and Arian Foster have their salaries risen considerably with their respective teams. It has to be said the Bears’ running back does have a valid argument in seeking a raise. Under the pretext that Matt Forte has a troubling recurrence of a knee injury this is said to be the falsehood that they are now subscribing to , in not paying the franchise’s most productive player over the last four seasons. Since the player was drafted by this organization in 2008 Matt Forte has only missed four games in his entire professional NFL career. It begs the question prior to , and after former GM Jerry Di Angelo’s departure , what common sense if any was actually being shown by anyone within this organization ?

If this is the pretext that the Bears will be using to lure their fans into the false sense of security that they are intent on being viewed as a legitimate contender in what is an already competitive of NFC North . From my own personal standpoint , I have never been that high on the Chicago Bears and that comes from the very fact that Jay Cutler has yet to fulfill the so-called accomplishments he’s said to be capable. Analysts and fans alike tend to affix labels upon athletes ……….. in this case the NFL player , purely because we desire it to be so . Cutler is a top-five quarterback ……… Cutler is an elite quarterback ………. Cutler is a championship caliber quarterback . Which is it ? Because I have yet to see any one of the aforementioned traits in this player over the course of his NFL career to date ! And as great as a number of quarterbacks were said to be during 2011 , nowhere is Jay Cutler’s name mentioned in the upper echelons of the statistics that matter concerning the league’s leading passers. And though the Bears were an immense …. disappointment during 2011 any perceived improvements sought will have to be taken under advisement when one considers the very fact that the Detroit Lions , Green Bay Packers and some might say the Minnesota Vikings will have improved considerably due to the draft and their off-season acquisitions .

Lovie Smith is under a great deal of pressure to succeed and most definitely the coach’s position his immediate future and that of his staff is very much on the line. You would have to be naive to think otherwise and it is clear that Smith has to be concerned over the impromptu lack of productivity from his players over the past two seasons ( 2011 & 2010 ) . Way too much talk even from the Bears’ players , an aging Brian Urlacher and a less than emphatic Julius Peppers . Urlacher for all of his proselytising is now on the downside of an illustrious career but at the end of the day when all you have to show for that success is , you equating the fact your quarterback is a leader when at the time , the whole world saw him abandon his teammates in their time of need , then there’s not much else that is left to be said . The NFC championship game and the loss to the eventual Superbowl champions that season pretty much summed up the ineptitude shown by the Chicago Bears .

There’s no denying that 2011 saw the “coming out” party for the Detroit Lions and their successful season . Matt Stafford proved to be everything that finally Jim Schwartz thought would come to fruition . And that was certainly borne out by the player during the regular and postseason for the Lions . And while the offense of the Detroit Lions was said to be prolific , the team’s defense also played their role as well. Kyle Vanden Bosch , Ndamokung Suh and Nick Fairley are seen as the fulcrum to that defense . And as I alluded to earlier in this piece the Lions can only get considerably better , rather than worse . However , what might be even more troubling is the fact that Fairley in the past six weeks has twice ran afoul of the law. Once in his home state of Alabama where he was charged with a DUI and possession of a controlled substance (marijuana). And most recently this past weekend where the player in trying to evade law enforcement while speeding ……….. being clocked at 120 mph in a 55 mph zone after fleeing the scene of an accident . Also again in the player’s possession was marijuana and other opiates. I can’t help but wonder how Schwartz and the Lions’ front office will deal within this latest PR nightmare for the franchise.

Nick Fairley’s college career with Alabama was clouded in controversy and anyone who considers Nick Saban was never concerned with the player’s behavior has to be in complete denial . Saban to my mind has to be one the most insincere coaches in College Football ! The Alabama Crimson Tide’s coach has tried to suggest that his players while under his tenure ____ he has tried to curb their recklessness and make them more productive individuals . If anything Alabama’s program has been clouded in a great deal of controversy , mystery , the lengths and depths which the coach and his staff have gone to , simply to make sure that accusations concerning the players’ improprieties have disappeared. Fairley’s transgressions cannot be seen as a first-time_ chain of events , it has to be seen as a pattern of behavior .

God knows, there is enough of a fucking mess in the NFL at present without having to deal with an immature player seeking to evade the police merely because he doesn’t want to be caught having fled an accident and was found in possession of a controlled substance. But here we are once again and the league or should I say one of its more renowned franchises has another black eye and a PR nightmare within their midst . And given the stupidity that will be undoubtedly be shown by Tom Lewand and Lions’ ownership . It wouldn’t at all surprise me if the franchise now chooses to have the NFL deal with this matter while at the same time they wait for the matter to take its legal course. Now had Nick Fairley killed a bystander , I wonder whether or not the Detroit Lions would have chosen to take such a wide latitude in dealing with both of these incidents ? The Lions would be within their right to suspend the player without pay pending an investigation but we now work on a “premise of innocent until proven guilty” . Truth be known that is now and will continue to remain the biggest joke in jurisprudence . Fairley’s actions speaks volumes to his immaturity and the very fact that once again we have athletes continually being coddled by not only their NFL teams but also by the coaches and the owners alike .

Roger Goodell as the league’s highest ranking executive may well punish players with impunity when they transgress and violate the league’s rules as it regards players’ conduct said to be detrimental to the game. But let’s be real it is and always remain an exercise in futility by the NFL . Goodell’s , biggest and only concern is to try to uphold the image of an already tainted game that simply doesn’t know how to drag itself out of this already pitiful abyss of ineptitude . Personally , I find the NFL to be one big fucking environment of corruption , stupidity and a union (NFLPA) led by an executive committee that simply is one of greed and not much else . The owners , themselves are not so far behind , as they have repeatedly cajoled , threatened politicians at all levels of government . One can only look to the idiocy that recently took place within the state of Minnesota as the governor Mark Dayton (R-Mn) and the state legislature cowered a corner the corner like a bitch having been sodomized by the Minnesota Vikings’ ownership and the NFL hierarchy. How in fu_k’s name can a state said to be facing an acute economic crisis with a near $ 6 billion budget deficit ($6,000,000,000) and seek to finance in part , a $735 million new stadium for the NFL franchise while laying off state employees and cutting their budget expenditure on projects that would be far more beneficial to the state’s infrastructure than that of the building of a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings . It wouldn’t have been so bad , had the governor not fudged and then reneged on his original view as to enacting this stature within his state legislature. In reality however , like the federal government where both legislative chambers …… ( House and Senate) are simply open to the “highest bidder” when a law needs to come into being especially those without any real benefit to the nation as a whole .

Fuck the dumb asses out there who continue to bitch and whine about their income taxes being too high but yet choose not to question when they’re being asked to subsidize the building of a sport’s venue for either a millionaire or billionaire owner . You simply deserve what you get , nothing more , nothing less ! And while this charade continues Vikings’ owner Zygi Wilf and his partners are now laughing all the way to the bank and the smiles on their faces are not about to abate anytime soon ! And for the di_khead residents within the city of Sacramento ……… simply buy into the bullshit your mayor Kevin Johnson is now selling you ! You are all seem to be on board with this idiocy that in building a new venue for the Maloofs will be a savior for the Sacramento Kings . Grow the fuck up , and for the moron who claims than when the venue now known as the Power Balance Arena was the place to be seen , what he fails to state and indicate is the very fact that franchise simply wasn’t winning anything of note much less being competitive . This is the simple apathy that can now be found within the state of California when it comes to many of their sports’ franchises. Call me , when the Kings are of relevance within the NBA and not before !

While I’m looking forward to the upcoming NFL season , at the same with the ongoing controversies now said to be engulfing the NFL , does anyone truly believe that Goodell has the mindset to deal with many of the ongoing controversies that have come to the fore and mired the game ? I mean it is not as if the commissioner has handled any of these issues with the clearest sense of transparency while at the same creating the perception or the belief that he actually knows what the fu_k he is doing to begin with ! And for those who continue to drink from the porcelain pot that Roger Goodell continues to defecate and urinate in , well congrats to you for being the complete dumb asses you have actually been ! The NFL commissioner has yet to accomplish anything of note during his tenure so far and it is unlikely that he ever will .



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What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised within this piece ? By all means simply chime in with a comment as you see fit .


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(1) Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall , right, catches a pass as defensive back Tim Jennings defends during NFL football practice, Wednesday, May 23 2012, in Lake Forest, Ill. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

(2) Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, left, talks with quarterback coach Jeremy Bates during NFL football practice, Wednesday, May 23 2012, in Lake Forest, Ill. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast ….

(3) Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, left, talks with head coach Lovie Smith during an NFL football organized team activity, Wednesday, May 23 2012, in Lake Forest, Ill. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast ….

(4) Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, left, talks with wide receiver Brandon Marshall during an NFL football organized team activity, Wednesday, May 23 2012, in Lake Forest, Ill. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

(5) Matt Forte (22) of the Chicago Bears tries to get around the tackle of Aaron Berry (32_ of the Detroit Lions during a second quarter run at Ford Field on October 10, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. Getty Images/Gregory Shamus …

(6) Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley (98) and Corey Williams (99) break from NFL football practice in Allen Park, Mich., Tuesday, May 29, 2012. Fairley has been arrested in Alabama on charges of driving under the influence and attempting to elude police Sunday, May 27, 2012, his second arrest in his home state in two months. AP Photo/Paul Sancya ….

(7) Minnesota state governor Mark Dayton (R-Mn) in the foreground , is seen here addressing the state assembly after the formal voting had taken place within both legislative chambers announcing that the Minnesota e would in part finance the majority of the costs for the new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings . The $935 million venture will be financed with a $565 billion bond issue and increase in certain state taxes. The remainder will be funded by team owner Zygi Wilf (background) and his partners . AFP Reuters /Mitchell Todd …

(8) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , foreground is seen here taking questions from the convened press concerning the Vikings’ stadium issue . In the background , is Minnesota state governor Mark Dayton . The governor initially was reluctant to back the original ” finance “bill” when it was first tabled for a vote . However , it is widely believed that with the cajoling , and coercion from the NFL hierarchy and the ” hundreds of thousands of dollars “ spent by Zygi Wilf , via lobbyists , this bill was passed with very little opposition within the state House and Senate , of within the chambers in question , in of the state of Minnesota . REUTERS /Clint Roberts …..





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Author: tophatal

Born in the UK of Caribbean parentage.College grad with degrees in the following , Economic and Int'l Finance. MBA attainnee . I'm a former member of the British military (Royal Marines). Now residing in Central Fl. I now work within the corporate business division of a law firm . Where we specialize in the legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Avid martial artist and sports fan.

10 thoughts on “I Got No Money In My Pocket Yo’ ….”

  1. I’d like to thank Nick Fairley for proving to me what I already knew ‘about ‘bama’ players under Nick Saban’s tenure , as they’re no better and no worse than any other that has graduated to the NFL during his coaching tenure . The Lions’ front office has e failed addressed this second incident in light of this being the player’s second such transgression in three months . At the same time, that fu#king ass-wipe , Goodell remains mute . He’s suspended players for far less but he’s simply remaining mute on this . I’m sick and tired to hear this bullshit about let the judicial process take its course when a player has repeatedly broken the fu_king law ! I wonder what we’d be now discussing had Fairley maimed an innocent bystander during his fleeing the scene of that accident having sped off in excess of 125 mph ? Fu#k the judicial process as it has actually become one big joke to begin with ! The Lions haven’t the balls to step up to the plate . And I wouldn’t expect Goodell to step up either , as long lost his balls years ago . Truth be told , the NFL hasn’t a nut-sack much a “pair” to place there at all. He’s a gelding ! Goodell’s balls have been ripped away by the union and he’s become the bitch that the NFL owners can piss on , as and when needed !

    No common sense to be found either in the Bears’ front office as they’re about to franchise tag Matt Forte . But they’ve a lame ass qb in , Cutler , who bitched out during the franchise’s most important game in a decade when they played the Packers in the NFC championship game of 2010 .

    Urlacher is a friggin’ tool and the whole knows it . He’s not even the best defensive player on the Bears’ roster and hasn’t been in a number of years . Let Urlacher continue to suck on Cutler’s testes as they’re best suited to each other in such a way !

    tophatal …..


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      Congrats on that ! That series hasn’t been anywhere near as competitive as I thought it might be in terms of the performances of the Celtics’ players . Age , attrition and the fact that they’ve had to play several arduous series has finally caught up with Rivers players . The Heat will finish this series I believe in five or 6 games at best . Raise a glass of Grey Goose in my honor when you get the chance .

      tophatal ……..


  2. Conventional wisdom in the NFL is don’t overpay for a runningback. Forte is good, but is he worth the cap space that could be used to shore up that horrible offensive line?
    Cutler is a good qb, but is too injury prone.
    The Lions are once again showing that their is something rotten in the state of Michigan. Which brings us to Goodell’s inability to control the madness that is the NFL.


    1. aero

      Conventional wisdom would say that but yet there are NFL general managers around the league upping the ante in the search for the next Peyton Manning or Brady before these guys in some cases have done ……. anything of note . Let’s put it this way my younger sister has more moxie than Cutler possesses in his whole entire body .

      Cutler’s better half …….. fiancee` Kristin Cavallari . What’s not to like ! .

      The only thing Cutler hasn’t messed up on his gettin’ to knock boots with Kristin Cavallari . Myself , I’d definitely “lay the pipe ” to that fine piece of a_s ! My God , Cutler gets to “bone” this and he’s being paid what ?

      Brady’s being short-changed and he gets to “nail ” Gisele Bundchen . Damn !

      Goodell is like a crack addict going “cold turkey ” when it comes to dealing with the players and their behavioral issues . He simply doesn’t know what time of the ___king day it is , much less where he is , when it comes to dealing with the players ! Never mind the fact he’s now become the union’s (NFLPA) ….. ” proverbial b_tch “ ! As , he’s for the majority of the time powerless to really mete out what could be truly deemed harsh punishment . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

      tophatal ……….


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