Bang The Drum Loudly …… The NBA Is … Better Than Ever ?

Bang The Drum Loudly …… The NBA Is … Better Than Ever ?

By tophatal … 06/15/2012 …. 11:45PM (EST)

The NBA postseason is definitely now in full swing , and the league hierarchy under David Stern have to be feeling extremely pleased with themselves . The very fact that two teams contesting the NBA Finals are considered the two best left at this stage of the competition . It pits perhaps the league’s best all round player against its most prolific scorer. The Miami Heat the Eastern Conference representative against the Oklahoma City Thunder , and their team led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook . To counteract the presence of Durant and Westbrook , coach Erik Spoelstra knows that he can rely upon LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to provide his team with the brunt of the offensive productivity sought throughout this series .


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For team franchise owners’ Micky Arison and Clay Bennett have been given the authority and responsibility to be make sure that fans are best entertained by the play exhibited on court . I have no doubt that both Arison and Bennett will imbue their respective head coaches Erik Spoelstra and Scott Brooks as to what is expected during the 2012 NBA Finals . The series is now tied at (1-1) one game apiece after the Heat’s narrow but spirited victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Games three through five , now reverts to the city of Miami where those games will be played at the AA Arena , in Miami , Florida . Sunday , in what is sure to be a sellout crowd in attendance , the resumption of the series is again up and running , with the Heat looking to make sure that the home-court advantage does work in their favor .

If LeBron James and his teammates can attain a victory then most definitely the series tilts in their favor . Beyond the Heat’s ‘Big Three’ of James , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh , it would appear that in game two the Miami Heat found themselves a new go-to-guy in Shane Battier . Now whether or not Battier can reproduce the form shown in that game or perhaps another Heat role player can step up to the plate , it remains to be seen .

Scott Brooks knows that his team could have been 2-0 up in these Finals , had his players handled the ball more securely . Game two , exhibited turnovers by Oklahoma City Thunder , something that Brooks will seek to have his players address . And that will most certainly be something that Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook will have to take care of. Moreover , the players cannot afford to start these game off slowly , in allowing the Miami Heat to take an early lead and letting them retain that lead . Thabo Sefalosha , Kendrick Perkins , Serge Ibaka , Derek Fisher and Nick Collison will most certainly have to contribute a great deal more to this series , and when one bears in mind what Durant , Westbrook and James Harden have been able to achieve throughout the NBA Playoffs has been remarkable.

Undoubtedly , 2012 NBA Finals are living up to the “hype “ and a great deal more . However, with comparisons now being made with the apparent era of Durant & James , now we are told has begun . Many NBA writers and analysts are describing this budding rivalry as being similar in its magnitude as to the “ epic battles “ between Hall of Fame players , Larry Bird and Magic Johnson , when the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers had those monumental Finals’ series , as well as those regular season games .

Inasmuch , as I like the attributes that Durant and James bring to the game , it is far too early to make such comparisons , as to a rivalry that is on a similar scale as that Bird and Magic Johnson . Those icons of the game have certainly cemented their legacies and without a doubt one simply cannot deny what they were able to do , that raised the profile of the game at the collegiate level and then within the professional ranks of the NBA . Kevin Durant and LeBron James are a long way off from achieving the accolades and acclaim of the famed duo from perhaps the “ richest era “ of the NBA’s history . Moreover , that is with due credit of the Michael Jordan “ legacy “ and “ era “ within the NBA and the historical achievements with the Chicago Bulls .


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What if anything do you anticipate seeing as the NBA Finals now unfolds ? Do leave a comment as you see fit and thank s as always for the continued support of this site .


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(1) Chris Bosh (L) of the Miami Heat is guarded by James Harden (R) of the Oklahoma City Thunder during Game 3 of the NBA Finals on June 17, 2012 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The Heat won 91-85 to take a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series . AFP PHOTO / DON EMMERTDON EMMERT/AFP/GettyImages ….

(2) Head coach Scott Brooks of the Oklahoma City Thunder looks on as he answers questions from the media after the Thunder lost 91-85 against the Miami Heat in Game Three of the 2012 NBA Finals on June 17, 2012 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images …..

(3) Nick Collison (4) of the Oklahoma City Thunder goes to the basket against Dwyane Wade (3) of the Miami Heat in Game Three of the 2012 NBA Finals on June 17, 2012 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Photo by Mike Segar-Pool/Getty Images …

(4) Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant gets off a shot against Miami Heat during the NBA Finals game between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder 17 June, 2012 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. AFP PHOTO/POOL/LARRY SMITH …Larry W Smith/AFP/GettyImages …

(5) MIAMI, FL – JUNE 17: (L-R) Kevin Durant (35) and LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat look on in the second half of Game Three of the 2012 NBA Finals on June 17, 2012 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

(6) Magic Johnson (left) and Larry Bird seen here as college athletes , whose friendship and rivalry at the collegiate level and within the NBA simply transcended the sport . Today the duo have a life-long friendship that has stood for over three decades . Mike Portmann ….

(7) Bird and Magic square off in the 83-84 NBA Finals in which the Celtics would prevail in the series 4-3 . Reuters/ Arnold Hughes …..


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3 thoughts on “Bang The Drum Loudly …… The NBA Is … Better Than Ever ?”

  1. It’s been a great series so far, Al, must see TV for sure and the highest ranked Finals since L.A.-Detroit.

    The interesting thing about that series was that marked the end of the Shaq-Kobe dynasty while the one we’re currently watching, might make or break LeBron’s legacy.

    Maybe it’s the drama we’re looking for, looking to see whether our heroes succeed or fail.

    Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how America responds if/when LeBron finally wins it all this time around.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      There’s no denying that this has been a tremendous series . At the same time the officiating has bordered upon being nonsensical with the referees calling some real ticky-tack fouls for no god damn reason . It certainly cost the Thunder game three and it could well end up being one of the primary reasons they could bow out as the eventual losers in the 2012 NBA Finals > .

      As to LeBron he’s simply playing like the player I believe the vast majority of us expected to see in these NBA Finals !

      There’s a reason why ESPN/ABC has seen a spike in the tv audience and it has great deal to do with the scheduling of the games beyond the popularity of the two participating teams in question . And it certainly doesn’t hurt to have two most dynamic players ( LBJ & Durant) in the NBA on the opposing teams representing the Heat and the Thunder .


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