The Reimaging of LeBron James ………

The Reimaging of LeBron James ………..

tophatal ………..

Now don’t get me wrong , I believe that LeBron James , in light of the Miami Heat’s win of the 2012 NBA title , he now has the basketball world at his feet . The player exemplified what is necessary to be seen as a champion by leading the Heat all the way to the “ Promised Land” . And the way that he held the Larry O’Brien Trophy , indicated that the sweet smell of success and the elixir that comes along with it can be intoxicating . Now comes the encore for the nine-year veteran and his teammates , and that is to solidify themselves as a dynasty by winning multiple titles .


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Now for many of us who bore witness to LeBron James’ interview with ESPN journalist Jim Gray . As we can all attest to , the player used that forum to announce that he would be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to ply his trade on South Beach , home to the Miami Heat . That lone interview was ” ridiculed ” as nothing more than a self-serving act of narcissism , and showed that James as a player , lacked a great deal of maturity . The fact that there have been pompous idiots who jumped to the player’s defense by suggesting that his age has been the primary factor in his behavior should be considered asinine .

Since his entry into the NBA in 2003 , where he was drafted as the number one pick overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers . His peers, NBA analysts, and fans alike have lauded LeBron James and that if anything has played into his psyche . To my mind when you have the fact that the player being coddled as a high school “ basketball phenomenon” , with his games being televised nationally . It poses the question , as to what is most definitely wrong with the NBA and Collegiate Basketball . Now even in light , with the NBA hierarchy now working in conjunction with the NCAA and the eligibility status of players seeking to enter the professional ranks . It is still one and done ___– for a number of players at the collegiate level who seek to make the jump to the professional ranks.

James made the leap from St Mary’s High School in Akron , Ohio . Drafted by his hometown franchise , made the player one of the more welcomed athletes in the state . Team owner Dan Gilbert of the Cavaliers saw the value of the organization rise exponentially , almost overnight . The arrival of LeBron James was a boost to the local community and the economy , bringing in tens of millions annually for the franchise . The player’s seven years with the Cavaliers served notice as to how prolific the player would be . However , what held James back was the mere fact that Gilbert and former GM Danny Ferry , who assembled a rather untalented bunch of players to complement the skill-set of James .

In the aftermath of the 2009 season and the player becoming a free agent , it became abundantly clear that it was James’ intent to leave the franchise . Granted, James and the Cavaliers made an appearance in the 2007 NBA Finals , where they met the San Antonio Spurs and were swept in a 4-0 series’ defeat . The ignominy of that defeat did not sit well with the player or then head coach Mike Brown , which in essence created a deepening rift between James and Dan Gilbert . Now we can all bear witness to the events that took place in the aftermath of Lebron James’ formal announcement that he would be leaving the franchise . The repercussions and the animus shown by the fans towards James after the announcement , was somewhat reminiscent of Art Modell fleeing like a thief in the night , with NFL franchise the Cleveland Browns . Both James and Modell are still considered persona-non-grata within the state of Ohio . And though LeBron James still returns to the city where he first made his name for numerous philanthropic efforts that benefits children in the area , it has to be said, that the fans are not all forgiving of what they see was a gross betrayal by the once beloved player .

In his new guise, LeBron James may well have found peace , having won an NBA title as well as the Finals’ MVP in that series’ victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder . As the reigning League MVP , James joins a select band of players to have won the NBA’s highest individual players’ awards in the same season . In a recent interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols which was conducted after the Heat’s victory , LeBron James states that his epiphany this season came after the realization that he no longer saw himself as a villain . That specifically came about from the Miami Heat’s loss the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals . You may think of this as some sort of conspiracy but ESPN appears to be humanizing LeBron James , while looking to soften his image and make him more amenable to the NBA fans . I get the impression that David Stern loves every minute that James is seen front and center there for the fans to see .

LeBron James has become a compelling story in the NBA , and he has his detractors as well as his supporters . The league for its part needs , someone to assume the mantle of Kobe Bryant , who has been the best all-round player amongst his peers for the best part of a decade and a half . The Lakers’ great is now on the downside of an illustrious career and it would appear that the Los Angeles Lakers themselves , are at a crossroads , after a rather disappointing …. season . That however , is another story for some other day as the team’s woes , have been analyzed , chronicled, and discussed passionately over the course of the year. An uncompetitive Los Angeles Lakers’ franchise certainly , is not good for the NBA , and likewise a floundering Boston Celtics’ organization. The NBA’s two most illustrious and successful ball clubs are needed to have an omnipresent fixture in the NBA postseason . The 2012 NBA Finals may well have been amongst the highest-rated Finals’ since 2002 but that much of that was built around the budding rivalry between LeBron James and Kevin Durant . This rivalry as many purists were trying to suggest had to be seen as comparable as to those epic battles between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson at the height of their playing careers. That type of hyperbole is not yet fitting or appropriate based on such a premise . There may well come a point in the future where such an adversarial battle will be seen as being just as thrilling but both Durant and James may well have provided us with something to savor in the future .

With Lebron James’ fame and notoriety has been the fact that he is now amongst the highest paid players in the NBA but among the top earning athletes in North America , and already an already established advertisers’ dream for Fortune 500 Companies . The world has now beckons for James , as he looks to fully survey his kingdom and the subjects therein . Chances are , the player will solidify his legacy and build upon it .



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There are a number of ardent NBA fans who are happy with the landscape of the NBA , with a new order said to reigning over the kingdom and with it comes LeBron James . How he is now perceived by the public will have a lot to do with how the player chooses to carry himself both on and off the court after this triumph . Winning as they say tends to change everything and there are times when it does not . What thoughts if any do you have with regard to LeBron James’ new image ? Do you also feel that he and his teammates will aspire to win multiple titles in the near future ? Your thoughts on the subject matter and anything else you believe to be pertinent by way of a comment is appreciated .


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(1) Rachel Nichols of ESPN is seen here interviewing 2012 NBA Finals’ MVP LeBron James in a series of interviews that will be seen on the cable network over the next few days as a further expose` on the player . Just one more for the player to further raise his profile among the NBA fans and major Fortune 500 Companies who will undoubtedly seek out the player as a spokesperson . Courtesy of ABC/ESPN …

(2) Finals MVP LeBron James is seen here in an interview with Rachel Nichols in a series that will be shown by the cable sports outlet provider . @ Copyright material all rights reserved ….

(3) From left to right Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert , the team’s former GM Danny Ferry , head coach , Mike Brown and LeBron James . At the culmination of the 2009-10 season James would announce his departure from the franchise as a free agent to join the Miami Heat . Courtesy of Cleveland Plain Dealer …..

(4) MIAMI, FL – JUNE 17: (L-R) Kevin Durant (35) and (LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat look on in the second half of Game Three of the 2012 NBA Finals on June 17, 2012 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images ….

(5) At the culmination of Game 5 seen here are Dwyane Wade (left), LeBron James , center , holding the Finals MVP trophy and far right , Chris Bosh , as the three celebrate the Miami Heat’s triumph over the Oklahoma City Thunder for their second NBA title in six years . AP Photo / Ken Yamashita …..

(6) Miami Heat team President Pat Riley , team head coach , Erik Spoelstra , LeBron James , Dwyane Wade , Chris Bosh and team owner , Micky Arison . The scene at the AA Arena was to publicly introduce Bosh and James to the public prior to the 2010-11 season as members of the Miami Heat . Miami Herald / Jorge Cardosa …



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7 thoughts on “The Reimaging of LeBron James ………”

  1. So not content with digging deep to scrape the bottom of the barrel ESPN looks to do so again but this time in order to create a softer image of LeBron James , the player is interviewed by the broadcast outlet’s Rachel Nichols . Who can forget that now infamous mess known as ” The Decision in which that event was hosted by that “worm” and purported journalist Jim Gray ?

    Now inasmuch as James is now being lauded , he knows that a misstep of any nature will place him back in the doghouse . And for the fans out there still naive enough to excuse last year’s mala-prop as to his behavior ………. get a clue . LeBron James is a grown ass man , and not a damn child .

    As for Nichols , I’d tap that a#s for sure !

    ” Jim before we start this interview I want to know what you were doing last night going through my garbage and at the same you had in your possession a pair of my underwear ” ? LeBron ]ames and Jim Gray ?



  2. The media is kissing this guys’sWhy? Because they want to keep on his good side after all the bad assed thinsg they said about him. Wilt was the greatest player to live and the4 media never kissed his ass. Look at his numbers. Still ESPN can go screw themselves


    1. Bobby Gee

      LeBron James knows that without the press there to monitor his every move on and off the court he wouldn’t be what he is today . That being said ESPN in trying to portray themselves as a bastion of journalistic integrity and professionalism , comes across looking like a whore who’s willing to perform any perceived sexual act in order to please . It’s the same with all of the major broadcast outlets that cover the area of collegiate and professional sports , and the print media is not that far behind .

      It has been ESPN’s actions in covering James and other “young phenoms” that has now brought so much corruption to the area of sports at all levels . Way too much money is floating around and not even the NCAA and its president Mark Emmert can do or chooses to do anything about it .

      As for the BCS and their damn fraudulent nature ……….. the idea of a four-team playoff format is not being done to answer the detractors but merely as another way of making more god-damn money . Anyone who fails to comprehend that , is an ass !

      tophatal …………..


  3. Al…

    You already know my take on the guy. I don’t have a problem with the guy and I love watching him play. I don’t mind that he left Cleveland or the way he did it.

    He’s the most ridiculous player in the game right now, bar none.

    And we may be getting to the point where it’s just senseless to root against him.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      There’s no doubt that Lebron James had a sensational season for the Heat and it was a well deserved series victory for the team . He has set himself apart from his peers within the game .And he’s now on course now about to place himself amongst the all time greats .

      From my standpoint he (LeBron) is now beginning to show signs of maturity but he is still a considerable way off from where he really needs to be .

      tophatal ……….


    1. al clements

      In many ways it has worked in terms of his maturity but here’s the caveat to this all LeBron James made the monumental mistake with regard to how he departed from Cleveland and the Cleveland Cavaliers . I don’t know who has been advising the player perhaps his dumb ass agent Leon Rose ? That was a damn PR nightmare of unimaginable magnitude . Do you remember how Art Modell and how his lame ass slipped out of Cleveland like a thief in the night ? LeBron James was no different and the fans in Cleveland and the state of Ohio still despize him for that.

      Having won a title with the Miami Heat he now becomes ” the darling ” of the press as they wait for him to slip up . Look at Tiger Woods and his fall from grace as he was beloved by the press and fans alike . Look at how he slipped up ? Woods is still trying to redeem himself even though he appears to be back on form and winning ways .

      James could easily be tempted but for the moment it looks as if he is heading in the right direction . I’ve seen the vast majority of the interview with ESPN’s …. Rachel Nichols and so much of it is sanitized and it’s being primarily done to soften James’ image and make him all the more ameanable to the public . It’s no doubt “spike” his Q rating in order that the corporate America will be chasing him down to become a pitchman for their products



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