What Is In An Arm ?

What Is In An Arm ?

By tophatal ……..

I have been reading with a great deal of interest as to who has been the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL over the past four seasons . In reeling off my own list of names , it was reasonable to assume that Drew Brees , Tom Brady , Peyton Manning , Eli Manning , Ben Roethlisberger and Tony Romo would be amongst that list . In addition, yes they were , but the real criteria set , were in terms of regular season wins by a quarterback . A great statistic no doubt alongside that of comebacks and game winning drives , that would be a great way to judge a quarterback’s abilities . Far too much is placed upon the quarterback ratings’ system and pass completion percentages but it appears these are the statistics that said to work best for the analysts and NFL coaches and their respective staffs . .
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The one name that I overlooked was that of Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan . A tremendously gifted player , the “ knock” against Ryan is that he has never been able to lead the Falcons deep into the playoffs . Ryan has amassed a 43-19 record in regular season games since 2008, which amongst the tops of starting quarterbacks over the past four seasons . For his part though , Ryan has to contend and play in one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL where the Falcons resides , that has four equally compelling teams that will be looking to play themselves into contention this upcoming season . The NFC South is home to the Falcons as well as the Carolina Panthers , Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the much maligned New Orleans Saints . Moreover, the quarterbacks to be found within the division are not too shabby when playing at their very best .

Drew Brees along with Matt Ryan , Cam Newton and Josh Freeman have their own strengths and weaknesses as players . It bodes well this season for Falcons’ head coach Mike Smith , as the team has to be viewed as the prohibitive favorites within the NFC South for the upcoming season . Smith , team owner Arthur Blank , GM Thomas Dimitroff and President /CEO Rich McKay have been prudent and fortuitous in their personnel decisions in the aftermath of the Michael Vick “ scandal “ , which essentially saw the franchise’s fall from grace and the less than honorable departure of Bobby Petrino in the wake of the scandal . Matt Ryan , who was a first round draft pick in the 2008 NFL Draft was taken third overall by organization . The player became a starter that season for the team , with the franchise going 11-5 within the NFL (8-4 /CONF & 3-1 non-conference). The young quarterback in his rookie season was steady but not spectacular. By comparison to his peers that season , one could attest to the fact that Mike Smith was happy with he witnessed from the young player in his first year within the NFL .

The 2012 NFL Draft for the Atlanta Falcons was built around the prerequisite needs of the team , namely a guard , tackle and nose tackle and running back . Moreover, this was borne out in the choices made by Mike Smith and the coaching staff in conjunction with Thomas Dimitroff. Peter Konz , Lamar Holmes , Bradie Ewing and Johnathan Massaquoi were the first four players taken by team in rounds , two through five . If the Falcons can improve upon last season by way of their overall statistics then it , and where they ranked defensively and on offense would be a boost for the coaching and the young players hoping to make a solid contribution for the franchise this season .

Am I convinced that Matt Ryan can join the elite quarterbacks within the NFL ? Well that would be dependent as what one constitutes as being amongst the “elite” ? The Falcons’ quarterback has proven that he is capable of leading a team but it is being able to get over that final obstacle of getting a franchise deep into the playoffs is how now adjudge the greatness of a player and that intent is to win the game’s biggest prize the ……………. Superbowl .

The Michael Vick years as we know , showed him to be a phenomenal athlete who was able to light up a game with some “ exhilarating plays “ . Vick’s on the field performances notwithstanding , it was the player’s off field issues that gained some unwarranted attention and notoriety. His lying to federal investigators and to the ownership of the Atlanta Falcons showed that the naiveté of Michael Vick as well as his lack of maturity . Vick a great deal of wealth and notoriety at a young age, and not being able to handle the public attention , as well as the praise tends to be one of the many reasons that an athlete feels that they are above the law , while feeling that they will have the backing of their entourage or the press in some instances plays into an athlete’s mindset . We have seen these scenarios played out far too often within the public arena , with many of the fans either siding with the athlete or decrying their actions , no matter how heinous their actions are said to be.

The seasoned veteran is now with the Philadelphia Eagles , where their 2011 schedule simply imploded due to their lack of real commitment and the apparent lack of ingenuity coming from head coach Andy Reid and his coaching staff . An 8-8 season led to the Eagles missing the postseason . Moreover , questions were asked as to why this team failed so miserably , in spite of the apparent talent at Reid’s disposal. The Eagles’ front office led by team owner Jeffrey Lurie , GM Howie Roseman and senior consultant Joe Banner had eschewed the idea of firing the head coach after last season’s malaise . Reid’s tenure has been filled with highs and lows , and in recent years, one could attest to the fact that it was more of the latter .

In 2012 if the Philadelphia Eagles are unable to have a successful sojourn through their schedule , then we may well see the head coach being shown the door . I am not about to suggest that the Vick “experiment” in Philadelphia has been a distinct failure but the rhetorical excuses being served up by the player and the coaching staff might just be the most asinine of the premises that best describes why this organization can be considered a joke ! That notwithstanding , the supercilious attempts by the NFL analysts to consider both the Eagles and Dallas Cowboys as being repeatedly favorites within the NFC , has to be looked upon as being rather redundant. The fact that both teams reside within the NFC East indicates how mundane that the division a has become with the ascendancy of the New York Giants in recent years and their playoff history . Do you get the feeling that the Cowboys and Eagles are envious of the Giants and their success ?

Whatever the season now holds for the Atlanta Falcons and the aforementioned teams as they embark on their respective schedules . We can only speculate on what is likely or not likely to happen concerning those franchises . As the defending Superbowl champions , the New York Giants will be the team with a bulls’ eye on their backs . Everyone will be out to take the Giants down , and I am sure that Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning will be out to prove their detractors wrong .



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The NFL preseason should prove to be interesting as we get the first glimpse of the rookies taken in the Draft and see what their aspirations may well be . If at all interested in the subject matter simply leave a comment as you see fit .

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(1) Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan takes part in football mini camp Tuesday, June 19, 2012, in Flowery Branch, Ga. AP Photo/David Goldman …

(2) Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham takes part in NFL football practice, Thursday, June 21, 2012, in Flowery Branch, Ga. For much of the free agency period , it appeared likely the Falcons would lose Abraham, the team’s top pass rusher. Instead Abraham has returned to find his new defensive coordinator is Mike Nolan , who was the Jets’ defensive coordinator for his 2000 rookie season. Abraham says it’s a perfect fit. AP Photo/David Goldman ..

(3) Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith conducts NFL football mini-camp, Tuesday, June 19, 2012, in Flowery Branch, Ga. AP Photo/David Goldman ….

(4) Tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) of the Atlanta Falcons breaks a tackle during the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium on December 11, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images North America …..

(5) Matt Ryan (2) of the Atlanta Falcons heads off the field after the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at the Georgia Dome on September 18, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. Scott Cunningham / Getty Images North America …

(6) Michael Vick (7) of the Philadelphia Eagles talks with head coach Andy Reid before the start of the Eagles game against the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field on January 1, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. …………


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

11 thoughts on “What Is In An Arm ?”

  1. Matt Ryan might not be viewed as a top-five quarterback but I’d certainly take him over someone like Jay Cutler by an ever wide margin that’s almost unfathomable !

    Cutler is as soft as a baby’s ass and that’s something that no on can deny . If you want evidence ……. look at the way he walked out on his teammates in an NFC championship game against the Packers . Too many excuses have been made for this player who has yet to win a meaningful game in his professional career .

    “Really Jay is that all you can think of , you wanting to role reverse by dressing up in my underwear ? Because it’ll be the last time I’m going to let you put on my bra and panties before sex ” . Cutler and his fiance’ Kristin Cavallari


    I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the Bears are even competitive enough to make the playoffs because they’re not good enough to take down the Packers within the NFC North .

    Please don’t let the chic on the right doesn’t make a sharp to turn to her right and knock her friend out ’cause that would be awful . Your thoughts ?

    “Mike if I wanted you to go down there then I’d have asked you to, so get up off your knees and come and suck on these “?


    extremely large breasts/


    Here are some tits that both Cutler and Vick can suck on ’cause that’ll be as good as it gets for the duo this season . In 2011 in the NFC their stats were not that impressive but I’ll let you all be the judge of that .

    As for Vick and the Eagles their “window of opportunity” is coming to a close . The quarterback knows it and it can be seen in his demeanor . If he can’t lead the team this season deep into the playoffs then his ass as well as Reid , has to be grass and put out to pasture .

    tophatal …………….


  2. Matt Ryan is a very talented quarterback. Having said that let me say this, if the Falcons do not make improvements on their offensive line Ryan’s talents will go to waste. Also, John Abraham is a great player that could use some help from his fellow defensive players.


    1. aero

      It’s really been befuddling to watch the Falcons play because they’re extremely talented , and in Michael Turner they have one of the best backs in the league but you’re right , if the offensive line cannot protect their quarterback back then they will continue to have problems from an offensive standpoint .

      Defensively Smith and the staff have taken care of things by way of the draft picks made from this year’s draft . It bodes well for the Falcons and their schedule divisional , and from a conference standpoint . I think that if the Saints slip up as I expect them to because of their ongoing issues of the field . Then I firmly believe that this could be the season for the Falcons to take charge and win the NFC South outright !

      I think that the Panthers will be in the mix but that’s dependent upon whether or not Cam Newton suffers a sophomore ….. slump .

      The Buccaneers , I am not so sure what to make of them for this season because once again it has been back to drawing board in terms of a coaching and player upheaval . Schiano and his staff will have their work cut for them this season .

      Freeman has to be at his very best and not show the type of inconsistency we all witnessed last season

      ‘Of course I have implicit faith in my quarterback . Who do you think I am , Jon Gruden ‘ ? Bucs’ coach Greg Schiano

      So you’re not willing to help out either Cutler or Vick with regard to their mammary issues ? Why not might I ask ? That’s so beneath you . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      How’d you like to “play” with her ” melons “ ?

      tophatal …..


  3. Reid needs to shown the door if he stinks it up this year. No! we are pissed that Reid and his bunch of moron coaches didn’t coach worth shit. the dumb defensive coorindator who ran a “D’ that sucked. The Giants out played the Eagles. the Cowboys can rot in hell. This year we should do well. But anything can happen


    1. Bobby Gee

      Reid should<i have been shown the door at the end of last season but the entire front office of Eagles shows a complete lack of intelligence . That team was a an embarrassment and with regard to their winning streak towards the end of their schedule , much of that came down to the lack of real quality from those opponents .

      I simply do not expect anything new out of the Cowboys this season as it’ll be more of the same , with mundane performances , crappy coaching and Romo simply underachieving as always .


    1. al clements

      There’s no doubt in my mind that Ryan will become one of the better young quarterbacks in the NFL ! That being said his O line is pretty good but it has been the defense that seems to have the flaws . For me however , the best mobile quarterback I have witnessed ever has been Steve Young . Not only was he accurate but he was one hell of a runner as well …………. his football mindset was unparallelled as a player .

      Speaking of which , what the hell is happening with the Steelers and what appears to be a divergence between Roethlisberger and Todd Haley , the team’s new offensive coordinator ? If it’s not one thing it’s another . WTF !

      I’ve always said if all else fails and there’s no whipped cream then soap suds will do !


    1. Blog Surface/CDR

      It goes without saying that Brady and Peyton Manning have been the two best quarterbacks in the NFL over the past decade . Anyone who believes to the contrary needs to have their heads examined as a mental health issue .

      With regard to the quarterbacks now currently in the NFL it’s great that we now have a terrific crop of young talent but at the same there’s no denying that there are some real ” duds “ amongst the bunch as well . Matt Leinart and Vince Young are two names that immediately come to mind !


  4. This biggest storyline in this year’s NFL, Al, has to be how Peyton Manning will look.

    Denver, football fans, John Elway and the entire Manning family will all be watching with bated breath in Week One as Manning takes his first big hit, hoping and praying he gets up without issue.


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