Show Me the Money and I Will Show You That I can Play

Show Me the Money and I Will Show You that I can Play

by tophatal …… NBA pieces within this site

Take it any way you can get it , and that appears to be “mantra “ for so many unrestricted free agents at present within the NBA and NFL . The once highly praised hero of the New York Knicks , Jeremy Lin now seems to be superfluous to the organization’s needs . Knicks’ GM Glen Grunwald , in the past forty-eight hours has been making deals in order to bolster the team’s roster . In , have come point guards Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd , with Kidd either being viewed as a backup to Lin , should he still be retained , or more likely the case , his coming off the bench to support Felton .


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Jeremy Lin signed the offer sheet , from the Houston Rockets which is a three-year $25 million contract , wherein , the New York Knicks now have a further forty-eight hours to review and then if they choose to , match the offer of the Western Conference …. franchise . Lin was a member of the Houston Rockets in 2011 before the player was placed on waivers , and then acquired by the Knicks . Initially the young point-guard was a model of consistency before his game fell apart because of his lack of skill-set in being unable to secure the ball and cutting down on turnovers . Far be it for me to suggest but at this moment in time the Knicks have five guards on the roster including Jeremy Lin . With the recent departure of Landry Fields to the Toronto Raptors as an unrestricted free agent . Glen Grunwald now seems to be trying to corner the market in point guards . There has not been this sort of ineptitude shown by the front office , since Isiah Thomas held the dual roles of general manager and team President within the Knicks’ organization.

The New York Knicks for their part had a rather inauspicious return to the NBA postseason losing in the first round to eventual champions the Miami Heat . The franchise , was in many ways so flawed , that you were never given the impression that Carmelo Anthony , Amare` Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler were simply good enough to defeat the Heat . Defensively challenged , one could understand the issues that head coach Mike Woodson with this group of players during the postseason . If Jeremy Lin should be jettisoned by the Knicks and his return the Houston Rockets is a successful one , then the cards still remain in play , as the Rockets seek to acquire Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic . The drama that continues to be played out with Howard , and the franchise that he has continued to antagonize for the better part of the last six months , while acting like a petulant child has been a complete embarrassment to the NBA . As this scenario continues , the fans of the Magic must now question the experience being shown by team COO Alex Martins and the recently installed GM Rob Hennigan . The longer this idiocy remains within the public domain , the more asinine the actions of the Orlando Magic continues to be .

Dwight Howard’s initial wish , was to be sent to the Brooklyn Nets but that situation broke down , when it became known that the Magic’s desires exceeded those of the Nets’ front office . With that conclusion , Billy King in conjunction with team owner Mikhail Prokorov decided to cut their losses , as they re-signed the team’s center Brook Lopez to a multi-year deal . The Orlando Magic still remains with a very disgruntled player and a front office now at a loss , as what to do next . In addition , the franchise has yet to reach a decision , as to a successor to Stan Van Gundy . Moreover, yes, the idiocy continues , as the basketball club meanders like a listless , rudderless vessel lost at sea !

Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey and team owner Leslie Alexander have engineered the transactions wherein , they are currently some $25 million beneath the league’s mandated salary cap of $58 million for the upcoming season . With that sort of financial flexibility the franchise can offer Dwight Howard the type of deal that he seeks but little else beyond that by way of competitiveness . The longer this episode continues , the more ludicrous I believe this whole situation to be ! There seems to be no common sense being shown by the Eastern Conference organization , whereas the Houston Rockets are simply pinning their hopes on signing a player who simply has no desire to be a part of that franchise . Does that actually make any goddamn sense ?

The NBA appears to be bereft of intelligence amongst the league hierarchy , team owners , front office executives but most notably the greed of the NBPA ( union) . You would be hard pressed to indicate that the David Stern and his minions . Declining revenue streams for a number of the NBA teams , meanwhile , ticket prices are have risen on average higher than the rate of inflation , all the while there has been no real restraint being shown by teams and their owners to rein in their expenses . Much of this the commissioner shows his indifference to these issues as he seeks even more notoriety and publicity to place himself in the public eye , as much as many of the game’s more high-profiled stars . Well , David Stern is on the right track , given the situation where his annual salary , in excess of $20 million a year , and that would rank alongside many of the NBA’s highest paid stars . Not bad , for a publicity-seeking whore-monger , is it ? That is after-all what David Stern , is actually all about !

As Team USA seeks to add gold in London , at the 2012 Olympics . I believe that it is time for all of this asinine talk in making comparisons from his current roster and that of the original 1992 “Dream Team” to come to a halt ! As star-laden as the incumbent is said to be , in no way do they possess the “drawing power” or “charisma “ of the team led by Hall of Famers , Magic Johnson , Michael Jordan , Larry Bird , Scottie Pippen , Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley .

Kobe Bryant simply needs to keep his opinions to himself , instead coming off looking like a complete asshole ! As if he has not done so already , in light of his philandering , that led to his recent divorce . What it is it , that Kobe has not learned from Tiger Woods’ fall of from grace ? Was it not enough he acted like an infantile little bitch after his arrest for the sexual assault of a female hotel employee in Eagle , Colorado ? The NBA player cried off , plead his innocence but also at the same time , he threw his fellow teammates Rick Fox and Shaquille O’Neal under the bus , claiming that both Fox and O’Neal were also philanderers , having numerous sexual partners , while the Los Angeles Lakers were on the road . Kobe Bryant , a teammate you can believe in ………… really ? Only , when they are winning , mind you . Now, his dumb ass just happens to “be writing checks with his mouth “ that he simply could not possibly cash !



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What thoughts if any have you , concerning the salient points raised within this piece ? Simply leave a comment or comments as you see fit .


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(1) (1) FILE – This Feb. 24, 2012 file photo shows New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin laughing during warmups before the start of the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge basketball game in Orlando, Fla. This would have been such an easy decision in February. Lin was the biggest thing in basketball, and no way the Knicks would have let him go elsewhere. Now, knowing his price and with no assurance he'll play as he did when “Linsanity ” reigned , the Knicks may allow Lin to leave for Houston. AP Photo/Chris O’Meara …

(2) New York Knicks executive vice president and general manager Glen Grunwald poses for a photograph with Jason Kidd, one of the Knicks two newest additions, following a news conference at the team’s training facility in Tarrytown, N.Y., Thursday, July 12, 2012. Also acquired by the organization , center , Marcus Camby . AP Photo/Kathy Willens ….

(3) (3) FILE – This April 18, 2011 file photo shows Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard speaking at a news conference after he was presented with the 2010-11 NBA defensive basketball player of the year award in Orlando, Fla. Howard is the first player to win the award in three straight seasons. The Houston Rockets were the most active team leading up to Thursday night’s June 28, 2012 draft , making trades to position for a bigger move. As Thursday began, Houston held the No. 12, 16 and 18 picks, but more maneuvering was likely as the team took aim at a superstar big man, possibly Dwight Howard. AP Photo/John Raoux …

(4) Joe Johnson , left, and Deron Williams smile during a news conference introducing the Brooklyn Nets new back-court of All-Stars at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Friday, July 13, 2012, in the Brooklyn borough of New York in New York. The Nets NBA basketball team re-signed Williams and acquired Johnson. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer ….

(5) Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins, left, shakes hands with Rob Hennigan, center, the new general manager of the NBA basketball team, next to the team’s chairman, Dan DeVos , son of team owner , Dick DeVos , at a news conference Thursday, June 21, 2012, in Orlando, Fla. The franchise is still without a successor to the recently fired, former head coach , Stan Van Gundy .AP Photo/John Raoux ….

(6) Inset seen , are standing , Houston Rockets’ owner Leslie Alexander , seated center , head coach Kevin McHale , alongside are two Rockets’ executives on NBA Draft day . The Rockets were frugal in their draft choices , seeking to complement their roster to meet their needs . Houston Chronicle / James Nielsen ….

(7) Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey , seeks to become a ” major player” in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes . The franchise has the necessary cap room to trade for the beleaguered center but it has been revealed that the player is reluctant to join the Western Conference team . N Y Times / Barton Silverman …

(8) Members of Team USA Basketball are seen here in-front of photographers, as pictures are taken of the team . Mike Krzyzewski will seek to successfully defend the Men’s Gold medal won at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Blake Griffin , third from the left , back row, will not be a participant in London having injured his right knee during a team practice shoot-around . His place will be taken by Anthony Davis , the number one overall pick from this year’s NBA Draft . Kobe Bryant , seated front , far right, had suggested that the 2012 US Men’s Olympic roster would be quite capable of beating the “original ” 1992 US Men’s Olympic Basketball team that beat their opponents during the competition, average of 46.5 points, on their way to winning Olympic gold in Barcelona , Spain , in unprecedented fashion, that year . AP/ Reuters / Max Bronstein …..


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NBA salary cap for the 2012-13 season $58.044 million

NBA postseason statistics 2011-12 (Defense) .

statistics 2011-12 (Offense) ………………. NBA


Hot chic pic of the day and do you love it ? Here is Cherry , and I do mean that in the most sincerest of ways .

Amie` . Damn she’s hot !

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10 thoughts on “Show Me the Money and I Will Show You That I can Play”

  1. The Houston Rockets are making a huge mistake if they believe that acquiring Dwight Howard will be their savior while making them better this upcoming season . The Magic center has no desire to play for the franchise at all . Meanwhile, the Magic’s front office has repeatedly shown how inept they appear to be .

    The Magic franchise have not had a great general manager since Jon Gabriel and that is a fact that no cares to acknowledge .

    ” Don’t blame me for the Magic’s problems as general manager , I’m working with the best talent made available ” . John Weisbrod

    “You simply can’t understand the pressure I’m under to succeed as I’ve always been use to being viewed as a constant failure . It’s something that I’ve always excelled at ” . Otis Smith

    John Weisbrod was a joke and Otis Smith can’t spell the world talent much less spot it on a god-damn basketball court !

    “I’m telling you it’s not hard to tell the difference between chicken liver and chicken s#it . It’s so easy , even a caveman could do it ” John Gabriel .

    tophatal …………………


  2. Kobie’s a moron. Michale, Bird and the rest were and are great players as were as Kobie and his clowns in the media at ESPN need to shut fuck up. Wilt, Russell. Willis Reed, Baylor, West, and the rest were some of greatest all time. Chamberlain played in less games than the rest and still put the rebounding record outta sight. Shit man he averaged a double for his career almost 30 points and 25 boards for his career. Give me a break.


    1. Bobby Gee

      You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that Bryant can at times be a pain in the ass. These recent statement attributed to him , even if they are his own opinions , shows him to be a complete imbecile ! If anything , he has made himself an object of ridicule as he’ll find it difficult to explain himself after those statements . He’s on the downside of a declining career and he is playing on a marginally average team who were exposed in the postseason by the Thunder .

      With regard to the Orlando Magic , much like the New York Knicks , they simply haven’t a clue as to what the hell they are doing !


      tophatal ……………..


  3. The NBA teams’ cap hits this upcoming season , measured against those teams’ salary commitments . salary cap is set at just over $58 million . ($58.044 million )

    Cap hits ? How ’bout hittin’ this ?


    The UK Mens basketball team’s secret weapon as they aspire to win Olympic gold . Luol Deng I’m sure has been feasting on and feeding off those objects of desire !

    “Me like cookies but me like Val’s big titties much better “ ! GB player Luol Deng seen court-side on the bench for Britain in an international friendly game , recently .

    tophatal ……………….


    1. Blog Surface /CDR

      The Knicks are not an organization known for operating with common sense ! Look at the years of incompetency and teamineptitude when Isiah Thomas and Larry Brown were there . And then the havoc wreaked by Thomas , himself , with the claims sexual misconduct that in the end cost the organization millions in the settlement of a civil suit . Not much has changed since then, with Mike Woodson as head coach and Glen Grunwald as the general manager . Never mind the fact that a clueless oaf such as James Dolan remains the team’s owner .

      How many guards / point guard does one team actually need to have on its roster ?

      Until Jeremy Lin can handle the ball more adeptly without the multiple turnovers in a game then he will be seen as an ordinary player at best . All of these fans buying into his ascent simply don’t realize that he is not that good to begin with ! He will remain a major draw and have his moments but it won’t lead to any great achievements for the Houston Rockets , most certainly not by a long shot .

      tophatal ……….


    2. jumpingpolarbear

      The Knicks are not an organization known for operating with common sense ! Look at the years of incompetency and teamineptitude when Isiah Thomas and Larry Brown were there . And then the havoc wreaked by Thomas , himself , with the claims sexual misconduct that in the end cost the organization millions in the settlement of a civil suit . Not much has changed since then, with Mike Woodson as head coach and Glen Grunwald as the general manager . Never mind the fact that a clueless oaf such as James Dolan remains the team’s owner .

      How many guards / point guard does one team actually need to have on its roster ?

      tophatal ….


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Kobe Bryant is simply looking for empathy from the public after his faux-pas concerning the ’92 Dream Team . Personally I am of the opinion that the age requirement should be 22 years old at a minimum and not the “idiocy of the one-and-done rule ” for the NBA !

      If the Olympic basketball program wants to maintain its purity then it needs to adopt some sort of IOC ruling in terms of an age limit . There’s an imbalance when you have experienced players of the NBA as part of Team USA pounding away on lesser opponents .

      tophatal …….


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