Change you can believe in

Change You can believe in

by tophatal

In 2008 a young Democratic senator changed the course of political history by becoming the first African-American to ascend to the mantel of holding the highest political office in the nation . In the four years since Barack Obama’s ascension to the US Presidency , dependent upon your point of view , one could either determine that things have taken a turn for the worst or one’s lot in life has gotten a great deal better . I am not saying anything beyond the fact , that I still hold down a job and for the moment , I do not have the US government banging down my doors , claiming that I owe them money . Kind of makes me feel all giddy , until I realize we are now back in another fu#kin g election cycle , with two idiots aspiring to hold the office of President of the United States of America (POTUS) !


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Somehow , the expectations for the Miami Marlins this season , would be that the team was seen challenging for divisional supremacy within the NL East , having committed almost $200 million in acquiring ….. All Star caliber talent. In came Ozzie Guillen , to succeed Jack McKeon as the manager of the new look Miami Marlins , along with Guillen’s personally appointed coaching staff and a list of undisclosed requirements , which GM Michael Hill and team President Dave Sansom acquiesced to .

Through 97 games, the Miami Marlins (45-52 , .464) now find themselves fourth in the NL East standings , with only the lowly Philadelphia Phillies ( 44-54) , seated beneath them . One could simply ask , how could things have gone so wrong , so fast for this overly ambitious organization ? Having moved into baseball’s newest venue , the Marlins’ cavernous $575 million state of the art edifice was seen as a major South Florida attraction not just for the most ardent baseball fan but also as a major attraction for tourists seeking to take in a sporting event .

Ozzie Guillen outlived his usefulness with the Chicago White Sox ,albeit that he led the baseball club to their most recent World Series’ triumph in 2005 . However , a tumultuous relationship with White Sox general manager Kenny Williams , Guillen’s belligerent behavior towards the local press , and his berating of team owner Jerry Reinsdorf , led to a parting of the ways . No love lost between the parties involved , it was time for a change anyway ! If there is one thing that is abundantly clear , then it is with Ozzie Guillen , what you see , is what you get , warts and all . I mean his expletive laden rants during pre and postgame interviews have now become part and parcel of the game , as well as being part of Guillen’s shtick . Anyone who believes to the contrary clearly knows nothing about the Marlins’ manager .

This season just about everything that could go wrong for the Miami Marlins , has in essence gone wrong . Inconsistency right throughout every facet of the team’s play now exists . Neither Guillen, nor any member of his coaching staff has a cure for what ails this team . Now that discontent has set in , the front office seeks to apportion blame elsewhere , with there now being grumblings of an impending “ fire sale “ , of which Miami Marlins are said to be interested in , shipping out Hanley Ramirez as well as pitcher , Heath Bell . If the kitchen sink is also thrown out as well , as the ball club looks to bail on their impoverished season . Then for what it is worth , I say why not ! It is not as if this team was assembled with a specific goal in mine to begin with . Team owner Jeffrey Loria , is bereft of intelligence and for want of a better word , he is a lying piece of fecal matter ! Not to be outdone in the owner’s misdeeds , has been the very fact that the city of Miami remains under investigation by the US Justice Department , as to how it went about in its financing of the Miami Marlins Ballpark . Suffice to say , that city of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado remains tight-lipped as to the dealings that went on . Needless to say , the ever gullible Bud Selig firmly stands behind the actions of the city’s council members and that of the Miami Marlins’ executives . Selig’s own behind the scenes maneuvers in this all , cannot be overlooked . At the same time , given the recent ineptitude shown by US Attorney General Eric Holder’s office and that of his subordinates , I for one am not expecting much to come out of the Justice Department’s investigation ! I will call it , like I see it !

At present there are said to be several teams said to be interested in acquiring Hanley Ramirez’s services . Amongst the franchises said to be showing interest are the Oakland A’s , Boston Red Sox , Detroit Tigers , Los Angeles Dodgers and also the Chicago White Sox . It would appear that A’s general manager Billy Beane might hold the inside track in acquiring the Marlins’ outfielder but if the rumors are to be believed , then the Red Sox’s wish to off-load Carl Crawford in exchange , could be all the “sweetener” the Marlins might need to make a deal . That being said , both Crawford and Ramirez have greatly underperformed over the course of this season . If hitting on or just above the Mendoza Line were an art form , then both Crawford and Ramirez would be the “poster children” for the feat this season .

Everything about the Miami Marlins and the way that this team was constructed says “condescending” and capricious . Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking , that this was not coming , as there was little evidence to suggest at the start of this season to suggest that the Marlins should be seen as a favorite within the National League (NL) for the NL pennant , much less the World Series . Just because you dress a pig , up as a sow , doesn’t make it a sow . And similarly , that was the case with the Miami Marlins as they sought to become the New York Yankees of the NL .

As the flaws have risen , and have been exposed as to how inept the Miami Marlins just happens to be . It would appear that there is no one being held accountable on Ozzie Guillen’s staff , much less the manager himself . And for a team with a payroll < of just over $118 million , which ranks seventh highest of baseball’s thirty teams. It begs the question when will the general managers and team owners within the game , get into their thick skulls that they have created mayhem within baseball from an economic standpoint ?

Ineptitude might be seen as an excuse for the Marlins’ woes when you also take into account how mediocre the team’s pitching also happens to be . And to think , I once supported this ball club with my hard-earned cash by attending games when they played at Landshark Stadium , formerly known as Joe Robbie Stadium , home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins . God , thank you for letting me see the error of my ways ! Now if you could perhaps see fit , in letting the Atlanta Braves at least gain that NL wildcard berth or perhaps win the NL East , then I would be eternally grateful . That is not too much to ask , at this juncture is it ?

Whether or not we now see a glutton of trades being engineered by Michael Hill of the Marlins’ front office remains to be seen . This much is clear , what started out as a season of promise for the Miami Marlins , has now become one big monumental nightmare . There is a great deal of blame to be apportioned everywhere within the Marlins’ organization . The problem being , there is absolutely no one looking to be held accountable .

At this point last season the Miami Marlins’ woes were already in evidence by way of their standing and the results during the month of July . Not much has changed beyond a bloviated payroll and a still inept organization . What more could the Miami Marlins’ fans ask for ? Your thoughts on the matter as you now see it ?

If the Miami Marlins are said to be floundering like a capsized vessel at sea . Then what should we make of the present situation for both the New York Mets (47-50) and Philadelphia Phillies (44-54) ? Don’t get me wrong , they say “ money cannot buy you happiness “ . Then , what the hell are the aforementioned teams buying with their cash ? I love fast cars and motorcycles , and I would like to think I know something about inner workings of both ! Hell , if you get me in a showroom and show me either a Lamborghini Murcielago or a Ducati 750 cc or a Ducati Imola Desmo . Then as sure hell , whatever you are selling me had better be what I am about to get . In the case of the fans in attendance for the games played by the Mets and Phillies at Citi-Field , Flushing New York and Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia . Then whatever is being sold by those organizations , is not as advertised . Suffice to say , someone is lying if that is purported to be baseball or for that matter , both are said to be very good NL , much less MLB teams .

The New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies combined , have a payroll in excess of $268 million and a glut of players on their respective teams that have simply underperformed . Needless to say , once again managers , Terry Collins and Charlie Manuel on appearance , both seem to be completely out of their depth. Manuel may well have guided the Phillies to a World Series’ triumph in 2008 but in the subsequent years they have greatly under-achieved . And for Mets’ manager Terry Collins his tenure with the franchise has been filled with highs and lows . If it were not for the behind the scenes drama of the club’s ongoing financial problems , then we would be overlooking their on-field woes . R A Dickey may well be having a tremendous individual season , and the likes of Johan Santana and David Wright have had their moments . In reality , beyond the aforementioned players there is little to point to that can be looked upon as being a distinct positive for the New York Mets , this season .

Something is about to give with regard to the Phillies , as I simply do not believe that either Charlie Manuel or GM Reuben Amaro can be allowed to remain with the organization should they fail to make the postseason ! Amaro has simply shuffled the deck chairs on the Titanic as it relates to the Phillies’ foray this year . Inept would be a term of endearment to describe how abysmal this team has been over the course of this season . And if I hear one more excuse , as to injuries being the ongoing plague for the team over the course of the year . Then I would point to the fact , that the Phillies’ in-state rivals the Pittsburgh Pirates (54-42 , . 562) are doing far more with even fewer resources now afforded that team . How about them apples ? Stop with the whining , and see the Phillies for what they currently are , a team lacking in confidence and seemingly bereft of creativity on the field of play !


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In light of the trades that have taken place within the last 48 hours and the none-waiver trade deadline fast approaching . What transactions do you believe are liable to take place ? Also , from your own viewpoint where do you believe the blame lies with the bottom now falling out of the Marlins’ season ? Chime in with a comment as you see fit .


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(1) Former Miami Marlins third baseman Hanley Ramirez, right, hugs Marlins’ president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest , after a news conference where Ramirez spoke about his trade, Wednesday July 25, 2012 in Miami. The Los Angeles Dodgers have worked out a multi-player trade to acquire the former NL batting champion from Miami, the second big deal in as many days for the disappointing Marlins. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee ….

(2) Former Miami Marlins third baseman Hanley Ramirez speaks during a news conference where he talked about his trade, Wednesday July 25, 2012, in Miami. The Los Angeles Dodgers have worked out a multi-player trade to acquire the former NL batting champion from Miami, the second big deal in as many days for the disappointing Marlins. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee ….

(3) Detroit Tigers’ Anibal Sanchez , right, lifts the cap off Omar Infante during batting practice before a baseball game against the Cleveland Indians, Tuesday, July 24, 2012, in Cleveland. Sanchez and Infante were acquired from the Miami Marlins in exchange for 21-year-old righty Jacob Turner and two minor leaguers. AP Photo/Tony Dejak ………..

(4) (L to R) Florida Marlins President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest , Ozzie Guillen , Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and Florida Marlins President David P. Samson attend a press conference to announce Guillen as the new manage at Sun Life Stadium on September 28, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Getty Images North America / Mike Ehrmann ….

(5) New York Mets catcher Mike Nickeas and Washington Nationals’ Adam LaRoche (25) watch LaRoche’s two-run home run off of Mets starting pitcher R.A. Dickey (43) in the sixth inning of a baseball game , Tuesday, July 24, 2012, at Citi Field in New York. AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek …..

(6) FILE – This May 28, 2012 file photo shows Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels throwing against the New York Mets in the second inning of a baseball game at Citi Field in New York. Hamels and the Phillies have agreed to a $144 million , six-year contract that prevents the 2008 World Series MVP from becoming a free agent after the season. A person familiar with the trade told The Associated Press about the deal on condition of anonymity because there has been no official announcement. AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek, File ….

(7) ” Change We Can Believe In “. Oh really ? Well better the devil you know than the one you don’t . Wait a minute four more years of this , over Mitt Romney ? Is there a desert island I can get to , before November 2012 ?




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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

14 thoughts on “Change you can believe in”

  1. The Marlins have began their ‘ fire sale’ . How about that ? A pi#s poor …. team who were overly ambitious and have now flamed out …. faster than a damp squib firework ! ‘nough said !

    The only “bigger bust” I’ve seen this season have been Wendy Fiore’s . But hers , I love even more than the Marlins’ self-styled implosion . What a bunch of as#wipes !

    More of Wendy , if you love a woman who’s extremely voluptuous ? I damn well do !

    You’ve got to love Wendy’s assets as they’re more balanced than the federal budget .

    tophatal ……


  2. For the uninitiated here’s an Ducati 750 cc Imola Desmo .

    And a gull winged Lamborghini Murcielago . What’s not to like about either machine ? Beats anything made here domestically in the US in terms of luxury and speed , by far !


    1. chappy 81

      A lot of my buddies who still live down south in the Miami greater Ft Lauderdale area believe me to be a traitor because I abandoned the Marlins even after they’d won two …. World Series titles within the space of six years between 1997 and 2003 . In that time , the change of owners , managers and the turnstile of players to come and go . Yet this god-damn organization is now back to square one with a piss poor owner in Jeffrey Loria , who is so bereft of fuc#ing intelligence and a managerial staff led by a frigging imbecile named Ozzie Guillen !

      As a franchise , the Marlins have a $117 million plus payroll , mediocre attendance for a 37.500 seat stadium known as Marlins’ Ballpark and a ball-club that will be on the verge of seeing its value now diminish exponentially . Take into account there are no vocal leaders on this team and what you have got ? Essentially a pi#s poor bunch of idiots who are overpaid , and were never that good to begin from either side of the game in terms of pitching , offense and defense .

      The Marlins for their own sake had better hope to end up with a winning record that is considerably above .500 to say the very least . As of now I cannot see this team winning more than 75 games at best to end the season at least in third or fourth place within the NL East .

      Miami Marlins’ attendance 19th of 30 and where they rank in comparison to the other 29 teams within the game of baseball .

      tophatal ………..


  3. “We certainly showed them didn’t we Bud ? We fu#ked these fans over big time ” ! Jeffrey Loria

    From left to right , seated front row, Marlins’ executive Dave Sansom , former Mayor Manny Diaz , Bud Selig and team owner Jeffrey Loria .

    Adult performer Jasmine Black

    I say we have $2-00 beers , $4-00 hard liquor , and strippers center field at the ballpark every weekday and triple shows on the weekends !


    And if Jasmine were to perform center-field at the ballpark I’d be there for sure throwing a few bills her way ! So what say you all ? Like the idea or not ?

    Go Jasmine , go Jasmine !

    Jasmine loves to percolate on things , once in a while .

    tophatal …………….


  4. Al…

    I’m currently reading Rick Morrissey’s “Ozzie’s School of Management” that provides insight into the madness that is Ozzie Guillen. I’m not sure there’s a more polarizing manager in the game and if there is, he’s certainly not as profane.

    I’ll report back with a full review once I’m done but I guess the question we should all ask ourselves is, would we want Ozzie managing our favorite team?


    1. Chris

      It can’t be anything like Peter Drucker’s books on business and management , as those are the quintessential books of the era on the subject , be it business related or otherwise . Ozzie Guillen ” lucked out ” when the White Sox won the World Series in 2005 , as he had little to do with the team’s success . He certainly wasn’t the motivating factor behind their success that season . As it had more to do with the joint ingenuity shown by GM Kenny Williams and team owner Jerry Reinsdorf .

      I don’t solely blame Guillen for this mess but he and that lame ass coaching staff as well as the idiots within the Marlins’ front office have been about as much use as a piece of fecal matter would be in a sanitized area of a hospital !

      tophatal …………..


  5. Ozzie Gullen is over rated. The Philles are startinf to play better but we’ll see what happens. But this always happens in Philly a few good years then hell on earth. this is the bums history


  6. I feel bad for Marlins fans, you know if there are any left. They just get ripped off by crappy ownership and I think it sucks that there are still owners like that left in the MLB.

    For the Phillies, I believe they can just spend their way out of it. If you have the money, you can do that in the MLB. How many starters on the Yankees were developed by the Yankees themselves? It can be done so we’ll see how this works itself out over the next couple of years..


    1. Chris Ross

      A butt-head like Bud Selig presides over the game of baseball but he allows a slew of scurrilous owners like Frank McCourt , Jeff Loria , Saul Katz , Fred Wilpon and Bob Nutting to literally ruin their respective baseball franchises , while the fans have to end up paying for those misdeeds . In large part the fans are too dumb to realize what is happening right in front of their very eyes .

      Fans simply like to talk more about what’s happening on the baseball diamond , rather than also taking a keen interest in what is also going on in a boardroom .

      The vast majority of fans are not that insightful or that damn intelligent to begin with . They’re (fans) anal retentive !


  7. Is there a possibility that the Marlins will be more inept than they already are over the remainder of this season ?

    Boobs this that have been as large as the blunders made by the Marlins ? Here’s Selena’s

    Easing the pain of the Marlins’ players , coaching staff and the front office , one boob at at a time and then some !

    Chime in with your thoughts on the this and anything else you believe to be pertinent .

    tophatal ………….


  8. Now for all the idiots out there subscribing to some naive belief that Ozzie Guillen was going to bring something fresh to the Marlins . Consider the team’s record …. this season and their stats . Never mind the fact that Guillen and his managerial staff have proven to be as useful as a used tampon would prove to be to a female on her menstrual cycle . There’s blood all over the tampon and the bloodletting has began with the Marlins . Guillen’s hire much like Valentine’s with the Red Sox can be seen as f##king downright failure !

    The Marlins are now being ran by a bunch friggin’ idiots ! And low and behold the South Florida press are still kissing Jeffrey Loria’s lame ass!

    “Me , a motivational speaker to the Marlins’ players ? And how would that work ” ?

    tophatal ……………


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