News around the world of sports …… NFL

News around the world of sports ……. NFL

by tophatal

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Well , it’s off to the races and the silly season has started in the world of sports . In the NFL we have the idiocy of Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Mike Wallace is holding out of preseason training camp because he feels that he is deserving of a new a contract . Bear in mind that the player is barely three years into his NFL career and as productive as he has been . The player is now going about his negotiations with the front office in the wrong way . Wallace’s agent , Bus Cook is known to be a very astute agent representing a large clientele of athletes within the NFL and baseball. Certainly, Steelers’ owner Dan Rooney and general manager Kevin Colbert are use to handling such matters away from the prying eyes and the public scrutiny . Instead, Wallace feels it best to acknowledge that he is the midst of a totally unsatisfactory situation . What might be even more asinine are the player’s demands that he be paid along the lines of the best players at the wide receivers’ position !


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In the midst of this all while Mike Wallace and his agent continue to play a game of “chicken” with the organization. During their idiocy the player’s teammate, and fellow wide receiver Antonio Brown has signed a 5-year contract extension that sees him being handsomely rewarded for his services to the Steelers . There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things with an organization such as the Pittsburgh Steelers . Perhaps someone ought to remind Bus Cook and Mike Wallace of that fact.

Holdouts will continue to be the boon of professional sports no matter what that sport happens to be. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the midst of their own issues as it relates to a duo of players on the team’s roster . Last season’s rushing leader Maurice Jones-Drew seeks a new contract , while there still remains two years on his existing deal , that will see him receive in excess of $9.4 million . Team owner, Shahid Khan and GM Gene Smith have reiterated that they have no intention of renegotiating with the player while there still remains a contract that has to be fulfilled . Adisa Bakari , agent for the Jaguars’ running back insists that his client is deserving of a new deal , one that is comparable to his stature as the league’ s leading rusher . Jones-Drew has seen the likes of Matt Forte and Ray Rice sign highly lucrative contracts that will see both of these productive players become among the top paid players at the position within the NFL.

Troubling as this might seem , the Jaguars without Maurice Jones-Drew are unlikely to achieve that much this season while the team’s quarterback Blaine Gabbert seeks to make further improvements in his game .

the struggles the Jaguars have had their struggles during their history has been well chronicled within the NFL . And certainly Blaine Gabbert would like nothing better than to have the team’s entire offensive arsenal at his disposal this upcoming season . With that in mind , the team’s first round draft pick 5th overall

from the 2012 NFL Draft still remains unsigned. Wide receiver Justin Blackmon before having put on a Jaguars’ uniform has ran afoul of local law enforcement , having been charged with a DUI, as well as failing to comply with team rules set by head coach Mike Mularkey and his coaching staff .

Of the first round draft picks that still remain unsigned , Blackmon is part of handful of players in such a predicament. That aside, this off-season has simply been one of sheer ridicule within the NFL . Roger Goodell is a defendant in a civil suit filed by plaintiff Jonathan Vilma in US Federal Court that seeks punitive damages and his reinstatement to the league, having been suspended by the commissioner for his alleged and perceived actions in the New Orleans Saints’ bounty scandal . Vilma’s lawsuit also charges Goodell with defamation of character , libel and slander. What a trifecta . Could there be anything else that the Saints’ defender could have missed out on ? And while that sordid episode still remains within our midst, so too does the fact that the NFL and NFLPA (union) have yet to address the reasons why they have not adopted their policy agreed to in their collective bargaining agreement concerning the mandatory (in and off-season) testing for HGH , other illicit substances as agreed to , and ratified by the union. The NFL commissioner is and will remain a pompous ass , simply clueless as to <b< what is required of him as the game’s highest ranking executive ! DeMaurice Smith , Goodell’s counterpart as the Executive Director of the union , has sought to be adversarial at every turn concerning this issue. With a congressional committee (House Oversight & Governmental Committee) now calling for hearings with regard to what appears to be a complete abandonment of a mandated agreement , as both the union and league (NFL) coming across and looking like complete idiots ! Never-mind the fact that we now have unintelligent fans trying to suggest that the NFL is on an even keel. The league remains a “cash-cow ” as we have billions of dollars in revenues coming into its coffers annually .

The Cleveland Browns remains one of the league’s biggest disappointments and I firmly believe that they will continue to be so for the foreseeable future ! This is a franchise that remains in turmoil without any clear direction as to where they should be heading. Randy Lerner , the team’s owner has now publicly revealed that he is now in the final stages of selling his majority shareholder’s stake in the franchise . It is sold on the proviso, that the new owner will keep the Browns within the state of Ohio. Other than the football program of the Ohio State Buckeyes , this program might be the most beloved sports’ entity within the state , and that is with due respect to the Cincinnati Bengals .

Lerner the billionaire entrepreneur is now at a crossroads as it relates to the NFL franchise after repeated disappointments , he must now feel that there is a need for a fresh influx of idea from a reinvigorated owner . Team President Mike Holmgren , and the de-facto general manager of Browns has tried to resurrect the fortunes of this franchise . Head coach Pat Shurmur , and his coaching staff will be asked to get this young team vying for the NFC North . However , the real issues for this franchise has and will remain the ongoing health the team’s quarterback Colt McCoy . The young quarterback has a troubled career in trying to remain consistent as well healthy. And this may well have been one of the reasons why Shurmur in conjunction with Mike Holmgren saw fit to draft Brandon Weeden out of Oklahoma State . The player was taken in the first round of this year’s draft as the 22nd overall pick and the fourth of the four quarterbacks taken in the initial round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

A quarterback controversy is likely to unfold as the Browns’ two most prominent quarterbacks will vie for that starting position. The team’s preseason schedule may well dictate who the victor may well but I would put more credence in what Colt McCoy has been able to do for the Browns when healthy and complemented with a full offensive arsenal . And the team’s regular season schedule which starts off with a home game against the Philadelphia Eagles on the 9th September, 2012. Whether or not Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy can prove themselves worthy of the starting role for the team will be predicated upon not only their playing abilities but also the leadership skills shown on the field of play. Any doubters, out there as to my thoughts on this issue ? Then please feel free to offer up a comment .



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The NFL preseason may well offer up some interesting questions and perhaps one or two answers . A great deal of that will be predicated on what we desire to see, and what we apparently will see . Andrew Luck , Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson as the top three players taken in this year’s draft will come under the microscopic eye , as their every move will be scrutinized and assessed by the NFL analysts and fans alike . It should make for a great water cooler topic as we somehow become the Monday morning quarterback . Can we remember how the rookies of 2011 fared , if at all ?

What thoughts if any , do you have concerning this article ? By all means do leave a comment as you see fit and as always thanks for the continued support of this site as it has always been greatly appreciated !


Picture and slideshow gallery details below .

(1) Antonio Brown (84) of the Pittsburgh Steelers catches a pass against the Denver Broncos during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 8, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. Doug Pensinger /Getty Images North America ….

(2) Wide receiver Antonio Brown (84) of the Pittsburgh Steelers runs by defenders Chris Gocong (51) and Joe Haden (23) of the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on January 1, 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio. Getty Images / Mark Sullivan …

(3) Steelers’ wide receiver Mike Wallace who remains a holdout from the team’s training camp who seeks an improved contract . The player and his agent Bus Cook are seemingly trying to paint the front office of the Steelers as being intransigent. AP Photo / Gary James ….

(4) Famed agent Bus Cook , an astute professional but somehow his handling of Mike Wallace may well be doing more harm than good for the player’s image amongst the diehard Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans. AP/REUTERS/ Garry Gibson …..

(5) Maurice Jones-Drew (32) of the Jacksonville Jaguars runs the ball past Dwight Lowery (21) of the New York Jets for a first quarter touchdown on November 15, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Getty Images / Jim McIsaac ….

(6) Cleveland Browns’ team President Mike Holmgren , left , is seen here with team owner Randolph L “Randy” Lerner . The billionaire business owner and philanthropist is selling his majority stake in the NFL franchise for an undisclosed sum . The deal will need the final “seal of approval” from the NFL hierarchy led by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . Paul Johnson / Cleveland Plain Dealer …..

(7) Colt McCoy (12) is seen here alongside the Browns’ first round draft pick Brandon Weeden (3) at the team’s practice facility . Team President Mike Holmgren and owner Randy Lerner seem intent on Weeden being the opening day starter at quarterback for the team . This has further alienated McCoy and his future with the organization . AP Getty Images / Paul Ronson …. ….




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Katie Kox always looking in some way to impart her knowledge of and on things . And with a last name like Kox , I think we are pretty much sure where knowledge lies ! What do you think ?

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10 thoughts on “News around the world of sports …… NFL”

  1. While the Steelers’ Mike Wallace continues to make complete ass of himself , teammate has just been aptly rewarded . Antonio Brown now has in excess of $40 million reasons to happy . albeit that he might just be the second best wide receiver on the team .

    Steelers’ team salary

    What now becomes of Maurice Jones-Drew and his ongoing battle with the Jags’ ‘ front office ? He wants to be paid like an elite running back but he still has two years left on his existing contract . And while MJD earns a decent salary with the franchise , he is by far their most productive player and has been for a number of years now

    Justin Blackmon is a dumb son of a #itch ! He left < college and no sooner is he in the NFL , this a#s wipe simply becomes just that , a constant pain in the a#s to the Jaguars . I hope he’s a bust ; just like that other “” overrated tool ” who came out of USC , Mike Williams . The former USC Trojan has seen his career flame out quicker in the NFL than it would take Joey Chestnut to eat 60 hot dogs and buns in less than fifteen minutes .

    “Mr Mularkey I hope you like the vindaloo chicken my chef has prepared ? Gene Smith my general manager (far right) and I were thinking we should \ rename the franchise the ” Shag-uars” as I love to ‘shag’ ” ! Jags’ owner Shahid Khan (left)

    If the Jags’ ; front office had it to do all over again they would not have drafted Blackmon as was not the best position= WR (wide receiver) available in the draft at the time of their choice — 5th overall (first round [2012 NFL Draft]).

    Jaguars” team payroll ……….. Maurice Jones-Drew’s contract details

    Wide receivers drafted in the last decade

    Does anyone get the feeling that McCoy’s days are numbered with the Browns ? Since his arrival in the NFL from the Longhorns in 2010 . The Browns’ the front office has hardly supplied the kid with a strong and protective ….. offensive line . Brandon Weeden is chomping at the bit to be preseason and regular season starter. But the caveat here is that Weeden’s style of play in college may not necessarily lend itself to the Browns’ overall style of play .

    AFC North QB stats in 2010

    McCoy’s touchdowns & passing touchdowns


    One of these two individuals is seen as the Democratically elected leader of this country also of the Free World . Does such a thing still remain given how f##ked up the country is ? The other would only wish to have so much power and do something proactive .

    Remind me why again a piece of fecal matter like Goodell still remains the commissioner of the NFL ? If he were assessed by Quinnipiac University in a polling study . I can guarantee you his ratings would be lower than Obama’s and Romney’s combined !

    The only pole this female likes is one that will be firmly inserted in between her l##s .

    tophatal ……..



  2. Guys my trip to Haiti was postponed by my employer due to the fact that the hotel I would’ve been staying in was robbed at gunpoint by three masked assailants .

    Time to throw the baby out with the dirty diapers because I can’t see the Jaguars doing anything meaningful this year within the division (AFC South) , much less over the course of their 2012 schedule ! And in terms of the quarterbacks within the division and their play when adjudged against the rest of the NFL’s quarterbacks , there is not much there to talk about .

    Let’s face it the only reason to go to a Jaguars’ game might to see the cheerleaders as everything else taking place at Everbank Field in Jacksonville would have to be looked upon as being redundant .,

    Jaguars’ team stats 2011 , divisional standing , category=conf&season=2011-REG&split=Overall”> conference and league standings for that year.

    Jags’ 2011 schedule .

    Jaguars’ preseason schedule (2012) & regular season schedule (2012)

    tophatal …


  3. the browns are a joke. They uesed to be one of the best teams in the league. That was until they sneaked off to Baltimore. The old Colts did the same thing. The shelf life of a running back is short so pay em the money. Those contracts don’t mean shit. management breaks em all the time.


    1. Bobby Gee

      The Cleveland Browns have been a perennial joke since they returned back to the NFL in their present guise . If that’s not bad enough the succession of coaches that they have had in that time have been equally incompetent . And now that Randy Lerner plans to sell his stake in the Browns to Tennessee businessman Jimmy Haslam . It remains to see what the future of the franchise will be beyond the long-term future of Colt McCoy and team President and GM Mike Holmgren .

      Haslam at present also happens to be a minority stakeholder in the Pittsburgh Steelers and he will have to divest himself of that stake before buying the majority stake in the Browns .

      Cleveland Fan: Reports Claim Randy Lerner Will Sell Cleveland Browns

      Lerner owns Premiership soccer club Aston Villa where he has invested over $450 million of his own money to try and make the soccer club debt-free.

      Cleveland Fan: Reports Claim Randy Lerner Will Sell Cleveland Browns

      By Zac Wassink , Yahoo Sports

      It seems, if all rumors and reports are true, that the “new era” for the Cleveland Browns will be about much more than just a change at quarterback.

      Rumors began swirling on Friday morning that Browns owner Randy Lerner is interested in selling the franchise. Unlike earlier this summer when the team denied such claims, Lerner confirmed via an official statement that the rumors were accurate. The potential new owner is reported to be Tennessee businessman Jimmy Haslam. Haslam, the president of Pilot Flying J Travel Centers (truck stops located off of highway exits around the country), is currently an investor in Cleveland rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he is also “1,000 percent a Steelers fan.” Haslam would first have to remove himself from the Steelers organization before purchasing the Browns.

      The first, and perhaps most significant, impact such a sale has on the team’s front office could be the exit of current Browns president Mike Holmgren. Holmgren turned 64-years old this past June, and it has been heavily rumored even before Friday’s news that he could retire following the completion of the 2012 NFL regular season. Joe Banner, who resigned as president of the Philadelphia Eagles last month, has been linked with the Browns.


      Click on link to read in full.


      The future of the Browns remains secure, as Haslam has stated that the franchise will remain in the city of Cleveland as the last things the fans would like to see is a repeat of either the LeBron James’ ” saga” or that of Art Modell and his “”thief in the night ” act .

      You’re right concerning a running back and their shelf life . I don’t have an issue with Jones-Drew’s stance as he’s been ….. productive since he entered the NFL in 2006 . He deserved to be paid . Should be earning in line with what the top players at the position earn is something that’s best discussed between the front office executives of the Jaguars . But I would preface this by saying that Jones is best player that the Jaguars have had since running back …. Fred Taylor was part of the Jaguars’ playing personnel . And we all know how good that guy (Taylor) was , don’t we ?

      tophatal ……


  4. If anyone deserves a bump in pay it’d M.J.D. Afterall, his value to the Jags and their young qb. is immeasureable.
    In my opinion Jonathan Vilma should be sentenced to having to go over the middle for passes in front of angry linebackers.


    1. aero

      Beyond Jones-Drew there is absolutely no one on that Jags’ roster that impresses me ! And in spite of the front office’s belief in Blaine Gabbert , I am not so sure he is the guy I would entrust this team to , in the upcoming season . His play has been way too sporadic for my liking .

      The Jags without MJD will be a pitiful team this upcoming season and quite possibly during the preseason that will be manifested in their …. play . . It will be interesting to see how head coach Mike Mularkey deals with the situation and which of the team’s running backs will be installed in Jones-Drew’s absence .

      Vilma much like Goodell , they have both been blowing smoke up everyone’s ass . Why is that the player has refused to answer any of the pertinent questions raised by the investigators concerning his involvement in this Saints’ saga ? Instead , he says he’s being persecuted by the NFL hierarchy . He has steadfastly refused to meet with the league’s investigators at the NFL’s headquarters . Brees can sign all the affidavits he wants in support of his teammates but it simply doesn’t mean a thing . Not without Vilma’s own statements concerning his actions .

      tophatal ………..


    1. Say all you want about the NFL but it’s more anticipated than any of the other three major professional sports . My only wish is to see someone more competent than Roger Goodell running the whole shebang in the league capacity and an idiot like DeMaurice Smith DeMaurice Smith from the union side .

      And now we have the idiocy of the preseason being engulfed with another union (referees) issue concerning the referees and the NFL’s intransigence in dealing with the referees (NFLRA [union]) and their wish for a renewed collective bargaining agreement .

      If the NFL goes into the regular season using replacement officials it will to my mind render the season completely meaningless !

      ” My breasts and I have lost all sense of feeling . Is there any way that you can help me ” ? are lost

      As prescribed by a general practitioner at least two servings of breast milk can keep many forms of sickness away . But what’s her excuse ?


      tophatal ………….


  5. And the preseason is likely to begin with replacement referees officiating the games and quite possibly that will permeate through the season . Imagine that ?

    Sean Payton will be allowed to be in Canton , Ohio for Sunday”s — Hall of Fame Game and the ceremonies for the Induction Class of 2012 as well as the game .

    In the words of the late Rodney King —- ” why can’t we all just get along ” and that’s the particularly the case between the NFL hierarchy in their relationships with the NFLPA (union) and the NFLRA (Referees Union) .

    tophatal ………



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