How to win friends and influence people, and not necessarily be liked

How to win friends and influence people, and not necessarily be liked

by tophatal

I have long-held the contention that one of the boons to Collegiate Athletics is the very fact that the NCAA simply chooses not to monitor the actions of professional agents or for that matter maintain a register of licensed professionals working in that field . Instead, they choose to rely upon the various collegiate athletic directors across the diaspora at the D 1, D2 and D 3 levels, in terms of self-monitoring for such instances . Furthermore , the NCAA’s Infractions Committee as obsequious as they are , on their best day the investigators of that department within the NCAA are about as useful as the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) were meant to be , when they conducted their investigation into failed insurance giant AIG . The company declared bankruptcy protection (Chapter11) , having amassed debts exceeding $175 billion . In addition, as we know, the current Presidential administration , working in conjunction with the Treasury Department , House Appropriations Committee and Tim Geithner , Secretary of the Treasury. All three entities had to foment an idea that would see $200 billion of taxpayers’ funds being used to bail out the insurance giant. WTF! Nothing, is ever too big to fail , as it is really about the fu#king individuals who knowingly mismanage a company . In addition, for the idiots out there, who believe that a Republican is better placed than a Democrat to run a business , think again . It does not matter what your political ideology might happen to be, it is about the business acumen of the individuals and their ethics.


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It should be noted that in the months leading up to AIG’s failure , the SEC had a throng of auditors and lawyers going over the financial records of the company but somehow they were unable to find any wrongdoing on the part of any employee or senior executive within the company. Which is somewhat strange , when one considers that there are serious legal ramifications for a Chief Executive or Financial Officer to knowingly declare or sign off on a financial statement known to have been falsified . However , it should be noted that the law enforcement arm of the Federal government have been tediously slow in the indictment and prosecution of any Wall St or financial executive in the last four years . Suffice to say, the US Justice Department and their Criminal Division (White Collar Crimes’ Unit) will continue to move at a snail’s pace while Attorney General Eric Holder oversees that entire governmental agency.

The NCAA continues to egregiously fail the student athlete and will continue to do so , until they take a hard stance against the actions of the professional sport’s agent. Consider the most notorious issues that have faced a number of collegiate programs in recent years with the exception of the now heinous and unbelievable actions that surrounded the Penn State “ scandal “ . At some point an agent was most certainly involved and embroiled in the actions were said to be taking place. That was most certainly the case with the programs at USC (Trojans) , Oregon (Ducks) and Ohio State (Buckeyes) . In the case Ohio State , the former football coach Jim Tressel simply sought to look the other way as a number of his players within the football program simply side-stepped their responsibilities in upholding the NCAA rules that governed their scholarships . If that was not enough , the initial reaction of AD Gene Smith , had to be seen , to believed , as he implied that the rumors surrounding the football program were being blown out of proportion . Blown out of proportion, are you kidding me? With Urban Meyer having returned to his native Ohio , to succeed Jim Tressel as he head coach of the football program , is there anyone of the belief that the Buckeyes have learned anything from their most recent troubles ?

Moving at a snail’s pace is one thing but the NCAA has dragged its feet on another program that has always been a blight on Collegiate Sports. NCAA President Mark Emmert , for want of a better word remains an idiot , who while saying all of the right things tends not to act expeditiously when it is truly warranted . OK, so he chose to punish Penn State with impunity but were it not for the public outcry as to the vehemently heinous nature of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes and the apathy shown by Joe Paterno . One seriously doubts the penalties leveled against the school would be so swift or so damaging. The financial penalty of $60 million , and the loss of scholarships for the football program sent seismic shock-waves across the Collegiate Sports landscape. No-eligibility for Bowl games and the ensuing departure of players has all but left the football program for dead.

Top recruit , Silas Redd a 1,000 yard rusher for the Nittany Lions last season , has issued a public statement that he will be leaving the program , taking immediate effect , to now join USC (Trojans). For head coach Bill O’Brien , I can only surmise that with each step he believes he is taking forward , he is in fact taking several steps back as he sees this team further decimated . There now remains an even darker cloud hovering over Beaver Stadium in College Park, Pennsylvania,.

With USC (Trojans) now being Bowl eligible this upcoming season , not only have the PAC-12 inhabitants have something to fear about this team being reconstructed by Lane Kiffin and his coaching staff . The addition of Redd will be great asset to an offensive juggernaut led by the team’s quarterback , Matt Barkley . And the Trojans’ quarterback will now likely be seen as potential Heisman Trophy candidate for this season and a bona-fide top-five pick for the 2013 NFL Draft . .

As I alluded to earlier , the NCAA tends to move at a snail’s pace , like the top-heavy bureaucracy of the federal government. How long will it take that collegiate body to render their findings as it relates to the Miami Hurricanes football and basketball programs ? In light of the allegations made by Canes’ booster Nevin Shapiro , now incarcerated in a federal facility . The convicted felon claims that over the years he paid out tens of thousands of dollars in monetary gifts, procured prostitutes for players, as well making sure that their grades were fraudulently received. While at first, these claims were never substantiated , it was not until Shapiro saw fit to make his revelations public to a member of the FBI at the suggestion of lawyer , did anyone begin remotely takes these claims seriously. Hell , considering the Canes’ sordid history , it would not have surprised me if we found out that during the reign of former coach , Jimmy Johnson , his players were committing crimes , doing drugs and having sex with prostitutes ! Oh, but they were , so that is nothing new ! Fast forward to today, and what now makes this whole chapter so insidious. Well, it has been the very fact that AD Shawn Eichorst , head football coach , Al Golden and university President Donna Shalala , have tried to suggest that the Athletics Department , has always been in compliance with the NCAA’s rules . Well I guess , when you allowed Nevin Shapiro and agent Drew Rosenhaus free access to the university’s campus under the pretext that they are there as motivational speakers . Then, when the sh#t hits the fan, no one at all should be surprised at the outcome or end results. How can anyone in a position of power be so goddamn gullible? Shalala, for all of the excuses forthcoming from her office, remains an idiot! Shawn Eichorst, clearly is in a position that is way beyond his scope or understanding . Al Golden, now has to answer questions being raised concerning the fact he suborned the actions of his football players embroiled in this completely sordid episode. With each passing day, comes more claims from other sources concerning coach’s actions and what he may well have known . Claims are now being made that Golden had an intermediary , act on behalf of Nevin Shapiro to disburse cash to players on the basketball and football teams . Why, am I not surprised by any of this ? Shit, ” it is the Miami way of doing things “ and it has always been that way ! .

Money corrupts all , and in many respects , at one time or another all good things must come to an end . In the world of baseball that is now most certainly happening . Simply look at the moves that have been made by the teams divesting themselves of players because they have in essence given up on their season . Who knew that things would have taken such a turn for the worst as it now relates to the fate of both the Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies ? The front office executives (general managers) of both teams have failed miserably this season, as they have spent capriciously to acquire talent , that simply has not panned out over the course of the season .

In the case of the Chicago Cubs, what took GM Theo Epstein so long before making the decision to trade Ryan Dempster to the Texas Rangers (59-43)? Surely, he must have known that this would be the best offer available , having assessed the others within his midst? With that , Rangers’ President Nolan Ryan can continue to act like a kid in a candy store, as he seeks to resurrect the fortunes of the organization . With Dempster, comes a player whose performances can be wildly inconsistent but when he is at his very best , he is among but a handful of pitchers who can befuddle an opposing hitter.

The Cubs will now start their rebuilding process in earnest, while the Texas Rangers seek to make their third consecutive appearance in the World Series . The events of 2010 and 2011 still causes a great deal of angst among the Rangers’ fans. Between now and the end of the Rangers’ regular season schedule will determine how far this team will go. Ron Washington and his managerial staff has an All Star caliber roster with the potential to win decisively . Yet somehow , this did not happen as expected, when in 2010 the team fell by the wayside to the San Francisco Giants. The lopsided series (4-1) was a match-up that seemingly had more to do with the pitching talents of the two combatants.

In 2011 , the Rangers’ second consecutive World Series appearance would pit them against the rather understated St Louis Cardinals , in what may have been one of the most extraordinary World Series’ finales of the last fifteen years . Those disappointments have not been lost on Nolan Ryan or GM Jon Daniels and the managing partners who make up the ownership group of this franchise .

If star power is what attracts the fans to a baseball franchise , then this team has a great deal of it . And none perhaps, shines more brightly than that of Josh Hamilton , who this season has been spectacular in so many aspects of his game . Hamilton, in the final year of his existing contract , becomes a free agent in 2013 . A decision will must be made, as to whether not the player will be re-signed by the organization upon the culmination of the season. The market dictates that the player’s agent Michael Moye ,will seek the market going- rate, and that is to make Hamilton amongst the highest paid players in the game . A ten-year $250-$275 million deal is not out of the realms of reality for the Texas Rangers’ organization , who are primarily bankrolled by the several multimillionaire backers who make up the ownership group. It should not be overlooked that the ball-club also has negotiated a two decade $3 billion television contract that nets them $150 million annually.

For now the biggest threat to the Rangers and their stranglehold on the AL West might well be the team’s complacency , as they have seen their divisional lead slowly be erased to the point where it is now down to three games (3.00) over their closest rivals , the Los Angeles Angels (57-47). And for Angels’ owner, Arte Moreno , there would be nothing better for him than to see his team —– upend their divisional rivals as the season meanders towards a resolution . . It is my belief that one of the two AL wildcard aspirants will come from within the division! . For now, we merely have to wait to see what transpires as the scenarios plays themselves out over the remaining weeks of the baseball schedule.



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(1) U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testifies before the House Appropriations Committee Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee on Capitol Hill May 21, 2009 in Washington, DC. Geithner testified a day earlier that the financial system is “starting to heal” and that major banks had raised $56 billion since stress tests were administered last month . Getty Images North America / Chip Smodevilla …

(2) U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (C) is greeted by House Appropriations Committee Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee Chairman Jose Serrano (D-NY) (L) and ranking member Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO) before a full committee hearing on Capitol Hill May 21, 2009 in Washington, DC. Geithner testified a day earlier that the financial system is “starting to heal” and that major banks had raised $56 billion since stress tests were administered last month. Geithner and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke were the main proponents of the financial bailout that saw the sector receive an unprecedented $ 1.2 trillion ($1,200,000,000,000) used to facilitate the financial , auto industry and several other non-crucial sectors of the US economy . Chip Smodevilla / Getty Images …

(3) Penn State University President Rodney Erickson speaks to the convened press after the formal announcement had been made concerning the sanctions imposed on the renowned university program . It should also be noted that the Department of Education will also consider what actions they might also wish to take against the school . Education Secretary Arne Duncan may well seek advice from the agency’s own legal counsel before taking any action . AP Photo/ USA Today . Christopher Weddle …

(4) NCAA President Mark Emmert, right, gestures during a news conference as Ed Ray , NCAA Executive Committee chair and Oregon State University president, looks on at left, during a news conference in Indianapolis, Monday, July 23, 2012. The NCAA has slammed Penn State with an unprecedented series of penalties, including a $60 million fine and the loss of all coach Joe Paterno’s victories from 1998-2011, in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. AP/ Michael Conroy ….

(5) Silas Redd (25) of the Penn State Nittany Lions carries the ball against the Nebraska Cornhuskers during the game on November 12, 2011 at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. …. Getty Images / Justin K Aller …

(6) Nevin Shapiro (2nd from left) in this photo taken during a basketball fundraiser in 2008, in which the booster donated $50,000 to the program. From left to right are men’s basketball coach Frank Haith, Shapiro and University of Miami president Donna Shalala. Shalala is holding Shapiro’s donation check. Miami Herald/ Matthew Davies …..

(7) Miami (Fla.) head coach Al Golden declined to discuss in detail allegations in a Yahoo Sports article, telling reporters Monday at ACC media day, “We are moving forward.” Alleged improprieties are that Golden had an intermediary act as a go-between to disburse monies to players on the Canes’ football team . US Presswire / Sam Sharpe ………

(8) Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus (hands up) celebrates with teammates Robbie Ross , left, Adrian Beltre (29), Texas Rangers designated hitter Michael Young (behind Andrus) and Joe Nathan , right, after hitting a clutch two-run single that drove in the winning runs in the team’s 11-10 victory in ten innings over the Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012, in Arlington, Texas. AP Photo/John F. Rhodes …

(9) Albert Pujols (5) the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is congratulated at home plate by teammate Torii Hunter (48) after Pujols hit a home run against > Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers against on August 1, 2012 at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images …..

(10) File-This July 25, 2012 file photo shows Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster pitching during the second inning of a baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Pittsburgh. The Texas Rangers have obtained Ryan Dempster from the Chicago Cubs, a move to fortify their rotation for the stretch run. The AL West leaders sent minor leaguer infielder Christian Villanueva and pitcher Kyle Hendricks to Chicago as part of a deal Tuesday July, 31, 2012. Dempster, who had power to block deals, had refused to approve a trade to Atlanta last week. The 35-year-old right-hander was 5-5 with a 2.25 ERA in 16 games for the Cubs and can become a free agent after the season. AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar ……

(11) Texas Rangers’ team President & managing partner Nolan Ryan (left) is seen seated next GM Jon Daniels . In the ensuing years since the duo have assumed control of the franchise they have now made the ball-club a profitable concern, with one of the league’s highest per-game day average in terms of attendance at Rangers Ballpark , in Arlington , Texas. Now with a burgeoning payroll the front office will this season have to deal with the re-signing of impending free agent status of Josh Hamilton , who remains not only the team’s best and most popular player but also one of the most widely respected in the game . AP Photo/ Keith Morris …..


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

20 thoughts on “How to win friends and influence people, and not necessarily be liked”

  1. Way to Rangers , once again proving that you are the team to beat this season in the AL .

    PSU President Rodney Erickson has been one of the few people within the university’s establishment to show any class !

    Don’t you wish that Canes’ university president Donna Shalala would take that cake and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine ? Perhaps not , as Bill Clinton probably ” hit that ” , Shalala’s pu$$y in a moment of weakness that is. Oh wait , William Jefferson Clinton had ” several moments of weakness ” over the course of his civic/public and private life . Hence his favorite saying ” now blow me ” !

    Mark Emmert once again shows he knows how to come down one someone heavily but yet the Miami Hurricanes’ program as disreputable as it is , still awaits anything remotely harsh , as anyone with any presumed authority denies culpability in the school’s latest sordid episode . Emmert makes Goodell seem squeamish when it truly comes down to meting out punishment . And the NCAA’s Infraction’s Committee , what fu#king use are ? Does anyone truly know ?

    “Mr Oher why do you want to go to Ole Miss’ ” ?

    tophatal ……..


  2. “Mr President what do you mean I need to get down on all fours to take it ##ggy style

    and then satisfy you with a ” Monica ” ? Bill Clinton & Donna Shalala .

    ‘The answer is a resounding no , I have never knowingly slept with a prostitute allegedly procured by Nevin Shapiro but I am insured with GEICO‘ . Canes AD Shawn Eichorst

    ‘These are my boys and here are a couple of the skanks they’re ###king ………. it’s the code I live by …………….bro’s before ho’s ! Nevin Shapiro (top left corner)

    With these recent trades the AL West becomes really interesting ! Especially with respect to the teams and the pitching stats , respectively for the Angels and Rangers .

    Gamelog pitching : Angels & Texas Rangers

    Gamelog pitching splits : Angels & …. Texas Rangers

    This might pretty much put the nail in the coffin of the A’s and their postseason aspirations .

    MLB standings & … wildcard standings


    Vida Guerra might just have a finer caboose than J-Lo ! Your thoughts ?

    “We’re getting Silas Redd ? Don’t mes with me now ! Do you know what the coaches and I have resorted to doing ? Having a#al sex was not part of my job description ” . Lane Kiffin .



  3. Deregulation measures of the banking industry has been tantamount to legalizing bank robbery. The only difference is that the men with briefcases can steal more money than any man with a gun.

    Karma has landed hard on Penn State and rightfully so.
    Miami’s program was founded on corruption and fraud and the tradition continues.

    Oh, and about Vida, all I can say is…. ALL ABOARD!


    1. aero

      The idiots who clamored for financial deregulation clearly did not think about the long-term ramification , plus you also had investment banks entering into the consumer retail sector further diluting an already congested area with product lines that were simply bull#hit ! Now what have we got that actually benefits the consumer at large ?

      Consider also the quasi de-facto units of the government such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ? Fuc#ing money losing entities that we are told are meant to be stand alone concerns but the moment there’s any precipitous problem within the market concerning either entity, it is and will be taxpayers’ monies that will be used to underwrite their losses .

      “My wife Calista ‘gives good h#ad’ and I love to pay for it as my former wives couldn’t suck ##ck much less have me insert mine into either of them ” Newt & Calista Gingrich

      And it was an as#hole like Newt Gingrich whose lobbying consultancy firm received $1.6 million in fees of which $265,000 came from both entities for him to provide them what he states were historical facts concerning the markets they operated in . What the f##k is Gingrich on ? And which moron within both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac …. signed off that type of idiocy in the first place ?

      So called Conservatives much like their Liberal opposite numbers are completely goddamn clueless when it comes to the economy ! And for the Tea Party idealists out there , keep on riding that one trick pony ” of cutting taxes ………... word up , it won’t bring down the national debt of the deficit with any immediacy !


  4. aero

    After I got out of the British military I spent the better half of 12 plus years working as a financial analyst , economics analyst and in the area of investment banking . My employer paid for my education University College London(UCL) and then for my postgraduate studies at LSE (London Sch of Economics) . In light of the knowledge attained I can tell you this , the banking industry is now more fu#ked up that any other time over the last three decades .

    Tim Geithner is a fu#king ass-wipe ! He (Geithner) and Ben Bernanke have blundered more than a one legged man playing hopscotch in the midst of a minefield . Everything has been blown the fu#k up and for Geithner to be offering anyone advice on the economy or the European Union is akin to Paris Hilton taking advice from Kim Kardashian on being intelligent .

    What do these two have in common ? Answer …… both had their ###inas on view in po#n videos for the whole world to see and both basked in the limelight of the infamy attained . In the case of Kim Kardashian , her mother is still pimpin’ her out to the highest bidder . Once Kanye` has serviced Kim’s nether regions a few more times, he’ll soon become sick of her dumb a#s !

    Though many believe the penalties levied against PSU were harsh , I believe that the establishment should count themselves lucky . Also Joe Pa’s son . Jay Paterno should shut the fu#k up as he has no idea what he’s talking about as it relates to the Freeh Report . If anything had Louis Freeh been give subpoena powers then that report would have proven far more , a damning an indictment against his father and the university as a whole .

    And in terms of the University of Miami and the lack of action there . What the hell are Mark Emmert and the NCAA waiting on ? Another solar eclipse before they render a decision ?

    The AL West will now take on a life of its own between now and the end of the regular season schedule (10/03/2012) . I do believe however that the A’s can no longer to afford to make any more ” slips ups” over the rest of their schedule in terms of series’ losses !

    MLB important dates


    I’d definitely tap Vida Guerra’s a#s !

    And wouldn’t you now like to position yourself under center or on top of Vida ?

    ” Don’t you wish your girlfriend were hot like me” ? Vida Guerra


  5. These two national championship winning coaches , Gene Chizik and Nick Saban , once had the temerity to suggest that it was beyond their scope to deal with agents coming unto the campuses of their respective educational establishments . That is such a crock of sh#t to begin with ! Chizik and Saban collectively earn in excess $ 6 million a year and I seriously doubt at any time in their respective coaching careers they have cared about players under their jurisdiction !

    “Cam Newton is a great kid and I do not believe that he violated any of the NCAA rules ! And I even attended one of Pastor Newton’s bible thumping services at his new church . So surely that has to count for something ? Gene Chizik

    ” Do you all want to know what compassion is meant to be about ? Well it’s sitting down with proud parents and telling them that I , I the great Nick Saban , towering man of stature and integrity can turn their son into something great , and into a proud and productive citizen. So what if I am well compensated ? My name carries some weight in the state of Alabama . So get use to it” ! Nick Saban


    tophatal ……..


  6. Well we knew Mark Emmert sought to make an example of Penn State and rightfully so , he has done that . But now he and the NCAA are tiptoeing around the heightened situation and the Miami Hurricanes’ program . Everyone there seems to be denying culpability in any wrongdoing and yet Emmert remains silent as to when a decision will be rendered . The Canes’ issue has been ongoing for over a year . The NCAA has become a monolithic top-heavy bureaucratic pile of dog-sh#t .

    Collegiate Athletics and the moronic D1 university provosts , presidents and commissioners of the conferences have only one thing on their minds , and it has nothing to do with the integrity college sports . It as more to do with the billions of dollars raked in annually for college sports . And for anyone who believes this reconstituted playoff format the BCS championship creates a level playing field then you are all misguided . So at the end of the day can we stop with the e bull#hit of there being integrity within college sports .

    The Compliance Office of Miami obfuscated their responsibilities much as in the same way many the then seated trustees of Penn State sought to coverup the heinous actions of Jerry Sandusky . And for whining little putzes still seeking to defend the legacy of Joe Paterno . Wake the fu#k up , this wasn’t a slip up the coach , he sought to defend Sandusky out of blind loyalty and because of the money that the program reins in annually which we now know to is in excess of $60 million annually .

    Now we have Al Golden , Donna Shalala and Shawn Eichorst running for the hills . And so they should because repeatedly they have allowed the likes of Nevin Shapiro and Drew Rosenhaus to have unlimited access and association with the student athletes , never-mind the inconsistent actions of primarily the football coaches of the Miami Hurricanes .

    The rancid stench continually emitting from the NCAA has come to be n embarrassment as they cannot act with any consistency , much less the integrity to begin with . Is it any wonder that Collegiate Athletics still remains a joke !




  7. It is becoming very entertaining as to the AL teams vying for the AL wildcard berth , as two teams now seem to be playing with a great deal of zeal . Those teams are the A’s and Rays at present , and their head-to-head series’ match-up tied(3-3) has proven to be entertaining .

    The A’s spanked the declining Blue Jays 4-1 08/02/2012

    The race in the AL West could come down to the final games of the regular season and who is in best situation to take advantage of the opportunity that awaits them !

    MLB results

    MLB schedule 3th August 2012

    Friday 3rd August

    Orioles vs Rays

    Blue Jays vs A’s

    tophatal ……..


  8. Alan, I think Redd will help compliment a “bowl-bound” USC team this season! And, if Barkley is good, he’ll be a “first rounder” and no later than the 3-4th overall. He may wind up going to Buffalo, KC, or St. Louis…Lord help him!


    1. Steven Jeffries

      As good as USC (Trojans) appears to be on paper they still have to deal with the powerhouses within the SEC , and as we know for the past 7 seasons , it is there where the BCS national title has ended up residing .

      “Look kid , I’d really like it, if you could remain with the program until 2016 ” ! Lane Kiffin speaking to Matt Barkley

      If Matt Barkley had declared for the NFL Draft in 2011 , I doubt that he would have been in the first quarterback in the draft or this year for that matter ! Do you really believe that Barkley could have posted the figures put up by Cam Newton ? Much less possess the same ability ? I think it’s West Coast bias coming out there more than anything else !

      Look at the figures of the rookies taken 2010 and 2011 ?

      tophatal ….


    1. Sam

      I look at the Penn St program with utter disdain because so many of these damn morons are looking to placate the actions of an as#-wipe like Joe Paterno by using his god-damn age and so-called legacy as an excuse . If they can’t see that the former coach made more than a damn mistake then they are as frigging dumb as they sound ! As for Paterno’s son , Jay Paterno , he ought to shut the hell up ! He doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about concerning The Freeh Report .

      Jay Paterno , is seeking to defend his father even when it is clear , the evidence is there to suggest he (Joe Paterno) has out of blind loyalty to sought to defend Jerry Sandusky rather than doing what was morally and ethically right . Instead he and others sought to proceed with this blatant cover-up. The Penn St Campus Police made the Keystone Cops almost relevant in this day and age .

      “Boys will be boys ” unfortunately my greatest sorrow has been my time as GM of the Detroit Lions ” ! Penn St alumnus and ESPN College Analyst Matt Millen

      As to Matt Millen, that f##king as#hole sat on the board of Sandusky’s Second Mile Charity

      and even in light of the allegations , his dumb ass jumped to the defense of Paterno, while no one on the board of the charity sought to conduct an inquiry or investigation . Are all of the people embroiled in this mess that damn stupid ?



  9. The trustees (PSU) are a bunch of blithering idiots …….. because they much like the faculty sat idly by while much of this tragedy played out . At the same time you had alumni such as Matt Millen still jumping to the defense of Joe Paterno even in the aftermath of so much of the evidence coming to the fore . That whole organization has been lacking in class , compassion and a great deal of integrity ! Millen has been , and will always be considered a joke !

    PSU should consider themselves lucky that their entire program wasn’t shuttered . At the same time I have no implicit faith from anyone within the NCAA —- hierarchy as they have no backbone and rarely have they shown that they possess one ! They have now been tip-toeing around the issue of meting out punishment to the University of Miami for well over 6 months now . Hell , it doesn’t take that long to gather up the evidence but they’ve moved at a snail’s pace throughout this entire situation .

    $ 60 million
    plus the loss of scholarships , and no Bowl appearances is still a small price to pay but where the school will be hurt punitively , will be when the class action lawsuits swing into motion . The claimants will seek millions of dollars in punitive damages , And even if they (Penn State) settle out of court , their insurance premiums will skyrocket into the stratosphere .

    tophatal ………


    1. Chris Humpherys(@SportsChump)

      The NCAA is a “toothless tiger ” ! They mete out punishment but much of the time in no way does it necessarily represent the true depth of the malfeasance that has taken place . All the whining morons stating that PSU’s penalties were too severe , are in-fact ignorant as#holes . Their concern has never been that of the victims or their families but more so to with keeping the reputation of Penn State in tact . Well f#ck Penn State and all that it stood for ! They were egregiously negligent in not dealing with this all , when it first arose . And this talk about trying to assess what went wrong and how best to address it ? Are they f#king serious ? How is that going to happen when you have the former state AG and now incumbent governor , Tom Corbett sitting as a trustee ? This being the very same asshole who mishandled the Hershey School sexual abuse scandal as a prosecutor in that case .

      NCAA President Mark Emmert has been a joke since he assumed the position from the late Myles Brand . As of yet , almost six months after the revelations by former Canes’ booster Nevin Shapiro , nothing has been done by way of sanctions against the the University of Miami and its athletics’ program . However , look at how expeditious they were , in meting out punishment to Ohio State . Ironic , isn’t it ?



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