Calling all fans , calling all fans …..

Calling all fans, calling all fans

by tophatal

Well fans, unless you had not noticed beyond the events happening within baseball , and the London Olympics the preseason of the NFL is about to begin this upcoming week . And the expectations will be rife after the NFL Draft and the recent changes in player personnel with a batch of high-profiled trades and the unexpected retirements.

New York Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh talks with quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, left, and Tim Tebow, right, during practice on opening day of their NFL training camp Friday, July 27, 2012, in Cortland, N.Y. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

With that in mind , the biggest story-lines currently in existence would have to encapsulate Peyton Manning’s arrival in Denver , with the Denver Broncos and the departure of his predecessor Tim Tebow to the New York Jets . And I am sorry , if the best that the print media can come up with to offer to their fans by way of news concerning the young quarterback’s arrival in the “ Big Apple” , is to remark that , ” what he will bring to the Jets, will be enthusiasm .” Then clearly, these journalists were not taking any notice of how badly the team performed last season. Tim Tebow may well have a great deal of enthusiasm for the game of football but he will have to bring along a whole lot more than that, if the Jets are to succeed this upcoming season . Tebow and his new teammate , Mark Sanchez will come under a great deal of scrutiny by the press, fans and NFL analysts alike. Then take into account also, for head coach Rex Ryan, he will have a great deal to prove beyond the fact he shed more than 100 lbs in weight during the off-season. Who says Jenny Craig doesn’t work?


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Bold predictions, would call for the belief that one would expect the New York Jets to be triumphant but such as been their waywardness, that I really do not expect more than an eight or nine win season out of this team in their current guise !

Tim Tebow might well have led the Broncos, to some unexpected triumphs, in the 2011 postseason . There can be no denying that the player gave the fans some of the worst performances imaginable from a quarterback in the regular and postseason . Add into that mix, the player continually threw caution to the wind by repeatedly placing himself in danger with his unwillingness to hit the ground , and you get the feeling that there will not be any longevity to Tim Tebow’s career. The player’s willingness to learn is not grasped by the nuances needed for him to become a better quarterback. He says all of the right things during those press interviews but he has a canny knack of showing the traits needed.

For Mark Sanchez last season , it was all about protecting the ball , and it was one of the many things that simply highlighted his regression as a player at the position. Of the players , and specifically the quarterbacks taken in the 2009 NFL Draft , Sanchez has perhaps become the most scrutinized of them all . . In truth based upon his performances he might have deemed to be the player of the most value but I doubt that he was the best rookie that season ! The shelf-life longevity of an NFL quarterback can be a considerable if the player is very good but then again there are backups within the league (NFL) who are now coming upon their second decade without having achieved anything of note . As to which of these two categories Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow falls into , remains to be seen , The humbling fact remains for the New York Jets is that each season they going into their schedule knowing that if they are to achieve anything near the success they seek , then they must find a way to defeat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots . And their record so far does not create or suggest the belief that they are capable of doing that, when it really matters most , the regular but in particular the postseason . And with the two teams set to meet twice during their regular season schedule , it will be interesting to see how both go about acquitting themselves in the first of those two match-ups on 28th October (@ New England) and then again 22nd November 2012 (@ New York Jets) .

Peyton Manning brings with him a resume` that speaks volumes not only to his accomplishments on the field but the professionalism and work ethic that apparently was lacking in his predecessor . That may well have been what led to the decision by Broncos’ team President & Head of Player Operations , John Elway , to part with Tim Tebow . The challenges in a number of people’s eyes will be the fact that Manning was signed to one of the most lucrative contracts in recent NFL history . Bear in mind that the fourteen-season veteran was coming off a non-active 2011 season , having undergone neck and shoulder surgery . Is it too high a price to pay by the Broncos ? Well that would be dependent upon your point of view, and whether or you deem Manning vast upgrade over Tim Tebow ? I would like to think that Peyton Manning playing at seven 65% of capabilities would be far superior to anything that Tim Tebow would have to offer to any NFL franchise at present ! The difference is akin to-night and day wouldn’t say ?

The Denver Broncos must now feel embolden not only with acquisition of Manning but also several other players during the off-season . With the draft picks made , head coach John Fox and his coaching staff must now go about creating the nucleus of a team built for long-term success . Manning comes into this season, with a chip on his shoulders and something to the naysayers who doubted his return as he seeks to make further inroads into the NFL records that he no doubt seeks to pass . Moreover, what drives Manning is that he undoubtedly wishes to be seen as the greatest quarterback of his generation and perhaps the best to ever have played the position within the NFL. Certainly, he would like to add his name to the ranks of the quarterbacks in the NFL history to have won multiple Superbowls . At present, of elder of the two Manning siblings playing in the NFL, it is Peyton who trail his younger brother , Eli Manning by one victory , in that particular category.

The Broncos embark on their 2012 schedule with a set of four preseason games that will pit them against the Chicago Bears , Seattle Seahawks , San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals . On the 9th September when the Broncos play hosts to the Pittsburgh Steelers in their regular season opener for 2012 , this will the first time that Manning stepped back unto football field in his capacity as an NFL quarterback. The last such instance for the renowned quarterback , in his final game for the Indianapolis Colts played against the Tennessee Titans on 20th January 2011 (Week 17 [2010-11’ season]) at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indiana , Indianapolis ,. Who could have foreseen , that would be the last time the player would have donned a Colts’ uniform while playing in the 208th regular season game of his now illustrious career. The game itself, would turn out to be a narrow three-point victory 23-20 for the AFC South team playing their divisional rival.

The odds-makers will no doubt make the Broncos to be the presumptive favorites to win the AFC West . There is some justification for this, when you take into account the woefully inept performances last season by the teams within the division , and that it took an understated Broncos’ team to come away with the division title bearing an 8-8 record . And as the divisional winner , it led the Broncos to being the seventh seed and a wildcard round entrant in the 2011 playoffs. Tebow’s heroics during the postseason led to a shocking 29-23 victory over a truly complacent Steelers’ team . In that game , Ben Roethlisberger a two-time Superbowl winner had perhaps the worst playoff performance of his career . However, their parade would be short-lived, as they faced the New England Patriots in the divisional round of the postseason . All you need to know can be summed up in the thirty-five point margin of victory that Brady and his teammates came away with , in pounding the Denver Broncos 45-10 . Hopefully, Tim Tebow will have learned something from that experience because I am as sure as hell believed that John Elway did! In the aftermath of that debacle , there was only one decision that the Broncos’ executive could have made .

Tim Tebow is now in New York City being lauded perhaps as the New York Jets’ savior , somewhere in between being the reincarnation of either Jesus Christ or “ Broadway” Joe Namath . This much is certain , one way or another , this will be the season where Tebow and Mark Sanchez , will truly be judged , and they may well be applauded , or simply be vilified by the fans and press alike . Are you intrigued by the possible outcome as to what awaits both of these players ?

One of the more entertaining stories doing the rounds in the NFL is that of the now seething relationship between NFL Offensive Player of The Year …. Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints . With the franchise now embroiled with the NFL hierarchy led by Roger Goodell, in the ongoing Saints’ bounty saga. The relationship between the two individuals remains cordial but barely so. Brees has been highly critical of the commissioner and his autocratic rule of the National Football League (NFL) . There has been no formal response from Goodell concerning the player’s ongoing criticism and his handling of four players suspended in this saga. So much of what has been revealed about this saga has left the fans wondering who is really to blame in all of this . With no real answers forthcoming, this is all now being played out in the court of public opinion, and sides are being taken by the fans and analysts alike. Goodell for his part is now the subject of a defamation lawsuit , for which and the NFL are co-defendants , in a suit filed by suspended Saints’ defensive player Jonathan Vilma in the 5th Circuit of US Federal Court in New Orleans Louisiana . A trial date has yet to be set but already Jeff Pash , legal counsel to the NFL has stated that Vilma’s lawsuit will be rigorously challenged and Pash , himself , has filed a motion to challenge the player’s lawsuit . Roger Goodell originally stated that the legal system had no jurisdiction in this case but here the NFL just happens to be , caught up in a legal wrangle that is becoming nastier by the minute .

The Saints’ off-season has been one of such infamy , that with each passing moment, this franchise becomes an embarrassment to the NFL . It should be noted however, during Roger Goodell’s reign, there have been more pratfalls made by the commissioner than that of his predecessors. His handling of the league mandated steroid testing policy , leaves a lot to be desired , and his now lackadaisical stance and approach makes him out to be an even bigger ass than first thought . Merely my opinion mind you , as I have never been high the current commissioner because from afar as well as up close and personal , he still comes across as a bumbling oaf !

With Sean Payton now suspended for the entire 2012 schedule , the team will coached by Joe Vitt on an interim basis for eight games , before he sits out his league mandated suspension. As to the Saints own upcoming season , and that will start with their preseason schedule. To start their schedule the team will be a participant in the Hall of Fame Game that will pit the Saints against the Arizona Cardinals . Beyond that, Vitt and the coaching staff readily made use of the NFL Draft to complement the existing roster . It will be interesting to see how the players in question will acquit themselves as the Saints’ season gets underway. The NFC South should prove to be an interesting division , what now appears to a resurgent Carolina Panthers’ team , that will seek to knock down a few more doors this season . Not to be left out of that mix also, we have the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers , led by their new head coach, Greg Schiano ,

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (R) introduces Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints during the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 22, 2010 in New York City. Brees then announced that the Saints had selected Patrick Robinson from Florida State with the last pick of the first round (number 32 overall). The relationship between the player and the game’s highest ranking executive has gone from being cordial , to now where it can be best described as being lukewarm, after Brees’ criticism of the NFL commissioner . Getty Images / Jeff Zelevansky ….

The New Orleans Saints’ head-to- head record against its divisional foes make for an interesting read and to my mind could provide us very much with an indicator as to what we ought to expect this upcoming season within the division ! Against the Atlanta Falcons ( trails 40-46) , Carolina Panthers (> tied 17-17 ) and Tampa Buccaneers ( leads 23-17) , and the Saints appear to be in control of a division that in recent years where they have won the title three times ( 2006 , 2009 & 2011) , with their most recent divisional title coming in 2011 . In light of the scandal is it possible that the New Orleans Saints can be triumphant over the course of this season ?


What impressions if any have you come away with concerning the teams’ preparations in the lead-up to the preseason ? And which teams do you ultimately believe will be vying for the divisional championships , while at the same time being looked upon as credible Superbowl contenders ? Simply chime in with a comment on this, and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter .




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(1)Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning signs autographs for fans following the opening session of Denver Broncos NFL football training camp in Englewood, Colo., Thursday, July 26, 2012. AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

(2) FILE – In this July 27, 2012, file photo, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning throws a pass during NFL football training camp in Englewood, Colo. Manning continues to make progress in his comeback from a nerve injury in his neck, but some of his receivers are starting to get nicked up at camp, crimping his timing with his new targets. AP Photo/David Zalubowski ….

(3) Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton manning jokes with teammates as they take part in drills in an indoor facility after inclement weather forced the cancellation of an outdoor session at NFL football training camp in Englewood, Colo., Friday, July 27, 2012. AP Photo/David Zalubowski …

(4) New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow runs with the ball at NFL football training camp on Sunday, July 29, 2012, in Cortland, N.Y. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

(5) New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez reacts during practice on opening day of their NFL football training camp Friday, July 27, 2012, in Cortland, N.Y. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

(6) New York Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh talks with quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, left, and Tim Tebow, right, during practice on opening day of their NFL training camp Friday, July 27, 2012, in Cortland, N.Y. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

(7) New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael , left, and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo , right, talk during training camp at their NFL football training facility in Metairie, La., Sunday, July 29, 2012. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

(8) FILE – In this April 26, 2993 file photo, Louisiana Tech’s Willie Roaf, right, the New Orleans Saints first round pick in the NFL draft , holds up a Saints jersey as he poses with NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue in New York. Fortunately for the Saints and Kansas City Chiefs, Roaf stopped growing at 6-foot-5 and figured he was better off passing up several basketball scholarship offers and focusing instead on football. This weekend, the former star left tackle will enjoy the highest individual honor in the game he chose with his induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame . AP Photo/Joe Tabacca …

(9) New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) talks with assistant head coach Joe Vitt during NFL football training camp in Metairie, La., Thursday, July 26, 2012. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert ….

(10) Suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma arrives to testify at Federal Court in New Orleans, Thursday, July 26, 2012. Vilma is seeking a temporary restraining order that would allow him to return to work while his lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is pending. Goodell suspended Vilma for the entire season for what the NFL has said was his leading role in a player-funded bounty program that paid cash bonuses to Saints defensive players for hits that injured opponents. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert ….

(10) New Orleans Saints gather under a newly installed banner of suspended coach Sean Payton, at the conclusion of a day of NFL football training camp in Metairie, La., Friday, July 27, 2012. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert …

(11) New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees talks to Gayle Benson, wife of Saints owner Tom Benson , left, who watches practice during NFL football training camp in Metairie, La., Thursday, July 26, 2012. Brees recently signed a five-year contract with the Saints, paying him an average of $20 million a year . AP Photo/Gerald Herbert ….

(12) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (R) introduces Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints during the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 22, 2010 in New York City. Brees then announced that the Saints had selected Patrick Robinson from Florida State with the last pick of the first round (number 32 overall). The relationship between the player and the game’s highest ranking executive has gone from being cordial , to now where it can be best described as being lukewarm, after Brees’ criticism of the NFL commissioner . Getty Images / Jeff Zelevansky ….

(13) Former NFL player Curtis Martin (L) and Chris Berman of ESPN (R) talk at the IRTS Gold Metal Award Gala. The award was presented to the National Football League on September 18, 2008 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. Martin a former New York Jets and New England Patriots’ player , is a part of the 2012-13 Pro Hall of Fame Induction class, that will include —- Willie Roaf , Chris Doleman , Dermontii Dawson , Cortez Kennedy and Jack Butler . Getty Images / Martin Cooper ….



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    1. I’ve got far too much time on my hands ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      In terms of work professionally I spend more time with work colleagues trying engineer plans to save companies and local municipalities (cities) from financial catastrophe and extinction .

      The NFC South will be interesting this season especially with a new-look Bucs team . It now makes their preseason and regular season schedule all the more interesting !

      Bucs’ draft history

      Your girl Sofia Vergara still looks damn hot !

      tophatal ……..


    1. I really hope that these replacement referees don’t make some really descisige errors. If the gap between the NFL refs and these replacement refs is really so large, we might see some very controversial calls this coming season.


  1. I like the new design. Look preaseason doesn’t mean shit. Let’s see how this bullshit plays out. We will know real fast how the Jets do. My Eagles and the rest. Until then its nao serve para nada.


    1. al clements

      If Denver can get past the Raiders and Chargers with regard to their divisional schedule , then the AFC West is theirs for the taking .

      Certainly with the addition of Manning and their draft picks , I would expect the Broncos to be a contender within the AFC this season .

      Beyond that who can say what is like to happen .

      In term of the Jets I have got to the stage where I feel that the team is simply filled with a bunch of damn blowhards . Other than their recent two playoff runs they have done absolutely nothing of merit . And now with the addition of Tebow we are suppose to believe that he will make that team actually better ? Shotgun or no shotgun under that moronic imbecile Tony Sparano as the offensive coordinator , I don’t expect much from the Jets !


        1. jumpingpolarbear

          Only ravenous male Jets’ fans could get excited and an erection seeing both of these average qb’s play .

          Take this for what it is the Jets needed to do something big because their seeing the Giants win two Superbowls has pissed off the Jets’ fans . Not only that but the Giants as a franchise , if anything they are now more valuable than the Jets , with whom they share MetLife Stadium

          Sophie Reade

          Me , I would rather see voluptuous breasts on sexually overt females but that’s just me !


  2. Can Wendy Fiore be a replacement referee? It would be simply sublime watching her run down the field!

    p.s. Like the classy new dark wood layout Al!


    1. Drew

      Well with the idiocy of the NFL and their intransigence with the referees’ union (NFLRA) . There still remains the possibility that the officials presiding over Sunday’s game between the Saints and Cardinals will be by replacement officials . And that distinct possibility also remains the regular season through the first 5 or 6 games .

      NFL locked referees spar contract talks break down

      By Steve Wyche , NFL & NFL Network

      The prospect of replacement officials for the upcoming NFL season became very real Monday after the league locked out existing referees when mediation over contract negotiations stalled.

      The officials’ contracts expired after the 2011 season, and with talks at an impasse, the NFL has begun the process of finding new officials.

      We did not begin to contact potential replacements until well after the union advised us in March of its intention to take a strike vote and told us of its plan to drag out the negotiations until late summer,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement. “We obviously could not be put in a position of the union calling a strike once the season had begun.”

      The NFL Referees Association said the NFL began looking at replacements before mediation negotiations were complete, signaling the league “never intended to work toward a fair agreement,” according to a statement. Officials added that the NFL took less than five minutes to review their most recent proposal.

      The saber-rattling seemingly came out of nowhere as the sides appeared to be headed toward a new labor pact a few weeks ago. The NFL’s move to begin hiring new officials didn’t sit well with the NFL Players Association, which said in a statement that replacement officials (“scabs”) might not be equipped to handle the increased attention to player safety.

      Click on link to read in full.

      Someone remind me why Goodell is the commissioner of the NFL ?


  3. The Broncos and Jets should be fun to watch this season. Both Manning and Tebow will improve their respective teams.
    I get the feeling that Brees is just sticking up for his teammates despite the fact that he knows what they were doing was wrong.
    I like what you’ve done with the place. Classy!


  4. aero

    Are you trying to be funny about the Jets ? LOL,LOL,LOL On offense they have nothing beyond Santonio Holmes ! And I certainly don’t like their chances against the Patriots at any point of this upcoming season . The New York press’ semi-homoerotic man-crush on Tebow will come to an abrupt end this season .

    I believe the Broncos by way of their draft and the acquisitions made are the team to beat in the AFC West ! But it will be their match-ups against the Chargers and Raiders , that in the end could be the deciding factor in all of this .

    Your thoughts on the following ?


  5. I wasn’t implying tha Tebow will be a starting quarterback, only that he gives the offense more options thus making it more productive. Look for the Jets to run the wildcat a lot more often this year. Cheers!


    1. aero

      I understand what you’re saying as I was just “ribbing you” ! Oh by the way … how is it that with Rex Ryan losing all of that weight (over 100lbs) , he had no offers from Jenny Craig as a paid up endorser of their products ?

      Tebow and Sanchez need to get it done on the offensive end of things for Jets this season . The ” wildcat offense ” is a one-trick-pony that will come back to bite the Jets in the proverbial ass !

      I hope she makes you feel good about yourself ? Because she’s making me feel that I need to take up the art of plumbing and to unclog some female’s pipes ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      tophatal ………


  6. Alan, great perspective on the Jets and the media! I’d like to re-blog the story, but I don’t have enough MG’s…lol. I like the new look to your site!


    1. Steven

      If PT Barnum or any member of the Ringling brothers were alive today , then they would be approaching the Jets to see if they would be prepared to come and work for them instead of remaining in the NFL . If Rex Ryan goes down with this ship (team) then he’s to blame and no one else .

      Look at the changes in the Jets’ roster over the past four years , their playoff record but most of all the really telling point has been the play of Mark Sanchez in the regular and postseason .,


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