Seek life elsewhere , or better yet , go take a leap off a short pier

Seek life elsewhere , or better yet , go take a leap off a short pier

by Tophatal

The NFL preseason has begun with all of the expectations the fans would come to expect of their teams . Meanwhile, this could very well be the year that for one more reason than another managerial casualty is likely to fall. It certainly has not gone unnoticed that the league will be operating under the premise of replacement referees presiding over the preseason games. For some reason the league hierarchy has seen fit to make an already bitter confrontation between the league and the NFLRA (referees’ union) into an even more contentious situation . It would appear that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has simply learned absolutely nothing at all from the hierarchy’s rather inane deliberations during their six-month long impasse that led to a great deal of vitriol between the NFL and the NFLPA . If I should hear one more asinine notion that the league came out of those deliberations as the victor, I am liable to go off an expletive laden rant against the individuals in question ! The deal ratified by and voted on by DeMaurice Smith, that is said to represent a decade-long era of peaceful coexistence between the two parties, has become a complete and utter joke . How else can one now explain the now tenuous relation between the two-high ranking executives, in Roger Goodell and his union counterpart , DeMaurice Smith?


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The relationship between the commissioner and the executive director has become so cooled that one seriously doubts that the duo communicate with each other directly. Communiques among the duo are probably handled by their subordinates . Furthermore, take into account the ongoing mess borne out of the New Orleans Saints’ scandal and the very fact that the league and Goodell are the subject of a joint and separate legal lawsuits brought by Jonathan Vilma . The Saints’ in his defamation suit seeks his reinstatement as well as punitive monetary damages from the hierarchy . Now unless I am mistaken this now bring s the number of legal actions the NFL is the subject of as either a defendant or plaintiff , to a total of 25 and counting . Far be it for me to suggest but there is now more action to be found in the courtrooms than from some of the putrid performances we have witnessed in the preseason ! At this juncture I’m not overly impressed by number of the games and the somewhat poor officiating by the replacement referees brought in at the insistence of the league hierarchy. Roger Goodell at his very best , well to suggest he is inept as the federal government has to leave you wondering whether not he missed his vocation in life ? God knows, since he assumed the reins from his predecessor Paul Tagliabue , it has been repeated pratfalls by this particular NFL executive !

Also at this juncture , what cannot be overlooked is how the odds-makers in Las Vegas look at the present malaise within the NFL ? How will the lines be affected , when knowing that these preseason games will be affected by the every decision that amounts to a mistake on the part of the adjudication officials ? And if this idiocy should carry over into the regular season , then what then should be made of the unfolding situation ? Clearly , this could not have been foreseen by the betting sports’ books in not only Las Vegas but also in Atlantic City , New Jersey .

So two lauded NFL franchises , the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders , were able to put on such an inept performance , which resulted in a 3-0 victory for the Cowboys . And no, that is not a misprint in terms of the final result , which if anything was something a damn misnomer . Cruel and unusual punishment , I believe for the fans in attendance that the O Coliseum , in Oakland, California ! Why should they have to endure such crap while still having to pay full price ? Well , beyond that , is there anyone of the belief that either of these two teams will be in contention within their respective divisions this Superbowl in the postseason ? Well, beyond that need we be reminded that going into week two the preseason schedule the fans will be asked to endure the embarrassment of seeing replacement officials adjudicate the games . And while that idiotic premise remains , with their being no solid movement s in the ongoing negotiations , I would hate to federal government be brought in to provide both parties with a binding arbitration agreement . Both sides are bound to be pissed , should a scenario arise .

How much , is too much , in terms of the coverage being provided by ESPN , as every non story concerning the New York Jets is delved into , as if it were groundbreaking news ? If Tim Tebow has a bowel movement , I do not need to be advised or reminded by Sal Paolantonio that the player’s stool was either brown or soft . Because as of now , that remains the only uncovered feature that has not been analyzed in-depth by the broadcast outlet, as they search to make the young quarterback an even bigger news story than he actually needs to be. Now , ever since his acquisition by the Jets , every imaginable utterance by Tebow has somehow been recorded for prosperity by ESPN. And while there appears to be some interest player’s teammate , starting quarterback , Mark Sanchez , I wonder if this much dedicated coverage would be devoted to the second year quarterback were he anyone else ?

Rex Ryan and his coaching staff were somewhat aggressive in the draft , seeking players who can make an immediate contribution to the team . With Tony Sparano being brought in to be the offensive coordinator , the talk has been about whether or that “one-trick-pony “ of the “wildcat offense” will be adopted as part of the team’s offense . Given the issues of the New York Jets last season as they sought to make themselves more competitive on a number of fronts , the Jets’ limited offensive capabilities were exposed for all to see .

Week one of the preseason schedule the saw the New York Jets as the guests of the Cincinnati Bengals in a game between these two ambitious AFC teams . Bengals’ head coach Marvin Lewis , will no doubt be looking to build upon the exploits of last season when his young team made the playoffs for the first time since 2009. It is that sort of momentum that the franchise seeks, as they look to build upon on their showing of last year. The game (17-6) itself between these two teams was very uneven in terms of its pace and that is to be expected , when one takes into account that the players are still seeking to get themselves into game-shape competition . With that as a premise, even with third and fourth-stringers on the field of play , the fans should expect so much more . After-all , they are being asked to pay regular season ticket prices for games that in essence are meaningless , albeit that the teams will nets themselves several million dollars at the expense of the fans. Diluted product or not, the NFL hierarchy has a great deal of explaining to do as it relates marketed product of the preseason . . As it now relates to the Jets, they’re being hyped as a team that’s once again on the rise , a premise which I am convinced is dubious in its nature ! This is a team that is offensively challenged and whose biggest offensive threat , Santonio Holmes , is now amongst the walking wounded with a severe rib injury.

It had to happen and it did . In light of the latest missteps in the rather understated career of Chad Johnson , you simply knew that the roller-coaster he was riding on would be derailed . Having joined the Miami Dolphins as a free agent , the wide receiver was expected to lead a young receiving corps under first-year coach Joe Philbin . There was a reason why , the former Packers’ offensive coordinator was lured away from that franchise to coach the Dolphins. Philbin bring along with him a great deal of credibility, as well as the fact that he was the calming and guiding influence that turned Aaron Rodgers into an “elite quarterback” . The same is being asked of the coach , as the front office seeks his guidance to groom their first round draft pick Ryan Tannehill .

With all of the behind-the-scenes warts and all revelations that comes about from the HBO sports’ magazine program “Hard Knocks” , there would be no way Johnson would overlook the chance to further showcase himself and his gregarious antics . Apart from his garrulous behavior , Chad Johnson sought to publicize his marriage to television reality show star , Evelyn Lozado and their then , upcoming VH1 reality show entitled show “ Chad & Evelyn “ .

Well with his now infamous physical assault of his wife of a mere 45 days , the two are now in the process of being divorced , as Lozado has since filed the petition to have marriage dissolved. That event as heinous as it is , was not the sole reason for the player’s dismissal from the Miami Dolphins. Chad Johnson’s on air antics during his face time interview with Hard Knock’s reporters left a great deal to be desired . Much of his expletive laden exchanges were simply being done to highlight the player as he felt it was the best way to make himself further known . What might be even more unpalatable however, was the player’s admittance of having the propensity to use marijuana and frequently doing when among his own small entourage . This would not be the only admission from the player as he also stated that it was his wish to be an established adult entertainer/porn star . Given the family friendly environment being created by the Dolphins’ billionaire owner , Stephen “Steve” Ross , Chad Johnson’s antics flew in the face of everything that the owner was trying to establish .

Joe Philbin may well have stated that Johnson’s failure to fit in with the environment he sought to create with the team but in all honesty which premise are you likely to believe as to the real reason for the player’s dismissal ? Spousal abuse cannot be condoned or tolerated in any form , and for the player not to show any act of contrition , in light of the revelation of the attack until some 48 hours after his release from jail . It smacks of another instance where an athlete thinks of himself bigger than the environment in which he resides beyond believing in the printed content by the press , as to his notoriety. Furthermore , GM Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins had to have known what they were getting, in a simmering powder keg and incendiary device such Chad Johnson . I mean his track record spoke for itself in recent years , and it is not as of the signs were not there already given his appearance on his then fiancé’s show (Basketball Wives), where their relationship can be best described as highly volatile and combustible . Now everything has been blown the f##k up and it would take a really desperate owner or front office executive , who would now seek to acquire the troubled player. Bear in mind , that were he to be signed by another NFL franchise he would be subject to a mandatory 4 game suspension under the league’s rules relating to player conduct. Johnson’s career I now believe is at a crossroads, and as astute an agent as Drew Rosenhaus claims to be , even he cannot be sure that he can save , much less resurrect his client’s eleven-year veteran career . This was one great big cluster-f##k of Chad Johnson’s own making, and he only has himself to blame for this mess ! Care offer up your thoughts on the matter ?



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What are your impressions of the NFL preseason thus far ? And do you believe that the league hierarchy has once again made a monumental mistake in the handling a labor related issue as it relates to the referees ? By all means do leave a comment on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter .


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(1) NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith (left) is seen here with his counterpart, Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL . Although the league’s labor issues are said to have been resolved , the relationship between the two high-ranking executives has become testy and extremely tepid . At present the union is backing its member Johnathan Vilma in his lawsuit against Goodell and the league in US Federal court , in New Orleans , Louisiana . Greg Pardue / AP Photo …. (2) Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (6) looks to pass as offensive tackle Joe Barksdale (72) blocks Dallas Cowboys defensive end Kenyon Coleman (99) during the second half of an NFL preseason football game in Oakland, Calif., Monday, Aug. 13, 2012. AP Photo/Ben Margot ….

(3) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with an official during the first quarter of an NFL preseason football game against the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, Calif., Monday, Aug. 13, 2012. AP Photo/Ben Margot ..

(4) Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen , right, talk with an official during the third quarter of an NFL preseason football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Oakland, Calif., Monday, Aug. 13, 2012. P Photo/Tony Avelar ….

(5) Tim Tebow (15) of the New York Jets runs down-field on a punt coverage against the Cincinnati Bengals during a preseason NFL game at Paul Brown Stadium on August 10, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Bengals would defeat the Jets 17-6 . Getty Images North America / Joe Robbins ….

(6) Tim Tebow (15) of the New York Jets looks to pass the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals during an NFL preseason game at Paul Brown Stadium on August 10, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Joe Robbins /Getty Images …

(7) Tim Tebow (15) and Mark Sanchez (6) of the New York Jets warm up before a preseason NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on August 10, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Joe Robbins /Getty Images …

(8) FILE – In this Sunday, July 29, 2012 file photo, Miami Dolphins’ Chad Johnson practices during NFL football training camp in Davie, Fla. Police say Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson has been arrested on a domestic violence charge, accused of head-butting his newlywed wife (Evelyn Lozado) during an argument in front of their home in Davie, Fla. The player has since been released by the Dolphins’ ,with the front office acknowledging that Johnson simply did not fit in with the team’s requirements or the direction they were said to be heading in . AP Photo/Terry Renna ….

(9) Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin talks to reporters during a news conference after NFL football training camp in Davie, Fla., Monday, Aug. 13, 2012. AP Photo/Alan Diaz …

(10) From left to right seen here are GM Jeff Ireland , head coach Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins’ multi-billionaire owner Stephen Ross . Ross gave the go-ahead for Johsnon’s release , having voiced his displeasure with the player’s on air behavior , while being interviewed on the HBO program “Hard Knocks” . Chad Johnson’s arrest for spousal abuse only exacerbated things further, concerning his behavior . It now leaves the veteran wide receiver without a team but with his agent Drew Rosenhaus now working eagerly to find a new home for the troubled wide receiver . AFP Photo / Tony Hall ……

(11) Chad Johnson is seen here with his wife , Evelyn Lozado on their wedding 4th July , 2012 at their wedding reception . A mere 42 days later , Lozado has filed for divorce from her husband, after his unprovoked attack , during which she questioned the player’s infidelity having found list of phone numbers and a packet of prophylactics(condoms) in the glove compartment of their vehicle . Johnson , according to the affidavit by Ms Loado head butted her (victim). The player’s claims, are that the “alleged head butt” was accidental and that far too much was being read into the incident . In light of his being released by the Miami Dolphins, Johnson has since offered a public apology to his fans , the NFL organization and to his wife , Evelyn Lozado . Drew Rosenhaus , the agent of the beleaguered wide receiver believes that his client will be back in the NFL in the very near future . @ copyrighted material Ennis & Coles … all rights reserved .



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Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

21 thoughts on “Seek life elsewhere , or better yet , go take a leap off a short pier”

  1. ” I’m really disappointed in that announcement Rex , as I was prepared to come out of the closet if the rumors are to be believed that the Jets do in fact have a homosexual player on the roster ! Is it # 15 ? Please let it be # 15 ” ! ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio interviews Rex Ryan , head coach of the Jets .

    Paolantonio , eats , sleeps and drinks Tim Tebow . There’s more than a budding “man-crush” here , as Sal wants to get all up into Timmy’s business via his rectum . When is enough not enough for ESPN as it relates to the New York Jets ?

    42 days of marriage for Chad Johnson ? Go figure ! At least Kim Kardashian had the temerity to profess her love for Kris Humphries before dumping his a@s ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    KKK ? No , it stands Kim , Kanye and Kevin ! Don’t go there .


    “Jason , if you f##k things up again this season , you’ll definitely be on your hands and knees sucking my ###k . And there’s nothing better that Jerry Jones likes than having his d#ck sucked …….. ask my wife ” ? Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett

    The chances of the Cowboys eking out more than 8 wins this season ? Your thoughts ? My belief is that they will struggle with all facets of their game . Their secondary is now a hodge-podge ill fitting pieces . Less we forget Jason Garrett is susceptible to making some of the dumbest game-time decisions known to mankind . Is he still suckling on his mother’s breasts or merely on a certain reproductive organ of Jerry Jones , in order to retain his position as the Cowboys’ head coach ?

    Common opponents that the Cowboys will have to deal with and that is within the NFC East . Garret’s team will have to deal with the Eagles , Giants and Redskins .


    Tophatal …………..


  2. Hart’s ‘KKK’ skit is frigging hilarious !

    Week two of the preseason , is there anything else that we need to know ? Well that is beyond the fact there’ll still be replacement refs strolling the sidelines as well as on the field . In the meantime Goodell is making nice while trying to create the perception that everything is OK in the NFL . As I’ve maintained , name that the last good measure Roger Goodell introduced to the NFL ? Please don’t suggest mandatory in and off season testing , as that bitch has yet to fly . It has been abandoned by the league hierarchy but the odious commissioner is still trying to suggest that the ruling will be adopted at some point in the future . That’s utter bull#hit and the commissioner knows it !

    In truth, if the government really wants to do something proactive rather than having their fingers stuck up their collective rectums , then they’d rescind the NFL’s antitrust exemption status instead of being in awe of a#s wipes like Chad Johnson ! Suck on that Goodell , if you’re not already sucking on Jerry Jones’ member that is ? .


  3. Week two in the NFL and what games appear to be of real interest ?

    Bengals @ …. Falcons

    Browns @ …… Packers

    Titans @ ….. Buccaneers

    Raiders @ … Cardinals

    Cowboys @ Chargers

    Colts @ ….. Steelers

    ” Don’t worry Chad we’re gonna make mad money my nig#a when you start to fu#k some ho’s —-doin’ porn , you feelin me “ ? Johnson and an associate leave the Broward County Jail after posting a bond of $2,500 . d

    Also with Chad Johnson making the revelation that he’d like to be a porn star . Now the likelihood is that he’ll be signed by Vivid Entertainment to be part of their stable of ” male actors” ? ?

    If Roger Goodell and the league allows this idiocy to continue while fans come up with their wildly speculative prognostications of this being about the league wanting to break a union (NFLRA) . That’s sheer nonsense when you realize these referees are not full-time referees but part-timers and that all they seek is to be fairly compensated for their work . Instead , the league hierarchy has berated the union from the start of the deliberations , cast disparaging remarks about a group (referees) they rarely look at with any integrity . The NFLRA has been succinct in their demands , without ever once stating any wish to strike and once again it has been the NFL that has been the antagonist here , rather than being a body seek a bilateral agreement . Goodell screwed up once before and fans came out stating the new deal with the NFLPA (players’ union) was an amenable one . Ask DeMaurice Smith (Executive Director NFLPA) , now , how he feels about the commissioner ?

    Weeks two and three of the preseason and quite in all likelihood we will still have replacement referees officiating the games but somehow an ass like the commissioner still seeks to paint a picture that the NFL in its current guise is OK . How so , when it is entrenched in so many legal actions and their players image wise are now coming like a bunch thugs, or irresponsible fathers abandoning their children while failing to pay tens of thousands of dollars that’s owed in child support ?

    5th September is officially the day the regular season begins . How likely is that the league goes into the regular season with referees who coach at the D2 and D3 level of college football ? Your thoughts ?

    Tophatal …………….


    1. Bobby Gee

      Who would be ? Especially when you consider the idiocy now going on and much of that has been self-inflicted in terms of the NFL’s overall image .

      Roger Goodell has been a bumbling jackass at each and every turn and he will continue remain so for the foreseeable future !





      After this , is there really much else to be said ? Especially in light of the idiots who still continue to support this moron !

      Jabs at Goodell are now to be found all over the place .
      And I am not really surprised by that as he remains one of the most alienated and polarizing figures in all of professional sports !

      Tophatal ….


    2. Roger Goodell has implied that he has been always concerned with the image of the NFL . In the past eight to ten months by himself this as#hole caused more damage with his ignorance and the intransigence shown than many of his predecessors . Out of deference however, the major broadcast networks who carry the NFL product will continue to kiss Goodell’s sorry ass .

      Tophatal …………


  4. Adrian Peterson the “heart and soul” of the Vikings . Without him they’ll be lucky to win 6 or 7 games at best this season

    As an NFL fan things to be worried about as such this season ……… running back Adrian Peterson coming back far too early, given his recent injury woes. Viking’ coach Leslie Frazier wants him back as soon as possible but he knows the inherent dangers of having the player back and him re-injuring himself , having had off-season surgery to repair torn meniscus in both knees . Hall of Fame great Jerry Rice had a similar injury (right knee) in the latter part of his career and it sidelined him for almost 16 months . Peterson wants to be back on a field within 6 1/2 months .

    The Raiders have had some wide receivers over the years but this current crop are not —- that awe-inspiring . Jacoby Ford drops more passes than a hooker drops her “draws” /panties during a working day as part of her daily profession.

    Who’s buying into the bulls#it as to the explosiveness of the Cowboys’ offense ? That arsenal of wide receivers as they currently stand couldn’t catch a pass , much less a cold but still the NFL analysts are selling their regurgitated dose of “snake-oil” as it relates to the Cowboys, once again this season .

    And that gutless sack of a sh#t owner Jerry Jones is said to be displeased with Dez Bryant’s recent behavior (physically attacked his mother) . Yet he does nothing to punish the player , other than to suggest he’s in need of therapy . This being the very same owner allowed the likes of Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin to run wild , allow hedonistic behavior and the use of illicit substances but now he’s upset with Bryant ? Jones remains the quintessential “dumb ass owner “ within the NFL today !


    Dallas Cowboys news

    Minnesota Vikings news

    Oakland Raiders news


  5. Ya’ know, Al, one thing that nobody’s mentioning amidst all this referee talk is how wagering will be affected.

    Of course, that’s not something the NFL likes to talk about, but let’s say a call is made, or not made, that affects the hundreds of millions of dollars being placed on the game.

    I just wonder if Las Vegas is in any way adjusting their lines to the officiating.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      I’d already mentioned that in part ! But like you said no one was interested in that premise . That has become the whole idiocy of what we now see going on , with this bull#hit about the maneuver being about “union busting ” . The NFL wasn’t able to do that with the NFLPA . So what makes them think that they’re capable of doing that with referees’ union (NFLRA) ? We have now seen that the collective bargaining agreement between the league and union wasn’t worth the paper it was written on .

      Vegas will make money no matter what the environment as they’ll make sure their money is spread around . They won’t undertake the risk all by themselves .

      Tophatal ………


  6. I personally thought the whole Chad Johnson being cut on Hard Knocks wasn’t very tasteful. I guess it’s a reality show and that’s what you get, but his reasoning seemed really scripted and phony. I didn’t like it at all.
    Also, I actually watched some of that terrible Cowboys-Raiders game to see Terrelle Pryor play and he looked terrible. He can’t read a defence and pretty much just relies on his Cam Newton-esque running game, which is in all honesty quite good. Pryor probably isn’t going to turn into a great passer anytime soon. I suggest Tight End like so many have. He might be beastly at one of those positions. Although, I do love watching them running QB’s. I’d love to see him get some extended playing time, you know, as long as I’m not a Raiders fan.


    1. Chris Ross

      Johnson has always been a conceited ass who uses his schtick to get by because his talent level has always been in question .

      Any team that now takes a flier on this moron (Johnson) will do so at their own risk !

      That game (3-0) between the Cowboys and Raiders was a distinct embarrassment for everyone concerned . And Romo is simply “overrated as evidenced in the game and his erratic play throughout his career .

      As for the three quarterbacks on the Raiders’ roster , they might be amongst the very worst in the entire conference if not the entire —– NFL !

      Tophatal …………


    2. As good as Terrell Pryor was said to be in college , it was already noticeable that his game would be flawed once he reached the NFL . He’ll simply end up being like Vince Young , a rarefied talent at the collegiate level but a “bust” in the NFL . Simply look at the ongoing careers of Matt Leinart and Young , as evidence of that .

      The quarterbacks on the Raiders’ roster are beyond redemption , these guys are simply pitiful .

      Tophatal ……..


  7. I still can’t get over how much they charge for a stupid pre-season game. At least there’s no blackout rule for preseason! The only thing I took from the Raiders game is at least they didn’t have double digit penalties…


    1. Chappy 81

      Don’t be surprised by the claims or anything that is done by Goodell and the league hierarchy nowadays . This guy has no scruples in terms of his traits ….. he would lie , cheat and steal, if it meant to the NFL came of looking good . Consider what took place in Minnesota and the fact that the ownership of the Vikings held the state legislature hostage in order to gain billions so that a new venue could be built for the NFL franchise . In terms of the NFL all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold !

      Consider the mess now created by the commissioner and the fact that replacement referees are still being used by the league ? We’re almost two weeks into the NFL preseason schedule and no agreement has been reached between the NFL and the referees’ union (NFLRA). The commissioner has seen fit to blame this mess on the referees when all along they have been above board in their dealings . Much as in the same day he Goodell) denigrated the players’ union (NFLPA) , he is now doing the same thing , as he’d done with the NFLPA. If he’s now calling their bluff and forcing the present action when the officials themselves didn’t call for a strike action then it indicates the lengths that the NFL won’t go to , in order to get its own way .

      Tophatal ………….


    2. Yep ! The preseason games are damn meaningless but yet the fans are still being asked to pay full price .

      Now look at the asinine mess that still remains unresolved concerning the referees ! If the we go deep into the season with these replacement referees and there are mounting missed calls , then consider the mess that is liable to happen in the postseason, when there is said to be “so much on the line ” .


      1. Not to mention the added time on games with refs huddling to tell eachother what they saw. At least the players will be fresh every play since they’ll have plenty of time to rest…


        1. A college referee at the D2 or D3 level is not as attuned to the NFL game as perhaps one of their peers at the FBS D1 ranks . That being said, it’s still no excuse for the NFL to be using replacement refs when the actual referees’ union did not call for strike action . This is simply the league flexing their muscles for all of the wrong reasons .

          If this ##it carries over into the regular season there’s going to be hell to pay , never mind what this does for the odds-makers in Vegas .

          Tophatal ………………..


        2. The reason why they’re huddling , isn’t to review the play but to make a decision as to who will buy the first round of drinks , once they hit a bar after the game to discuss the numerous mistakes they made .

          Tophatal …………..


  8. Whut I don’t understand is why the owners don’t at least have a meet with the ass and explain he is ruining a great sport. Damn if he ran the league as well as the Rooney clan has always ran things……..


    1. Al Clements

      Look, it was the idiot owners such as Robert Kraft , Woody Johnson , Jerry Jones and John K Mara who backed an asshole like Roger Goodell to assume the reigns after Paul Tagliabue retired and chose to return to his law company Covington & Burlington LLP , a firm where he’s co-founder and senior managing partner. Tagliabue may not have been a great commissioner but he is by far in a way a much better communicator than an ass such as Goodell.

      If this crap carries over into the regular season , I believe that there may well be an uproar and a great deal of indifference being shown by the fans . The referees aren’t on strike , it has been the NFL who chose to shut them out and create the perception that ” they’re the bad guys “ .



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