NFL , acronym for the No Fun League ……

NFL, acronym for the No Fun League ….

By Tophatal

The NFL season opened up with a flurry of games and the league’s rookies took the field for their baptism of fire . On what was a record day, five quarterbacks drafted in 2012 were on the field of play. The top two picks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III led their respective teams in their inaugural games in the NFL.


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A number of results were not that surprising , while others, in some respects, came right out of nowhere. Peyton Manning returning the NFL after almost eighteen months away from the league, led the Denver Broncos to a heartwarming victory (31-19) over the Pittsburgh Steelers in their regular season opener . Fans at Invesco Field, in Denver, Colorado, had to be pleased with the outcome. And for Manning on his way to the victory , the player connected with DeMaryius Thomas for his 400th touchdown pass and would further add to that tally with his 401st to Jacob Tamme , adding to an already illustrious career for the four-time league MVP . For Ben Roethlisberger and his Steelers’ teammates , this was in essence a game that they would rather forget , on so many levels .

I don’t believe that it would be wrong to suggest, that beyond a reasonable doubt the Buffalo Bills after their lackluster effort against the New York Jets , the franchise might just be the worst teams in the NFL , solely based upon their performance in this game. Given the ineptitude shown by team and the fact that Chan Gailey’s coaching staff were if anything simply out of their depth in the Bills’ first regular season game .

Now while during the preseason a great deal was justifiably made concerning the ineptitude shown by quarterbacks —- Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, it has to be said that the Jets’ starting signal-caller was simply exemplary in his performance during the game against the Buffalo Bills. For head coach Rex Ryan his coaching staff this result (48-28 victory) bodes well for the Jets and the remainder of their season .

High praise indeed for everything that was and written about 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. The Redskins’ quarterback exemplified everything that many believed he was capable of, as he led the Washington Redskins to an improbable 40-32 victory over the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans , Louisiana , in-front of a sold-out crowd of rabid Saints’ fans. Given the explosiveness of the now famed Saints’ offense , one seriously doubted that the Redskins could have withstood a Drew Brees’ led attack , normally known for its high-powered efficiency . Somehow , the improbable came to be as repeatedly this game ebbed and flowed , with Griffin simply outlasting his counterpart in a thoroughly exciting game.

In what might be seen as a possible precursor to a 2012 NFC championship game , the Green Bay Packers played host to the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay , Wisconsin,. The two opposing quarterbacks , Aaron Rodgers of the Packers and Alex Smith of the Niners , simply looked to carry on from where they left off from 2011 . Both of these highly touted players who were part of the 2005 NFL Draft , which saw Smith taken ahead of Rodgers that season . The 49ers’ quarterback in 2011 showed that he was ready to assume control and lead this team. And indeed Alex Smith was able to do that , as Jim Harbaugh saw his players make it all the way to the 2011 postseason but who would fall to the New York Giants in the NFC championship game 20-17 in a highly-competitive match-up . That disappointment did not sit well with Harbaugh and his players , and the organization has been motivated to revamp the roster as well as making several free agency acquisitions this off-season . The addition of Randy Moss , Marion Manningham , and Brandon Jacobs , gives Smith an added arsenal of offensive weaponry that will certainly make the San Francisco 49ers a formidable opponent this season.

This game proved to be as interesting as anticipated , with the Niners’ stifling defense and a passing game that was everything one would it expect it to be . Those defensive players would harass and make the Packers’ offensive line a mere aberration as they made life problematical for Aaron Rodgers’ in the Packers’ home opener in 2012 . San Francisco would secure a 30-22 victory , which sees the team tied atop of the NFC West alongside the Arizona Cardinals (1-0) . And though it is still early days yet , these two teams will meet in their scheduled divisional match-ups in weeks’ eight and seventeen in what is sure to be two very crucial games .

Now while a lot has been made about the first week of the NFL season , with a record five rookie quarterbacks making their starts in the NFL. Who would have thought however , that Cleveland Browns’ rookie Brandon Weeden would have such an awful game on the way to the team’s narrow 17-16 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles . In truth , both quarterbacks on display left a great deal to be desired, with their erratic and underwhelming display . There is no denying that Michael Vick is one of the most athletic quarterbacks to have graced the NFL in the past fifteen years but I certainly would not count the player , as a top 5 quarterback in the league ! Vick gave one of the worst performances of his veteran career , having been picked off four times during the Eagles’ game against their AFC opponent . To read Brandon Weeden’s game statistics against the Eagles reads of mediocrity at its’ very worst . The player’s QB rating , dauntingly disastrous 5.1 and no, that is not a misprint , 5.1, what else can be said ? One doubts that we will ever again witness such a mind-numbing statistic being posted by an NFL quarterback !

Don’t get me wrong, there is some quality football that will be played in the NFL this season , it is just that I am not so sure that we will all bear witness to that materializing within the AFC West ! The biggest selling point within the division is the fact that it now becomes the home of Peyton Manning as a member of the Denver Broncos. The team is likely to be highly favored by the odds-makers in Las Vegas being the divisional champions, as they seek to make a successful defense of that title in 2012. The other residents within the division, the Kansas City Chiefs , Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers will certainly look to overturn that premise . And last night we were given a glimpse of two of those aspirants, as the Raiders played host to the Chargers at the O Coliseum in Oakland, California, Unfortunately for the fans in question , who sought to stay up on the East Coast to witness this farce . It simply was a game , filled with errors , as the Raiders stumbled their way through the game with a plethora of mistakes and missed opportunities . Far be it for me to suggest but Dennis Allen in his rookie season as coach of this team cannot be at all pleased with what he witnessed from his players.

The upheavals made within the Raiders’ organization at the end of last season with the firing of Hu Jackson and the installing of Reggie McKenzie as the general manager , remains a constant reminder as why this franchise has never maintained a semblance of continuity over the past decade. Granted, with the death of Al Davis , and you simply knew that this renowned franchise would be in for a change in direction , with Davis’ son, Mark Davis , assuming the reins of the Raiders. Well, things have not changed for the better , as it appears that a smooth transition has made way for the idiocy of before , as it relates to the play of the team . Lackluster , ill-prepared and no signs of any real leadership from any of the seasoned veterans on the roster , and it is easy to understand the spectacle the franchise has become . Far too often, the butt of so many jokes , while the die-hard fans of the Raiders seek out any sign of positivity that might appear. If last night’s events are anything to go by , then those signs will be few and far between , any type of progress sought . The Raiders’ 22-14 loss mirrored so often what their long-suffering fans witnessed over the course of last season with the team . If Dennis Allen is to seek the improvement sought, then he and his coaching staff will have to address many of the needless mistakes made by his players that laid the foundation for this defeat .

As the season proceeds, undoubtedly the fans will question the veracity of the referees , as week one has not highlighted any major controversies seen from the replacement officials . However, as the impasse remains between the league hierarchy and NFLRA (referees’ union) we are bound to see questionable calls that could prove to be fateful in terms of an outright result to a regular season scheduled game. What we have witnessed is that the officials recruited from the college game has given such a divergence in how these referees interpret the game from their counterparts who usually adjudicate the NFL games .With the overturning of the commissioner’s verdict in the suspension of Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove , Scott Fujita and Jonathan Vilma , with all four player given full clearance to be participants in the opening weekend scheduled games of week one. It now begs the question where does this now place Roger Goodell , as the commissioner of the NFL and the power made available to him as the league’s highest-ranking executive ? If he can be challenged on such an issue, as the scandal that embroiled the New Orleans Saints . Then clearly, at some point concerning in the future there will be a challenge as to how Goodell imposes and renders a verdict concerning an NFL player’s conduct. Fans feel aggrieved by the league’s inaction on so many issues without this idiocy and the predicament that the NFL now finds itself in !



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Week two will once again a bring us a slew of games that should provide us to a degree with an indication as to the teams’ seasons may well pan out . In comparison at this point last season the results were not too dissimilar , as we saw the league’s stars step up to the plate as their teams set about their tasks.


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(1) Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) watches from the bench in the closing minutes of the Colts’ 41-21 loss to the Chicago Bears in an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012. AP Photo/Jim Prisching ….

(2) Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) is pressured by Chicago Bears defensive tackle Matt Toeaina (75) as he releases a pass during the first half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012. AP Photo/Jim Prisching …

(3) Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) scrambles in the first half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert …

(4) Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) poses for a photo with filmmaker Spike Lee , center, after an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012. The Redskins won 40-32 . AP Photo/Matthew Hinton ….

(5) Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) is wrapped up by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Larry Foote (50) during the second quarter of an NFL football game , Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, in Denver. AP Photo/David Zalubowski …

(6) Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning hugs head coach John Fox as he holds his 400th touchdown ball following an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012 in Denver. The Broncos won 31-19 . AP Photo/Joe Mahoney …

(7) New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, left, and Tim Tebow celebrate after a touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Jets would go on to defeat the Bills 48-28 . AP Photo/Bill Kostroun …

(8) San Francisco 49ers’ Alex Smith (11) shakes hands with Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers (12) after an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, in Green Bay, Wis. The 49ers won 30-22 . AP Photo/Mike Roemer ……

(9) FILE – In this Sept. 9, 2012 file photo, Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden (3) has the ball knocked from his hand by Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Trent Cole in the first quarter of an NFL football game in Cleveland. Weeden had one of the worst —- debuts in NFL history, a 5.1 rating . Cleveland’s defense forced five turnovers , but couldn’t get the one it needed to stop Michael Vick. It added up to another tough loss , but one that showed some promise for a young team. AP Photo/Mark Duncan …..

(10) San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is sacked by Oakland Raiders defensive end Dave Tollefson (58) and defensive end Matt Shaughnessy (77) during the first quarter of an NFL football game in Oakland, Calif., Monday, Sept. 10, 2012. The Chargers would go on to defeat their divisional rivals 22-14 . AP Photo/Ben Margot

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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

37 thoughts on “NFL , acronym for the No Fun League ……”

  1. So Weeden was once in the Yankees’ organization by drafting the player in 2002 , he would later be traded to the Dodgers , before returning to Oklahoma State ? S#it he should remained in college or better yet , take the money from the Yankees , rather than entering the NFL . How bad a god-damn quarterback must you be to have a 5.1 (QBR) qb rating ?

    Weeden’s game stats —- against the Eagles and his QB rating of 5.1 .

    “Mom I’ve made it ! I’m in the NFL ” . Brandon Weeden

    Weeden gets drafted by the Browns , gets rewarded accordingly and puts up some shi##y numbers in his first game in the NFL .

    There is justice to an extent , after all ……….. the Saints get their a#ses kicked at home ,albeit , that they get back Wil Smith and Jonathan Vilma . RGIII came , saw and conquered the “Who Dat ###sies ” !

    Women love ’em , gay men and a number of incarcerated male felons want to f##k ’em both .

    Tebow and Sanchez are smiling for the moment after their 48-28 beat down of Buffalo Bills ! Well no surprise there as that Bills’ team who on n their best day couldn’t cop a feel off a hooker even if it were per-gratis ! In other words, if it were free .

    For the avaricious Bills’ fans out there .

    You’ve just got to love it with regard to the Bills .

    Yeah doggy !

    Let’s hand it to the Bills , only they can continue to disappoint and still have their fans almost eating out of their hands . What’s that you say …………. the Royals’ fans are just as intelligent ? Well I never ! LOL,LOL ,LOL,LOL !!!!!

    The current parents of a possible future Bills’ fan .

    Tophatal …………….


    1. BlogSurface/ CDR

      It went beyond desperation concerning the Bills it was simply the franchise saying we just want to field a god-damn team on the field no matter how bad they looked just as long as they could field a team to make some money . And that is solely the premise that franchise now operates under ! . NFL valuations of the franchises with revenues and profits . Breakdown with regard to the Bills .

      Can anyone remember the last time the Bills had a winning season much less went deep into the NFL postseason ?

      There was no effort from Bills in that 48-28 loss to the Jets and the Bills’ organization should be embarrassed and issue a formal apology to their fans .

      Ryan Fitzpatrick , Ivy League graduate or not , he is not a high caliber NFL quarterback by any stretch of the imagination. He’s overpaid and simply not worth the damn contract he signed with the team .

      Bills’ starting QB’s down the years specifically since 2005
      . Not that impressive when you think about it . Other than Jim Kelly , Daryl Lamonica , Drew Bledsoe , and Frank Reich , every QB to have played for or has been drafted by the Bills has been a piece of crap !

      Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bills

      If Ryan Fitzpatrick can still hold down a job in the NFL then there’s a minuscule of hope for an as#hole like Vince Young . That’s not saying a lot with regard to the NFL nowadays !

      Tophatal …………………….


    1. Bobby Gee

      That will only apply to a number of teams this year and the Eagles’ win over the Browns wasn’t that great . Vick looked awful as did the rest of the team . Most impressive win in Week 1 had to be the Niners over the Packers at Lambeau Field , Green Bay, Wisconsin ,.

      The Bucs weren’t tested at all in their victory over the Panthers but week two will be different when they face the Giants at MetLife Stadium , in East Rutherford , New Jersey . The Giants’ offense will test the resilience of the Bucs’ defense in that game . I expect the Giant to be the victors by a two-touchdown margin at least ! .

      Tophatal ………………


  2. The situation with the referee’s is a major concern. It is my hope that the stalemate is broken before someone is seriously injured due to incompetent officiating.


    1. aero

      If this idiocy continues beyond ….. week 6 then Roger Goodell has to be questioned as to the authority he currently has ! There are fans who continue to try and defend this ass (commissioner) even in light of the numerous and repeated decisions he has made , which continues to hurt the image of the NFL . Meanwhile, all the commissioner ever points to in a positive light , are the league’s growing revenues by way of the renewed television contracts and the exorbitant prices that the broadcast outlets are being asked to pay for what is simply becoming a brand and product, that fluctuates from year to year in terms of the performances and excitement to be found .

      Goodell is a frigging buffoon and why anyone continues to think he has been good for the league merely because of increased revenues is akin to suggesting that Romney and Ryan or Obama and Biden have the real answers to what ails the country . Are these idiots who continue support the NFL commissioner , that damn naive ?

      Which of the quartet has never mast##bated in a room on their own ?


      Fact or Fiction ? for the above ?

      Tophatal ………..


  3. Well it’s Thursday and it means Football at the College Level (Week3) as well as week two of the NFL .

    And Thursday night’s game is the oldest rivalry in the NFL , with the Chicago Bears taking on the Green Bay Packers @ Lambeau Field , in Green Bay , Wisconsin .

    Second Thursday of September 2012 , we’ll see who’s the bitch and who’s the dog in this battle . Cutler and Rodgers

    Bears …. @ Packers ….

    Bears’ team stats and Packers’ team stats

    And the battle between these two quarterbacks the winner will get the rights to suck on these .

    Tophatal …………..


  4. Look for the Bucs to get spanked when they face off against the Giants in East Rutherford , New Jersey in a conference game .

    The Giants want to get that bitter taste out their mouths after that embarrassing loss to the Cowboys . So who better to face than a Bucs’ team that on paper looks overly ambitious ………… a can of whup ass anyone ?

    Come and whup my ass all you want , ’cause I like it like that ! Angelie`

    Tophatal …………..


  5. Alan, what can I say? ONE of your articles is the equivalent to riding every attraction at Disneyland all at once! WHEW…

    Your football insights are very good, and your “Politico-athletic” jams are fantastic! You need your own column somewhere! Good post, my friend…


      1. Enjoy it while you can, my friend! Things doen’t “work as well” after 50…at least not without a shot or a pill…


        1. I am a child of the sixties , did some stupid things in the seventies , and saw death up close and personal in the early eighties ( N Africa , Ireland during the troubles as it was said to be winding down )….. then as part of UN forces in various parts of Europe , and the Horn of Africa & Middle East) serving in the military as a member of the Royal Marines . I think that’s a pretty interesting resume` along the way , beyond now working in civilian life !

          Someone needs to remind Jay Cutler that revenge is a dish , best served cold . Tonight , he has to prove what happened in the NFC championship game from a few years ago , was a thing of the past .

          Tophatal …………..


          1. You have seen a lot, and I’m certain your military service is deeply appreciated!

            I grew up during a time when kids burned their draft cards during the Viet Nam (unofficial) war action. I, however, reported to the Army Induction Center with mine.

            However, I was drafted at a time when V.N. was all but over. In fact, I was not made to serve after I reported back in 1972. I was never so happy about anything in all of my (then) short life.

            My best friend, however, was 4 years older than me, and went in in 1968. He got messed up pretty badly when his tank ran over a landmine in a VC rice field. Upon his release from the hospital, he was sent home and “wished well.” That was it!

            Funny how some things never change…


            1. Steven Jeffries

              I appreciate that ! When I informed my Mom (raised by a single mother – myself and two younger siblings) it was my intention to join the military, the look on her face was one of disappointment . Almost a decade of my service and surviving , I think she feels somewhat proud !

              For me now seeing how these young kids have been treated , those coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq is something of a real disappointment to see how they are constantly mistreated by the government ….. specifically by the VA .

              It seems the country has learned none of the previous lessons from the conflicts in Vietnam,, Korea and to a lesser extent from the first Iraqi conflict .

              The law firm I work for , through a number of their lawyers (I’m a research coordinator in the corporate affairs department ) donate their time (pro-bono) to do some much needed and vital work in assisting these young veterans in in getting the benefits they’re too often denied because of the bureaucracy of the VA . When I lived in the South Florida area , I did a lot work in that same field donating my time and once having relocated to Central Florida , I carried on in that endeavor , though not as much as I would like .

              I see Cutler turned in another so-so game for the Bears in their ….. 23-10 loss to the Packers . Cutler got sacked 7 times and had multiple force fumbles ………………….. he is most definitely this era’s Jeff George . It’s not even close in that respect as he leads the field in that criteria !

              Jay Cutler is an immature a#s , with his demeanor and lack of maturity ! Drafted in 2006 , Cutler has never truly lived up to those lofty expectations to my mind ! .

              Tophatal ……………..


              1. First off, thanks for sharing about your military service! I also agree that for all the praise we give in appreciation to our military, it becomes nothing more than “lip service” if we just push them aside when they no longer serve…

                As for Cutler and the Bears, I believe you are right. He never reached the potential Denver thought he had, and he has gotten little better since moving to Chicago.

                That said, however, it would have taken a lot to send Green Bay down to defeat for a 2nd time in as many weeks…


                1. Steven Jeffries

                  “First of all , I admire Jay Cutler ! I think he has a great taste in women but no , I would not want him as my quarterback ! Have you guys not seen Aaron Rodgers play “? Mike McCarthy of the Packers

                  The Packers are fartoo good a team to fall to 0-2 this early in the season . Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff are one of the better staffs within the NFL and that is borne out by McCarthy’s own resume` .

                  “I’m sorry coach I’m trying my best ” Cutler

                  “F#ck you, your best simply isn’t good enough . Now stop feeling your #ick and get out there and play , you damn coward ” . Lovie Smith

                  It’s my belief, that if Lovie Smith and the Bears fail to make the postseason , then in all likelihood , he would be relieved of the position as head coach ! Waiting in the wings would be none other than Jon Gruden , looking for another big pay-day and the chance to get back into the NFL , as a head coach .

                  Tophatal ……………


                    1. With Turner, if he does go 1-5 or 2-6 to open the season, he could be fired right then! Watch out for Shurmur in Cleveland too…


        1. Steven

          You can reply by saying ………. ” good on you brother , have it ” ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! I won’t have any hard feelings , pardon the pun there .

          Cutler is this era’s Geoff George . Anyone who refuses to face that fact , really does need to be on some form of medication .

          QB’s in the NFL since 1980 , along with stats .

          George’s game-logs and that of Cutler’s game-logs

          News within the Chicago Bears’ organization

          Tophatal …………..


  6. Time for the NFL to employ full-time refs….no part-time, overpaid idjits……Go to that and see what occurs…current replacements aren’t half-bad, but that means they are only half-good.


  7. Steven

    For Shurmur that team is still a work in progress . If by week ——- ten the Browns are not in contention . Then we could very well see the front office reassessing the situation concerning the head coach.

    The Chargers need to win big and that’s at a minimum the AFC West and then to go deep into the playoffs . Anything short of that , has to be considered a monumental mess for the organization . The clock is now clicking for Norv Turner , his coaching staff and most definitely for GM A J Smith .

    Tophatal ……….


  8. Hello there! I just desire to provide a massive flashes up for that nice details you have got the following on this post.
    I’ll apt to be returning for your weblog for more quickly.


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