Class is spelled C-L-A-S-S now back the f##k up

Class is spelled C-L-A-S-S now back the f##k up

By Tophatal

Week two of the NFL season brought about one or two surprising results and let’s just say that there might indeed be some justice after-all, as the New Orleans Saints find themselves rooted at the bottom of the NFC South with an 0-2 record . Their 35-27 loss to the Carolina Panthers shows that for all of the still fomenting controversy that continues to embroil the franchise , let’s not forget there’s football to be played by this team. And as of now , there can be no excuses made for his latest defeat Drew Brees or anyone else on this team , be it from the coaching staff , led for at present by Aaron Kromer , while Joe Vitt and Sean Payton sit out their league mandated suspensions . Meanwhile , the four players embroiled in the scandal that has engulfed the franchise will be meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as they seek to reach an amicable agreement on some form of punishment. No one will be entirely happy with the situation no matter what form of a compromise is reached.


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What may well have been the most eventful game of the day , might be the events that unfolded between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants at MetLife Stadium , in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Apart from being a thrilling spectacle, this game lived up to all of the expectations between these two NFC conference teams. The Giants’ front seven made sure that quarterback Eli Manning was adequately protected but at times you could clearly see that the Buccaneers’ players beyond their inexperience showed a complete lack in class, as they sought to make some exceptionally dubious and distasteful plays.If this is what Greg Schiano feels that he needs to imbue his team with , in order to make them better , then he had better take his dumb ass back to the college ranks with Rutgers and ply that trait there ! If your defense isn’t good enough, and in giving up over 600 yards of offense , as Eli Manning and the Giant’s offense simply shredded your “secondary” for 510 passing yards along with 94 rushing yards , simply indicates that the Buccaneers were not amenable to being embarrassed in-front of a national television audience. Schiano’s post-game interview and his reasons behind the last-minute actions of his players speaks highly to a coach looking to make a name for himself among his peers while not realizing those actions will have serious repercussions for his team. Tom Coughlin has made his sentiments known with regard to t

Courtesy of NFL news

Greg Schiano ‘nothing dirty’ about tactics vs. Giants

By Greg Rosenthal of

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin was furious with new Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano after Tampa Bay tried to dislodge the football while Eli Manning was kneeling down to ice Sunday’s 41-34 win.

Eli Manning called it a “cheap shot.”

Several Giants called it bush-league. Schiano called it Buccaneers football.

“I don’t know if that’s not something that’s done in the National Football League,” Schiano said after the game, via the Tampa Bay Times. “What I do with our football team is we fight until they tell us game over. And there’s nothing dirty about it. There’s nothing illegal about it. If people watched Rutgers, they would know that’s what we do at the end of a game.”

Schiano started changing the culture in Tampa the minute he got there. He obsessed about keeping players’ toes on the line — literally. He got rid of players that didn’t fit in like tight end Kellen Winslow. The end of game strategy ties right into Schiano’s no holds barred approach.

“We do what we’re coached,” Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said. “Leave it at that.”

It will be telling to see if Schiano changes his approach when a similar situation comes up again. His quote above indicates that he’ll hold his ground and do things a little different.

It will be even more telling when the Bucs can hold on to a massive second half lead on the road.


The game-officials once again made some questionable calls and if the fans are asked to endure this idiocy over the remainder of the season , then Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy will have a great deal of explaining to do. As the game’s highest-ranking, executive the commissioner insists that the replacement referees are performing exceptionally well. I seriously doubt that the vast majority of fans share Roger Goodell’s enthusiasm for the officials and the numerous mistakes that have been and will be made ! As the season unfolds it has become abundantly clear that the decision made by the commissioner to install the replacement referees was a sent as a message to be show across the bow of the NFLRA (referees’ union). The NFL hopes to reach an agreement with the union by week five but the impasse between the two parties, rather than converging now seems wider than ever , with the league seeking to the pain the referees’ union as the villains of the piece . It is becoming even more apparent that both parties are so far apart than any thought of a quick resolution now seems further away than ever.

It would be remiss to suggest that the New York Giants had this game entirely to themselves but as the Buccaneers sought to dominant and forceful , you simply got the feeling that their best simply would not be good enough. Josh Freeman, the young quarterback of the Buccaneers is seeking to reestablish himself as the sophomore quarterback we saw in 2010 . Unfortunately, as I alluded to earlier the Buccaneers’ defense was a step too slow and inexperienced to deal with the Giants’ offense. As the game ebbed and flowed, so too did the physicality and temperament of the match-up between these two teams . However, what may well have been a damning indictment was how during the waning moments the Buccaneers’ players began to show their frustration and complete lack of class .

Courtesy of

Tom Coughlin, Greg Schiano argue after Giants’ win

By Dan Hanzus ,

Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz don’t meet again until Sunday night, but Tom Coughlin and Greg Schiano provided a nice undercard of squabbling coaches at the Meadowlands.

Fox cameras captured Coughlin jawing at Schiano seconds after the New York Giants’ 41-34 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. According to The Star-Ledger, Coughlin was upset that Bucs defenders attempted to tackle Giants quarterback Eli Manning during a kneel-down in the final seconds.

“I don’t think you do that,” Coughlin said, according to the New York Post. “You don’t do that in this league. Not only that, you jeopardize the offensive line, you jeopardize the quarterback. Thank goodness we didn’t get anybody hurt — that I know of. A couple of linemen were late getting in.”

Manning told reporters after the game that he took “a little bit of a cheap shot” on the play, according to the Post. Wide receiver Victor Cruz made several mentions of a “cheap shot” during his time with reporters. Defensive lineman Justin Tuck said the play “won’t be forgotten.”

Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said the players were just doing as they’re instructed, and Schiano confirmed that, saying it’s something his Rutgers teams always did.

“I don’t know if that’s not something that’s done in the National Football League,” the first-year Bucs coach said, according to the Post. “What I do with our football team is that we fight until they tell us game over. And there’s nothing dirty about it, there’s nothing illegal about it. We crowd the ball like a sneak defense and try to knock it loose. …


Click on link to read this article in full.

On the wrong end of a 41-34 loss ,with the Giants in possession of the ball and Eli Manning about to take “a knee” to end the game , the defensive unit saw fit to rush the Giants’ offensive line looking to do some physical harm. In his post-game interview sought to downplay this by simply suggesting that his players played to the “whistle” . There is as such a code of conduct to the followed , and I believe sportsmanship and having the respect for an opponent should mean something ! It would appear that does not appear to be in the playbook of the Buccaneers’ young head coach. If he and his team continues with that mindset , he could very well find out that this will all come back to bite his team in the proverbial ass ! A number of the Bucs’ players could be seen apart from looking to clear a path the Giants’ quarterback were also seen to be throwing punches at their opponent. The end of game confrontation and the “heated” exchange of words between Greg Schiano and his counterpart , Tom Coughlin may well lead to an investigation of the events during the game and the conversation between the two head coaches on-field at the end of the game.

At 1-1 within the NFC East , I am not so sure that I can take the Dallas Cowboys seriously as a legitimate contender for the Superbowl (SBXLVII) . Team owner Jerry Jones may well feel that this team is built to win this season but clearly something is awry after the events of this past Sunday . Inexplicably, head coach , Jason Garrett and his much vaunted team failed to show up as they laid what can only described as a piece of fecal matter , in being wrong end of a 27-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks . Can someone please call me when Tony Romo is of the mindset to win a meaningful game over the course of his career , much less lead with authority . There is way too much deference that has been given to a player that has yet to deliver anything tangible to the Cowboys’ franchise .

Turnovers plagued the Cowboys during this game at Qwest Field in Seattle , Washington, and the biggest culprit was Tony Romo , with his erratic play during this match-up against the Seahawks .. Repeatedly , we’re told that Romo is a top-ten quarterback in the NFL and with due respect to Ron Jaworski , one year doesn’t career make . Statistically, 2011 was the best year yet for Cowboys’ incumbent starting quarterback but as I have suggested, the player has yet to win a meaningful game over the course of his eight-year career ! !. Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson , a rookie from this year’s NFL Draft and taken 75th overall in the third round by the Seahawks , came into only his second professional game and simply outshone his more seasoned opponent . It could now make for one hell of season in the NFC West , if the Seattle Seahawks can ride on the coat-tails of Russell Wilson. The young rookie, has shown the poise not often associated with a first year player and in beating out his more celebrated teammate Matt Flynn, whose contract was designed him to create the premise of Flynn being seen as the seasoned veteran . However , during the preseason would suggest that it was Wilson who was ready to be the signal-caller for the team at the behest of head coach , Pete Carroll .

It no longer makes any sense , to continue to lambast the Dallas Cowboys, as their record over the past ten years speaks volumes as to the ineptitude shown by the franchise in that time. Suffice to say, a pot of gold and a leprechaun still might not be enough for an under-achieving and what amounts to being a highly overpaid roster , albeit that they remain the NFL’s most valuable franchise . Jerry Jones may well love to make money but I would surmise, he would love to make even far more money with his club being anointed Superbowl champions, and with the Lombardi Trophy sitting in the midst of a trophy case festooned with the other 5 titles won by the NFL franchise, since their inception.

Quarterbacks coming out of USC (Trojans) should get their SAG cards (Screen Actors’ Guild) , as their performances this weekend bordered on being more dramatic , rather than being athletic. Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer and Matt Cassel have proven to me , all that glitters is not necessarily gold . The trios of quarterbacks’ respective teams were defeated, as the New York Jets fell 27-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers , the Oakland Raiders were their usual lackluster selves in being upended 35-13 0 by the Miami Dolphins . And does anyone actually believe that the Kansas City Chiefs are a real threat to anyone after their humiliation at the hands of the Buffalo Bills in losing 35-17 ? I think it is pretty safe to say the hype that has justified USC Trojans’ quarterbacks is only valid, when applicable at the college level , yet within the NFL beyond Sanchez’s two successive incursions in the postseason , the returns have been meager amongst the aforementioned players at the position . . Hype is one , yet there has been nothing tangible from the trio to suggest that they’re capable of leading their respective teams to where they desire to be.



Picture gallery .

Of the results in week two , which do you believe was the most surprising of all ? Which team has been the most impressive in the two weeks of football that we have been exposed to ? Last but not least , are you of the belief that the behavior of the Buccaneers’ players was a premeditated act in the dying moment of the game when the result itself (41-34) was beyond doubt ? Do leave a comment as you see fit , and as always thanks for the continued support as it is greatly appreciated !


Picture and slide show details below .

(1) New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees (9) reaches the ball over the goal line for a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. The Panthers won 35-27 . AP Photo/Bob Leverone…

(2)New Orleans Saints acting head coach Aaron Kromer looks on during the third quarter of an NFL football game against the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. AP Photo/Bob Leverone …

(3) New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) looks to pass as teammates Sean Locklear (75) and Kevin Boothe (77) block during the first half of an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, in East Rutherford, N.J. Manning threw for 510 yards, second most for a Giants quarterback, and Andre Brown’s 2-yard run with 31 seconds left lifted New York to a wild 41-34 victory Sunday over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A AP Photo/Bill Kostroun …..

(4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin (22) celebrates with Erik Lorig (41) after rushing for a touchdown during the first half of an NFL football game against the New York Giants, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, in East Rutherford, N.J. AP Photo/Julio Cortez …..

(5) Giants’ head Tom Coughlin , left , is seen here with his counterpart Greg Schiano after the Buccaneers’ loss 41-34 in an NFC —-game on Sunday 16th September , 2012 at MetLife Stadium , East Rutherford , New Jersey . The heightened animus between the two coaches had more to do with the behavior the Buccaneers’ defensive players in the waning moments of the game. AP Photo / Todd Andrews … ….

(6) Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer (3) hands the ball to running back Darren McFadden (20) during the first half of an NFL football game against the Miami Dolphins, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, in Miami. The Dolphins would go on to defeat the Raiders 35-13 . AP Photo/Lynne Sladky …

(7) Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) celebrates a second touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, in Miami. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee ….

(8) Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) talks with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) after an NFL football game in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. The Steelers won 27-10 . AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar …..

(9) Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel throws during the first quarter of an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park, N.Y., Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. Buffalo defeated their AFC opponents the Kansas City Chiefs 35-17 . AP Photo/Bill Wippert ……

(10) Buffalo Bills’ C.J. Spiller (28) runs against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first half of an NFL football game in Orchard Park, N.Y., Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. AP Photo/Bill Wippert ……


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Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

37 thoughts on “Class is spelled C-L-A-S-S now back the f##k up”

  1. So having gotten off to a 1-1 start to his NFL career Greg Schiano is proving that he’ll be the front-runner for the NFL Di#k of the Year Award . How anyone take the coach at his word with regard to his recent statements concerning the end of the game against the Giants , shows his false bravado and the fact his inexperience was there for all to see. Not only that but he now places his team in the front-line of any repercussion that the Bucs face future opponents over the remainder of this season .

    What fans may not have realized is the very fact that the Bucs’ players involved in this melee’ actually began to throw punches but Schiano fails to acknowledge that fact . As the title of this piece would suggest Classless ….. so back the fu#k up !

    The Patriots lose inexplicably at home while playing the Cardinals .

    Based not so much on the results but the divisional records . The AFC East might just be the most inept of those in the NFL two weeks’ play in the NFL.

    USC Trojans proving that their quarterbacks that have entered the NFL over the past decade are not as good as first thought.

    Tophatal ……….


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      It’s part of the current doctrine and mantra of the NFL but the fans now savor this sort of banality and stupidity . Why else do you think that the Saints’ scandal came into being ? It’s not as if Roger Goodell and the NFL hierarchy were not forewarned . The commissioner and team owners have seen fit to chase after the “Almighty Dollar” , rather than the safety of the players .

      Schiano has no excuse for his players’ behavior at the end of the game . If they wanted to make a statement then they should have defended better against the Giants’ running and passing during the game . It was a fucking gutless act and could have caused a serious injury . I like how the local press have completely ignored it all and at the same time you have GM Mark Dominink remaining silent on the matter . In doing so , it condones the actions of the players at the end of the game .

      NFL team values & profitability

      Tophatal ………………..


    1. Bobby Gee

      The Eagles are 2-0 but those wins have been untidy , and Vick’s play this season has been labored and unsteady . If they are to go deep into the postseason , his and the team’s game has to greatly improve .

      Defensively the Saints are mess and from the offensive side of things they’re not considerably better . Let Brees continue to bitch and whine about Goodell . The quarterback has become disingenuous and unwilling to acknowledge what has taken place concerning the franchise .

      I caught the Liverpool …. game and they looked an absolute disaster in their 1-1 tie with Sunderland

      Tophatal …………


  2. Let me get this straight. There was still time on the clock, the Giants snapped the ball unprepared to defend it and Eli falls on his butt. And by the way, justified or not it was the Giants that started throwing punches. I don’t necessarily agree with the call, but I understand that it was the coaches call and the players executed their assignments. New York had defended Eli against all manner of blitzes in the second half and they should have defended him until time expired. Coach Schiano is trying to change the culture of quitting in Tampa Bay and one way to accomplish that is to have his players fighting until the end. The Giants lined up in what is called the victory formation. Were the Bucs supposed to line up in the losers formation? I respect your opinion and I hope you can understand that not so sure that the play for the ball was wrong.


    1. aero

      The Bucs’ defense rushed the Giants’ O line looking to make a play , granted you play to the whistle but the game was in its dying moments and there was no way the Bucs had a chance of regaining possession . Pictures clearly show the Bucs’ players going in with their feet and fists but that is no excuse for Schiano’s explanation for what went on . It was unsportsmanlike and in light of the Saints’ scandal , this is the last damn thing that the game needs, to further blacken its image .

      If Schiano really wanted to make statement , then how about getting his defense to play with more skill-set , rather than giving up over 600 yards of offense during the the game ? Greg Schiano , obviously didn’t want to explain himself there , did he ?

      How is Schiano changing the culture if the players become thugs ? If the Bucs were on the receiving end of such an action and Freeman was lost long term to the team . I wonder what we would be discussing right now ? And also whether or not Goodell would be meting out fines to the players involved in that melee’ .

      Tophatal …………


      1. I agree with you, Alan. It is common among every team, (or should be), to play to the whistle, and to the end of a game. It is also common to respect the fact that the “end” of a game can come before the time runs out. Hence, the “kneel down.”

        Teams have a rule to respect that “victory formation.” They all know when the opportunity to make a play or change the outcome of a game has come and gone. NFL players aren’t a bunch of college kids who need to learn the lesson of fighting on in life by “blowing up” an opponents victory formation!

        The Bucks had all game to beat the Giants…they didn’t do it. It was stupid of their coach to instruct his defense the way he did!


        1. Steven Jeffries

          My issue with Schiano is that he refuses to acknowledge that his players’ conduct was definitely unsportsmanlike . And given the crap that the NFL has gone through concerning the Saints , do we really need another bunch of thugs ruining the fans’ enjoyment of the game ? Never mind that we have the replacement referees already doing that because they cannot keep up with the speed of the game .

          Tophatal ……….


          1. Alan, I’m afraid that after the teams all see how they can “put calls past” these unqualified refs, it’s going to get uglier and uglier!

            And what good will that do the fans, players, teams, and NFL? They have GOT to settle this business NOW!


            1. Steven Jeffries

              What we are finding out the broadcast network televised games is that viewership is down on average 15 % from last season at this point for the what they were in 2011 . Roger Goodell and the NFL hierarchy are clearly avoiding addressing that fact . And for the networks such as CBS , Fox , ABC/ESPN and NBC , they won’t be entirely happy with those figures at all .

              So there you have it, as Goodell tries to down play this mess like everything else concerning his now morose tenure of the NFL .

              Tophatal …………….


              1. Goodell is certainly making a bad situation worse. Didn’t his mamma teach him that ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away!

                Hit him in the pocketbook, it’s the only way to get his attention…maybe!


                1. Steven Jeffries

                  Goodell is simply being simple as in a simpleton ! As to the prominent owners who backed his candidacy to succeed Paul Tagliabue . I believe that a number of them are now beginning to have regrets ! And that is in spite of the additional revenues brought in , what cannot be denied is that the image of the NFL is now close to an all-time low , with so many issues that the league hierarchy has failed to address adequately .


                  1. You know, I heard a sports guy on the radio runnung down the number of penalties called this year so far, compared to the first two weeks of last year. They were almost identical…

                    He said the average game is taking six minutes longer to play than last season. So, to me, that just means that the calls are being made correctly because they are reviewed upstairs by a ref who knows how to officiate correctly!

                    That doesn’t go to the credit of the “zebras” on the field…

                    Get us some real refs and let’s end this thing!!


                    1. Steven Jeffries

                      Stats are stats , and can be spun anyway , one wants ! What probably wasn’t dealt with as a premise , has been the number missed calls . Specifically in the Steelers’ game against the Jets when Isaac Redman tore through the Jets’ secondary on a 30 yard run , fell , his knee touched the ground , and it clear for everyone to see . Ryan challenged , and his call was overturned , even after the buffoons (refereess) had seen it on the instant replay monitor . And this is what Goodell, is espousing as being equitable ,when it comes to the replacement refs ?


                    2. I agree. These refs think a silent whistle is a way to avoid getting caught up in controversy. Therefore, coaches are telling players to “cheat” more because they aren’t gonna be called as often.

                      It’s going to get uglier out there as the season wears on, especially with so much more pressure on teams and players to win, win, win!


        2. Steven Jeffries

          Goodell could improve the situation overnight if only his ego weren’t so damn gigantic ! However he could actually do that by dumping the replacement referees and instituting the female servers from Hooters to officiate the games . That’s just my thought and I am sticking with it !

          I loves me the chics from Hooters !

          Tophatal ……………….


            1. Steven Jeffries

              Anything , well almost anything would be a vast improvement over seeing the current crop of zebras officiate the games . Hooters’ servers top my list , second would be the Models of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Line , third a bevvy of Playboy Modells , and last but not least the entire stage and music cast of the Pussycat Dolls (PCD’s). All of those entities would be all the more amenable to me in terms of the officiating of the regular and postseason games ! I mean who’d be really concerned about the results ? Would you ?

              Victoria’s Secret Models officiating NFL games ? Nothing wrong with that at all !


              If not the original cast then at least one of the dozen or so stage revue casts of the PCD’s


              Not forgetting Playboy pinups , Charley Lane and Nadia Styles . And no doubt a few of their friends would join that throng of officials ?


              1. I think if these gals in the pic were out on the field, there would be more “illegal motion” penalties than ever! Wow, such lovely ladies…


                    1. I’ve never met a lady with “air-bags” built into her chest before! What’s that old saying…”she’ll never break her nose on any brick walls!”

                      Gadzooks, Batman!


  3. Greg Schiano your NFL career is still young and you’re 1-1 , not 75-53 and due any respect from your peers . So before you start to disrespect an opponent and at least have the decency to show some respect to the fans rather than insulting their intelligence with your lame assed excuses at the end of the game as to the chain of events that took place . Bucs’ players turned themselves into thugs and now will be in the cross-hairs of the rest of the NFL teams . As for GM Mark Dominik , like his head coach , he too , has now become a classless individual !

    Tophatal ……..


  4. Bush league play? Perhaps, but it wasn’t a cheap shot and Coughlin blew it completely out of proportion with his antics after the game ended.

    If Manning was actually hit while he was kneeling down instead of being given a little love tap/nudge then it’s a different story.

    The Voice Of Reason


    1. Drew

      It was beyond a cheap shot because several Bucs’ players started to throw punches as well , all as part of the play , and it was clearly seen by viewing public during the broadcast . Had Eli been seriously injured , what would we be discussing right about now ?

      The image of the NFL is already irreparably damaged because of the Saints’ scandal ! Do we really need another bunch of f##king thugs to now make things much worse beyond the idiocy of the replacement referees now ruining the fans’ enjoyment of the game ? Think about it before answering .


  5. Only watched the play twice although it seems like it’s been shown about 2,300 times during the past few days. Still seems overblown to me but I’ll take your word for it Al.

    Maybe the fact that Eli dissed my Chargers prior to entering the league is clouding my opinion on the subject!!!


    1. Drew

      With all of the inane issues that the NFL has, in dealing with the Saints’ scandal and the very fact that they’ve really done nothing to aid the retired old time veterans . What would we now be talking about had Eli been seriously injured and his career been ended because of the Bucs’ stupidity ? Think about it . Better yet , how’d you have felt were that Philip Rivers ?

      “Coach my teams play to the whistle and that’s the way we’re gonna do things” . Greg Schiano ” Well my team just fu#ked your guys over by running up over 600 yards on yours and their dumb ass ! So how ’bout them apples you dumb mutha-###ker ” !
      Tom Coughlin

      If Schiano wanted to make a real statement , then how about the Bucs’ porous defense stopping the Giants, rather than Eli and his teammates running up over 600 yards of all-purpose offense ……. on their lame ass !


    1. alan clements

      Greg Schiano is an idiot ! He’s simply looking to make a name for himself . If he wanted to make a statement then he and his dumb ass players on that Bucs’ team should have done enough to stop the Giants from running up / piling up over 600 yards of offense on their lame ass defense . And only the goddamn apathetic as#hole fans out there would try and excuse the behavior of the Bucs’ players and their un–professionalism.

      “Do you know how much of an ego it takes to be me ? I’ve an ego the size of an elephant’s asshole ” ! Bucs’ head coach Greg Schiano

      I only hope that Schiano and his dumb ass can actually get his team ready to take on the Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium , in Arlington on Sunday afternoon.


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