Rare feats , no feats, and some feats are made for greatness ….

Rare feats , no feats, and some feats are made for greatness …..

By Tophatal

No hitters and perfect games no longer seem to be a rarity in the game of baseball as it now seems to be an ever-increasing occurrence within the game. What baseball hasn’t seen in over four decades, is the accomplishment of the batting’s Triple Crown, last achieved by Carl Yastrzemski during the 1967 . That year, the Yastrzemski led the AL with a .326 batting, average, 44 home runs and 121 RBI’s.


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In 2012, the Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera might just be on the cusp on joining a select group of players to have achieved the feat of baseball’s hallowed Triple Crown. Cabrera leads the AL, batting .327 , with 42 home runs and 133 RBI’s as of 29th September , has a comfortable lead over his closest rivals Mike Trout and Josh Hamilton in each of the aforementioned categories . Pitchers may well have had stellar seasons ,but it in large part the fans simply yearn to see the monstrous home runs and offense from the teams. From my own perspective should Miguel Cabrera pull off the feat of the Triple Crown , then most certainly it would make him a presumptive favorite for the AL MVP , of whom his closest rivals are likely to be, Josh Hamilton and Mike Trout within the American League ! All three players and their respective teams , the Detroit Tigers , Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers are all involved in either divisional races or for one of the two berths in the revised playoff format for the AL wildcard.

For the Detroit Tigers, having opened up a two-game lead over the Chicago White Sox (83-75) within the AL Central , the team’s biggest goal is the secure the divisional crown and insuring themselves a berth in the postseason. Jim Leyland and his managerial staff this season , have seen their schedule being turned upside down through inconsistent play and a wide variety of other unforeseen problems as the team sought to play itself into contention. GM Dave Dombrowski and team owner Michael Ilitch have seen fit to make this the year where they spent in order to bolster the roster . It would be remiss to suggest that Cabrera has been the sole reason why the Tigers have prevailed this season , but he has been the main impetus behind the Tigers’ resurgence as a contender in 2012.

With only four games remaining on their schedule the Detroit Tigers, the team next face the declining Minnesota Twins (66-92) in a game that has more meaning to the divisional leader, than it does for a Twins’ organization, in a season , where nothing has gone right at all . And from my own standpoint, I’m wondering whether or not the front office will stand by manager , Ron Gardenhire, as he faces another season with a sub .500 record and a team that has simply under-achieved , and not met the expectations sought. Gardenhire , is one of the longest tenured managers in baseball, and he has had considerable success with the ball-club over the course of his tenure , but for the past seven years the returns have been meager. Whatever , the future now holds for the Minnesota Twins , the decisions to be made by the front office will stress whether or not the organization’s faith in Ron Gardenhire will remain.

The Detroit Tigers remain a venerable ball-club with noted accomplishments by the players over the course of their history. It would be a significant achievement, were Miguel Cabrera to attain the Holy Grail of baseball, in terms of the Triple Crown. The first baseman , and slugger, is a mercurial talent with prodigious productivity over the course of his career . This season we have seen noted accomplishments with the perfect games , no hitters , and even a four home run game from the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton , but I believe that those feats , would somehow pale into insignificance given the historical significance and the rarity of such an occurrence with regard to the Triple Crown ! What thoughts if any, do you have with such a premise?

The remaining games should prove decisive in terms of the culmination of the regular season , as it will lay out the final standings , as well as setting up the scenario for the divisional round of the MLB playoffs. . In light of the Tigers’ postseason sojourn in 2011 , which saw the team fall to the Texas Rangers 4-2 in the ALCS , led many to believe that the ball-club simply was not equipped to make a successful attempt to win the World Series . 2012 , might just be the year , where with everything in place , the AL Central team with its All Stars , led by Miguel Cabrera , Prince Fielder and Justin Verlander , could very well make it an eventful and successful year for this esteemed baseball organization. It should prove to be very eventful once the postseason gets underway , commencing on the 5th October, 2012.



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Should Miguel Cabrera achieve the rare feat of claiming the Triple Crown , do you believe it to be a noteworthy accomplishment by the player ? What , if anything are you specifically looking forward to , as the MLB playoffs approach ? By all means , do leave a comment as you see fit , and thanks as always for the continued support of this site !


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(1) Boston Red Sox great, Carl Yastrzemski , the last player to accomplish the feat of the Triple Crown in 1967. Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers leads the AL batting standings in each of the categories in question , and could become the first player in 45 years to achieve the feat. Courtesy of Sports Illustrated / Michael Hart ….

(2) Detroit Tigers pitcher Anibal Sanchez fields an infield pop-up for the out off the bat of Minnesota Twins’ Pedro Florimon in the third inning of a baseball game Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012 in Minneapolis. Watching, left, is Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder. Detroit would go on to defeat the Twins 2-1. AP Photo/Jim Mone …

(3) Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera watches his three-run home run off Minnesota Twins’ Casey Fien in the eighth inning of a baseball game Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012, in Minneapolis. The homer tied him with Texas’ Josh Hamilton. AP Photo/Jim Mone ….

(4) Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera, left, and Prince Fielder celebrate after the Tigers beat the Minnesota Twins 6-4 in a baseball game Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012, in Minneapolis. Both hit home runs in the game. AP Photo/Jim Mone …..

(5) From left to right agent Scott Boras , Tigers’ GM Dave Dombrowski, Prince Fielder , team owner Michael Ilitch , and manager Jim Leyland . The organization formally announced Fielder as their biggest free agent acquisition , having signed the player to a nine-year $214 million contract in January 2012 . Detroit Free Press / Chris Cowan ……




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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

14 thoughts on “Rare feats , no feats, and some feats are made for greatness ….”

  1. It’s hard to believe that 45 years have past since the great “Yaz” took home the triple crown. If Cabrera winds up with the award I would have to say that it would be an achievement of historical proportions. I hope he does it.


    1. aero

      It’s hard to believe that no one has even come remotely close to repeating Yastrzemski’s feat in 1967 in taking MLB’s Triple Crown . And now some 45 years later , realistically we could actually witness it happen with Miguel Cabrera . That to me is far more impressive than the no hitters , perfect games and four home run games that have taken place in 2012 !

      Miguel Cabrera has to be the consensus AL MVP over Mike Trout , not just based on their respective stats but the fact he will have guided his team (Tigers) with near certainty to a divisional title. Those same claims can’t be made with with regard to Trout , no matter how sucessful a season he had individually and as part of the Angels’ team as a whole .

      Tigers vs Angels head to head series in 2012 .

      Divisional & … wildcard standings

      Tophatal ………………….


  2. I have to tell you, man.

    I’m really gonna miss watching the Rays play baseball.

    Sure, they couldn’t hit worth a damn and for much of the season, they couldn’t field either.

    They gave it a valiant effort to find out in the end that it wasn’t enough.

    But they did keep me watching.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      The Rays played their hearts out and that’s admirable , but it just wasn’t enough . The only saving grace from this season have been the performances of David Price and Fernando Rodney .

      Price and Rodney .

      If I were not an avowed Braves’ fan I’d be throwing my full support behind the Rays , but it is now time for the fans to face a real dose of reality . This organization cannot compete with any degree of certainty and success , unless there is a major influx of high-caliber talent and money to bolster the payroll , via an outside investor. All of the apathy now being shown, and wishing on a prayer , is simply asinine and serves no goddamn purpose ! Now all the idiot in the Tampa area can talk about is a new venue for the Rays ? Who the ##ck will pay for that stadium ? C’mon , how goddamn dumb are , the people in the St Pete-Tampa market ?

      Tophatal ……………


  3. No question people love to see those “long, rainbow-like” shots that go way up into the 2nd decks, or into the parking lots! And…no question Cabrera deserves the MVP with the Triple Crown…


    1. Blog Surface/CDR

      Cabrera has to be the hands down consensus winner of the AL MVP , but then again the BBWAA are a law unto themselves , and have been known to actually screw things up, in terms of the players they have chosen as winners of this accolade (AL MVP) over the years.

      The vote here ought to be far more interesting than the upcoming vote in the US Presidential election . Absolutely no one is actually interested in what either Obama or Romney has to say ! Because , as we all know , whoever ends up at `1600 Pennsylvania Ave , the new incumbent will still manage to further fu@k things up even more , than they already are !

      Tophatal ……………….


    2. Blog Surface

      You know what could be troubling , concerning the MVP vote , specifically within the NL ? It is the fact that Ryan Braun could actually win the damn thing , and that with the baggage he carries with him from last season , as well as the fact that this year his stats are far superior to his 2011 figures , when he won the award .

      “Off course I believe Buster Posey can win the NL MVP this season , but look I’m Ryan Braun , goddamn it. Isn’t that suppose to mean something ” ? Ryan Braun


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