Rumors of my early demise were vastly exaggerated …..

Rumors of my early demise were vastly exaggerated …..

By Tophatal

Well there now remains only one unbeaten team left in the NFL, after the Houston Texans’ (5-0) start to the NFL season came undone in the team’s surprisingly lopsided 42-24 loss to the Green Bay Packers at home , at Reliant Field ,in Houston , Texas. In what was a highly entertaining and exhilarating game , Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rogers , simply put on a scintillating display that shredded the Texans’ defense and leaving Gary Kubiak and his coaching staff looking for answers as to his team’s poor defensive play .


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The win now brings a sense of respectability to the Green Bay Packers’ (3-3) season and places them in a good position to make a run at the NFC North divisional title. At present , the division is led by the Chicago Bears (4-1) , followed by the Minnesota Vikings (4-2) , the Packers and the surprisingly stagnant Detroit Lions ( 2-3). For Packers’ head coach, Mike McCarthy , this now gives the franchise some respite, as they seek to assess the issues that have befallen the team over the course of this season. The defense, still remains a work in progress, and unless there is more attention given to the Packers’ secondary , they will remain amongst the “also rans” of the NFL and looked upon as one of the poorer defenses in the league. Next up for McCarthy and the Packers will be a > road game against conference rivals the St Louis Rams (3-3) at the Edward Jones Stadium , in St Louis , Missouri,.

At the start of this season , it was my firm belief that we would be seeing some semblance of really entertaining and meaningful football being played within the AFC East ! Boy was I wrong! Nothing could be further from the truth, as the sheer ineptitude being shown by all four teams within the division is a cause of real concern. All four teams within the division currently bear the same record (3-3) , albeit, that from a statistical standpoint the New England Patriots , because of their offensive prowess maintains a lead over their divisional Miami Dolphins , New York Jets and Buffalo Bills . The divisional games between the quartet of teams will now have a greater bearing upon how the division could very well be decided .

On Sunday , the New York Jets seemed to have re-found their footing, as they dismantled and then trampled upon the luckless Indianapolis Colts , as Rex Ryan’s players had their biggest win of the season , in defeating the Colts 35-9. Jets’ quarterback , Mark Sanchez had one of his best games of the season , as the team’s offense was efficient in their execution , while the defense simply offered Andrew Luck no real opportunity to really get his game going.

The Seattle Seahawks entertained the New England Patriots at Century Link Field in Seattle, Washington. Suffice to say , that what should have been seen as an easy win for the Patriots, ended up in a one point defeat . With the Seahawks’ playing some stifling defense in the latter stages of the game, and though a ten-point lead should not be seen as insurmountable , who knew that the Patriots would be so complacent in allowing first rookie quarterback Russell Westbrook to lead his team back , in erasing that deficit and on to a 24-23 victory over the New England Patriots ?

If there are now two teams that’s said to be in urgent need of attention , given the fact that each barely seems to be alive . Then the teams in question would have to be the Dallas Cowboys (2-3) and the Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) . Both franchises are now having to play catch up within the NFC East to their most erstwhile rival the New York Giants (4-2) , the defending Superbowl champions. Embattled head coaches , Jason Garrett of the Cowboys and Andy Reid of the Eagles , have summarily seen their teams perform poorly throughout much of this season . A great deal of this incredulity has to come from the fact that the quarterbacks in question of both teams have not shown the resilience or leadership skills needed to place either franchise in a position to be seen as a credible Superbowl contender. Never mind, the asinine analysis being provided by the on-air personalities who would have a hard time explaining why it is that they view Tony Romo and Michael Vick, as quarterbacks within the NFL , who can lead their teams deep into the playoffs . Neither has had much success as a player in the postseason , but the prognostication that has been repeatedly been provided would have you think that these NFL analysts are actually salivating over a Playboy centerfold pictorial of a rather buxom female , rather than two quarterbacks who are simply overrated ! Romo’s and Vick’s stats in the postseason are not exactly eye-popping , while one could allude to the fact that the talent they have been surrounded by , has not exactly been outstanding . To my mind, both players , while being talented , neither has the leadership skills needed to really take a team deep into the postseason , much less win a Superbowl. Both are handsomely rewarded , in terms of the salaries paid to them ( Michael Vick & Tony Romo ) by their respective franchises, but beyond that , there is little there to suggest that they are actually worth the compensation bestowed upon them.

The Dallas Cowboys were the guests of the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday , and right off the bat, the smack-talk that came from both sets of players assured of an eventful game. What became clear throughout this game , is that DeMarcus Ware cannot be the lone individual amongst the Cowboys’ secondary who turns up to play every god-damn game. Beyond that, the inconsistency of Dallas’ offense from week to week has to be another disturbing factor for the coaching staff. Rob Ryan and his offensive counterpart, Bill Callahan are simply doing such a poor job , that it is my belief that should the franchise fail to make the postseason, then any presumed shakeup within the organization that is liable to take place at the behest of team owner and de-facto general manager , Jerry Jones , may well lead to both assistants being relieved of their duties within this NFL franchise. Jones, may well not suffer fools gladly, but at present he has a number of fools, as subordinates, at all levels of this franchise now serving him. However, the biggest fool of all , may well be the owner , himself !

And though the Ravens may well have come away with a narrow margin of victory , in defeating the Dallas Cowboys 31-29, that victory was never truly in doubt.

The Eagles are like a mild irritant that once scratched , you simply open up a festering wound ! In the game played at Lincoln Financial Field that gaping wound was opened up for the whole nation to see how woefully inept that this team has become . Vick still remains more of a liability, than an asset , as he successfully proved once again , in his throwing another two interceptions , along with being sacked three times and a forced fumble , in the Eagles’ lackluster performance against the equally befuddling —- Detroit Lions . A 26-23 victory for Matt Stafford and the Lions, brings their record to 2-3 ,but at the same time you get the impression that this Jim Schwartz coached team may well struggle to gain a playoff berth , because of the inconsistency shown by his players. Lions’ wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, may well seek to become the first receiver in NFL history to surpass the 2,000 yard threshold in a season , but I seriously doubt that it will be happening in 2012 , not with the Detroit Lions ! As proficient as the offense was in 2011, by comparison this season , Matt Stafford his offensive teammates seem to have regressed , as too have their much vaunted defense.

Team struggles are one thing , but no matter how one relishes the NFL season, it does take prudent judgment to make those erstwhile prognostications as to the merits of a franchise. This year , much like any other, it remains the same as to the ambitions all 32 franchises in the NFL . In the coming weeks it will be interesting see how the likes of the Eagles, Cowboys, Packers , Patriots and Lions will fare . At the same time we might well have our first managerial casualty of the season , if Pat Shurmur is unable to turn around the fortunes around of the Cleveland Browns (1-5).



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We are not yet at the midway point of the season , but to your mind what has been the biggest surprise of the NFL season ? And which team does believe has proven to be the biggest disappointment to date? Do leave a comment as you see fit .


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(1) Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and guard T.J. Lang (70) celebrate a touchdown against the Houston Texans in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game , Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012, in Houston. AP Photo/Dave Einsel ….

(2) Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson (80) and quarterback Matt Schaub (8) watch from the bench in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012 in Houston. The Packers won 42-24 . AP Photo/Dave Einsel …

(3) Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones (89) makes a touchdown reception against Houston Texans corner-back Kareem Jackson (25) in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012, in Houston. The Packers won 42-24 . AP Photo/Patric Schneider ….

(4) Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) is face masked while being sacked by New York Jets’ Quinton Coples (98) during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012 in East Rutherford, N.J. AP Photo/Seth Wenig …

(5) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo walks off the field after an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012. Baltimore won 31-29 . AP Photo/Patrick Semansky …..


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9 thoughts on “Rumors of my early demise were vastly exaggerated …..”

  1. Week six and a number of the results were something of a surprise . What wasn’t a surprise however was the continued poor play of Michael Vick and Tony Romo . Beyond that week seven should bring us back down to earth somewhat .

    The Patriots will host the Jets …. this Sunday and there is a profound urgency for both teams in terms of a win as anything short of that could curtail not only their divisional ambitions but also their postseason hopes .

    The Bucs fresh off their trouncing of the Chiefs , will now get the chance to take down the beleaguered Saints this Sunday in a divisional match-up.

    Tophatal ………


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      As offensively proficient as both the Packers and Patriots are , it has been their defense that has repeatedly let them down over the course of .this season .

      To see the Forty Niners get trounced like that by the Giants was pretty embarrassing for Jim Harbaugh , his coaching staff , the team and the entire Niners’ organization . The NFC West based on the results has now become something of a toss up among the teams there .

      Possible NFL milestones that we may well see broken this season dependent upon the players’ performances .

      Tophatal ……………


  2. I really can’t say that I’m suprised by much this season, but if I had to pick a team I would have to say the Vikings starting 4 -2 is something I never saw coming. The old black and blue division may very well live up to the name this year.
    Here’s to a great second half of football. Cheers!


    1. aero

      The first four weeks were a surprise because of the sheer ineptitude shown by the replacement referees. Once the NFL certified referees returned , things were back to the norm the fans expected . The Vikings are one of the major surprises of the season ,especially given their record and the play of their quarterback ….. Christian Ponder .

      I just hope that the second half of the season lives up to the fans’ expectations !

      Great win last night for the Broncos , as it now puts the Chargers behind the “eight ball “ in terms of the divisional standings and the plight of their season . I believe that Philip Rivers will want out from the franchise because , Norv Turner and GM A J Smith have done a piss poor job in their current positions !

      Tophatal ………..


  3. If Philip Rivers . now has any reason to want to leave the Chargers then last night’s cataclysmic meltdown by the team has now given him the grounds to get the hell out of there , once and for all ! Norv Turner is one of the least innovative coaches in the NFL , and this a#shole still retains a position in the NFL .

    “Hello disconsolate fan in San Diego what’s your question “? No , I have no wish to fist Norv Turner’s a#s ”

    The Chargers’ quarterback may not be a free agent until 2016 , but by then , it might all too late for him to catch on with a legitimate Superbowl contender .


  4. Dunno, but my Steelers look lousy so far. Offense will have to really score a lot iffen they want to win anything. Think teams have figured out our D


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