It’s not a story until the events are told or written ………….

It’s not a story until the events are told or written

By Tophatal

Well the knockout punch was delivered to the New York Yankees’ postseason hopes , as the Detroit Tigers simply went about their task in defeating their opponents 8-1 , in a four-game sweep of the ALCS , and doing so with consummate ease. In the wake of that debacle , the bloodletting begins, and the questions will be asked , as to why the Yankees’ season came to such an abrupt end . Does anyone truly care at this juncture ? Needless to say, a number of excuses will be proffered up by various individuals within the New York Yankees’ organization , without their being any type of gesture to suggest that they were simply outplayed by a far better team , in the Detroit Tigers. Where this now leaves Brian Cashman and the front office executives as they move forward, having surveyed the damage done , remains to be seen.


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One glaring issue, is the lack of real productivity in the postseason from this Yankees’ offense. And specifically in the series against the Detroit Tigers , as the bats of Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira , normally seen as the players who spearhead the team’s offense , as witnessed throughout much of the regular season. However, in the series against the Tigers, those bats were dormant and extremely quiet. Collectively, the salaries of the aforementioned players , is in excess of $75 million . And considering the number of teams within the game, whose payrolls are short of that mark, it begs the question . Are the New York Yankees simply overpaying for the talent mustered together on this roster ?


Losing , then leaving . Bryan Heyza loads the New York Yankees bags into a vehicle after the team lost Game 4 of the American League championship series against the Detroit Tigers Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in Detroit. The Tigers, who won 8-1, move on to the World Series. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

With Derek Jeter having gone down injured earlier in this pennant championship series , and lost to the ball-club for the remainder of the postseason. Manager, Joe Girardi , must have been looking for one of his more seasoned veterans to step up to the plate and assume the mantle as the inspirational leader of this team. Girardi , himself, has been less than inspiring , and one could sense that a series’ defeat , though not a series’ sweep was something that he looked to avoid. Well for all of the manager’s words of wisdom, neither one of those scenarios have been avoided , as the franchise was inflicted its worst postseason series’ loss in almost two decades . If there is blame to be apportioned , then surely the majority of that blame has to be squarely placed upon the shoulders of Alex Rodriguez. And though the fingers can be pointed elsewhere , towards other members on this roster, it has to be at the third baseman , as he is the most seasoned and experienced player on the team. That being said , it should not be overlooked that he is also that team’s highest paid player. To my mind, Alex Rodriguez has never been a player , or the player to inspire or lead a team , as I don’t believe he possess the demeanor to assume that role. Yet , somehow , he is sometimes to referred to as a player , who can change the face of a game with one swing of the bat or with an outstanding defensive play. Well, that hasn’t been evident with Rodriguez in quite a while , and the $30 million annual salary that he is now being paid does appear to be an exorbitant waste of the Yankees’ resources.

In the off-season , after this embarrassing series’ sweep , it remains to be seen as to what decisions will be made concerning number of players on this Yankees’ roster , whose contracts are set to expire or those who it may well be felt are superfluous to the managerial staff’s needs. A great deal of speculation has been made that Brian Cashman will seek to trade Alex Rodriguez , but I seriously doubt that there will any “major players” or takers willing to assume the remaining $114 million left on his existing contract (not including bonuses). If anything, I firmly believe that Rodriguez will be forcibly challenged to assume more of a leadership role of this team. At best , both Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera , have no more than one or two more years of play , left in them. Once their careers have come to a close with this franchise, a post Jeter , Rivera chapter , a new era will begin , and it will be left to Rodriguez to lead this new-look organization into the future as they seek further glory.

Now while the ALCS has come to a quick close, the NLCS continues, as the St Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants seek to earn the right , to play the Detroit Tigers in this season’s World Series. Bruce Bochy’s players now find themselves down 3-1 in this best of seven-game series . Tonight , his team will seek to erase that deficit, and square the series, when the two teams meet at Busch Stadium , in St Louis , Missouri,. On the mound will be Barry Zito of the Giants, facing the Cardinals’ Lance Lynn , in what will be a “must win game” for the San Francisco Giants. Failure to do so , would see Mike Matheny’s Cardinals team take what would appear to be a not an insurmountable lead , but quite possibly leaving the Giants with an uphill battle that would prove difficult to overcome.

Zito will have to pitch the game of his life if the San Francisco Giants are to have any hope of evening this series . As the defending World Series’ champions , Mike Matheny , will seek to become and join a select group of individuals to have won a World Series in their first full season as a manager . The last person to do so was Bob Brenly, as the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks , when they won the title in 2001, defeating the New York Yankees , in five games (4-1). It has been a tremendous season for Matheny and the Cardinals , and the very fact that his team brushed aside the heavily favored Washington Nationals , while almost staring at an 0-2 deficit in their NLDS series , does indicate how resolute these Cardinals’ are . No Albert Pujols , no problem, merely insert David Freese , in his place , throw in , Carlos Beltran , Daniel Descalso , Matt Holliday , and Yadier Molina . And you would be hard pressed to prove that the team had skipped a heartbeat, in light of last season’s triumph.

The San Francisco Giants had a tremendous season in 2012 , and for Bruce Bochy , and this franchise whose victory in 2010 brought this famed ball-club their first title in over four decades. In defeating the Texas Rangers, it brought the Giants back to prominence, and placed an even greater spotlight on such young stars as Buster Posey and Tim Lincecum. Posey , it would appear, is one of the leading candidates for the NL MVP award in 2012. As to whether or not these two young players can lead their team back a second appearance in the World Series in two years , remains to be seen. ,

A potential Detroit Tigers’ match-up against either St Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants , given the fan-bases of both of these organizations within their locale and on a national basis. It would prove to be a ratings` bonanza for Foxsports Television , who will broadcast the entire World Series’ schedule during prime-time. For Jim Leyland , but in particular for, GM Dave Dombrowski and team owner, Michael Ilitch , their personnel moves made during this season , have borne fruit , and put the Tigers on their path to success this season , and that is with all of the heroic contributions of their 2012 Triple Crown champion, Miguel Cabrera. The Tigers’ fans have waited long and hard for the franchise to redeem themselves and gain their first World Series’ title since 1984. In the ensuing years since that triumph , the baseball god’s have not looked upon this baseball club favorably, and that is in spite of their history and attempts at making a return to the game’s biggest fare.



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Whatever the outcome of the NLCS , I think that we can all agree , that this season within the game of baseball has been truly a tremendous one . I would certainly like to believe that this postseason will prove to just as entertaining and as thrilling in terms of the suspense and performances provided in 2011 ! What thoughts if any do you have with regard to the 2012 postseason fare ? Your comments are most certainly welcomed , and thanks as always for the continued support of this site !


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(1) The Detroit Tigers rush the field after the team won the American League championship series against the New York Yankees in Game 4, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in Detroit. The Tigers, who won 8-1 , move on to the World Series. In “sweeping” 4-0 , the Tigers inflicted the New York Yankees one their most lopsided series’ defeats , in the franchise’s postseason history. AP Photo/Paul Sancya ..

(2) From left, Detroit Tigers’ Gerald Laird, Phil Coke and Jhonny Peralta celebrate after winning Game 4 of the American League championship series 8-1, against the New York Yankees, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in Detroit. The Tigers move on to the World Series. AP Photo/Paul Sancya ….

(3) Bryan Heyza loads the New York Yankees bags into a vehicle after the team lost Game 4 of the American League championship series against the Detroit Tigers Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in Detroit. The Tigers, who won 8-1, move on to the World Series. AP Photo/Charlie Riedel ….

(4) New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez watches as he flies out in the sixth inning during Game 4 of the American League championship series against the Detroit Tigers Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in Detroit. AP Photo/Paul Sancya …

(5) San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy scratches his head in the dugout during the seventh inning of Game 4 of baseball’s National League championship series against the St. Louis Cardinals Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in St. Louis. AP Photo/Jeff Roberson ….

(6) The St. Louis Cardinals celebrate after Game 4 of baseball’s National League championship series against the San Francisco Giants Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in St. Louis. The Cardinals won 8-3 to take a 3-1 lead in the series. AP Photo/Mark Humphrey …

(7) San Francisco Giants catcher Hector Sanchez can’t handle the throw as St. Louis Cardinals’ Matt Carpenter scores from second on a single by Matt Holliday during the fifth inning of Game 4 of baseball’s National League championship series Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, in St. Louis. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky ..,.




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13 thoughts on “It’s not a story until the events are told or written ………….”

  1. Well now that the Yankees have been unceremoniously dumped out of the ALCS , let’s see where this franchise goes from here in terms of their prospective free agents in 2013 , and whomever they feel to be superfluous to their needs . Clearly the rotation needs better pitching , because beyond Sabathia and closer, Rafael Soriano this team hasn’t got a god-damn thing . Andy Pettite’s return was a sheer case of vanity for a pitcher who simply has nothing left to offer any team .

    “When I come back and should I screw up then , I’m still gonna get paid ” . Andy Pettite

    “Look Joe I’ve had chics suck my d#ck , what have you done as a player much less as a manager ” ? . Alex Rodriguez seen here with Joe Girardi

    It’s clear that the Yankees’ postseason issues in terms of their offense was glaring and amongst the worst of all the teams in the AL during these playoffs .

    New York Yankees’ news & archived news from June . AL East standings in mid-June and at year’s end .

    I’ve repeatedly said this , A Rod now only plays the game for the money , acclaim , while looking to surpass the active and career home run record . Once he passes that mark , the stupidity here , is that the MLB hierarchy and Elias Statistics (Sports’) Bureau will recognize the new mark , even though the third baseman has been embroiled in the steroid controversy .

    Tonight it’s all or nothing for the San Francisco Giants in a “do or die game “ . Failure to do so and they’re out on their ear . I know it’s something that the Giants fans don’t want to hear but your team has simply been outplayed throughout this NLCS , so far , and I don’t believe that it will get any different !

    Mike Matheny and his coaching staff have out-managed Bruce Bochy’s staff , and that is strange when you consider that Matheny is a first-year manager within the game of baseball.

    NL teams postseason stats

    Tophatal ……………….

    2012/10/19 7:23 PM


  2. A tremendous performance last night (Friday) by Barry Zito in leading the Giants to a 5-0 victory over the Cardinals , to put themselves back in this NLCS pennant title duel .

    MLB news

    News feed from the official MLB sites of the Cardinals and Giants , in terms of the reactions after last night’s game .

    Zito on the mound for the Giants in Friday night’s game .

    Courtesy of the The New York Times

    Barry Zito pitches Giants past the Cardinals

    Zito Baffles Cardinals and Gives Giants Hope for Another Comeback

    By Andrew Keh , of the New York Times ,

    ST. LOUIS — The San Francisco Giants have secured another two days to dream, another trip home, and another opportunity to conjure more of the unthinkable magic that has propelled them this far.

    Facing elimination in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series on Friday night, the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 5-0, following the lead of Barry Zito, whose gutsy and sparkling pitching performance stunned and silenced a capacity crowd at Busch Stadium.

    Once already this October the Giants achieved the near impossible, winning three straight games away from home to overcome a 2-0 deficit against the Cincinnati Reds in the division series. Now, trailing in this series by three games to two, they head back to AT&T Park for Game 6 on Sunday night.

    “I’m happy for the team,” Zito said, “and I’m happy the fans get to see us back at AT&T Park.”

    At home, the Giants will send Ryan Vogelsong, who pitched seven strong innings during their Game 2 win, to the mound for Game 6. Should they force a Game 7, the ball would go to Matt Cain. They are still the underdog, but they have been here before.

    “Our backs are against the wall, and there is no tomorrow,” outfielder Hunter Pence said. “We’re not here to fall and fold. We got here because we’re going to fight.”

    Zito, 34, produced the most significant performance of a stirring bounce-back season. Zito, who won nine games in 2010 — and was left off the playoff roster as the team won the World Series — and only three during an injury-plagued 2011, recorded 15 regular-season victories this year. The Giants have not lost a game started by Zito since Aug. 2.


    Click on link to read in full.

    MLB video highlights of the game .

    Tophatal ……. 2012/10/20 02:55 am .


    1. Chris Humpherys(@SportsChump)

      Let me pose this question to you ? How is it that the New York Yankees , worth an approximate $2.65 billion , owners of the YES Network and with gross revenues of over $455 million in 2011 , and a payroll of $206 million , ends making just over $10.4 million in profits . At the same time the balll-club in spite of their regular season record , winning the AL East , they end up having one of their worst postseason performances in their recent history . And that is especially true in terms of the 2012 ALCS .

      Rodriguez , Teixeira , Granderson , Cano , Ichiro and Swisher had woefully inept postseasons and in terms of the pitching , well that speaks for itself doesn’t it . Other than Sabathia , what was there that was worthwhile about that rotation ? An over the hill ….. Andy Pettite was brought back to do what exactly ? Put his ass in a wheelchair and he would have been more effective in a geriatric home for their amusement than he would have been pitching during the regular or postseason this year and that is a fact . It was sheer vanity and naivete` on the part of Brian Cashman and the front office , as there wasn't prudent or sound judgment being used to resign the player when they had done. All they did was meet his demands for a salary that simply wasn’t worth it , in order to play to his damn vanity , and not much else beyond that .

      This team was pitiful all round in terms of the postseason , and that was especially true in this series against the Tigers in the ALCS .

      New York Yankees’ free agents in 2013 and their salary commitments . Here are the team’s draft picks in 2008 , 2009 , 2010 , their top prospects and farm system affiliates .

      Link to the New York Yankees MLB news’ website and how they view the series’ loss .

      New York Yankees and their news’ site in September

      AL East final standings & team’s schedule , head to head record in 2012 .

      Tophatal ………….


    2. I can tell you what Cashman won’t be doing and that’s kissing A Rod’s ass . But he may well be getting out his porn stash and gratifying himself physically . Can’t say that I would blame the Yankees’ general manager .


      Luscioius Denise Milani


      Real butter bro , real butter . And boy wouldn’t I like to “butter ” their biscuits .



    1. al clements

      Try telling that to the fans who had money on the Niners in their game against Seattle . With Harbaugh not taking that ‘safety’ it completely changed the face of the game and the payout because of the spread .

      Topahtal …..


  3. No doubt the Tigers got their money’s worth this year. Now, with a rookie manager, the Cards will try to repeat as W.S. champs. However, considering all the elements of the possibilities, the better series I think would be a Giants/Tigers series.

    It’s amazing how many teams who were good all year long got dumped so early throughout the playoffs…(Nats, Reds, O’s, etc)!


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