Looking for a few good men ………

Looking for a few good men

By Tophatal

It’s getting somewhat serious as the MLB off-season reaches its crescendo with a number of teams looking cement their rosters through free agent acquisitions. Nowhere has this been more self-evident than with the upheaval taking place concerning the Los Angeles Angels , with the front office seeking to rid itself of a number of high-priced unproductive players on their roster. Manager, Mike Sciocsia , after what was a tremendously disappointing season , must have been in agreement with the decisions made by GM, Jerry Dipoto , and owner Arte Moreno to make these changes .


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Once a stalwart on the team’s pitching rotation , Ervin Santana was traded to the Kansas City Royals , within the AL Central. And given the issues of that organization over the past few seasons , it would be hard to see how much of an improvement Santana would be able to provide to a team that has labored with so many problems beyond their pitching within the AL . Dan Haren, once a prominent starter with the Angels , was due $15.5 million for the upcoming season , but the decision made by the organization to buyout his contract for a mere $3.5 million, allowing Haren to become an unrestricted free agent. In a turnaround the Angels , then made the decision to trade the pitcher to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for Carlos Marmol .

How the Los Angeles Angels seeks to rebuild their roster during this off-season , should give us a clear indication as to the direction they seek to take. Mike Sciocsia’s players were never truly in contention for the AL West throughout much of the season , having fallen by the wayside. Ultimately, that situation would prove fortuitous for the Oakland Athletics, as they prevailed in supplanting the Texas Rangers as the AL West champions in 2012. Far be it for me to suggest, but the Rangers having led the division for one hundred and seventy-eight days of one hundred and eighty-seven days of baseball played over the 162 game schedule. It was simply exacerbating to see the Rangers wilt under pressure as they fell to the A’s in their final game of the season, thereby allowing Bob Melvin and his players to celebrate their first divisional title in several years. That situation, left Rangers’ team President , Nolan Ryan and GM Jon Daniels looking for answers , as to the reasons why the team failed so miserably in 2012. One of the biggest decisions the front office will have to make, concerns the future of outfielder Josh Hamilton. It should come as no surprise that the player will undoubtedly become one of the biggest and most prized marquee free agents during the off-season, should the team choose not to re-sign Hamilton. A long-term deal is being sought by the player , but it appears doubtful that the Texas Rangers would seek to offer the player an eight or ten-year deal , as is being sought. All evidence points to the fact , that anything short of decade long $260 million deal would fall short of what Hamilton seeks. That type of contract would place the player in the upper echelons of being one of the highest-paid players within the game of baseball. It remains to be seen whether or not the Rangers will seek to meet the demands of the player’s agent , whatever those terms might be.

St Louis Cardinals’ hitting coach, Mark McGwire , has informed the organization that he will be leaving the team, vacating his role, to take up a similar position with the Los Angeles Dodgers.We all knew that the Dodgers’ intent was to spend at will , in order to be competitive , and this was borne out in their commitment to trade for the Adrian Gonzalez , Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett , and thereby committing themselves to $265 million owed to the three players. Dodgers’ managing partner, Mark Walter, Head of Baseball Operations, Stan Kasten and Magic Johnson and GM Ned Colletti are keenly aware as to what the fans’ expectations were this past season and this upcoming season. Don Mattingly , the team’s manager knows , he has a roster built to win now, but having fallen way short in 2012, questions now abound as to what happens next? Trying to figure out as to what McGwire can offer a team , that once they hit their stride are as talented offensively , as any other team within baseball. Personally, I am not so sure what the former slugger can now seek to pursue from this all, other than to suggest that this is simply a progression for Mark McGwire , as he not only seeks redemption for his past indiscretions , but also some semblance of respectability, as he seeks to move up the managerial ladder.

After a disastrous season in 2012, the Boston Red Sox rid themselves of Bobby Valentine , and hired former pitching coach, John Farrell , at the time , manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. To listen to the explanation of GM Ben Cherington explain the reasons behind Valentine’s firing , was akin to listening to a child claim why he failed to listen to a parent ,when told not to disobey a direct order. In truth, much of the blame for this malaise was not solely because of Valentine’s incompetence , but also, the sheer stupidity shown by Red Sox team President , Larry Lucchino , in overriding the general manager’s decision to hire a manager who was simply “ full of air” , rather than managerial acumen.

One of the big decisions by the organization by the Red Sox was to re-sign DH, David Ortiz , to a two-year extension that will pay Ortiz $26 million , with an additional $ 4 million in incentives , making the deal worth $30 million. The slugger , proved to everyone during 2012 , why it is , that he is one of the franchise’s most productive players over the course of the team’s history, putting up stellar numbers , albeit that he missed several games to due to a litany of injury woes. As to whether or not the Red Sox can see Ortiz season highs in 2013 , wherein we will also more productive numbers from Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, along with several of the other seasoned veterans on this roster. There is no denying that beyond a lack productivity in producing runs, it has been the team’s pitching that has been woeful over the past two seasons. Whether or not, Ben Cherington will seek additional pitching strength, by pursuing a top-flight free agent pitcher to complement a rotation led by Jon Lester and Clay Bucholtz , remains to be seen. However, there is the belief that the franchise’s farm system and top prospects will bear a treasure trove of top-notch pitching talent.

We may not have liked what we witnessed during the 2012 World Series , but there is no denying that Pablo Sandoval and his teammates raided and laid the cupboard bare when they marched through the postseason like a panzer movement of sheer precision , showing grittiness and determination. What might be even more astounding is the very fact that the Detroit Tigers, as the AL pennant winners were so listless , on their way to being swept 4-0 in such a lopsided series. Sandoval was named the Series’ MVP , allowing Bruce Bochy , his managerial staff to come away with the franchise’s second World Series’ crown in four seasons. Giants’ owner Bill Neukom and GM Brian Sabean , I believe will simply be prudent and make the decisions the feel best , in bolstering the team’s roster as they have done so often in previous seasons. There is a reason why the San Francisco Giants were dominant this season , and much of that came by of this team’s determination and their “never say die attitude”. Unfortunately, that was not seen the vast majority of teams within baseball over the course of this season.



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What thoughts if any do have concerning the points raised within this article ? And do you believe that the San Francisco Giants can be dominant once again in 2013 ? Or will be there another team either within the AL or NL,that can overcome the current World Series’ champions?


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(1) Ervin Santana (54) of the Los Angeles Angels reacts after he was replaced by a relied pitcher against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on August 21, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts. Jim Rogash / Getty Images North America …

(2) File-This Feb. 29, 2012 file photo shows pitcher Dan Haren of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. The Los Angeles Angels have agreed to trade Haren to the Chicago Cubs for closer Carlos Marmol . The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Friday Nov. 2, 2012, because the deal had not been completed yet. AP Photo/Morry Gash ….

(3) Mark McGwire (right) is seen here in the dugout with manager Mike Matheny , far right during a game played at Busch Stadium , St Louis, Missouri during the postseason . McGwire has revealed that he will be leaving his position as the Cardinals’ hitting instructor to take a similar role with the Los Angeles Dodgers . One would assume that the former player , sees this as the next step , in what he hopes will lead to managerial career within the game . AP Photo/ Mark Thompson …

(4) FILE – In this Aug. 14, 2012, file photo, Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine, right, talks with, from left, Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz and first base coach Alex Ochoa in the dugout before a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore. Valentine told NBC’s Bob Costas in an interview Tuesday, Oct. 23, that Ortiz spent more time than expected on the disabled list then returned to it after playing one game when the team made a major trade that signaled it would not compete for a postseason berth. AP Photo/Nick Wass …..

(5) Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti , left, presents Carl Crawford with his new Dodgers jersey, during a news conference at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. Crawford was acquired by the Dodgers in August from the Boston Red Sox in a trade, along with players Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Nick Punto . AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes ….




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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

5 thoughts on “Looking for a few good men ………”

  1. And while we’re at it can we thank Curt Schilling for being such a pompous scumbag ! This a#s wipe and his former gaming company (38 Company ) having declared bankruptcy has in essence defrauded the state of Rhode Island of $75 million having received that sum in grants and guaranteed loans , only to declare bankruptcy , having financially mismanaged the company . Now Schilling is claiming the state’s attorney general in their lawsuit to recoup that sum , is making this issue a politically motivated one , and a way defaming him, for his ‘conservative views ‘ , as he is an ardent supporter of Mitt Romney . A typical response from a fu#king self absorbed asshole whose business acumen , much like his career , which was simply overrated .

    I am a political ingenue , but I know that Mitt Romney cares about me just like he cares about 53% of this country .

    Schilling has the IQ of a f##king raisin !

    Curt Schilling calls suit political, denies wrongdoing

    Ex-MLB pitcher sued over failed $75M US loan guarantee to his failed video game company

    Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling on Friday called a lawsuit brought against him by Rhode Island economic development officials “political” and denied wrongdoing in connection with a $75 million US state loan guarantee the state gave his failed video game company, 38 Studios.

    The Rhode Island Economic Development Corp. on Thursday sued Schilling, some of its former employees and others, saying they committed fraud and other acts that misled the state into approving the deal.

    In his first public comments on the lawsuit Friday, Schilling, in a written statement sent to The Associated Press, said the EDC’s decision was made “with its eyes wide open and with full understanding of any risks.”

    Schilling said he had not yet seen the lawsuit, but believes he’s being sued in part because of critical comments he made about Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s handling of the situation.

    The deal with 38 Studios was struck in 2010, under the leadership of former Republican Gov. Don Carcieri. Chafee, an independent, was harshly critical of the deal as a candidate, but said he wanted to see it succeed once he became governor.

    Schilling has accused Chafee of not doing enough to help 38 Studios stay afloat and publicly called him a “buffoon” and a “dunce of epic proportions.” Chafee opposed giving the company more financial support after it began having money troubles, saying it did not have a viable plan for survival.

    Click on link to read in full.


    A d#ck, like Schilling, is out there espousing free market and capitalism, but this mutha-##cker simply has no idea what the hell he’s talking about , much less the know-how to run a successful business , as witnessed here, with the bankruptcy of his gaming company , which has now cost the state of Rhode Island $75 million.

    Curt Schilling is a dumb ass ! Espouses the ideals of conservative but herein , his statement the state did not do enough to help his company stay afloat. My question here for Schilling , why the fu#k should the state assist him , when he has been in receipt of $75 million of the state’s money , then through clear financial mismanagement , Schilling’s dumb ass along with his fellow executives simply f##ked things up , and during their existence , barely showed a profit of any kind . Curt Schilling has the business acumen and IQ of a gnat !

    Things Curt might be better proffering up advice on , the size of his ego , or whether or not he has the staying power to ” rub one out ” with Mika , which I seriously doubt ! How and where’s the blooded shoe ?

    So now the Angels are conducting their own fire sale after another disappointing season . The Angels have some serious issues to deal with , and have done so for last three years , including much of 2012 .

    Reasons are visible why the Angels were miserable 2012 within the AL and MLB as a whole .

    “No, I felt that Ben’s inexperience showed that I should be the one to hire Bobby Valentine ” !
    Larry Lucchino

    Larry Lucchino , left, who overrode GM Ben Cherington’s decision and signed off on the hiring of Bobby Valentine . Lucchino and GM Ben Cherington . Having fired Valentine , the franchise still owes their former manager $2.5 million for next season , and they will probably pay out even more with the hiring of John Farrell to succeed Valentine as well as paying for the hiring of any additional member that the new manager wants to bring with him to form his new staff .

    The hiring of Valentine by the Red Sox clearly shows that the team’s front office is bereft of intelligence ! Team President Larry Lucchino remains a pompous asshole whose knowledge of the game ranks up there alongside Palin’s foreign policy knowledge .

    MLB free agents

    MLB transactions

    MLB team payrolls

    Tophatal ……


  2. Curt Schilling is an oaf ! The charges brought by Attorney General in Rhode Island was politically motivated ? This guy is a pompous ass ! Nowhere has he addressed the issue that his electronic gaming company (38 Plus) went bankrupt and there are claims of financial mismanagement , and he claims that the state didn’t give his company any assistance ? I’d say loan guarantees of $75 million was sufficient help ! Only a damn Republican, such as Schilling , with this bull#hit would still l claim to be victimized. Clearly an ass, like the former Red Sox hero , has no idea how to run a goddamn business .

    “I’m a gamer , I played the game to the highest standards of integrity , I never saw a player or fellow teammate use an illicit substance . As for my blooded socks , well that’s now sitting in Cooperstown , where I’ll be a few years from now ” ! . Curt Schilling

    I’m no admirer of any of the two major political parties (GOP, Democrat) , as they are both as clueless as the other ! Neither side knows the meaning of sound fiscal policy and when it comes to foreign policy and diplomacy , you only have to listen to the drivel coming from all four of the candidates (Romney , Ryan – Obama and Biden) as they seek the nation’s highest political office .

    “The tools of the trade are still there , but my genitalia has shrunk to the size of a prune . Anyone else having the same problem “? McGwire
    Left to right , Mark McGwire , Tony La Russa and Albert Pujols

    What mayhem will McGwire bring to the Dodgers if any ?

    Tophatal ………….


  3. For the first time in a long time, Al, I’m actually looking forward to the baseball season just to see what the Rays can do.

    They picked up the option on Shields which still doesn’t mean he won’t be traded but let’s hope not. As usual, I don’t see this team making all that many moves as they weren’t all that far away this year from making the post-season once again.

    But we’ll see.


    1. The Rays have a lot of issues to deal with concerning impending free agents . And what the fans will eagerly want to know , is will Sternberg impede GM , Andrew Friedman , by once again insisting they simply cut payroll again . If that happens , then several players will be asked to take salary cuts or simply be shipped off elsewhere for minor league prospects .

      How this team .. finished their schedule as it wound down , was under-whelming, as we know they were facing an uphill battle in terms of gaining a wildcard berth . That being said , the fans should not be repeatedly be asked to endure this , when the ownership is not making more of an effort .

      Tophatal ………


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