16-0 is nice, 19-1 is considered great, but 20-0, is damn brilliant!

16-0 is nice, 19-1 is considered great, but 20-0, is damn brilliant!

Well as the Atlanta Falcons (8-0) move towards securing a place in NFL history , the detractors and supporters, wishing to see a “ perfect season” , are already out like a predatory group of carnivores , ready devour their prey. Head coach Mike Smith and his coaching staff will seek to impart some wisdom into his team, as they embark on the second half of their season. The Falcons have handily dispatched a number of their opponents on the early part of their schedule with some ease , while not being severely tested to date.


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Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank has presided over the renaissance of this franchise after the unholy tenures of former head coaches , Jim Mora Jr , and Bobby Petrino. Less we forget also, Blank had to deal with the unsavory antics of Michael Vick and the odious group of anally retentive individuals , who simply jumped to the player’s defense because of his ethnicity, rather than dealing with the heinous crimes of Vick , and the fact that he repeatedly lied about his involvement in an illegal gambling ring, as well as the torturing and killing of canines in his keep , which he used as fighting dogs. As to the idiocy of the suggestion that dog-fighting was part of his familial environment growing up as a youngster , it is simply utter bullshit ! The player, knew right from wrong, and simply made a decision to profit financially, from those misdeeds. His subsequent incarceration at a federal facility and release , has seen the return of Michael Vick to the playing field , though not necessarily for the better , as can be evidenced by his inconsistent displays this season as the Philadelphia Eagles(3-5) have faltered and stumbled this season. As things now stand for the franchise , this might just be the waning moments in the careers of Vick and the team’s head coach , Andy Reid.

GM Thomas Dimitfroff and team President Rich McKay have steadfastly brought construct this team through free agency and through the NFL Draft. And these players have excelled this season for the Falcons , as the team has made the NFC and the NFC South their own , over the course of the season. What has really piqued the interest of most fans this season , has been the play of team quarterback Matt Ryan . With Ryan’s play , the benefits have been numerous for the offense and most notably in the pass offense of the Atlanta Falcons . The beneficiaries of this all , have been Tony Gonzalez, Michael Turner , Jacquizz Rodgers , Harry Douglas , Roddy White , and Julio Jones. And this offense, has become one of the most efficient and prolific in the NFL this season . It should be noted also , the team defense ranks in the top ten , in points allowed per game.

At this time of the season each year , over the past few seasons where there has been an unbeaten team at this point , there is the tendency to compare that team , with the 1972 Miami Dolphins, that went 14-0 during the regular season , and then triumphed in the Superbowl (SBVII) , to set the precedent of being the only undefeated team during the regular and postseason in NFL history. The moment that this scenario has arisen for teams that have embarked upon this journey , the greater there happens to be a heightened interest in not only on the team , but also several of the players and the coaching staff, in question. The indelible mark left on us all , after the New England Patriots’ memorable march in looking to assail the Dolphins’ mark in 1972 , still resonates with many, In 2007, Bill Belichick led the team to an unbeaten 16-0 , regular season record. In achieving that feat, the franchise became only the second franchise in NFL history to go through entire regular season , as an unbeaten team.

Having earned the number one seed within the AFC , which gave Tom Brady and his teammates a bye in the first round of the playoffs of that season . The Patriots would systematically march through divisional round , with an efficient 31-20 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars , with the AFC championship against the San Diego Chargers , starting off as something of a chess match , before New England’s offense seemingly took charge of the game. A berth in Superbowl 42 (SB XLII) against the New York Giants , with NFL immortality , said to be awaiting the New England Patriots , should they prove to be victorious . As we now know , things are not necessarily written in stone , during which one’s fate is said to be determined. Highly favored, as the Patriots were said to be, the script was flipped, as the Giants showed their determination and resilience in upending the New Patriots , hoisting them on their backside, and soundly beating the favorites, in thrilling fashion . That defeat and the bitter taste that came with it, has pretty much cemented the fact that, the Patriots went in complacent and too cocksure of themselves. The fact that in Superbowl (SBXLVI) would be a repeat meeting with again almost the same result , ended whatever thoughts Bill Belichick may well have had to redeem himself and the franchise , was sealed with an error laden display by the New England Patriots . A cautionary tale for any franchise, now going deep into the postseason with an unbeaten record.

As much as a story about an unbeaten team heightens the interest of the NFL fans in general, but for the Atlanta Falcons on paper at least their schedule does appear to be looking somewhat easier. Having defeated the Dallas Cowboys in week nine, with a convincing a 19-13 victory, that lead this team, as they now seek their tenth consecutive win of the season. The next game on Atlanta’s schedule will be a divisional match-up against the New Orleans Saints to be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome , in New Orleans, Louisiana , this upcoming Sunday, 11th October,2012. Previous meetings between these two franchises have proven to be high-scoring affairs , with a great deal offense being provided by both teams. As I alluded to earlier, Atlanta’s schedule does look a little pointed in their favor , and if they should prevail in Sunday’s meeting , then the anticipated second meeting which takes place in week thirteen in Atlanta , Georgia , at the Georgia Dome, should prove to decisive. Beyond that, the only other game that is likely to be a stern test for the Falcons would be a conference match-up on the 16th December ,2012 in week fifteen against the reigning Superbowl champions, the New York Giants.

While I see nothing wrong in chasing after NFL history , one thing has become abundantly clear , is the very fact that complacency tends to set in with a number of teams who go through a multi-game unbeaten streak . Are the Atlanta Falcons good enough to make a legitimate run , and quite possibly equal the regular season feats of the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots ? Well that is now open to a great deal of conjecture and speculation. From my own perspective, I would rather witness the Falcons lose a regular season, go into the postseason with a single-minded approach, with a goal to achieve , rather than have that mountain of expectation being heaped upon this team’s shoulders !

The departure of Scott Pioli from the New England Patriots, to fill a similar role as the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs , was a position I felt that was filled with so many dangerous pitfalls. Upon his arrival , Pioli simply went about revamping the roster and drafting rather judiciously , with a view to building the franchise to be competitive in the future. Two years removed from his arrival, Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs, are a downtrodden organization that is simply bereft of ideas, creativity , both on and off the field of play. And did I mention that this team is 1-7 , stands at the bottom of the AFC West along with possessing the worst record in the NFL alongside the Jacksonville Jaguars ?

Head coach, Romeo Crenel and Pioli pinned their hopes on a quarterback in Matt Cassel , who simply had one breakout season in 2008 , when he under-studied for an injured Tom Brady. And based upon those displays , Cassel was able to garner himself a multi-year contract , signing as a free agent with the Kansas City Chiefs , having been acquired in a trade and then be offered a six-year $62.5 million contract by the organization. I do believe that someone was shortchanged in this deal! It is hard to envisage where the Chiefs now go from here with their being mounting speculation as to the impending futures of Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel. Pioli, the wunderkind , who worked in conjunction with Bill Belichick to bring about a great deal of success that has been attained by the New England Patriots , as the ” Midas Touch” , has now been lost by the young general manager.

Looking at the Chiefs’ roster , one could readily identify perhaps one or two play-makers on that team . In reality , however , the cupboard looks extremely bare in terms of the franchise’s long-term future , and that is in spite of the draft policy of Scott Pioli , this season and in previous seasons . . Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles , Peyton Hillis , Shawn Draughn, Dexter McCluster, Jon Baldwin , Derrick Johnson , Eric Berry , Justin Huston and Tamba Hali , will each have to contribute a great deal more than they have been doing , if the Chiefs are able to redeem their season. And if you thought things were about to get easier for Romeo Crennel’s players , well this weekend , they will be the guests of the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3) , in a game to be played at Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ,. There may well be a great deal still to be played for by this franchise , such as self-respect, and a competitive attitude , but above all , to simply indicate to the fans by the players , that it is not their intent to give up on the season. OK, so the presumption could be made, that the Chiefs may seek to “tank” the remainder of their schedule , in order to go get the number one overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft , which could prove to be productive , by producing a bountiful crop of extremely talented players. At this juncture who knows what may be lingering with regard to the mindset of the Kansas City Chiefs’ front office ?



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As an NFL fan , do you believe that the Atlanta Falcons can remain unbeaten over the course of their remaining schedule ? If so, do state the reasons why. Likewise , if you feel that they will suffer a loss , which team do you believe will be the one to inflict that defeat ? In your own estimation , what do you believe has been the biggest hindrance for the Kansas City Chiefs this season in terms of their play ? Do take time offer up a comment on this and anything else you think relevant to the subject matter.


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(1) Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) throws under pressure from Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff (90) during the first half of an NFL football game , Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, in Atlanta. AP Photo/Rich Addicks …

(2) Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett reacts during the second half of an NFL football game against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012. Atlanta won 19-13 . AP Photo/Chuck Burton …

(3) Atlanta Falcons’ Julio Jones (11) tries to run past the grasp of Dallas Cowboys’ Gerald Sensabaugh (43) during the second half of an NFL football game in Atlanta, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012. Atlanta won 19-13 . AP Photo/Rich Addicks …

(4) Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) makes a catch as Dallas Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh (43) defends during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, in Atlanta. AP Photo/Rich Addicks ….. (5) Head Coach Mike Smith , right, and owner and CEO Arthur Black of the Atlanta Falcons look on during opening day of training camp on August 1, 2009 at the Falcons Training Complex in Flowery Branch, Georgia. Getty Images North America / Kevin Cox …

(6) In happier times , Michael Vick is seen here with Atlanta Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank . The two at the time , it was thought had a healthy and respectful relationship. Unbeknownst to us all , it would then unravel with a web of lies and egregious acts of deceit by the player ,as his involvement in an illegal gambling ring and his presiding over an illegal dog-fighting enterprise came to the fore . Vick having gone to trial , pled guilty and was incarcerated in a federal facility . The resumption of his career , came as a backup to Donovan McNabb , with the Philadelphia Eagles . AP Photo / Bruce Welch …

(7) Kansas City Chiefs’ general manager Scott Pioli , is seen here with the team’s head coach Romeo Crennel , on the field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City , Missouri. The team is off to a disastrous 1-7 start this season , and questions abound , as to whether or not the head coach and general manager can survive this season , serving in their current capacity within the organization . AP Photo / Chris Rogers ….




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19 thoughts on “16-0 is nice, 19-1 is considered great, but 20-0, is damn brilliant!”

    1. Steven Jeffries

      There has to be a tough mental aspect for any team to go unbeaten during the regular season much less, going the entire postseason .

      The Dolphins had that in 1972 , albeit that I believe their opposition in the postseason wasn’t that great . Simply look at the results there , and who they faced at the time and that opponent’s record (Redskins [9-7]) . It bears that out , and so does the final result in that particular Superbowl (SBVII) .

      The Patriots in 2007 were flat out and out, downright scary , and then in the biggest game of their lives , they simply imploded and melted , as the Giants simply took it to them.

      I don’t expect the Falcons to go 20-0 , but I do believe that a 13-3 or 14-2 record is within their reach, based upon their play . Mike Smith is a damn good coach , with an equally adept coaching staff . If Matt Ryan can simply stay healthy , and then raise the level of his play as the team reaches the postseason , then it bodes well for the Falcons . Obviously , the continued knock against Ryan is that , he has yet to prove himself in the postseason . Yet the same thing has to be said about the franchise as a whole , in recent years , when they have made an appearance there .

      Tophatal ……..


  1. I can see the Falcons winning 12 or 13 games and the division. What they do in the playoffs is another question all together. Can they advance in the post season? Time will tell.
    The Chiefs need to clean out the front office and coaching staff. The fans in Kansas City deserve no less.
    Good piece brother, cheers!


    1. aero

      Yeah , you’re right on the mark in terms of the possible number of games that could be won by the Falcons . The issue will come down to how not only Ryan performs in the postseason , but also the team as a whole . And recent history doesn’t support their position in terms of their playoff record .

      Christmas might come in terms of the wishes of the fans , of the Chiefs . They sank money into Matt Cassel , and the return on that investment has simply been abysmal . But for two good seasons, in 2009 and 2010 , he has done absolutely nothing at all for the Kansas City Chiefs .

      “We’re both big guys who like to eat ” ! Pioli ” But I’m telling you Scott, I can down at least eight servings of mush-u-pork with rice , in one sitting, because that is how I roll ” . Romeo Crennel

      Scott Pioli (right), and Romeo Crennel

      Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel , must have their heads up in the clouds , if they feel that a healthy Brady Quinn can aid this mediocre team .

      Tophatal ………..


  2. The Falcons just need to focus on winning a playoff game. Going undefeated should never be a goal of any team. If it happens, it happens. But winning a championship and going undefeated are two different things. We’ve seen wild card teams win Super Bowls, and securing the championship is all that matters.

    I could see a team that has already won multiple Super Bowls like the Patriots making going undefeated a challenge to themselves. But I’d wager even that 18-1 Patriots team would have rather lost one game in the regular season and won the Super Bowl, than to have their one loss end up being the Super Bowl.


      1. Going undefeated is just too hard to do. Becasue ultimately just like the with the Patriots, the Colts, and then the Packers the season becomes more about going undefeated than just simply winning a Super Bowl. And winning a Super bowl is hard enough to do without the pressure of trying to go undefeated.

        It’s like once the unbeaten streak comes to an end, then the season is a failure, and winning the Super Bowl becomes the secondary objective, win it should be the first and only objective. And the Super Bowl winner gains immortality regardless if they are undefeated or not.


        1. Fan On Fire Maurice Barksdale

          I’d rather see a team go 13-3 , 14-2 or even 15-1 , and then go deep into the postseason , winning it all , with the ultimate triumph of raising the Lombardi Trophy !

          The saying ” is the hardest part is , to successfully defend, winning a Superbowl ” , which isn’t far off base , but I feel the combination going undefeated and winning the ultimate prize in the NFL is in fact the toughest thing to do !

          Every grown man deserves to look at Lucy Pinder .

          Tophatal ………….


  3. Ah…..in this era, no team can do that. The old cliche of “Any given Sunday…” really applies.
    Course too…who dey play so far??


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