Why am I here again ?

Why am I here again ?

By Tophatal

The sporting world has been turned on its’ ear within the past forty-eight hours , with the biggest story of them all being the firing of Mike Brown by the Los Angeles Lakers’ hierarchy led by Mitch Kupchak and the team’s Head of Basketball Operations and SVP Jim Buss . In what might not be a shocking turn of events , the decision was made to relieve second year coach of his position. Buss and Kupchak , after the departure of Phil Jackson, the decision was made to head in a new direction, in terms of a coach and in coaching philosophy. One of Jackson’s assistants , thought to have the inside track for the position , Brian Shaw , having been interviewed for the vacant position , the executives’ decision to hire Brown , a former head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers , was something of a shock, as it was solely based on the premise of Brown’s handling of LeBron James .


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Now while I am surprised by the quickness of this decision , it should not have come as a surprise, as to how this was executed , it may well have been the thing that struck the public as surprising. To my mind , this situation now makes Buss and Kupchak , a pair of blithering idiots, as they now go off running , cap in hand , seeking to gauge Phil Jackson’s interest in returning to the franchise he guided to five NBA titles , and seven Finals’ appearances over his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers. Among the now for appearances only, interviewees Mike Dunleavy, and Mike D’Antoni, when it is abundantly clear that Jackson will be hired to succeed Mike Brown. This clearly shows the lack of insight , and intelligence shown by Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak, who merely use the Lakers’ financial resources , and legacy as a way of luring a coach and talent to become that organization. Consider, the fact that the Lakers’ history of draft choices of the past decade, have proven to be a less than bona-fide success, and in terms of the coaching fraternity , other than Jackson , their has not been a great deal of success beyond the achievements of Pat Riley over the past two decades.

The Lakers’ performances this season have been erratic and let’s just say , not in line with organization’s expectations . With the Brown’s dismissal , Bernie Bickerstaff has been promoted ,and now holds the position of interim-head coach , until a permanent successor to Mike Brown has been named . Something of a formality , given the acuteness of the situation at present .

So on the way to “Looney-ville someone decided that the time was ripe to upset the apple cart in terms of the season’s rankings within the BCS . OK, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to see always overbearing Nick Saban brought back down to earth , with an emphatic thud. Yesterday, was to be that day , as Alabama on their home turf , were upset by Texas & AM in a rather surprising game . With that defeat , it is now clear that Alabama is liable to slide several places down the BCS rankings, and thereby , placing a dent in the national title hope aspirations .

While the paint is yet to dry , can those now making up the scrolls as to whom they deem fit to be viewed as being amongst the Heisman Trophy candidates. Is their now enough good reason to add the Aggies’ Johnny Manziel to that list ? Manziel’s display in this game was simply stunning , and perhaps impressive enough to lure a number of NFL coaches to sit up and take note . AJ McCarron , Johnny Manziel’s counterpart for the Crimson Tide , stellar throughout much of the season , had one his worst games of the year statistically. Now a season full of hope is now on the line, with questions will now be asked as why this has fallen apart for Nick Saban and the Tide.

Week ten in the NFL will offer us several enticing games to wet our appetites , while a number of those games on the schedule are a reminder why at times , we have to question the common sense being shown by the NFL hierarchy . One of the more appealing games will be a match-up of two 7-1 teams , when the Chicago Bears face the Houston Texans at Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois , this Sunday . For quarterbacks Matt Schaub and Jay Cutler , the two players will be seeking to further enhance their success this season , while being possibly looked at as a credible league MVP. Now as good as the Texans appear to be , with a highly potent offense , and a rapidly improving defense , it has been the fact that Gary Kubiak’s team in the postseason , have yet to truly show how good they are. Last season was the first the Houston Texans made an appearance in the postseason , and what should not be lost in the midst of this all, Matt Schaub was not the quarterback , who led the team into the postseason , but Schaub’s backup , TJ Yates . Funny , this is never brought to light by those who continue to place Texans’ credentials up in lights as credible contenders within the AFC.

Would it be prudent to suggest that if the Chicago Bears fail to make the postseason, the calls for the dismissal of Lovie Smith will reach a cacophony not often associated with the Bears’ fans at large. Granted , Smith is not the only cause for concern on this team , as I truly believe that Jay Cutler , for all of the prodigious talent he shows , the underlying question has to be , is Cutler capable of leading a team deep into the postseason . These two combatants should enlighten us with a great game , and something we hope we can be entertained by.

For all those who were ready to “write off “ Peyton Manning this season , consider the fact that he has thrown for the three touchdowns in each of his last five games . Along the way, the Denver Broncos have romped to seemingly easy victories , while taking command of what has always been an impoverished AFC West division .

When the Carolina Panthers play hosts to the Denver Broncos , Manning and his teammates , will face a beleaguered Panthers’ team led by 2011 number one NFL Draft pick Cam Newton. The Panthers’ quarterback in his own inimitable way has struggled this season, while at the same time looking to distance himself from the team’s woes . Jumping to the player’s defense , has been his mentor and famed quarterback , Warren Moon , who has suggested that the criticism of his young protegé has been not been justified and bordered on being racially motivated . Warren , wake up and smell the coffee , Cam Newton , while a gifted talent , he remains an immature individual . If you want to truly witness what a racial bigot now looks like ? Look no further than the actions of Donald Trump , in the immediate aftermath in the Presidential defeat of Mitt Romney , a person who Trump staunchly supported throughout the entire election process. Now that’s a , racial bigot within the public’s midst, and apparently no one actually gives a rat’s ass concerning this all. Did I miss something here ?

If Cam Newton truly wants to set himself apart from his peers of 2011, then he ought to be applying himself to learning his craft , instead of being so bellicose and indifferent to the Panthers’ fans and public alike . The game should prove to be an offensive explosion and a nightmare for the Panthers’ defense, one of the poorer performing secondary’s in the NFL . . Everything about this game suggest a monumental blowout , and it could very well place Ron Rivera’s position as the Panthers’ head coach in extreme jeopardy and with the possibility that team owner, Jerry Richardson , may well seek a coaching change as well as a major upheaval in the team roster .

When your team just happens to be 3-5 , I think it tends to reflect how bad that team just happens to be ! However, try telling that to both Jerry Jones and Andy Reid of the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles , respectively. These two NFC East franchises will meet in a divisional game , the question arises , are the careers of Tony Romo , Michael Vick and Jason Garrett safe , should either of these individuals be on the wrong side of a loss today ? Reid, I believe could be very well on the way out at the end of the season , should the Eagles fail to garner a playoff berth ! Emotional issues asides, it is time the head coach to step aside. The team , is no longer responding to his tutelage , and it has become abundantly clear that Michal Vick , is no longer the quarterback , many believed him to be. Vick’s counterpart, Tony Romo, has simply proved that the hype surrounding an un-drafted free agent, generally reflects something , in the case of the player, it has one of hype over substance , as he has yet to win a meaningful game over the course of his career, specifically in the postseason. Care to make a prognostication concerning today’s game ?



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Are there games today, which you believe will be of heightened interest to you ? And of the events that have been mentioned , which do you believe has been the most surprising ?

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(1) Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson during Game 4 of a second-round NBA playoff basketball series against the Dallas Mavericks, Sunday, May 8, 2011, in Dallas. The Mavericks won 122-86 . AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez …

(2) LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 9: Dwight Howard (12) and Kobe Bryant (24) of the Los Angeles Lakers cheer their teammates on from the bench against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center on November 9, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images ….

(3) FILE – This March 21, 2012 file photo shows Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown arguing a call during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Dallas Mavericks, in Dallas. A report from USA Today says the Lakers have fired Brown after a 1-4 start to his second season in charge of the team. The newspaper report Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 cited Brown’s agent, Warren Legarie , as the source of the information. AP Photo/Brandon Wade ….

(4) Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) is stopped after a first down run by Alabama defensive back Dee Milliner (28) and defensive back Vinnie Sunseri (3) during the first half of an NCAA college …

(5) Wide receiver Mike Evans (13) of the Texas A&M Aggies is tackled by corner-back John Fulton (10) of the Alabama Crimson Tide during the game at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 10, 2012 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. …..

(6) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) gets past New York Giants middle linebacker Chase Blackburn (93) to score a touchdown won during the second half of an NFL football game , Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012, in Arlington, Texas. AP Photo/Sharon Ellman ….

(7)Denver Broncos head coach John Fox , left, talks with Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera, right, before an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012. AP Photo/Bob Leverone …

(8) Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning throws a towel into the stands after the Broncos defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 31-23 in an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, in Cincinnati. AP Photo/Tom Uhlman ….




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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

8 thoughts on “Why am I here again ?”

  1. Can someone explain to me why there’s this hype over Ryan Tannehill ? Much less the Dolphins’ vaulted defense ? In today’s game , in which , both defense and the team were absolute crap against the Titans .

    Warren Moon needs to un-retire and suit up for the Panthers , as Cam Newton is proving that his regression this season , will be the norm for the remainder of the Panthers’ schedule .

    Another loss , and it’s the same old Chargers and Raiders . The AFC West , is most certainly the worst division in the NFL by a wide margin

    Someone remind me how the Giants can lay a goose egg , as Andy Dalton leads the Bengals over Eli in a lopsided 31-13 victory ?

    QB stats week 10

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    Tophatal …………..


  2. So ‘bama’s chances have been flushed down the crapper with a rather embarrassing display against Texas A & M .

    Gene Chizik is likely to be fired at the end of this season by the AD, Jay Jacobs of the Auburn Tigers . Another bad loss for the team as the coach desperately seeks to turn things around in the SEC .

    Given the ungodly mess that the Lakers now finds themselves in , that it wouldn’t surprise me if Kupchak offers Jackson the kitchen sink and everything in the damn house merely to coach this team , as their window of opportunity is coming to a close ! Bryant and Nash at best , have no more than a combined three years of play left in both. Once Kobe steps down , who then will be the vocal leader of this player personnel , never mind the best player on the roster .

    Tophatal …….


  3. Schiano might now be unto something if he can get the Bucs to show this type mental toughness and resiliency . Are the Chargers really that bad , or could it be that Norv Turner and his coaching staff are so inept and that bad ? Terrific win for the Buccaneers !

    Now if only the franchise’s lame as#ed fans would actually get out there, and support the team , rather than simply talking about them , it would be of benefit to the organization , rather than having to see their home games —- repeatedly blacked out in the local tv market , because of lack of overall support . Shame on the Bucs’ fans .

    The Patriots’ record may well suggest that they’re 6-3 , but in reality , from a defensive standpoint this is not a very good 6-3 team by any stretch of the imagination . The one and only driving force behind the team , just happens to be Brady and that very explosive offense , as the rest (defense) still remains a work in progress .

    NFL standings by division .

    Week 11 schedule .

    Bucs and Pats in week eleven .

    Tophatal …………


  4. Is Rex Ryan simply delusional ? His team is badly beaten 28-7 , his quarterback , Mark Sanchez , gives a woefully inept performance , and this a#s (head coach) says , he will continue to stick with the incumbent quarterback . It is true then ? Tim Tebow was simply brought in as window dressing for the sheer stupidity of Tony Sparano to show that as an offensive coordinator , he simply hasn’t a goddamn clue ! Yet fantasy geeks and idiotic fans, are saying the player is being misused . Let us be clear , Tebow hasn’t shown that he can do anything moderately successful in the NFL . Yet fans are still living in hope , simply because the kid is an affable guy . You don’t play in the NFL to be affable , you get that privilege because you can damn well play !

    So how many of you now believe that Tim Tebow can actually be a real success in the NFL ? Be honest with yourself and don’t hide behind platitudes .

    Jets’ stats in 2012



    Perhaps Mark and Tim can rub or suck on these for good luck ? Nah , it wouldn’t work as they would fumble on the exercise to begin with .

    Tophatal ……………


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