Game Rewind ………..

Game Rewind

By Tophatal

Monday morning rewind , and the NFL simply proved once again , what we all knew concerning so many of these teams . All of the hyperbole in the world cannot hide the fact that so many of these perceived franchises that had the championship caliber moniker thrust upon them . Well it certainly wasn’t warranted , for the franchises in question. The reigning Superbowl champions , the New York Giants were simply embarrassed by Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals in a game that simply defied all logic . Yet , somehow the Giants were on the wrong side of a rather embarrassingly lopsided defeat .


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For Giants’ head coach, Tom Coughlin , I am sure that he simply doesn’t want to revisit another season where his team comes under a great deal of scrutiny , as why they are once again in a November “swoon” . , as has the case in 2007 and 2011 . Granted, the team was able to recover from those meltdowns during the two seasons in question , and need we be reminded they went on to win the Superbowl , by defeating the New England Patriots , on both occasions ? There is no doubt in my mind that the Giants will make the postseason , but if their complacency continues to show , along with an uncomfortably and rather sub-par performance from Eli Manning , then, we could all be questioning the credentials of the Giants at this juncture . And for Eli and the Giants, their next test will come in a game to be played in week twelve , but week eleven, becomes a bye-week during which Coughlin and his coaching staff can go about rebuilding the psyche of the team . The Green Bay Packers will be the guests of the Giants when these two teams meet at MetLife Stadium , East Rutherford, New Jersey, on the 25th November , 2012.

OK , so the longer the season continues to the more comical the New York Jets’ schedule has become , and one can surmise , with each idiotic statement forthcoming from the mouth of head coach , Rex Ryan , the more one has to question whether or not, Ryan can ride out this storm . Sunday’s 28-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at Century Link Field in Seattle , Washington , could very well make the coach’s position almost untenable , given the fact that the organization expected a great deal more out of this , rather than what is currently borne out by a team with a 3-5 record , and who are losers of five of their last six games . The team’s quarterback , Mark Sanchez , is having an indifferent season by his own estimation , and that of the fans , who expected to see a great deal more from this team. And factor in, the idiocy and stupidity of observers from afar stating that Jets’ backup , Tim Tebow should now be inserted as the starting quarterback .

It is this sort of lunacy and the fact that GM Mike Tannenbaum remains absolutely clueless in what it takes to build a championship caliber team. In reality , the Jets’ season is now a monumental disaster , with a quarterback whose confidence is completely shattered , and who now has a target of a bulls-eye embedded on his back. Anyone, who now believes that the Jets’ fans still see the former USC Trojans’ quarterback as a savior . One only has to listen to the repeated and mounted criticism that has been forthcoming by perhaps the franchise’s most famous player, Joe Namath. The Hall of Famer has berated the young quarterback for his poor play , lambasted Rex Ryan , and his coaching staff for being unprepared and uncreative . And to my mind , Joe Namath is absolutely right with his observations and criticism of this team , and anyone who believes to the contrary , is clearly misguided and delusional !

As we approach the holiday season , one of the highlights of the NFL schedule , happens to be the Thanksgiving schedule each season, and with that comes the customary games featuring the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys , as part this seasonal extravaganza . This just in, neither of these two teams have anything to offer , by an opponent being fearful of either the Cowboys or Lions this season . Both quarterbacks , Tony Romo and Matt Stafford are having indifferent seasons . Romo and the Cowboys are coming off a divisional win over the beleaguered —- Philadelphia Eagles , a team that might just be on the cusp of jettisoning head coach , Andy Reid , as well as the team’s veteran quarterback , Michael Vick .

The 38-23 loss suffered by the Eagles on their home-field of Lincoln Financial Field , in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , was enough a clear in indicator that a 3-6 Eagles’ team, is now heading in the wrong direction. Vick suffered a concussion that will see the player miss the team’s next scheduled game against the Washington Redskins at Fedex Field , in Landover, Maryland , on the 18th November, 2012. The less said about Reid and Vick at this juncture . I believe the more we can actually make a succinct diagnosis of some of the other game that took place this past weekend !

After the Cowboys’ defeat of the Eagles, this Romo led team is still under a great deal of pressure to succeed and make the postseason. The team’s divisional rivals as detailed earlier suffered a rather embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals , which gives Jason Garrett’s players a minutiae of hope that they can derail the ambitions of the New York Giants. The Dallas Cowboys have been far too inconsistent over the course of this season to be considered a legitimate threat within the NFC much less the rest of the NFL. Jerry Jones might not be the most respected owner in the NFL , but he is by far the most bellicose , absurd and caricatured characters in the league. His constant selling of his franchise even when they have been horrendously bad is a clear indication why Cowboys need all the publicity they can get.

The Detroit Lions to my mind have proven to be a major disappointment on a number of counts , but most notably because the team’s offense has regressed from where they were at this point last season. Matt Stafford , hasn’t been able to find his most reliable target , Calvin Johnson . And the Lions’ much vaunted defense , has been anything been extremely disappointing. Now do I believe that Jim Schwartz’s position as the head coach is jeopardy ? Well that would be dependent upon one’s point of view and whether or not you would consider a 4-5 Lions’ team as one that has under-achieved ?

The Lions will host the Green Bay Packers this upcoming weekend at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan . This will be a game that could make or break the Lions’ season , because a loss would simply derail the team’s ambitions within the NFC North . Thanksgiving Day, 22nd November will offer the fans a bumper crop of three games , with the Cowboys and Lions’ games for the day in question. Also on the agenda , the New York Jets as they take on the New England Patriots , in what should be a pivotal AFC East game between these two arch-rivals .

For the first time in four seasons there was a tied game in the NFL . The San Francisco 49ers and St Louis Rams , presented the fans and television scenario , wherein the Rams and 49ers went into overtime , which resulted in 24-24 tied event. However, what might seem all the more inconceivable was the fact that several players on both rosters were unaware that a scheduled NFL regular season game could end in a tie. Unless I am mistaken, Jeff Fisher are either that stupid or not fully cognitive of the rules, with the Rams’ having what appears to be a complete meltdown in terms of his actions in the lead-up to the end of this > NFC match-up . Chances are , as infrequent as infrequent as these events are , it begs the question is it possible for the league hierarchy to reconsider their options in such cases ? .

The constant wish for the NFL to have a franchise in the city of Los Angeles , will either become an urban legend or a reality. It has long been the desire of Roger Goodell to see this situation come about , with the league hierarchy making overtures in recent seasons with the various city administrations and the current hierarchy of Antonio Villaraigosa , the city’s mayor. The latest machination with regard to a current franchise being relocated to the nation’s second largest city , has the NFC South’s Carolina Panthers being lured to the locale. Panthers’ owner , Jerry Richardson , having seen his team struggle this season , with struggling sophomore quarterback , may well choose to make that upheaval , but believe that premise to be unlikely ! This premise may well hold true for the moment, however Villaraigosa has far more acute issues to deal with within his city, such as a massive budgetary shortfall , and growing discontent amongst his residents with regard to a decaying infrastructure. All that glitters , is not gold in the city of Angels.

If such a premise were to arise where the Panthers were to be lured away from the state of North Carolina , I don’t believe that the city of Charlotte , North Carolina , would give up without a fight , and therein too, lies the breaking of the lease agreement that the city has with the NFL franchise .

If such a premise were to arise where the Panthers were to be lured away from the state of North Carolina , I don’t believe that the city of Charlotte would give up without a fight and therein too lies the breaking of the lease agreement that the city has with the NFL franchise . One doubts that the franchise would wish to be part of a contentious piece of litigation , that could possibly cost Richardson and the front office several million dollars out of abject greed on their part . I have often heard it said , that ” money can solve all problems “ , especially when those statements are being made by naïve sports’ fans who simply have no damn idea what the hell they are talking about when it comes to such an issue. Money may well ease an issue to a certain degree , but it never truly solves an issue , because in truth it simply exacerbates a problem such as this .

Courtesy of the L A Times

Is Los Angeles flirting with Carolina Panthers ?

By Sam Farmer

November 11, 2012, 2:11 p.m.

ESPN, citing a source familiar with the discussions, reported Sunday that high-powered California political officials have been courting Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson about moving the franchise to Los Angeles.

The Panthers are one of four teams that own their own stadium, so they could move without breaking a lease. And the politicians reportedly spoke to Richardson at the recent Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., where L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was chairman of the convention.

Richardson issued a statement Sunday saying he’s dedicated to staying: “It has always been my desire that the Carolinas would be home of our Panthers. Nothing has changed. As someone who was born in North Carolina and lived much of my life in South Carolina, I hope that there would be no doubts about my personal devotion to the Carolinas.”

This is a telegraphed pass. The way for teams to fire a shot over the bow of their home cities is to bring up L.A. – or have it brought up for them. It’s no accident that in his statement Richardson doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of leaving. He leaves that door unlocked, by simply saying that it’s his desire to stay.

It’s not a coincidence that the Panthers are about to unfurl plans for a stadium renovation, and politicians in North Carolina have indicated that they’d be willing to help pay for them. What better way to firm up those commitments than to raise the possibility of a relocation to L.A.? That worked for Indianapolis, Seattle, New Orleans and others.

On top of that, Richardson is close friends with Patrick Soon-Shiong, the L.A. billionaire who is interested in buying AEG and being an owner of an NFL team playing in a downtown stadium. He has been Richardson’s guest at least one Panthers game this season.

So it’s not inconceivable for Soon-Shiong, who needs Richardson to pave the way for him with the NFL, to do the Panthers owner a solid by nudging an L.A. politician to gin up interest in Carolina’s team, even if there are other franchises far more likely to relocate.


What could very well pave the way for the Panthers to move , would be for a one time only payment to made to the city of Charlotte , North Carolina , that would meet the cost of breaking the lease on the Panthers’ home venue , with some additional funding being thrown in by mogul Patrick Soon-Shiong , who has met privately with both Jerry Richardson and Antonio Villaraigosa. Soon-Shong , is amongst one of several interested parties (syndicated groups) seeking to buy Philip Anschutz’s media and sports’ entertainment company AEG (Worldwide) Inc., a company that owns several sports’ properties and venues globally , as well as being the owners of the Staples Center , Home Depot Center , Nokia Theater , and the ongoing developer of a commercial tract of land that formerly housed the LA Convention Center , for which there is a proposal to build a football stadium , with a view to luring an NFL franchise to the new venue. Any such relocation also , would have to have the NFL hierarchy’s blessing , of which I am sure that some owners may well disapprove , given not necessarily the complexity of such a maneuver , but the mere fact that at a time when a number of teams are said to be seeking a new venue or league assistance , it has not always been forthcoming .

Moreover , Roger Goodell , and the league itself , has sought to coerce state or municipal governments to actually spend vast sums for the benefit of the NFL’s billionaire owners , when those governmental agencies have vast budget deficit problems that remain unsolved. One simply has to look at what has taken place in the state of Minnesota , after both legislative chambers simply caved , after the undue pressure , that was brought to bear on the state House of Representatives and the Senate Legislature. Governor , Mark Dayton signed into law , a bill that would finance the building of $1.255 billion mixed commercial and residential enterprise , that would see the state’s NFL franchise , the Minnesota Vikings , have a new stadium, with the Vikings’ ownership only have to put up $165 million towards the venture . As to how this would make any sense to residents of the state, when the legislature tries to tackle a $5.3 billion budget deficit within the state . One has to truly wonder what goes on inside the heads of the legislators within the state of Minnesota , in particular Mark Dayton , himself , who originally opposed the use of state funds to build the venue in the first place. Zygi Wilf and the Vikings’ ownership simply lined up all their “ducks in a row” and then courted state legislators , backed them financially, as well as availing themselves the use of a lobbying firm to press ahead with Wilf’s agenda. There’s a sucker born every minute , but in the state of Minnesota , they come at a dime a dozen , who will simply do anything necessary to appease a billionaire sports’ franchise owner !

No slight to Scott Pioli , as I understand that the former Patriots’ front office executive wanted to make a name for himself, by stepping away from under the giant shadow cast by head coach Bill Belichick . However , since this former wunderkind departed to join the Kansas City Chiefs , in a front office capacity as the team’s general manager, success if it can be measured in any term, has been fleeting. Sitting at the bottom of the AFC West , with the league’s worst record , which they jointly hold with the equally moribund Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) . It is now becoming easy to understand why there are mounting calls for not only Scott Pioli to be dismissed , but the entire Chiefs’ coaching staff , headed by Romeo Crennel .

To suggest that the Chiefs’ season has failed to live up to expectations , could be likened to the defeat of Mitt Romney, in the Presidential elections, as being mild . Expectations were high for the team at the beginning of the regular season , but unfortunately they have fallen flat , as the players and coaches have simply failed to perform or meet the approval of team owner , Clark Hunt , who also happens to the Chairman & CEO for the franchise. It would be safe to say, that any perceived upheaval that will undoubtedly take place , will be based upon how the team now performs over the seven remaining games on their schedule. Clearly , Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel are on the “hot seat” , and with each passing day , their positions now appear to be untenable , because of the mounting criticism of the duo, their lack of handling in player personnel decisions. Furthermore , the situation has been exacerbated by the fact that having acquired Matt Cassel as a free agent , the quarterback having parlayed one season as a starter for the Patriots into a financially rewarding payday , and where has simply been mediocre at best in the vast majority of his starts for the Kansas City Chiefs. And if things could not get any worse , when has Cassel has been sidelined by an injury , his backup , Brady Quinn , has brought nothing to the table by way of his ability or leadership skills. This season , the Chiefs on both sides of the ball , have been horrendous , with Quinn and Cassel leading the way in turnovers, interceptions and fumbles, jointly as a pairing amongst quarterbacks within the NFL . Any reasonable individual can surmise that without an effective pass offense, the Chiefs cannot in any way survive within the NFL , in any shape or form. In this one lone category , statistically , the Kansas City Chiefs are the most inept performers in the league. And things do not fare any better for the team as a defensive mainstay where they are giving up on average 30 ppg almost 350 yards per game , and where they rank sixteenth overall , amongst the NFL’s 32 teams. Clearly , not a formula for winning in today’s modern NFL !

A recipe s for a disaster is now brewing in San Diego , after the Chargers’ 34-24 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in front a sparsely attended crowd for a game played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa , Florida , this past Sunday. Is there anyone who now believes that Norv Turner and GM AJ Smith should be allowed to retain their positions at the end of the season , even if the team finishes with a record above . 500 ? The Spanos’ family , as owners of this once respected franchise, have simply mismanaged the organization , while leaving Smith and Turner to make some befuddling and bemusing moves , in terms of the draft and free agency transactions in recent seasons. As shocking as it might seem , Smith and Turner were allowed to remain in their current positions , in light of another disappointing foray in 2011 , with the team once again failing miserably. If this is what the Chargers’ fans will be asked to tolerate for the foreseeable future , then I for one see no sense for them to continue to support the team !

The loss places the San Diego Chargers in an unenviable position within the AFC West , a division by its lack of quality , has simply been abysmal in recent seasons. Philip Rivers , perhaps the team’s best player , I now firmly believe, has become disillusioned and repulsed by the lack of progress under Norv Turner , and that may well be true in terms of the player’s entire playing career with the San Diego Chargers. Probowl appearances , asides , Rivers has seen many of his contemporaries at the quarterback position from the 2004 NFL Draft , simply excel , while establishing themselves as champions or perennial contenders for the NFL MVP . Rivers for his part , has simply been putting up the statistics that makes him one of the more consistent performers in the league , since his entrance into the NFL , in 2004. Beyond , that , there is not much else that needs to be said concerning the player or for that matter about the San Diego Chargers , as a franchise in general. Moribund and under-achieving would be the best way to describe the organization !



Picture gallery .

Week ten and the events that unfolded , what if anything has proven to be biggest surprise ? And at this point of the season , which teams do you feel have provided the greatest overall disappointment ? Chime in with your thoughts on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter.


Picture and slideshow details below.


(1) New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is helped up after being sacked in the second half of an NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, in Cincinnati. The Bengals would go on to defeat the Giants 31-13 . AP Photo/Tom Uhlman ….

(2) Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) meets with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) after the Bengals’ 31-13 win in an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, in Cincinnati. AP Photo/Tom Uhlman …

(3) Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green, left, catches a 56-yard touchdown pass against New York Giants corner-back Corey Webster (23) in the first half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, in Cincinnati. AP Photo/Michael Keating ….

(4) Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick walks towards the sidelines in the first half of an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, in Philadelphia. AP Photo/Julio Cortez ….

(5) Magic Johnson greets Patrick Soon-Shiong during a Urban Economic Forum co-hosted by the White House Business Council and U.S. Small Business Administration . They could be partners (sort of) if Soon-Shiong and Guggenheim Partners buy AEG. Patrick Shoo-Shiong , it is being reported may well seek to make an outright bid to purchase the Carolina Panthers from owner Jerry Richardson , with a view to relocating the franchise to Southern California . Such a move, would need league approval , alongside an agreement with the Charlotte /.Mecklenburg County government , as the leasehold for Bank of America Stadium ,in Charlotte , North Carolina is owned by the municipality and leased by the franchise. That lease has several more years before it is due to expire , and any breach of that agreement would lead to severe financial penalties for the Panthers’ ownership group . Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images ….

(6) Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) is sacked by Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali (91) in the third quarter of an NFL football game, Monday, Nov. 12, 2012, in Pittsburgh. Roethlisberger left the game with a right shoulder injury. The Steelers came away with a hard-fought overtime victory, narrowly defeating the Chiefs 16-13 . AP Photo/Don Wright …

(7) Quarterback Philip Rivers (17) of the San Diego Chargers runs up-field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers November 11, 2012 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Tampa won 34 – 24 . Al Messerschmidt /Getty Images North America ……



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Yaris Sanchez

19 thoughts on “Game Rewind ………..

  1. The NFL this past weekend there were more hits taken by the QB’s concussed than the shots landed by those group of effeminate NASCAR wannabe’s (mechanics) hoodlums . Oops ! Richard Simmons is on the warpath as they were playing his favorite song to accompany the highlights of NASCAR’s lunacy .

    Michael Vick got hit hard and he still doesn’t know what time it is . Jay “I’ve got An Arm” Cutler , go lick your wounds and in the meantime , go suck on Urlacher’s left testicle .

    The Lions should be thankful this isn’t 2008 when they went winless . This is one sorry as#ed Lions team in 2012 , as their results bears this out , as well as their standing in the NFC North .

    Beyond the Broncos , is there a team worth anything in the AFC West ?

    Jerry Richardson should be more concerned with the fact that the Panthers are flailing in the wind like a panty being hurled up in the air.

    We want our quarterbacks not to be soft but if they’re taking a licking , <a we hope that they can keep on ticking .

    Tophatal ……………….


  2. There’s not a single dominant team in the NFL this season, Al. The Niners aren’t as good as we thought. The Packers have stumbled. Most people think the Falcons are paper tigers. I mean, could it be Houston?

    And what of Dallas, Carolina, Philly and the Jets, teams we all thought would be at least somewhat decent and who all suck?

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this playoff picture shakes itself out.


  3. How long will it be until we hear that the Giants are giving up on Coughlin?
    The Jets have a lack of playmakers, a rash of injuries on defense, and a coach that’s in denial.
    Speaking of denial, could Jerry Jones be anymore clueless. It is the beginning of the end of an era in Philadelphia. Andy Reid is circling the drain and Vick will be right behind him.
    I love me some Thanksgiving Day football (even if it is Dallas and Detroit)
    What a suprise, another greedy billionaire attempting to extort funds from another NFL city. Will wonders ever cease?
    Stick a fork in the Chiefs they’re done. The Chargers must beat the Broncos this week or they too are finished.
    Nice post brother!


    1. aero

      “John we’ve got ho’s in different area codes, and it’s good to have that ” ! Petraeus (right) and Gen John Allen

      Speaking of denial , what the hell is going on inside the CIA and CENTCOM in Tampa ? I thought Joe Redner (Mons’ Venus owner) was the only one who could bring sex and debauchery to city of Tampa ? Now we have three and four star generals layin’ the pipe and leaking details . Damn !

      The Giants won’t be giving up on Coughlin , not with his resume` and what this franchise has been able to do in 2007 and 2011 . They still have a handy lead in the NFC East and they are by far the best team within the division .

      The Jets from top to the bottom of that organization are a bunch of self-serving imbeciles ! .As to this continued idiocy about the misuse of Tebow . Clearly the observers are damn well apathetic , and they’re in complete denial !

      Andy Reid is his own worst enemy , he’s prepared to fall on his sword for an a#s wipe like Michael Vick , a player who’s unwilling to acknowledge that he’s having a poor season and is more of a liability , rather than an asset to his team .

      The Chargers are not going to get over twice in a season on the Broncos . Not with the way that Manning and that offense are playing !

      The Chiefs are an ungodly mess , and that is a team that’s been heading in the wrong direction all season . Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel , simply do not have a damn clue . Now you have Crennel asking more of his players ? How ’bout Rome Crennel and the coaching staff simply coming up with a game plan , to succeed for once !

      Don’t get me wrong but I believe that the games scheduled on Thanksgiving Day in the NFL , should be between teams that are entertaining and playing legitimate championship-caliber football. Do you really believe that the Cowboys and Lions have been playing like that all season , so far ?



    2. aero

      I can’t see the Panthers leaving the state of North Carolina , not in their present mode and especially not with the financial penalties that they would have to endure with the Charlotte/Mecklenbburg County government for the remainder of the lease on Bank of America Stadium .

      The franchise was also in receipt of special tax deferments and dispensation from the county and state government . I for one don’t believe that the fans or residents within the state, would be happy if the Panthers just upped and left , just like that . And that is even if it were due to the sale of the team .

      Tophatal …….


  4. The presence of Tom Brady is the engine that makes the Patriots go, and always has been. Brady is the one constant. Before he became the starting QB, the Patriots and Bill Belichick were losers, and have won ever since Drew Bledsoe got injured. The rest is history.

    Brady has made a lot of good people look great. Charlie Weiss, Romeo Crennel, Scott Pioli, and Josh McDaniels have all failed with no Tom Brady to use as their crutch to lean on.


    1. Fan On Fire_Maurice Barksdale

      What cannot be denied , is that from the moment Brady was inserted into the Patriots’ lineup in 2001 , he has been a blessing for this franchise . 5 Superbowl appearances and three wins . How can you go wrong with that , as an NFL franchise or as a player ?

      This season however , the team has been indifferent with the defense simply being way too inconsistent with regard to the pass and run defense . If Belichick cannot address those issues , then the Patriots’ foray into the postseason will be short-lived .

      Next up for the Pats a conference game against the surging —- Colts . Colts vs Patriots in head to head series

      Tophatal …………….


    1. Blog Surface /CDR

      Magic Johnson and his Dodgers’ syndicated partners should concentrate their efforts solely on the Dodgers for 2013 , as the city of Los Angeles doesn’t need an NFL franchise within their midst . Everyone is on this, goddamn dog-n-pony show , as if the NFL would be a better place if the league had a franchise in the city . Isn’t it enough to have 1 1/.2 semi professional teams with the Los Angeles area , with the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins ? Besides , is it fair to make the city’s residents in some way foot the bill for the building of a stadium , while they’re in the midst of a massive budgetary fiscal crisis that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has no idea how to fu#king deal with it .

      The city of Los Angeles and the surrounding locale , has over 675,00 homeless individuals , of which over 250,000 are former military veterans . Ask yourself , what has the mayor been doing for those victims , yet his dumb ass wants an NFL franchise ? How is he being , morally , socially and ethically responsible ?

      The Dodgers were woefully inept over stretch run as the season was coming to a close . Magic Johnson , GM Ned Colletti and Don Mattingly need to address the issues on that team , because the Giants are not going away ,and they won’t be surrendering their NL West divisional title without a fight.

      Tophatal …….


  5. Love the post Alan. So much info. And most all of it is spot on! There are a good number of teams who can still be considered post season possibilities. Yet, many of these teams in your post are dead…


    1. Steven Jeffries

      Thanks for the compliment !

      I believe , if one is going to write a piece , then it should be informative , insightful without being too opinionated . At the same time , it should indulge the reader , in order that their patronage , can then offer up a point of view , be it as a proponent or to the contrary.

      So far, as the season has progressed we have seen a number of teams seemingly fall by the wayside , while others are now beginning to find a rhythm .

      Weeks’ 12 through sixteen , will really tell us about all of the franchises , as who can be looked upon as ” contenders” and which are in fact “pretenders” .



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